Sunday, November 30, 2008

Any Ideas..

Over the summer I had a bit of an epiphany. I wanted to start enjoying everyday of my life rather then going through the motions, or wishing the boys were older. I have been doing great and feeling grateful everyday. I love the ages of the kids, love that I am on maternity leave, love that Darryl works from home, love the house. As you can see I've been enjoying everyday.

But the last couple of weeks I have been living each day dreading the next one. This broken foot has made life hard. As I put the boys to bed at night I just feel sad. Tomorrow will be sitting on the floor all day again. Doing exactly the same thing, playing with the same toys. I am dreaming for days I can drive again. Where I can do a good job cleaning the kitchen. Where I can carry my baby around to cheer him up. I want to take my dog out for a walk in the fresh air and throw snowballs with Lucas. It's amazing how much I will appreciate having two working feet again.

So for those of you who love to be at home, what is your favorite thing to do at home? We need some new stuff to do.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Great Evening: Twilight Spoilers

Last night Lesley and I went out to see the movie Twilight, for the 5 of you (including my dad) who haven't heard of it, it's a famous series of books that they are making into movies. They are admittily teenage books as the main characters are both teenagers who fall in love. One of them happens to be a vampire and the book is all that ensues from there. The best part of the evening was the company. It was so nice to get out and I had such a fun time seeing the movie with someone who's read the book.

I was expecting very little from the movie last night. I know that the books are always better, they have more time to be more specific. So I was expecting much and I really didn't think that much of it. If you are interested here are my goods and bads(spoilers in it):


I do agree with Lesley that some of the acting was not good. Times where I thought, okay they should have done another take of that. For example, when Bella first walks into biology class and meets Edward. Edward makes a face that makes you think he's going to throw up. The whole theatre laughed. Maybe that was the point to be fun, but in the book it's described very differently. Also a scene where Bella is telling Edward not to leave after she was attacked, was IMO very over acted.

The makeup was also hit and miss. The first time I saw Carlisle I thought it was over the top. Too pale, too much.

They added scenes that were never part of the book and I didn't really see the purpose. Why have Victoria, Laurent and James kill other people? Why have them go on a field trip? I would have rather seen much more build up for Edward and Bella, which leads into my next beef. I also thought it was kind of endearing that Bella would cook for her father, why add a diner they go to instead? Poor Lesley may have been getting sick of me asking "was this in the book".

There didn't seem to be much buildup to the love of Edward and Bella. I read one review that said, they almost laughed out loud when Edward said it was better they not be friends, becuase they had only talked to each other twice. Before she goes professing her not being scared and love and trust, have a few more scences together.


I thought they did a really excellent job with Forks. The rain, the outfits, the trees, the scenery.

Charlie was so funny, I love the scene with the gun. I think they did a good job of enchancing his character in the movie.

Thought it was cool that Stepheine (the author of the books) did a cameo.

The chemistry between Bella and Edward was fantastic.

The scene where they are cooking dinner for Bella was also great.

Robert Pattison did a great job of Edward. I was really sceptical of the choice of actor for it, and although not all of his acting was amazing, he convinced me he was Edward. I did think he did an excellent job of portraying the vampire traits too (i.e. not blinking).

I was glad not to have to read too much of Bella blathering over Edward. (although I think that is worse in the 2nd and 3rd books).

Loved the prom scene, they looked great.

Okay I think that's it. For those of you who have seen it do you agree? Disagree?

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Another use for our Favorite Plasma Car

Carrying mom (and the boys) around....

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Different Kind of Picture: Week 3

On Sunday I went in for another x-ray and to see the doctor about my foot. A couple of things I learned was that it takes weeks for bone regrowth to show up on radiographs. So although there is no regrowth on the x-ray there may be in the bone. The good news is when she poked at the fracture it didn't hurt. So hopefully things are going well and I'll be able to do some weight baring on it in three more weeks.

