Friday, February 29, 2008

Through a Child's Eyes

Today there was a pizza party at work as our students are going through there stressful time. As the team leader I volunteered to bring the pizza, even though it's my day off.

As it was my day off I had to bring Lucas in with me and he was quite looking forward to going to Mommy's work. It is amazing how much fun he had there. A place where I go and get stressed and work hard, he loved. (Don't get me wrong I do love my job, but it still is that - a job) He sharpened every pencil at my desk with an automatic pencil sharpener. Then he proceed to sharpen everyone else's pencils. Then he colored with highlighters. Then he played with some various gifts students have given me. He didn't want to leave. Although I convinced him, by telling him we were going to find Pop (who works in the same building as me). He loved riding the elevators, leaving a note for Pop, playing on the couch's in the lounge, getting snacks at the store. Then as we were leaving he saw Pop teaching a class, so went in to see him. Like I said he enjoyed himself as much as if we had gone to the library or played outside.

I guess it makes me appreciate work a little more...

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Looking Forward To Shopping Again

So I have prevented myself from buying any more maternity clothes. It seems like a waste to be buying clothes I know I'm only going to wear for another month. Instead I have been dreaming about the clothes I am going to buy when I'm skinny again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that losing weight will be as easy with this one as it was with Lucas. So here is my list so far =)

Some new jeans, these are American Eagle, use to be my favorites.

I also really am liking green this spring, and this shirt is so flowy that it will be perfect.

I also quite like these jeans although they are Abercrombie, which means expensive. Even looking in my own closet I am excited to start wearing some of those clothes again. It's nice to give birth at the start of a new season, as there are lots of new clothes out there.

Like the title, I am so looking forward to shopping for skinny clothes. Looking beautiful in normal clothes again.

Lori, you were right, today was a much better day, although I had nowhere to go but up. =)

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

End of My Rope

Today was one of those days I could cry at a whim. Heard a song on the radio, it made me cry, read a sad blog, I was crying. People let me down today, not major things, but enough. Pressure to do something that I'm not ready to do yet, make me upset.

Darryl is on quite the high the last couple of days, he has been waiting for an update to the MacBook Pro and it came through this week. So this e-mail did cheer me up this evening:

Bill Gates, who made his millions by being in the right place at the right time when landed the purchase of MS suffered another set back today when Hard core programmer Darryl _____ opted to the Macintosh platform with the purchase order for a new and improved mac book Pro. Bill was unavailable for direct comment to the media. The reporter did overhear the word "DAMMIT" coming from behind the closed door of his office suite when he was delivered the news. When Bill's secretary was contacted to confirm the comment the media was told Bill was watching a rerun of last season 24 and that word being Jack's favorite word of the moment. It was confirmed that Darryl has decided he would rather switch than fight. (article as found on the underground newspaper web site)

It was from my dad, who is the elephant that never forgets and since the beginning of our relationship has always teased Darryl about being a "non Mac" guy. Now Darryl has joined the dark side, or maybe the white side. Here he is checking my laptop, does he want a glossy or matte screen, while Lucas and I played playdoh.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Favorite Music

I mentioned it last week but I continue to love some new kids music. We had been listening non stop to the Little Einsteins Theme song and I was ready to throw the CD out the window. But decided to be more rationale and get some new CD's from the library. I had heard about They Might Be Giants from our new Disney station and so got those CD's from the library and I love them. Sometimes I even listen to them when Lucas isn't around.

Here's a couple of their videos.

A quick update from us. Weekend went well. We've started to paint the babies room, which is good because there is about a month to go. We've also been relaxing because I know how it's going to be more of a gong show with a newborn. I'm hoping because I'm so not looking forward to the first 6 weeks that they will be great, much better then I am expecting.

Had a great day with the little man today, after our fight last night. He is getting into the habit of wanting to take a drink to bed with him. The first couple of nights I gave him whatever he wanted, but when it became a habit I worried about his teeth, so last night it was just water, and he was mad. Sometimes being a two year old is hard.....

