Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update and Some Great Pictures

This morning I put All Bran buds on my Cheerios and I did not throw them up. Were they good-no and the whole time I was eating them I was thinking, why do they have to look the same going in as they are suppose to going out......

Onto happier things, I'm in the finding stage of things rather then the losing stage. I'm not sure if this happens to most people, but I have a week every couple of months where I feel like I am losing everything. This week: card reader for pictures, work keys, bank card and Lucas's favortie Diego top. As of today I have found all but one. So here are some pictures from the last week as I couldn't find the card reader.

I'm off to watch Lost and take a pregnancy picture.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doctor's Appt

I have been fairly relaxed with this pregnancy. After the first 3 months, everything went so smoothly with Lucas that I expect the same type of thing this time around. Lucas was late, so I expect this one to be late. Labour was long with Lucas, I expected this one to be shorter, but still long. No 20 minute babies for me....

So at today's doctor's appt I was surprised to find out I am on the cusp of being anemic. For the baby it really means nothing. The baby will take whatever it needs, it just leaves me depleted. I went from a level of 36 (I have now idea what that number stands for) to 6. If it were down to 4 I would be anemic. So now I have to start taking iron pills. Normally this would be no big deal. Although taking pills is not my favorite thing, it's certainly not the worst thing in the world either, but (didn't you know there was going to be a but....) I'm already having enough trouble with being pregnant and constipation that this is only going to make it worse...

So at night I'll be taking iron pills and in the morning I'll be eating all bran to counteract it..... If anyone has any great recipes that are filled with fiber I'd love to hear them. How do you get enough fiber in your diet?

Till Tomorrow


Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Times Weekend

With the wind chill here it's about -47. Isn't that damn cold? It is so so cold here. So be glad wherever it is you live that it is not -47. Here are some tibits from the weekend:

  • Friday Darryl and I went out for date night. It was so nice to have a dinner where we weren't interrupted or trying to pay attention to two conversations at the same time. Although it did make me miss wine.
  • Saturday we started to decorate both Lucas's and the babies room. Paint, trips to Ikea, a productive Saturday
  • We also got Lucas the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game, he adores it. Although I am trying to make it educational because he wants to play it all the time. It is loud.
  • Sunday we went swimming before the deep freeze came
  • Had dinner at my Mom and Dad and she made excellent lamb, although that made me miss wine too
  • My gums have been so sore. I didn't have this problem with my last pregnancy. I'm getting to the point where I may go on a straw diet, if it doesn't fit through a straw I won't eat it.
Did you have a good weekend?

Till Tomorrow


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ying to My Yang

This is usually the situation with Darryl and I.

I fill the kitchen garbage up so full. So super full that things are coming out the side. I like to jam as much into the garbage as I can. I don't like to change the garbage. So Darryl ends up waking up this morning and tries to put something in the garbage and it won't fit, so he has to take it out the garbage.

In return he never puts a new bag into the garbage. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose, just doesn't remember. So when I go to put the first thing in the garbage later I dump it in without the bag. I'm just starting to get mad, when I remember how I had stuffed it full the night before.

What would we do without each other.....

Till Tomorrow


Friday, January 25, 2008

Damn Dreams

and I mean his not mine.....

Lucas was up at 5:30 this morning because he had a bad dream about dragons. Two nights ago he woke up twice having bad dreams about lions. It's like his brain is subliminally training me for a new born.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, January 24, 2008

3 Great Things

Over the past couple of days there have been some great things in my life. I mean other then the obvious great family and friends, but I have had some great experiences.
First, Tammy and I went to a matinées to see the movie Juno. It was excellent! Unexpected story lines, great music, funny and sad. Really great. I can't wait until it's out on DVD and I can watch it again. For those of you who have seen it, didn't you love it too? I loved Jen Garner's character, how you felt about her kind of changed through the movie. I have downloaded most of the soundtrack and love it. And I love the characters of Juno's boyfriend, dad and step mom. The step mom was great, not a "stereo typical one" If you haven't go see it, it's great.

