Friday, January 06, 2006

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Today lesson for the day is when someone is overtired they are hard to deal with. Lucas was very stubborn in falling asleep last night, woke up twice in the night and was up at 7am (well 6:30, but I didn't get him till 7) He had a short nap this morning, although napped on the way home from groceries, and is now upstairs laying on his back looking at the ceiling. I'm hoping he will fall asleep, but I'm going with doubtful. I'm sure half way through this post I will be going upstairs to try to put him on his tummy.

Yesterday on the other hand was great. He woke at 7:30,took good naps and was an all around happy baby. I guess you win some and you lose some.

I went to this new store in Copperfield today Huckleberry Kids. It's a used kids store. I got some great books there. Especially after my bad experince at the used book store downtown. It's great becuase some of them are "touchy, feely". I also got a pair of Robeez for his next shoe size with little dogs on it.

Also got some treats at the grocery store. La vache qui rit cheese along with warm crosisants for breakfast tommorrow, a real french breaky. Also they had strawberries, which smelt and taste delicious.

Anyway an update on L, he is sleeping but only after a major crying fit and then a feeding to get him calmed down. Parenting is such a hard job. A salute to all parents.

Till tommorrow.


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