Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teeth Brushing

We are having a hard time teaching Lucas good teeth brushing habits. Does any mothers have any great things they use or used to get their kids to brush their teeth? He doesn't want me to brush them and he like to chew on the brush rather then moving them. Please tell me what you do to get your kids to properly brush your teeth? Other then that things with Lucas have been good these last couple of days, we seem to be adjusting slowly to having the extra person in the house.

Also wanted to thank Allie for the suggestion about the right arm being for Lucas and the left arm being for Nathan, Lucas really likes that analogy.


Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Darryl has had a change in jobs recently and is now working from home. He spent most of last week and weekend putting an office downstairs in the basement. Generally this is great, all in all we get to spend more time as a family. Lucas is taking a little bit of time to get use to this. He has had a couple of major crying fits when he wants to play with Dad cause he's home, but can't understand why he can't becuase Daddy has to work. This is on top of Lucas having to get use to sharing his mom. Which has been a really hard transistion for both he and I. Somedays are better then others, but the good days are starting to out number the days when he tells me, sometimes I'm a good mother and sometimes I'm not. Or that he doesn't love his mommy.

Things with Nathan continue to go really well. I amazed at how much easier things are with the second. Its like once you've been through it once have a good idea of how long things last for and you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Even with the troubles I'm having with Lucas, I think things would be easier if I knew when our relationship would get better again. Nathan continues to smile lots. He is also starting to grab onto things, like Lucas's fingers or my hair, or Darryl's chest hair. My Oma and Opa were here on the weekend to meet their second great grandson and they were impressed with his head control.

Although I would like to spend this weekend working on getting our yard turned from a mud pit into a play area, our neighboors are not ready yet, so instead we are having to rebuild the deck at our old house. We got a call from our lawyer that the City has a problem with it, and as part of the sale of the house, the city has to give compliance to the real property report...... so to get that compliance we need to move the deck. Crazy! Oh well at least we'll be outside in someones backyard this weekend.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring Playlist

As we have had nothing but rain here for at least a week, we've been inside listening and dancing to lots of music. Also my son and husband know me well that for Mothers day I got a iTunes gift certificate. =) So I thought I'd share with you some of the music we've been listening to during the rain.

First is the new BNL album, Snacktime (surprise, surprise). It's a kids album and is excellent. Great for both adults and kids. My favorites on it are Pollywog in a Bog (it's SO great), There's a word for that, I can Sing, I Don't Like and Bad Day.

With the rest of the money I've got a variety of things. Here is a copy of my newest playlist.

1.Violet Hill Coldplay (this song was free from the Coldplay Website)
2. Sealion Feist (this song is really upbeat and fun
3. Homeless (With Ladysmith Black Mambazo) Sarah McLachlan & Ladysmith Black Mambazo,
4. In the Sun Michael Stipe & Chris Martin (this song has been out for a bit, but it stilll good)
5. All Apologies Sinéad O'Connor (A cover of the Nirvana song)
6. My Humps (Black Eyed Peas Cover) Alanis Morissette
7. Words & Fire Sam Roberts (from their new album)
8. Falling Slowly Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová (from the Once Soundtrack, thanks Sari)
9. Underneath Alanis Morissette (from her new album Flavors Of Entanglement)
10. Innocence Avril Lavigne
11. Love At the End of the World Sam Roberts
12. Details In the Fabric (feat. James Morrison) Jason Mraz
13. Fixed to Ruin Sam Roberts(from his new album Love At the End of the World)
14. I'm Yours (From the Casa Nova Sessions) Jason Mraz
15. Shut Up and Let Me Go The Ting Tings (this is the new song from the ipod commercial)
16. Streetcorner Symphony Rob Thomas
17. Old Brown's Daughter Great Big Sea

Till tomorrow


Friday, May 23, 2008

Kicking My Own Ass

Dear Jenn,

Well after posts and posts of how hard life is, I think it time to give myself a swift kick in the ass. Come Jenn, you life an amazing life, shape up.

You get to spend everyday with both of your kids. If you lived in the states, you'd be going back to work, you don't have to go back to work for 11 months. Enjoy this time, you live in a great country that values family, enjoy the advantage.

You have a husband who is an AMAZING dad. He comes home at 5pm every day and is an active part of the house and parenting.

You have a healthy baby. A smart toddler.

You have a mother and father who are the best support you can imagine. When you thank them for it, they thank you back.

Stop your complaining, things could be a thousand times worse.

Your welcome,


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guy Smiley

Nathan has become a really smiley baby. Especially when we've had good feeds, good poops and good sleeps. Oh the life of a baby. Here is his happiness.

