Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Darling Child- Sinead O'Connor

Babies are the most amazing things. One of the things lots of people told me about and Lucas is just starting to do is learning about new things. Yesterday it was so beautiful that we sat out in the grass for a while and played fetch with Emma. Lucas was touching the grass, and you could tell he had never felt it before. He was so amazed by it's texture and temperature. He is starting to do that with all kinds of things. He'll look at an object and study it and then put it in his mouth. It's amazing because you can almost see his learning. See the little connections being made in his brain.

Everyday he is becoming more and more fun. He's starting to realize that people can be funny, it doesn't always have to be tickling. I can make funny noises and he'll laugh. Plus he's start to learn more sylables. No words yet, but any minute he'll be saying da da da da over and over again. He can say da, just hasn't done it over and over again. There are times in the day when he is taking so much in, like on the grass or at the off leash park with Emma. There are other times when he is learning by doing, like talking. It's just so amazing, and I'm lucky I don't have to miss any of it.

Well the Conservatives won the election. Stephen Harper is going on about change in Canada, but honestly I like it the way it is. I hope things don't change too much. I mean I wouldn't mind a tax break, but don't do it in expense of other things we do have. We'll have to wait and see......

Mom and Dad were over last night. They are moving into there new house today. Yeah, it'll be nice to have them so much closer. I made a cake for Dad's birthday, but it was no name and no good. It's amazing how much Mom and Dad love Lucas, it must be fun to be grandparents.

Tonight I'm headed to an AAMRT meeting. It will be fun to put on my career hat and take off my mommy hat.

Till Tommorrow


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