Next would be on Sunday we went tobogganing in the backyard. Yeah, the back yard is big enough and with the walkout there is of a slope to for a two year old to enjoy sliding down the hill. Lucas loved it. Darryl was exhausted, but Lucas wanted to do it over and over again.

Lastly yesterday I went to have my hair done at a salon called Red Bloom. They were big into the enviroment and use rain water in there toilets. I loved that. Plus they did a great job on my hair.

Great 3 things....

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Funny Thing About Kids

Is how they can sleep in any direction in their bed... maybe a pillow, maybe no pillow.... maybe a blanket, maybe no blanket.

Doesn't really matter to them

I could never sleep without a pillow.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Anniversay Oma and Opa

Yesterday was Oma and Opa 50th wedding anniversary. I have always loved all my grandparents and really most people over the age of 70. Oma and Opa have lived quite an amazing married life. That is part of the funny thing with a blog is that it is public and how much do you divulge about someone else. Anyway they have been through quite a few ups and downs, they have lived in almost every province in Canada. I loved being a teenager and living around the corner from them. I think in todays day and age giving up on marriage is more acceptable and there are times when they could have given up, but it is an excellent example how sticking together can end in happiness. Last night when I called and asked how it felt to be married for 50 years, Oma said, Lucky. That's pretty damn amazing.

Happy Anniversary.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Twenty Nine

Dear Lucas,

For the next week you are as many months old as I am weeks pregnant. It will be interesting if you and the baby are getting along when your months and the baby's weeks are equal. I think you are kind of excited about meeting your sibling. You seem to get there is a baby in my tummy. Although I'm not sure you really understand the ramifications because you often refer to the baby in your tummy as well. And although I'm sure you will love your new sibling I do think you'll be kind of upset in the beginning as well. The little blob only eats, sleeps and poops and basically monopolizes all of my time. Although you do already know that babies poop is yellow. =). I'm sure by the summer you will be having more fun with the little one.

This month has been a good one. We had Christmas which was lots of fun with you around. You are at an age where it took us hours to open the toys because you wanted to play with each one first. Although we did have an incident last week where you found flyer with a bunch of Bob the Builder toys. You walked around, " I want this, I want that". I was so frustrated with your greediness that after trying to ask you nicely to stop I grabbed that paper from you and ripped it up. Which made you scream, not my proudest mother moment.

One of my better mother moments this month was our rules about eating your dinner. Although I don't force you to eat your dinner. I do require that you eat it before you get anything sweet. If you are not hungry or are just being hard to get along with that's fine, but even if it's an hour or two later, if you want a turtle/chocolate ladybug you must eat more dinner before that. Yeah for mommy and daddy.

Generally I find you amazing. I am amazed at some of the things you say, like the other day I asked if a certain shirt still fit you and you said, Not Really. Or yesterday when you were crying your eyes out before tubbing time and I told you your choices were tubbing or bed time and you said " I don't like those choices". I am amazed at some of the slides you go down or your willingness to still eat pretty much anything. I am amazed at your new found friendships with the animals and your friends at the day home. And how you and I are kind of friends. Not that you are my confident or anything but I am totally free to be myself with you and we do lots of fun things together.

i love you loucky-lou


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The other day Darryl caught Tigger in the middle of a yawn. Tigger got quite the flu last week, so if you notice the shaved neck it's becuase they had to take blood to make sure it was nothing more serious.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Movie and Book

This weekend Darryl and I watched a great movie that my mom and dad recommended. If you get a chance to rent it I highly recommend it. The movie was Deja-Vu with Denzel Washington. It is an action movie, but totally keeps you guessing throughout. If you like movies, this one would be great.

I also finished the Nanny Diaries. It was good too. Funny and interesting. It makes for an interesting read for a mother.

Now I'll have to rent that movie, although I'll be sure to do it on a night that Darryl is working. I think it's a chick flick.

Enjoy the entertainment...