Till Tomorrow


6 Weeks

Today was my 6 week check up. I quite like my family doctor, he is very soft spoken, loves kids and is very kind. But I think part of him would like to be a therapist. He is always very concerned about his patients feelings, which I know is a common thing for a 6 week visit, but he always asks about my "emotional health". Today when he asked I talk about things I wrote in the monthly newsletter about the feeling of neglecting one child while I was tending to the other. I expected him to tell me it would get better as Nathan got older, but he told me the opposite, that as they get older it gets harder. He talked about himself going camping with his kids and although they were together as a family, the kids have different interests, so he has to split his time with them. I just find life to be much easier when there is just one. Like today Lucas is at his dayhome and I can focus all my attention on Nathan. Or when Darryl's home and we can divide and conquer. He also talked about how part of parenting is teaching your kids independence. That Lucas can't always be mothered. They need to know I'll always be there for them, but they don't always need me there. It was a really interesting perspective. It certainly made me think I am not having any more kids, or at least waiting until these kids are in school. It's okay now because Darryl and I can play one on one, but if the kids outnumber the adults.....

So tell me parents, does it get easier, was the doctor pulling my chain? Or do you always feel torn between your kids?

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Thirty Three

Dear Lucas,

Well this is going to be a tough newsletter to write to you. Generally newsletters are filled with happy memories and all of the things you've accomplished in the month or things that you are into. The thing is in the past month the thing that really stands out for me about you is how I feel like I'm neglecting you, disciplining you and you now prefer everyone else to your mother.

I had a good cry about this last week and your Dad put it into perspective, but it still is very challenging this transistion we are going through. I am learning to be a mother to two boys and you are learning how to share your mother with a very needy person. But you had always been quite loyal to me. Yes, you love all the family around you, but at night when you called out it was always my name, if your Dad went in, it just wasn't the same. We had so much fun together and you loved to spend time with me. Granted you are now having to spend more time with me, and we still do have fun, but I can see your independance from me. Part of me is so happy that you love to spend time with your Dad, Grandma and Pop and your Aunts. But it breaks my heart when you cry because you are being dropped off at home with me. Or when you tell me to go away when I come into the room where you are playing with someone else. Or when you cry that I am doing tubbing and not Daddy. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I miss being at the top of your list of people to spend time with.

Again generally in this newsletter I mention all your accomplishments, but with the advent of Nathan, you seem to want to be a baby again. I know all the books say this is going to happen and I expect it, but I'm still finding it a bit challenging not to lose my temper when you are acting this way. Don't get me wrong, you are still such a great kid. If I need a nap in the afternoon, you are willing to play quietly so I can sleep. When I ask you to get something for me, you are quite willing to do that.

One thing that has changed this month is your need/ability to apolgize. You are really learning a sense of right and wrong. You know that when you spill something, or break something that is bad. You'll often ask if Dad will be mad (even if it's my nailpolish you break). You apoligize to us when we get you in trouble. I am grateful for you sense of regret for doing something wrong and although you often don't learn things the first time you get in trouble, it often doesn't take too many tries. Time outs are few and far between, but are an effective punshiment if we need to use them. I remember as a kid, the warning of getting a spanking and glad that timeouts are just as effective.

I am really trying to do fun things with you. We have still managed to go to the Science center, zoo, library, Playtopia and the park numerous times this month. We often spend time in the evenings riding your bike around the pond. But even though I work hard at making being home with me fun times, I still feel like I'm neglecting you, which I probably am, but it's just something we are both going to have to learn to deal with.....

I cut your hair, all by myself.

No matter what Lucas I love you more then I ever knew it was possible to love another. I hope in the end, wheter that is a couple of months or a couple of years you will be glad to have a sibling and this difficult transistion we are going through right now will be a distant memory and something that only monthly newsletter recall. That the advantages to having a playmate and this other person in your life outweigh the challenges.

love mommy

Monday, May 19, 2008

How I Met My Mother

On Monday nights Darryl and I both enjoy some laughs while watching " How I Met My Mother". One of the characters is from Canada and they have some hilarious Canadian jokes. Tonight:

The boyfriend: I got us two tickets to the Bruce Springsteen
The Canadian: I love Bruce Springsteen, he's like the American Bryan Adams.


Till Tomorrow


Redemption to Mother Nature

I've been horrible to the enviorment for the last month. Having a newborn is not good for the enviroment. All those diapers, all the leaking I do. We seem to have created much more garbage. I use to pride myself on only having one bag of garbage every week, but for the last month we've had two.