Here are my radiographs.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Entertainment

The boys have been doing some cute things lately and I just wanted to remember them:

Lucas is wanting to know about himself or us as kids. Tell me a story about when I was a baby, or tell me a story about when you were a baby. It gets to the point where we are racking our brain trying to think of things, but he still wants to know. I wonder if he is that way, because I love to hear about people's childhood or if it's just a typical kid thing. I'm sure Alexis would say Life Mother like Son. Today he was asking stories about when Emma was a puppy (and we have lots of stories about her)

Also Lucas loves yelling the last word of a song. Lovely Darryl taught him this. So with our new favorite song So What, by Pink, sounds like this in our car...

i said SO WHAT
i'm still a ROCK STAR
i've got my ROCK MOVES
and i don't need you TONIGHT
i'm just FINE

Reading books to Nathan. We have a couple of books with mirrors in them or shiny windows and he loves to kiss himself in the mirror. He is also really fond of the books that have animal noises. He looks at me and smiles everytime I pick up the book with the noises. He is also loving the lift the flaps books. Ahh I love it when my kids enjoy books. You can just see his little face light up when I pick a book he loves.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finger Painting

Thanks Grammie for the early Christmas present. It is fun and makes beautiful art

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Monday, November 24, 2008

4 Hours of Sleep Last Night

and we woke up this morning to a new white tooth. Poor teething baby.....

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Friday, November 21, 2008


So obviously I've totally failed on NaMoBloPo, as I haven't posted in days and days. I guess I wasn't as committed as I should have been.

I've mentioned it a couple of times here, but Darryls mom came to stay and help us out for a couple of weeks. Although this broken foot totally sucks it has been a great excuse to have her come and visit. She has been able to come and spend some quality time with both her grandsons and Darryl and I. It has been such a treat for all of us to have her here. Darryl has enjoyed showing off his "life". He has impressed her with his ablity to cook a turkey dinner, put boys to bed, teach her about computers, drive around and take her and Lucas shopping. Becuase she doesn't live close it's nice for him to show her the improvments and changes each time he sees her.

Lucas has also loved having a live in playmate. She will ride cars with him, build trains, watch kids movies, go for walks, take him to the toy store and most anything else he requests. Although she lives far away, while she was here the time is concentrated and he gets in ton of play time with her. I was worried about giving her a bit of a heart attack though with how much Lucas helps in the kitchen. Everytime she would make dinner he would pull up a chair to the counter and ask how he could help. He is three and is not always the neatest, but she did great at including him.

Nathan also enjoyed having her around. Although he won't remember the visit like Lucas will he enjoyed having another person to smile at him and take Lucas outside so he could have good naps.

I think it was the best for me to have her here. One Saturday Darryl had to go a prior obligation and she stayed with me, even though she could have gone with her son. I had been in the house all week and was going stir crazy. She recognized it and we called someone else to come and take us out. She was great at keeping the house clean, helping with laundry and making sure I used my foot the least amount possible.

Thank you so much Lynda. I know you gave up two weeks of your life, to come and help us. I really do appriciate it.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Mother

Today is my mothers birthday and we have enjoyed celebrating for a couple of weeks now. In that time I've done some reflecting on how lucky Alexis and I are to have such a great mom.

I've been lucky that my mother and I have always gotten along. From the time we were little to now as an adult. Even in those crazy tumultuous teenager years my mother was always understanding. Now that I am an adult we continue to have a great relationship. My mother has been through a lot in her life and is one of the strongest people I know. We were talking about the proudest things in her life and one of the things (behind Alexis and I... of course) was that she went to university when she was a mature student.

In fact when I was in college my mother was in university. It is amazing to me that she has never been a person who says I can't. I think especially as you get older it is easier to stay stuck in what you know, but mom has never been like that. She decided that once my sister and I were going off to university and college that she should do the same. Now she is a social worker and helps so so many people.

She is someone who chooses her life and doesn't just go through the motions. Another example is she never said I can't to picking up and moving across the country.

One of the other things I think is amazing about my mother is what a great grandmother she is.

It's amazing to see how much she loves those kids and how much she loves me for being their mother. Days when I feel like I need a break I know she'll be there to give it to me.

She loves my kids so much. I am so happy to have her help in raising our children. My kids will always know and love her (and her cooking)

This is a picture of my mother with Alexis and I. Of course I don't remember this, but I do remember after Nathan was born her coming over and I was just feeling overwhelmed. I was outside with Nathan to try and get him to stop crying. And we walked and talked, and walked and talked and I remember feeling a weight lifted off my shoulder.