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pregnancy #2.... 34 weeks

Well I am able to breathe a little easier in the last day or so. That being said I feel like I have to pee all the time. Kegels are definitely in order. So as you can tell the baby has dropped down into my pelvis more. There is a bit of a space now between my breast and belly. What does this mean?? Hopefully the baby will come early. But with all these predictions I'm sure it will be late...

This pregnancy has been quite different then my last one. With Lucas I had horrible morning sicknesss, but then things were quite good until the last month or so. I also don't think I dropped as early. This pregnancy I've had way more problems mid to late. In the beginning I was tired, but not as tired as the first time. This time my problems were heart burn (tums and I were best friends) and constipation ( my bowels quit working). I am carrying very similar in both pregnancies, like a big basketball under my shirt. So we'll see how the rest of this pregnancy and labor goes compared to the last one.

But for now I'm enjoying breathing deeply.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Names

Hi Everyone,

I've added a poll to the website as I'm trying to get a general feeling on people's feeling about the names on our list. I find that baby naming is such a hard part of becoming parents ( of course it's a distant third to labour and sleeplessness, but still challenging.) We'd like to see the baby before we name it, to be sure it somewhat suits him, although I know babies all kind of look similar. But with Lucas, he was going to be Nathaniel, but I kind of picture Nathaniel to have dark hair, so when Lucas came out a surfer boy with blond hair and blue eyes, that name was scratched. Plus Lucas was added as a last minute choice for us, so don't be surprised if when the baby comes, it's names is not from this list.

We have a short last name, so keep that in mind. Plus I like a name that can have a cutesy nickname when the baby is little and cute, but a professional name for when they are older and looking for a career.

Please vote and if you have any comments about the names leave them here or you can e-mail me at curly(dot)jenn@ (of course without the spaces)

Thanks for sharing your opinions =)

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Thirty

Dear Lucas,

A couple of days ago you turn thirty months old, officially two and a half. It has been a really great month. You have been learning really well. Whether it's attitude wise or learning letters, you have really been a sponge this month. The other day at the grocery store you found a flyer for mortgages that had a little turtle on it and was pointing out all the little "m's". Of course there were lots of them. Today we were watching a show about the alphabet and words and you could point out a lot more letters then I expected. Although I do limit the amount of TV you watch we do tend to watch more in the winter when we can't go outside as much. The shows on TV these days are so educational. You do learn a lot from them.

One of your other new favorite things to do is to list everyone favorites. It started with colors, your favorite colors are blue and orange, Daddy's is green and Mommy's is purple. Whenever you see that color or have a choice you always pick out on of your favorites. If were playing a game you always want to be the blue piece. It has moved into other parts of your life, if you like something it's usually your favorite. Almost every type of animal is your favorite, just depends on the day. Zebras, alligators, rattle snakes, otters, ladybugs. One day you can be scared of an animal and the next day it's your favorite. Tonight when I was putting you down, we were talking about the pets. You said Tigger is my favorite, which one is your favorite, I said I liked them all equally, I didn't have a favorite. You said " I like Tigger mostly"

Even though we have spent more time inside because it is winter there is usually a day each week that is warm enough to go outside. In the past month we have done some fun winter activites. You and Daddy were tobogganing at the side of the house and you and I built some snow men. You have also really enjoyed having the window down while we are driving, you claim to like the cold.

As well as the TV being educational, you have been learning a lot from your daddy, he has many talents, your dad, and you are learning some of them this month. The first one being paper airplanes. He is pretty good at making them and you have enjoyed flying them all around the living room and upstairs. Long after your dad and I have had enough of flying the airplanes you are still wild about it. They do corkscrews, loop d loops and twirly whirlies. Here's a little video of you flying them around.

Another thing your daddy has taught you is to throw soft things in your mouth. You don't have very good aim, but love to pretend. Or at least you love to throw it and try to get it in Daddy's mouth. Marshmallows started the trend and now you do it with grapes and fruit snacks. Daddy is so good at it, he gets almost everyone in his mouth. You on the other hand are still learning the skill.