But I'm back on the green wagon now. I've been using facecloths rather then bum wipes. And yesterday at the grocery store I bought a small concentrated bottle of laundry soap, rather then a huge one. Even something small like that is helping. Less packaging, smaller bottle, but same price and same number of loads as the big bottle.

Now we'll have to see about cloth diapers....

Till Tomorrow


Friday, May 16, 2008

A Wonderful Problem

As this will probably never happen again I figure I'd brag about my problem this morning.

I had to change my shirt because my boobs were too big for it!!!

It fit in the belly and the shoulders, but not in the chest. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, as I'm sure I will go back to being small chested when breastfeeding is all done.

Till Tomorrow............. Jenn

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This evening things seemed to work out that I got a glimpse of what life will be like. Darryl gave me the opportunity to run some errands with no boys. My first stop was the Second Cuo for a hot chocolate, it was weird, but a good weird, to be out just me, not me the mom. Then I went to chat with my best friend and drank some wine.

Once I got home somehow both boys were sleeping upstairs at the same time and I was downstairs and go to clean up the kitchen. Yeah!! For about 2 hours this evening I was just me...

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google Reader

Each day I have about 20 blogs that I read. Most of these people post on a daily basis. I have come to love reading all these blogs and feel some attachment to these people as well. Happy for them when things are going right, sad when things are going wrong. To read all these blogs I had used Firefox to open them all in tabs. This worked well for me, but I was curious about Google Reader which Darryl uses all the time.

Darryl and I are quite a fan of most things Google. We both use gmail and love it. We've been able to convince a lot of our family and friends to start using gmail. Gmail also has a chat function that I use to talk to people. I now talk to Darryl's sister through g-mail all the time, where I rarely talked to her before. I talk to my mom and Tammy quite a lot as well. I'm also a fan of the Google documents, especially for work "stuff". Then I can have access to my work documents wherever there is internet. I also use google calendar (especially to keep up with my mom's work schedule), google maps ( i think it works the best of all the "map" programs). Darryl has been using Google reader for quite a while, so I have decided to try it for reading my blogs. So far so good. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Google reader, when you are on a site that you want to be updated on when there are any changes click the little orange button in the address bar. Then google reader will check when that site is updated and let you know when you go to the Google reader page. It's quite cool, now I only have to check one page to see who's posted new blog entries.

Just wondering if there is any tool you use to keep up with blogs? Bloglines? Or do you do it old school where you open the webpage to check if there is anything new?

Till Tomorrow


Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucas's Generation

Today Lucas and I headed out to the zoo. We both love the zoo and haven't been in months. At first I was too big and then too tired, so today was the first time in a while we've been. It was great as usual. While Lucas and I were looking at one of the frogs there was a large white thermometer in the corner of it's cage. Lucas says " Look Mom, there's the frogs ipod".

Funny the things his generation will think...

Till Tomorrow


Friday, May 09, 2008

Summary of the Week

Well this week is the start of the new normal, some parts have left me feeling confident and others not so much.

After Monday, Nathan has done quite well sleeping at night. He seems to be a little more consistent on eating every 3 hours rther then every two. That means my breastfeeding has started to b a little more normal and one night I slept without a bra and wasn't soaking when Nathan woke up.

Lucas is in a bit more of a adjustment. I think he was really missing his friends. On Monday we went to the park and he asked where all the kids were. He was quite happy to go to his dayhome and play with all his friends. I thnk I'm going to have to be more conscious of our weeks to be sure he sees kids a little more. Today we went to the Science Center and there were lots of kids there. Next week Auntie Lexie is here so that should provide some adventures.

On Monday I left a glass of water with a splash of grapefruit juice on the table by my computer. Lucas then decide to rearrange the pillows on the couch and spilt the water all over my computer. It has been sitting on the counter for a couple of days drying out. I'm really really really hoping that it will come back to life sometime this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I love my Macbook. Here's Darryl being the surgon and his intern.

Lucas is still demonstrating some "baby" behaviours. He wants to be carried most everywhere. But I have been concious of putting Nathan down for his nap upstairs in his bed and spending some one on one time with Lucas. This also lets Nathan get a better sleep in some quiet. Lucas has also been crying/whining more

On the postive side, I made it through with everyone still pretty happy and healthy. This has been a adjustment for me. Anyone who has gone from working to being a stay at home mom for a year knows the transition. But I am transitioning and after reading Allie's post on having to return to work I am happy to be at home with my boys. I'll live and learn and next week will be better.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

That way and That Way and That Way

Thanks Grammie for the cool Hot Wheels Set!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month One

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn one month old. Here is your first newsletter. Part of me is so happy that this first month is over and part of me is sad that it's already over. In this past month I'm sure you have changed alot but most of it is not visible to the outside world. The biggest thing I have noticed is how well you are holding up your head.