Mom had the most interesting childhood, there are many many stories, more then I can list. but one of the interesting things is that she has lived in almost every province. She was born in Prince Edward Island lived in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba as a child and Ontario and Alberta as an adult.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It just says love to me.

i love you too mom.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When It Rains it Pours

I was at the pharmacy today filling a prescription for Lucas and people were not sure if I was there for my foot or his strep throat. His throat was so sore yesterday he wanted me to carry him around, which I can't really do. So I was skooting around with him on my lap. Luckily we can give Lucas some antibiotics and he will be good in a day or two.

Ahh when it rains it pours.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, November 17, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Thirty Nine

Dear Lucas,

Happy thirty nine months baby! This month has had it's ups and downs. In fact the other day ou told me you didn't love me and that you just loved Daddy. It kind of reminds me of when Nathan was born and I was not very fun either. It has been hard on me to have this broken foot, but I can also tell how hard it has been on you too. Our routine of going out, whtehr to a park or the library or grocery shopping has been thrown out of whack. One of the things I keep in mind is that I will probably remember these 6 weeks for much much longer then you will and even if you think you don't love me I know that you will becomes a mommy's boy again.

One of the advantages of having mommy laid up is that lots of people come to visit to help us. You have had a double dose of Auntie Karen this month. Once when she wsa here you started to bring her matchbox cars and asked where they were from. Of course they are all made in China, which is quite boring, so she started to make up different countries they were from, Abu Dabi, Zimbabwe etc. She had you laughing up a storm.

Grammie has also been around for the last week and a half which has been a great experience for you. You are at an age where this visit will help to make your relationship with her better throughout your life. She is great at playing with you. You have been sick today, and just wanting your mommy, but having Grammie here for this time will be good for you.

You and Nathan continue to be good friends. More and more he is fun to play with. You love to make him laugh. Yesterday you were running circles around him and he was laughing and laughing. You kept doing it, just to keep him laughing.

Your vocabulary has also expanded this month. I've heard you use lots of new words but your pronunciation make me laugh. One of the words is exploided, for the word exploded. Or the word spectacular, which you pronounce spectaclear. It so funny to hear you use these big words. Reminds me of how much you are growing up.

Last week Grandma bought you the Kung Fu Panda movie. It has been one of your favorite things to watch and do. You love to do "moves". You'll do kicks and "flips", but I'm thinking it's an early indiciation of showing what you may be interested in for the future. It is quite a funny movie too, so I don't mind that I've seen it 7 times in the last week.

This month you have also had a couple of adventures out on your own. I am proud of you that we can trust you to be a good kid out with a different group of people. It is what the job of parenting is alot about, teaching your kids how to deal with the world and how to be contrubuiting members of society. I think we are doing a good job, you are a great kid Lucas.

love mommy
Going out on your own

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Darryl's mom has graciously come to help me get through the first bit of one footed. One of the great benefits is that we try to impress her with our cooking. Or should I say Darryl's cooking because I haven't had to do much.

Last night he made a great steak, roasted potatoes and asparagus (crazy asparagus pee......) Tonight he made turkey dinner and it was great.

Gotta love Darryl....

Till Tomorrow


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living with Crutches 101

For all of you who read the blog (all 20 of you) I thought I put together a little hint list in case you ever get stuck having to use crutches. For those of you who have ever had to use crutches, I would LOVE to have your tips and tricks on how to survive with crutches.

1. Whenever I can I go up and down the stairs on my hands and knees. Luckily we have carpeted stairs.

2. It will take a couple of days for your armpits not to hurt. You may think you are doing it wrong, but it is probably that your armpits need to get use to it.

3. To get something from one end of the kitchen to the other, move in steps. Move your "thing" up a little, then move yourself, then the "thing", then yourself. Eventually you'll get it over to the other side of the kitchen.

4. Wear clothes with pockets, this will also help you get things around.

5. Stretch

6. Sometimes it's easier to hop.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, November 14, 2008

Not So Self Sufficent

Although I claim to be self sufficient I am really grateful for all the help I have received and continue to receive. I am so proud of all of the things I can accomplish, because there is so much I cannot do.

