Saturday, March 31, 2007

Funny Video of the Weekend

Here I am, just call me...... Hi Ho Silver. I also added some pics to the post below.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nice Days

Well today has been a warm day outside and we have been enjoying the weather. This morning Lucas, Gamma and I went to the zoo. We had lots of fun and I think Grandma enjoyed being around the chatterbox. Lucas narrated the whole trip to Grandma while we drove. Motorcycles, trucks, water, and more motorcycles. Of course he likes to say everyword ten times. Just incase you didn't hear him the first nine times. In some ways it makes me laugh, becuase my mom likes to point out anything she sees, so it's funny that Lucas was doing it too. Lucas quite enjoyed the monkeys and the butterflies at the zoo today.

We have a guest dog staying with us for the next week and he and Emma are enjoying each others company to no end. It's WWF in my backyard. I'm sure they will both come in and fall over with exhaustion when it gets to be too dark to see. But I'm so glad they can keep each other company.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting Ready For Summer

I was out shopping today and saw this hat, whose message I love " Love Mother Earth"/ Thought it would be great for summer.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lucas Update

As the website is called jennandlucas, I guess it's time for some Lucas's information. Lucas has started to become obsessed with certain things. I'm sure this will change in a couple of weeks, but for the moment we spend lots of time watching Shrek and drinking hot chocolate. Darryl and I might know every word from the movie Shrek. Lucas's favorite part is about the dragon. Now for those of you who read this that talk to Lucas don't mention either of these things, because he will totally ignore you and mention it until you give him what he wants. His favorite part of Shrek is the Dragon. You think he would be scared of it, but no sir ee. He loves it. On Saturday morning, we had a bunch of Lucas's friends from the baby group and I needed to get some cleaning done before they got here. So I turned on Shrek and got lots of the house cleaned. Lucas sat in his little Thomas the Tank engine chair and watched intently while Shrek met donkey, then the 3 blind mice dance on Shrek's table and then Donkey and Shrek, two friends on a stalwart adventure. Like I said walks around the house, dragon, dragon or ogre, ogre. Loves it, loves it. Darryl said the other day we should get the Shrek the second so we could have a little variety.

The other thing that Lucas is crazy about is hot chocolate. Last week when Darryl had volleyball, Lucas and I had a special treat, and went to the second cup. Lucas got a child's hot chocolate and I got a London Fog (my new favorite drink). Lucas loved it and has been crazy about hot chocolat everyday. Good thing we can subsitute cheap Nestle for the good Second Cup. Almost everyday we drink hot chocolat. I don't really mind as he drinks alot of milk when he has the hot choclat.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is It All Worth It?

Being a blogger is a strange phenonmenon. There are days when I'm offended that I don't have more people who read and there are other days like today that I'm glad I'm not. Here is a blog from a women who has recieved death threats on her blog. I've also heard of women who post blogs and people deface picture of their children.

I really like to blog. Sometimes it seems like a lot of work, but most of the times I am glad to do it. I like that I have a permenant record of our life, and I hope one day I'll have caring grandchildren who will be interested in reading it. I also like to go back and read what I was doing last year. I also think it is good reflection on how much I've grown and changed. So mostly I write the blog for me, but there is a part of me that writes it for other people as well. If it was just for me I would write in a diary rather then online. It great to receive comments on your posts and hear what other people think. It's nice to reach out in cyberspace and have someone reach back. So to all of you who have never reached out I'd love to hear from you. Hi George and Mark and Christina!

But I go back to the first paragraph, is it really worth it? Am I putting myself or my family in danger? Does anyone else worry about this? Reading Kathy's post today made me question it. Not that I am anywhere near as popular (Hi to my regular 20ish daily readers) as her, but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I don't want to be a popular blogger. Maybe there is no need to get more readers. Does less people equal less problems. Something to think about...