Till Tomorrow


Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching Up

I'm sure I'm hormonal, but have been feeling a little down lately. This is causing me to feel like I don't really have anything to blog about. Life is going by hunky dory, nothing major, not like Allie.

Here is a funny story from the weekend, that was requested to be documented.

Lucas has been wearing a bandaid on his forehead for at least a week now. It started with his eye infection, then that Dora bandaid fell off for a day or two and then he knocked his head on the tub and needed a new one. I put on one of the Nexcare Bandaids that came with our Stars air Amubulance calendar. If you have never used these they stick like glue. So he has been wearing this bandaid for atleast a week. If we try to take it off he complains.

Well my parents were over for dinner one night this weekend and my mother was telling Lucas she hurt her head. Could she have his bandaid? He was all for it and starts to head upstairs to get her one. No she says, she wants the one that is on his head. Now Darryl and I had discuss with her earlier in the night how we were trying to get it off to no avail. Well, he thinks he could share his bandaid with his Grandma. So she rips it off it forehead, fast so he doesn't even know what hit him. He didn't cry or complain, just was surprised. But Grandma was feeling better, which made him a happy camper.

Till Tomorrow, and a good movie recommendation.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Tonight I almost made it through this book with out crying. It's just the part when the man rocks his mommy. Gets me everytime.....

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Growing Up

Sometimes I'm amazed at what my kid can do. In the last couple of weeks we have been places and I'm not sure if he can really do something, and it's like he sense it and is going to prove me wrong. Sometimes I wonder how much I am holding him back.

For example last week we went to the pool. We happened to run into the parents that we took our prenatal class with. Their daughter is about 3 weeks older then Lucas. She loves the pool (as does Lucas) but maybe has a little more experience with it. She was so good at going under the water and seemed fearless in the water. I am quite cautious of Lucas in the water. I don't want him to be scared of it, so I'm careful not to put him under the water unless he knows it's coming. But seeing this little girls comfort with water made me think I should try it more with Lucas. So we did and he was great with it. The first time he said it scared him, but after that he was proud of himself for doing "big dives". I'll have to take him again in the next week so he doesn't forget it.

Then today we are at gymnastics and there was a HUGE slide is was at least two storeys long. There was some free time and lots of the kids went running over to play on the slide. I was thinking the slide was too big for Lucas, plus he has to climb all the stairs by himself. But when I asked him if he wanted to, he ran over with all the other kids. He didn't cry or fuss at the top, just came sliding down, and said he wanted to do it again. =) I was so proud of him.

I'll also haven't really thought about potty training him, but yesterday at the day home one of the little boy who is younger then Lucas is all potty trained, maybe that will be our next thing.....

It's amazing how much my little boy is growing up. I really can't believe it.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, January 07, 2008

Some of the Pictures and Highlights from Christmas

Today was my first day back at work after two weeks off. I did love my time off with my boy and family, which I'll detail below. But I was happy to go back and be around adults again today. I do really like my job and although I was running around like crazy it was nice to have that mental stimulation again.

But the holidays were great. They were a good balance of spending time with the big family and friends. We had my Oma and Opa come and stay with us. They were great, a good mix of not feeling obligated to entertain them but having good conversations and fun times. Christmas was fun with my Mom, Dad, sister and Auntie Karen. Lucas was great, he's at an age where you don't have to spend a lot and he spends lots of time with each present apprciating it before moving to the next. We did enjoy good food as well. Cinnamon buns for breakfast and turkey for dinner. I do love Christmas.

The days between Christmas and New Years, were a little less busy. Lucas did get an eye infection. We met my sisters boyfriend, who is very nice and spent some good time with her.

New Years Eve was good too. We had lots of people here and it was interesting to see how the new house was good for entertaining. I was crazy enough to not take any pictures.

In the week after Lucas and I went swimming and to the zoo. It was fun to spend good time with Lucas especially since that baby will be here before we know it. We exchanged some toys at the toys store and for everything he was so well behaved. He loved the swimming. He loves the zoo too, but we haven't been swimming in a while so I think he really loved that.