I cannot bring a cup of tea from the kitchen to the living room, Lynda does it for me. I cannot get up in the night to get Nathan, Darryl does it for me. I cannot do anything quickly, Lynda helps me with that. I cannot take myself to my own doctors appoitment, my mother helps me. I cannot go shopping, my mother does my groceries for me. I cannot shower with no pain. It really hurts to have my cast off. I cannot go outside and play with Lucas, but Lynda is excellent at it.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Self Sufficient

A person with a broken foot, on crutches can do the following things:
  • Play hide and seek with a 3 and 5 year old
  • Make lunches for 3 adults and 2 children
  • Get a baby up the stairs and down the stairs
  • Shave her legs in the shower
  • Make cookies in different shapes
  • Can go out for an evening with the girls.
Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Which Barenaked Lady Should I Spend My Time With?

I think I may have mentioned it on the blog before but to refresh your memories, I am going on a cruise this winter. It is going to be the best vacation! Why's that you ask... because I get to go with my best friend? No Is it because I get to leave the kids at home? No It's because the Barenaked Ladies are going to be on the boat (along with about 10 other bands) I have to do a survey about which of the following activities I want to do. I have to rate them from the thing I most want to do to the least.

Activity Options:

  • Guitar Hero with Ed: Ed loves playing Guitar Hero, there's no denying that. He wants to play with you but first you have to prove your rock prowess. He'll be hosting a single elimination tournament and the winner gets to play against Ed himself! As always, style points count, so start warming up your rock and roll kicks!
  • Artist vs Artist Trivia with Steven: Barenaked Ladies are bringing a lot of fellow artists and friends with them on this cruise, and they all love a bit of healthy competition. Artists will fight for street cred and bragging rights in this intense trivia challenge.
  • Street Hockey Tournament with Tyler: Tyler is a hockey maniac, and wants to whoop you in a schoolyard style pick-up game. Thirty-two winners will be randomly grouped into teams of 4, playing a single elimination tournament refereed by Tyler. The event will culminate in a heated four on four game against Tyler and his team- watch out- he's got SKILLZ. Teams won't be announced until we're onboard, but we'll have open hours for a bit of practice.
  • Yoga with Jim: It's no secret that yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and spirit. Jim will be hosting two sessions and making you sweat, while helping you reach your happy place. Please note, there is a $10 fee per person to participate in yoga.
  • Bingo with Kevin: Don't forget your rabbit's foot, lucky penny, and troll doll! Kevin will be calling out the lucky numbers, and you could win some great prizes. If you choose this event, please be aware that there is a charge to participate.
What do would you want to do the most?

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not sure who's the happiest

Who is the happiest that Lynda is here?

Lucas, who had an extra playmate here all day. Lucas who got to play outside for 2 hours today digging in the snow.

Or Darryl who got to show his house off to his mother today.

Or show her how to de-bone a salmon?

Nope I think it is me, who has a clean kitchen. Got to sit on the couch for 2 hours this afternoon and rest her foot while she knew her kids were so happy.

Till Tomorrow


A Different Kind of Picture....

Here are some pictures of the pain in my bum... or should I say foot.

Here is the AP view, you can see the arrow pointing at the fracture.
The oblique view which show the # best.
And the lateral. Heel is at the back toes at the front.

This is the lateral from yesterday. You can see that the fracture lines are a little more defined, although luckily the piece that has broke off has not moved at all.

THe oblique view again from yesterday, the best view of the fracture

And the AP again.

So the good news was yesterday got it x-rayed again and the piece hasn't moved. I go back for another x-ray again in two weeks.

Till Tomorrow


Sunday, November 09, 2008

So I've already failed NaBloPoMo. But I will make this post a super long one and jump back on the wagon.