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Monday, March 26, 2007


There is a new phenomenon sweeping the internet world. It's called Facebook It's an online listing of people. You add people as your friends and then you can view information about them or write on their wall. It's interesting because you can see picture of people you went to highschool with or find relatives that you haven't seen in a long time. It started as a university thing, but has really expanded. I heard Darryl say about 10,000 new people join every day. Here is the wiki article on it. Alexis showed it to me about a month ago and now Darryl has joined.

I am kind of so so on it, most of the people who I want to stay friends with I do, but it is interesting because I wonder where and what many of the people I knew have been up to. Darryl is quite fond of it and has added lots of people to his friends list. One of the people he has added to his list is someone he could have married. I'm not bothered by this, so Darryl don't feel like you should un-friend her, it has just consumed a lot of my thoughts this weekend about what your life may have been like if you had dated her rather then me.

Darryl and I started dating when I was in highschool and he was in college. When we first starting dating I remember thinking what a social life he had. He would go out and play pool when I was going to bed. I had a friends in highschool, but only really spent time with a select few of them outside of school. Darryl on the other hand had a whole group of friends from working at McDonalds. Darryl had also dated a few other people before me, whereas I didn't date anyone else (really I was only 15). Darryl was friends with this girl from McDonalds who was very nice. She kind of reminded me of me and if circumstances were different we may have been good friends. Darryl was never engaged to this person or even dated her, but if I wasn't in the picture he totally could have. This weekend I thought alot about what Darryl's life would have been like if he was with her and not me..... Really his family would have much preferred it, this girl still lives in our home town, she did not move across the country. (which I still have guilt about) And if Darryl didn't have a serious relationship with me he would probably still be in our hometown. I was the traveller , not him. It's weird because I don't have a person like this, a person who I could have married. And I do believe there are lots of people any one person could be compatible with and be married to their whole lives. Anyway it is weird to think about how your life could be so different if you had stood firm on something or taken a different bus one day.

I have babbled on long enough and should go to bed. But I am glad to get these thoughts down on paper rather then in my head, swirling around. We had a great weekend and I hope you did too.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Wordless Friday

Usually it's wordless Wednesday, but I have very little time to blog today so here's a pic.

Ladybug in the Garden for Darryl's side of the family, as I know ladybugs have special signifigance.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Blast From the Past

Today I went to a career fair at a junior high today. I forgot about how at the beginning of school there is announcements and they play the national anthem and everyone stands. It's amazing that for a few years of our young lives we hear the national anthem. After that we hear it rarely, sporting events. Presenting to the Jr. high students was interesting. Showed them lots of cool x-rays.

Fun to pretend I was young again.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Being Very Articulate

Lucas continues to learn new words everyday. Lately he has been trying some more difficult words and like to pronounce every syllable. So his penguin which I named Hugsie after the penguin toy from Friends, gets pronounced Hug-gu-z. Darryl and I love it and find it quite comical. The other word that he really articulates each syllable is Emma's best friend Jackson. Which comes out Yac-iy-son.

How I ever amused myself before Lucas I have no idea.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Lucas has some new favorite hobbies. One of those is going to the pool. Luckily I signed us up for some pool classes but they don't start till April, so until then we just go swimming at open swim times. Today when I told him we were going to the pool, he did a funny little dance, side to side with his little feet. So excited. He was super co-operative. Sure I'll sit down and let you put on my shoes, sure I'll help you put on my coat. It was great leverage. Once at the pool we spent about an hour there and Lucas loved playing with the rings, boats and fishes.

This is Lucas's other favorite hobby.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Monthly Newsletter- Month Nineteen

Dear Lucas,

On Saturday you turned 19 months old, we had a party here, but more so because it was Saint Patrick's Day and because I love to have people over. You were great, as you always are. You can now say all the names of our chosen family. Although Shauny is still your favorite name to say. You quite enjoy playing with him, although you are definitely in a stage where you don't like sharing your toys. At one point in the evening Shaun came and said he needed to go pee, so I took him upstairs to use one of the toddler seats that fits on the toilet. Well you followed us upstairs and wanted to sit on it as well. You were upset that Shaun was sitting on your seat, although you have yet to use it.

