Friday, January 20, 2006

32 Flavors- Ani DiFranco

Groceries are my favorite chore. Although they are work, and technically a chore, since you couldn't go for more then a month without getting them, they are defintly my favorite. I guess because it's like shopping, which I also love. I enjoy planning the meals for the week and picking out treats for the week. I try to be health concious as well. Treats for this week were raspberries and cookies. Some healthy, some not so healthy. I mention this becuase today was grocery day. Usually on Fridays we do groceries. It's great becuase the superstore is not as busy as it is on the weekends. That is one of my favorite things about being home. Even Christmas shopping didn't seem so bad this year.

Lucas slept through the night again, which was great! I'm wondering if this will start to become a habit, atleast until he starts teething. As I am learning, and as everyone has told me, just when you think you get things figured out with your children, they change. Yesterday we went out and bought the "bumbo" which I think is the craziest name for something. I'm not sure if Lucas enjoys it though. It may be like most new things for him, takes him a while to get use to it. I'm hoping we'll be able to take it with us on vacations and use it as a highchair.

I bought him his first "real" food today. Although I guess rice ceral is a real food. But it's pureed green beans. We'll probably try it sometime next week. It's funny when you are there trying to decide what to give them, becuase there are so many options. So I just picked one of my favorite things.

Tammy came over last night and we got some more scrapbooking done. Yipee! I'm almost done all my Lucas pictures, so soon I'm going to have to go back and do, pre Lucas pictures. Plus she brought the best recipie for martinis. Lexie you should try this one, it's better then the martini recipie I made at Christmas

1 ounce of grapefruit juice
1 ounce of chambord (raspberry liquor)
1 ounce of vodka

It tasted like cotton candy but not so sweet.

Just wanted to thank Lori for the nice comment. It's so great to hear from people who read the blog. I am glad you enjoy reading it Lori, you are one of the reasons I started. I certainly enjoy writing it, but I think it's important for you and the rest of Darryl's family to know what's going on with Lucas.

Till Tommorrow


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