It has been a really busy weekend, we have been celebrating my mother's 50th birthday while my sister is in town for the weekend. Although we'll probably keep celebrating until her actual birthday, because you only turn 50 once right? Last night we went out for chateaubriand. It was amazing and melted in our mouths. I was glad that both kids were quite good. Although they continue to eat like I haven't fed them in months, but they must both be going through a growth spurt. Although we don't take them out to fancy restaurants very much (I'm too cheap for it and if I'm paying more then 10$ for my meal I want to enjoy it without having to make sure 2 other people get fed. ) it's nice that when we do they are well behaved.

Lucas also had two adventures this weekend without mom or dad. He went to a birthday party where we dropped him off and picked him up and then today our friends invited him to go to see some airplanes. Amazing how quickly he is growing up. It's nice for us, but a little strange too. It's good to trust him in these situations without us, but a little hard to let go as well.

Today we headed off to the spa for Mom's birthday and although we were all suppose to have pedicures, my broken foot put a downer on that, so I had a massage instead which was good, but my body feels more sore now. Probably becuase there were quite a few knots from the extra work it's had to do with the crutches. The other strange part about it was that a it was a male massage therapist. He did a great job, but I had to go into it saying. He's just doing his job, just like if it was a male x-ray technologist or male nurse. Afterwards we went to lunch and did a little shopping. But I learned I should really shop with crutches, espeically after a massage.

Once getting home I saw my kids and husband here waiting for me and I was so happy to be here. All night I had such a great time with Nathan, Lucas and Darryl. It is really fun to go out, but so nice to come home as well. Great to have a little "me" time today.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, November 07, 2008

Live Fridays

Notes from the day:

  • I have a fantastic mother who took Lucas out shopping for a new yellow winter coat and is always there when I need her.
  • My sister is here and I'm excited to see her.
  • The boys ate and ate today. Anytime I offered them food they took it. Lucas ate three pieces of pizza and Nathan ate half a banana along with his usual cereal and some bites of pizza.
  • I'm getting more adapt at using the crutches. I've even given them names. Meet Lucy and Ethel.
Till Tomorrow


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Seven

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn seven months old and the good time keep on rolling. We are now in a time of your life where I can see you changing every week. The things that started last week are more advanced this week. I know you have spent months taking in stuff, but it's nice to see it start to show.

Physically things are changing so quickly. You are an excellent sitter, expect when Lucas tries to massage your tummy. It's good because as we making it through my broken foot you are good to sit and play for a while. You are also enjoying being up on your hands and knees. You have not started to crawl but I won't be surprised when it happens. A couple of times you will get up and rock back and forth on your knees. You will also get up on your hands and toes like a push up. We are at the point where everytime we change your bum you roll over on the change table. We have to physically restrain you so that we don't get poop all over the table.

Of course as you grow I can feed you more and more types of food. Which is great. Becuase we can go to Wendy's and I can give you some bun, some meat, some potato. It's funny becuase with Lucas I followed all the rules. Only one new food every three days. Just pureed food to start with. With you it's more about convenience, that and you are insistence about wanting what we are puttin in our mouth. You will grab cups and spill my milk. Or the other day I had you on my lap while we were at our friends house and you put your whole hand in my stir fry.

Your babbling is another thing that has increased each week. Your favorite syllable continues to be the "b". Ba, Ba, Ba all the time. You'll do it with big cheeks or really fast. You will screech if you want to be heard over the rest of your loud family. You are starting to become a talker, which is good because you have to keep up with the rest of it. We are starting to do sign language with you. You are doing any of the signs yet, but I am looking forward to when you start to communicate more with more.

You are really paying attention to everything around you. You love to be with Lucas and he makes you laugh. It's amazing to watch you watch him. I can see you learning from him all the time. Since you are not crawling yet, Lucas loves that he can give you whatever toy he wants you to have an you are good with that. If you have a toy he wants he can easily trade with you. One of the funniest thing is that he still praise you when you burp.

You also love to see your Daddy. When he comes upstairs after work (or lately any time you need to be moved) you give him this huge smile. You also have a special spot for Grandma's hug and Pop's smile.

And although you are still fond of most people I can see the tides are changing. We are getting into the "only my mother will do stage". Which I think I will enjoy more then I did with Lucas, because I know how quickly it will be over. Although you are a hair puller but you love to be close to me and spend time with me. And I do love you too, I love you so much.

love mommy