This month has been fun, as most of our life is. You are not throwing too much anymore and seem to be getting more physical. You can find your way up on most furniture and are cautious about getting off it, but your favorite way to get off it is to jump into my arms. You do love your jumping. You can't really do it yet, but you love to try. One of your favorite words is high. We talk about birds and planes and everything high.

In some ways you are becoming more independant but not in other ways. You can go up and down your slide all by yourself and you are quite fond of climbing up and down the stairs all alone as well. You also like to sit in the chair beside me rather then on my lap. But you still don't like it when I leave you or when Grandma doens't come and visit you for a week. You like to be held especially when we want to make dinner and it is inconvient. But you don't like not seeing what is going on.

Your vocabulary continues to grow and grow. You can say three syllable words now like bicycle and motorcycle. And are starting to put two words together like: in cup or Mom's turn. You have also been more agreeable this month, I'm so glad distraction still works well with you. We have done lots of fun things this month. Gone to Adventure Zone, the Zoo, the pool (probably your favorite thing). It is so fun to do things together. People generally find you pretty cute and our impressed with your vocabulary.

You are really enjoying that your daddy's humor. He loves to make you laugh or at least say "Dad-dy" with two very distinct syllables. Whether he is making fun faces or doing funny dance moves. You love to watch him and say Dad-dy. Sometimes you'll do it with my as well. Mom-my, but I'm not as crazy as your Daddy did.

Last week Daddy gave you a bath and you weren't really in the mood for it. 10 minutes into it you were calling for me. I went upstairs and tried to play hide and seek with you. You still were not really into the tub and said "Hug, Mommy, Hug" So I picked you up all soaking wet and gave you a hug. You laid your head down on my shoulder. After a moment or so I asked if you wanted to get back in the tub. No you said in your little voice, so we wrapped you up in your blanket. It was a great way you told me you loved me.

I love you too Lucas


Saturday, March 17, 2007

His Mom is Granola

Today while Lucas and I were out getting groceries Lucas picked up three pieces of garbage on from the parking lot to throw into a garbage pail. There was part of me that thought I shouldn't let him touch the garbage because it was dirty. But the bigger, tree hugging part of me thought what a great kid I have that he is already helping to keep the world cleaner. Can't say no to that lesson.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, March 16, 2007

How to Impress Me

Tonight I work my last shift with a friend of mine who has resigned. I am so proud and impressed with her. She has sold her home and is going to travel around Europe for 2 months. Her and her husband had two children who are now in University, so don't need to live at home anymore. With the recent increase in house prices here in Calgary they sold their house and got a good price for it. Once they are finished they will move to BC where they want to retire. I think the longer you do some something the easier it is to keep doing it. I really admire when people follow their dreams, when they step outside their comfort zone and see the world. I have had lots of excellent examples of this in my life. I remember when I moved across the country, people who I lived with in Ontario throught I was crazy. When I went to college my parents quit their jobs and went to university. Then they also moved across the country.

Petra, I hope you have a great time in Europe, I will miss you at work. I am envious as I would love to be going there with you.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Internet Dating

This week I worked at the hospital where I work once a month. I love to go there. It's a place where I feel comfortable and it's like going home. I know all the people there and they are so happy to see me. Although I quite like my job now, it's a different environment then working at the hospital. The shift that I picked up was spur of the moment because someone called in sick. When I got to the hospital I was working with people who all use to be my students. It made me feel very old. Even though I probably wasn't the oldest one there, I felt like it.

One of the problems of being a teacher is that it limits the pool of people I can pick from my friends. As an instructor you establish a certain line that you don't cross. You can't pick favorites because you hold the red pen. You determine whether these students pass or fail (which they all pass) but you give them marks, so I don't want there to be a whisper of favoritism. Once you have that relationship with someone it's hard to change. So all the 24 students I graduated I'll probably never be friends with. At least not the kind of friends where you get your families together or go out shopping. So I told my very best friend Tammy that she was stuck with me forever.