I'm not sure if it's my confidence this time around or that you are an easier baby, but I have become attached to you very quick, where with your brother there was some time where I thought who is this stranger living in this house. The much bigger adjustment I've had with you is learning to deal with you and Lucas at the same time. For the first couple of weeks of your life your dad was around so we could play man on man. But when Darryl is gone it's a juggling act for me. How do you get your sleep without Lucas being too loud and how do I pay attention to Lucas while holding you all the time. It is defintly a learning expereince for me.

So far here are the things I'm loving about having you around.

You are so soft. I forgot how soft babies are. I love to snuggle with you, warm and soft are divine.

You are so small. Lucas seems huge now, but you fit perfectly in my lap.

People love you. It's nice to bring a new person into the world and bring more love into the world.

Lucas loves you. He loves being a big brother. He often asks where you are when he wake up in the morning and loves to lay down on the floor beside you.

I love you my new little baby.

love mommy

Monday, May 05, 2008

Thanks Darryl

Today is Darryl and mine 7 year wedding anniversary. Ideally I'd love to write a post about how wonderful he and life is, but I am not in the mind frame to do that. Really what I want to say is that having a newborn and never getting more then a 45 minute block of sleep last night is really damn hard. Even as I type this I am crying with fatigue and that my laptop is wet and broken. Even though having this newborn is so hard and it is taking a toll on all my relationships I couldn't be more grateful that I am going through this hard time with Darryl. Marriage is not only about all the great and wonderful things Darryl bring into my life, it is that he is there for me no matter what. Even when things are hard and I know things are hard right now. I'm glad to have married someone who I can talk to even when I'm feeling down and irrational.

I love you Darryl.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Testing Twos

It has been an interesting adjustment to be home with both kids. Yesterday seemed to go great. We went to the library, all had a nap in the afternoon, Of course there was some fussing, but at the normal times, when Lucas or Nathan was hungry or tired.

Today on the other hand was a bit of a different story. It felt like all morning I was telling Lucas, don't do that, or say it nicely, or I don't understand you when you're whining. Which is alot for me, as I am not the displinarian, Darryl is. But there are certain things I don't like and I stand firm on. One of those is Lucas sucking on Nathan's soothers. Two reasons, I think it's unsanitary and I worry that Lucas will want one again. Lucas knows this as he has tried it a couple of time before, and I always tell him no. This morning, every time he found a soother (3 times), he'd put it in his mouth and come show me and say he was the baby. I would then tell him I don't like it and he can pretend to be a baby, but only "pretend" to put the soother in his mouth. Although by the third time he did it I was yelling. Then every time I'd feed Nathan, he would get in his face, lay on the pillow and distract the eater. I can see now why many parents don't breastfeed the second as long as the first. Having the older one around is too distracting for the younger one. Again I would ask Lucas to go get me something, or go play with _______. But he wanted to touch Nathan's head, or get in his face or lay on the pillow. I'm glad that he loves his little brother and loves to play with him anytime I put him on the floor or in his chair, but it's hard for both Nathan and I when Lucas is distracting Nathan from eating.

Part way through the day I put Nathan in his bassinet to sleep and had some one on one time with Lucas, which really seemed to help. Ahh this is what they call the terrible twos.

So I wonder was it me today, did I have less patience or are kids more testing on different days? Also when can I expect Lucas to do things a little more independently. Like when I ask Lucas to find his shoes to go outside and he plays with his cars and I get upset. Is that a reasonable requests of a 2 1/2 year old? Or am I expecting too much. Things to ponder.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, May 01, 2008


As all nursing mothers know, you spend lots of time watching TV while you feed your baby. I am so glad Darryl bought me the PVR for Christmas as I get to watch enjoyable TV at any time. Right now it's 9pm and I'm watching Oprah. Oprah was something I watched when I had the chance, but now with the PVR and the nursing all the time I love Oprah. I watch it every day. There are some things I'm not interested in, but generally I'm hooked. With spending so much time with kids and babies, she is my adult during the day. It's amazing how when you spend an hour a day with someone you feel like you are friends. I know it sounds ridiculous, but going from spending all day talking with adults to bein home with a two year old and a baby is a big change, you hang onto Oprah (and Ellen, if I get a chance). I do love how Oprah is trying to improve lives and I usually feel better after watching it.

What about you, do you love Oprah or can't stand her? Are you tining in tomorrow to see Tom Cruise?

Till Tomorrow