One other thing your daddy taught you is to lick spills off the table. If you don't have a cloth or it's something you like, as the picture below displays, chocolate syrup, you'll just lick it off. Now we are having to teach you the appropriate time an place to do it, as you licked butter off the table the other day at the Swiss Chalet. There is also a picture below of you laying outside on the ground eating snow off the ground. Good thing Emma doesn't pee in the backyard.

From Mommy you have learned how to grrrr when you are frustrated with somehting. It drives Dad crazy and is rude it's one of those habits I didn't know I had until you started emulating it. I feel bad teaching you bad habits, especially when Dad gets mad at you for it.

Today Auntie Lexie came and I have not seen you so excited to see another person. You were crazy the whole afternoon. Everything was "Auntie Lexie, look at this" or "Auntie Lexie watch me to this".

i love you Lucas

love mommy

Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day

So how did you spend your Family Day? Did the rest of Canada enjoy the "Alberta" Holiday.

Darryl, Lucas and I had a great holiday and a great weekend. Today we did a little of all of our favorite things. My parents and sister came over this morning for waffles, mmmm my favorite. Auntie Karen got us a waffle maker for Christmas and I have been eating waffles every weekend. With whipped cream, syrup and frozen berries. Super delicious.

Then we headed out for a little shopping, my favorite thing. Then McDonalds for lunch, Lucas's favorite thing and then came home and puttered around the house, Darryl's favorite thing. Washed the cars, cleaned some of the garage and painted a new side table for the living room. The weather was great, we had a snowball fight, played with Emma till she laid down in exhaustion.

So tell me how was your Family Day?

Till Tomorrow ( and the monthly newsletter)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Feburary 15th was WAY better then Feburary 14th

I am a bahumbug when it comes to holidays. I put this unknown pressure on me to try and make the perfect and make sure I do everything right.....

So Valentines Day started off visiting a student at the Children's hospital. I have blogged about it before, but I am not fond of the Children's Hospital. I am so glad there are people who love working there because it is not for me. I don't mind x-raying children, but I can't take it when other people are x-raying them and I'm not in control. So that was not a good start to the day...

Then I had an ultrasound to check on the bambino and the sonographer rested his arm on my legs and pelvis for the whole exam. I know his boss, so I'm sending an e-mail about professionalism.... Luckily everything was good with the bambino. Almost 5 pounds, right on track time wise, heads down so hopefully no c-section for me.

Luckily Lost was on in the evening to make my Valentines Day....

The next day (the 15th) I had the day off, Lucas and I went to the library, got a whole bunch of new kids music by They Might Be Giants. Then we did groceries (which is much easier then doing it on Saturday) and picked up Easter candy =). Then came home and built snow men in or huge backyard in the +10 degree weather. It was heaven.....

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun Wednesday

I love Tuesday. It's my day off with Lucas an we usually do something fun, we get to relax in the morning when getting ready, do something fun, have a nap together, get dinner ready. All in all fun...

But today was a pretty fun Wednesday. My original plans for the day were canceled, so I had to find something different. Part of the different included some retail therapy and some hanging out with Lucas. Here are some pictures of our fun times yesterday and today.

Here is Darryl trying to throw marshmallows in Lucas's mouth from across the kitchen.

Us making funny faces for the camera..... Mommy and Daddy are nutters.

LinkYesterday Lucas found his harmonica. He played it all night last night and I apologize to Lesley as he played it at her house today too. =)

Till tomorrow


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Alcohol my permenant accessory - BNL

One of the things I am really looking forward to in 7 weeks is being able to drink again. I've been fine for most of the pregnancy. I really missed wine in the beginning, but got use to it. It's not the need to drink to get drunk, but I love the way wine tastes. But I seem to be seeing lots of people drinking lately. Yesterday I was watching Brothers and Sisters and Sally Field was drinking red wine from this big glass. She was talking about how it was surprisingly good. I can't wait to swirl wine in a big glass, smell it and then be able to drink it. Eat a peice of food and then have a sip of wine and the food tastes even better. I can't wait to treat myself to good, good wine.

Also on Ali's blog there was a picture of her drinking a martini, mmmm sweet fruity drinks. That will be good to.

Now I'm going to refresh my memory on the rules about nursing and drinking and how long I have to wait between drinking and nursing....