Like I said I'm happy to be back at work, but loved my holiday.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, January 04, 2008

Torin is attracted to my hormones

This cat won't keep off me.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Miracle

As I sit here writing this, there is a party going on in my belly. For anyone who has never gone through this the feeling is hard to describe. It kind of reminds me of being tucked really tightly in a bed, where you can barely move. Or someone poking at you, but from on the inside. Being pregnant is one of those miracles in life that I'm so grateful I have experiences. There are parts of it that are hell, but it is truly amazing too. I know the memory of the action in my belly will fade but I hope this blog post refreshes it a little as the years go by.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Things to Accomplish in 2008

My only real resolution for the year to to try to be on time more. Which may be a losing battle, with a baby coming. But my tardiness in this past year has gotten bad, so I'd like to try to plan better so I am not as late.

There are other things I would like to accomplish as well. In 2008 I would like to make it through the newborn stage again. I don't expect it to be better then the last time or worse, I just hope to make it through.

I hope to put up a fence and sod in the back yard. Possibly even some play equipment for Lucas. Along with that I would like to decorate both the babies room and Lucas's room. Give them some sort of theme

I would like to go on a winter vacation. I'm thinking an all inclusive. Baby will be atleast 6 months old. Playing in the sand with Lucas. Swimming in the pool. Something for all of us to look forward too.

I'm hoping to be as good of a mom to the new one as I am to Lucas, although I'm worried about it, but that's all for another post.

I hope to flourish during my year off, somehow figuring out a schedule and fun things for me to do with my little munchkins.

I hope to reinstate date night with Darryl, especially after there are two children. I think it will be so easy to get caught up in being a mom, I need to remember that one of the best examples to set for my children is to have a good marriage.

Learn 3 new songs on the guitar.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reflection on 2007

Over the past week I have browsed through the blog for the past year to reflect on what 2007 held for us.

Generally it was a good year. Although I am the eternal optimist. Some of the major highlights were watching Lucas grow. It's amazing how in a year he has gone from saying single words that you can barely understand to full sentences that he is able to tell us how he is feeling. I have really enjoyed this year with my boy, and I'm sure I'll enjoy most years, but this age is particularly fun.

Another big thing that happened to our lives this year was getting pregnant. Honestly it took longer then I expected. With Lucas it was quick, this one took a couple of months of trying. Although I'm not complaining as I know many people who have tried for many times. The important thing is it did work for us, and in 3 more months there will be a new person in our lives.

The year did go by with it challenges, the house of course being the big one. I will be happy to not move for a very long time. In the end it all turned out okay, which I guess it always would have, everyone was healthy. But it was very hard on our marriage and I don't know how good of a mother I was during that time. Like I said we all made it through, there were tears, but we made it through and everything worked out.

Personally the other really challenging this for me was work. One of the people who I started the x-ray program with resigned, I got in trouble a fair number of times, have had to deal with a very challenging class. I am so grateful to live in Canada and have a year off coming up. Yeah for maternity leave.

Of course highlights as I read through the blog always include the vacations we took. There is a tie for first place. The vacation Darryl and I took to New York City was amazing, good food, great company, seeing so many new places. It was great. But also the family trip we took to Victoria was amazing. It was great to get away as a family, Victoria was a blast and it was fun to travel with Lucas and see new things through his eyes as well. No offense to Ontario or Kelowna. I also really enjoyed both of those vacations. Summer was great time to vacation.

One of the biggest surprises of the year is the relationship that Darryl, Lucas and I have developed with his sister and her family. We stayed with them when we went in Ontario and it was great to get to know them better. Ever since then we talk to them every couple of days through g-mail. Even if it's just hello, how are you. It wasn't something I was expecting this year, but it has been a great addition to our lives.

Like I said all in all it's been a good year. Ups and downs, just like most years and life should be...

Tomorrow, some hopes and resolutions for the new year.