This brings me to the title of this post. To find new friends I may have found a new way. Blogs..... On Tuesday Lucas and I went to the mall as it is quite family friendly. They have lots of play stations and Lucas likes to play with Thomas the Tank Engine at Chapters. While standing in line at the Orange Julius a lovely lady comes up to me and says: Not to freak you out but are you Jenn? Yes, I reply. I look over and see her son, which I recognize from her blog and realize it's Allie from Life at the Whittinghams. We had a short, but great conversation. Lucas was fussy so I couldn't talk for long. It was cool because even though we had never met I feel like I know lots about her. I was able to meet her new daughter and see what a fun little kid Kaelen is. It was such a good experience and am so greatful for blogs. I guess as the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Giving Pop a Run for His Money

Last weekend Lucas learned how to say Grandma. It has been one of his favorite words all week. He'll see something that reminds him of Grandma and talk about it for the next half and hour. This morning I put a shirt on Lucas that Grandma bought him and he said Grandma all morning. This evening we were looking through pictures that are up in his room. I have an old picture of Grandma, Pop and Auntie Lexie at Gray Rocks about 15 years ago. Usually when Lucas looks at the picture, the only name is says is Pop and he says it with such enthusiuasm. Tonight when he looked at the picture the first name he said was Grandma with the same enthusiasm. But don't worry Pop, he said your name right after with enthusiasum as well. It's funny when he learns a new word how he loves to say it all day.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

A Multitude of Thoughts

I've had lots of bloggable moments in the past day so here we go:

First off it was so windy last night. It kept both Darryl and I up for about an hour. There were some points I wanted to take Lucas and go down the basement. Probably because I watched Wizard of Oz at an impressionable age. I think it is pretty rare to have tornado's here but man oh man the wind was crazy last night.

A couple of days ago we bought a new box of Q-tips. Lucas found the box this morning and dumped all the q-tips out. It is IMPOSSIBLE to fit all the q-tips back in. It is some kind of crazy magic trick that they can fit them all in that box, because it is impossible to get them all back in once they fall out. So half are back in the box and half in a plastic bag.

Lucas and I went to a free play group in neighboorhood today. It was quite fun and free. Did I mention it was free. =) I am so cheap. It was fun, Lucas loved running around the gym and playing with the cars and balls. At one point there were two little boys playing with the doll house. Although they were using their hammer in it.

At the playgroup there was tons of moms and one day. I've met the dad before at the park and he stays at home with his son who is about the same age as Lucas. I think it is great that this dad chose to stay at home and raise his son. But I wonder how he feels at these groups. All mom's and one dad. I have talked to him a couple of times but am unsure what to say. Mostly I talk to him about parenting, just like I talk to other mothers. But I am curious how he feels at these playgroups or at the park.

Till Tomorrow


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Video

Here is another bathroom session, this one has a guest, who is doing up his pants. Really they are the best back ever!

Hope you enjoyed it. By the way Lucas said Grandma about 25 times tonight.


Friday, March 09, 2007


Well Lucas and I just got back from the zoo and I should have known he would fall asleep in the car. He did love running around the zoo and enjoyed it more then when he was little. At least he could say most of the animals names. I think his favorite was the monkey's. He enjoyed running around and getting lots of fresh air. They also have a great playground there, they have different areas dedicated to certain age groups. Lucas quite enjoyed the two and under part.

Usually winters are not as social as summers. Although our best friends are around alot more in the winter as they camp alot in the summer. We went to their house last weekend for dinner and a fun game of Poker.

Tonight I am having an Arbonne Party. Arbonne is a skin care company and it seems to have "exploded" in the town. I've heard lots of good things about it. And everyone I know has been to one of these parties, but I hadn't heard of this company before Christmas. Anyway, it seems to be quite popular.

