Monday, January 09, 2006


Well I am so grateful for the wonderful life I have. (although LIttle L is upstairs crying now trying to put himslef to sleep) But other then that we have had a great day. It is so beautiful outside here. The sun is shining, it's 10 degrees. We took this great long walk together. Emma was just thrilled and she loved playing frisbee in the park. A bunch of little kids were there which always makes me a little nervous that someone is going to ask us to leave. But no one did, all they wanted to do is throw the frisbee. So Emma enjoyed it and Lucas got to go on the swing.

Once we got home he jumped in his Jolly Jumper for half and hour. He was all smiles. It was great. I was crazy about being a mom. Grateful for being able to stay home with my boy. Grateful that I live in Canada, a country that values that, not the States where mothers can only stay home for 6 weeks.

Plus I am thankful I live in Calgary, there are so many new moms here. I am currently planning get togethers with the people from my pre natal class and the people from my baby class I took after the baby is born. It's good that there is lots of oppurtunity to network.

So the crying to sleep went well last night. Only really 5 mintues of crying then he slept for 5 hours and then 7 hours. This morning I also went well with almost no crying. Right now it's not going so great. Give into the sleep..... please just give into it. 3 more minutes then I can go up and see him...

2 more minutes.... I have to think of more to say cause the crying is starting to drive me nuts. Maybe I didn't read him right. Maybe he wasn't tried. But it has been two hours. Oh we are getting some pauses..... still 1 more minute. I'm sure part of it is that he is on his back he has trouble sleeping on his back, much prefers his tummy.

K, now what he's kind of stopped but my 10 minutes are up... do I go in and make sure he settled or just leave him. Thinking I'll give it till he cries again.

Also last night he ate a whole bowl of cereal. I think Darryl was surprised. He is getting better at it..

Well sorry for the excessivly long post, but thanks blog for helping me get through the crying.


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Darryl said...

In my opinion you did it all right!

Love your blogs babe! See you soon.