Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eight Days a Week- The Beatles

Wll he's sleeping again. Yipee! He had a super short nap this morning and was up by 9am. So he's gone back down again, although it took lots of fussing. During his fussing, he did find his thumb, which I am happy about, atleast he is learning that he can soothe himself. Although it didn't work completly, it helped, which is a good sign. Here is a picture of him in the bumbo, I was talking about the other day.

The dog shopping yesterday was quite successful. Puppies are so adorable! Emma is such a good dog, but it was fun to look at other dogs. When we got home I took Emma out in the backyard and she was playing around with a ball like she was a puppy. There is still some snow in the backyard, which makes the ball slide around, and she likes to pounce on it.

Lucas was very good while we were out, which he usually is. It is one great thing about him, that he is quite transportable. He loves to look at new things, even if it's just dog toys.

Watched the hockey game last night, both games were not so great. One of the teams totally dominated.

Oh I hear him stirring, better go

Till Tommorrow


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