Till Tomorrow


Monday, February 11, 2008

Cheap Toys

Earlier this week Darryl made Lucas a paper airplane. It's out of some old paper from school so it's recycled, but it is Lucas's favorite toy. Long after Darryl and I are done playing with the paper airplanes, Lucas is still throwing that airplane around. It does corkscrews and glides and loop-de loops. He is sweating running all around after the airplane.

I love cheap toys =)

Till Tomorrow


Friday, February 08, 2008


Lucas has been upstairs for an hour yelling "IS IT WAKE UP TIME".

I guess he doesn't want to have a nap today. Once I finish my tea I'll go up and get him.

At least he'll go to bed early tonight.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, February 07, 2008

For Next Year.....

One of my least favorite things about being pregnant is the in ability to leave..... I really missed going on a winter vacation this year. I need to get out in the sun, sit on a beach, get away from regular life. To make myself feel better I'm planning madly for vacations next winter. One of those is a Barenaked Ladies Cruise =). That will be their 3rd one, my first. Here are some of the highlights that are cheering me up through my lack of winter vacation this year.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lucas and the New Baby

One of the questions I'm often asked if Lucas is excited about the new baby. We do talk about the new baby often, be careful of mommy when horsing around or when changing bums we talk about when the baby poops it's going to be yellow.

For a while he was refering to the baby in his belly. But that seems to have subsided since my belly has gotten bigger. Plus now when I carry him he'll talk about how the baby kicks him, so I think it is becoming a little more clear.

That being said it is going to be such a shocker to him when that baby comes. He likes being the center of our attention. Sometimes if Darryl and I are talking he'll make noises to interupt us, or say "talk to me". Sometimes if Darryl goes in to him in the middle of the night if he cries, he'll say I want mommy.

I'm sure it will get better once the baby can smile and doesn't cry all the time, but for the first couple of months I don't know how it will be....

For any of you who have two kids how did you get over the initial hump of the first one not getting all the attention they are use to?

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Book Review

Just finished reading the book 19 Minutes by Jodi Piccolt. I highly recommend it. Here is my quick review. A book about a school shooting. As usual Jodi does an excellent job of showing both sides of the story. Not only the horrific side of the parents who had to deal with their children being shot, but also the reasoning that someone would resort to going into a school and shooting 10 people. Is there something bad enough or constant enough to make it possible to think it's okay to get revenge. She makes you think about the parents of the shooter and what they also may have done to lead him to this place. An excellent book, a thinker.

The question is what should I read next?? Any recommendations?

Till Tomorrow


Monday, February 04, 2008

Crazy Neighboors, Weekend Highlights

After working with a dimwit on Friday night I came home and went to bed, only to wake up an hour later to a kid who was coughing so much he couldn't catch his breath which made him cough even more, which made it worse. I felt horrible because I couldn't remember is it best to bring them out in the cold or put them in a warm shower with steam. The way I got him calmed down was by watching his new favorite TV show, Little Einstiens.

Afterwards I decided to sleep beside him, just to keep an ear on his breathing. He did cough, and still seems to cough a little at night still, but that night at about 5am Lucas wakes me up with his coughing and I can't fall back asleep, all I can hear is boom, boom, boom through the wall. There I go with my crazy hair at 5am knocking at the neighbors door, turn your music down, people are trying to sleep. I am old, who can stay up till 5am?!? I do hope they move soon...... maybe I should by a jack hammer and run it this summer, will that encourage them after parting all night.

Sunday I went to a baby shower, it was good to see a bunch of ladies from our old street (although many of them don't live there anymore) and nice talk mommy for a bit. Although I still feel a little self concious around them. Sometimes I feel way older then my age and other times I feel immature. Still good, just an interesting observation.

Came home watched the Superbowl, glad the Giants won, share the Superbowl wealth I say. Tom Brady and the Patriots don't need another ring.

Probably the best thing about the weekend, and most weekends is that Darryl is home with Lucas and I. It's great to listen to them playing, listening to Darryl and Lucas laughing, listening to Darryl teaching Lucas stuff. It's the greatest to be part of a family.

Till Tomorrow


Saturday, February 02, 2008