I also went to an amazing party a couple of weekends ago. My friend Lesley had a Bunco party. She did such an amazing job of planning it. There were great prizes, lots of fun people and the game we played was easy to learn. The party also had a theme: Diva. I was amazed at how good someone was at planning a fun party.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Too Smart...

Tonight my mom stopped by for a visit. We were getting Lucas to say all kinds of new words, Zebra, Ed (from the Barnaked Ladies) and table. We are pointing out things to him to say.

Darryl points to the table: What's this?
Lucas: Table
Darryl picks up pen: What's this?
Lucas: Peen
Darryl grabs Lucas's yellow Ferrari: What's this?
Lucas: Rarari
Mom points at herself: Who is this?
Lucas: Shirt

Wouldn't say Grandma for her. Although later this evening he was saying it (she had gone home). So we went to the phone and called her. He said it on her answering machine. Hopefully he will say it to her face on the weekend.

Speaking of Ed here's a new cool thing: The Bathroom Sessions

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Bad Job

So today I took the c-train (which is the subway, here in Calgary) home and I find these train rides quite interesting. I felt bad for the driver. I think that being a subway driver may be the one of the worst job out there. Maybe after sanitation worker but definitely not a fun job. The reason I say this is every stop the driver had to yell over the intercom at people to get out of the way or not to hold the door open. Plus a couple of people die every year by being hit by a train. Even though it is rarely the drivers fault it would still be horrible. There is also no thanks involved with job either. Although many people may be thankful for the ride home, you can never tell the driver, you never see them. The only time you see the driver if there is an emergency. I do hope these people are paid well, because it is not a job I'd like.

On a positive note I had a free lunch of lamb.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happier Days

Well being at home and around my boy is helping to make me a happier lady. Lucas has started to have temper tantrums. It was hard last night putting him down to bed. And this morning trying to bring him inside. He does love being outside, especially now that the weather is nice. I sure they will probably get worse before they get better, but I'm having to work on being consistent and not giving in when he screams. I'm just not use to the screaming.

But we did have a good day today. It is amazing how going to Walmart can become such a adventure. We spent 15 mintues looking at the fishy, 15 minutes sitting on Thomas the Tank engine chairs. Spent time looking at juice boxes, things hanging from the ceiling and looking at toys. It was a great adventure. Amazing but a Walmart adventure.

I am working on my blog book. I am trying to make it shorter becuase it started off as almost 300 pages long. Plus I want some pictures bigger and others smaller. So it will probably take me a month or so before it's done.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, March 05, 2007

Product Review

Hi Everyone,

I hope you like the new template. It was designed by S@m at Temptation designs. You can see the link at the side of the page.

We had a pretty good weekend. Nothing bad has happened to me, but there is lots of bad stuff going on around me and so I'm feeling sad. So I'm blogging about something generic

Here are a couple of new great things I have been using lately:

1. Equate Contact Solution. Sometimes no name stuff is not as good as the brand name but, if you wear contacts, here is something that you can help you save 3-4 dollars a bottle. It definlity works as well as the name brand.

2. Sweet and Salty Nut Bars: Both Nutrigrain and are making this new style of bar and both are excellent. I am not a health freak so I don't mind the fat that is in them, but you may want to check that out. But they taste delicious!

3.Blurb : A couple of months ago I mentioned that the website Blurb, was putting together books to publish your blog. Well in the last week they made their program compatible with Blogger, so I've been working on that alot this weekend. If you would like to publish you blog into a book and use Blogger now you can do it with the super easy program from Blurb.

4. Chocolate Orange Tea: Ummmmmm it is delicious! I highly recommend it.

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Friday, March 02, 2007


Lucas has finally said Grandma. He said it about 5 times today. Hopefully he will say it for her when she comes over tonight. I remember waiting what felt like forever for him to say Mom, now we waited forever for him to say Grandma. He knows and loves his Grandma so much. But today he finally said her name.


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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A New Dance Move

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