Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Capture: Joy

Most of my joy while writing this post came from 30 Rock. Such a funny show. Twist - but on a day to day basis most of my joy comes from Frick and Frack. It was easy week for You Capture: Joy.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is Great

The boys are at really great ages. Nathan has started communicating, Lucas has been really fun to be around. I do think this is such a great time in our lives. Nathan smiles at everyone he is learning humor and try's to make us laugh. He'll do something that makes me laugh, like blowing bubbles in the tub, I'll laugh and he'll do it again.

I spend most days smiling at my two boys. I love life.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Lucas continues to amaze me with how much he knows and absorbs. I'm sure the same will happen with Nathan once he starts talking. But here are some of Lucas's latest shenanigans.

He is very interested in math lately. He knows that 100 is a alot. But can also distinguish when something is more or less then 100. 41 is that more or less then 100, he'll know it's less. 754 is that more or less. He knows it's more. He's also been adding. Although I wonder how much of it is memorization more then really knowing how to add. But he'll recite off a bunch of addition to me. 2+2=4 right? 1+3= 4 right?

He is also catching onto French quite a bit. We have a french counting book and he is quite good with counting in french. Which reminds me I need to go and order more french books. We have about 5 and I'm getting sick of them.

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Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend we had a wonderful treat in store for us. My amazing parents babysat our kids and our best friends kids and we all went out. Started with wine and steak from the Keg for dinner and then headed out to a concert at the University. Unfortunately when i showed up with my camera they had to call the tour manager out because it was "semi-pro", when I told them I just use it to take pictures of my kids, they still didn't let me bring it in. Another funny thing was you could really tell we were at a university. They played in a "gym" and there were lots of young people there ( I was feeling kind of old). And it was loud. Especially the Constantines. My ears were ringing, my pants were dancing (even though my legs weren't moving) after the first couple of songs. The Constantines did improve after the first couple of songs. But oh.. the Weakerthans, the reason I was there.

This band is amazing. The lyrics they write are so Canadian Pennies for the GST, provide such great imagery And they bite their mitts off to show me transfers, deposit change and make me want to sing along all the time I hate Winnipeg. Funny love songs You may role your eyes at this, but I'm so glad you exist. Such great music. I can sing along to most of the songs. And play air drums to them too, peel the corner gaurd, dance down the sheet to the tune of hurry, hurry hard Some songs are slow, some songs are fast. It was a great concert. Made me come home and download more of their songs. It also took me back to some of the great memories I had from cruise. Although there were many more people there then we out on the deck of a boat.

If you haven't heard of them I highly recommend them.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Flames Go

One of the things I love about my city is how people get so excited about things that happen here. I've written before about Stampede and how everyone puts on their cowboy hats and plaid outfits for a week. Now the Calgary Flames are in the playoffs and the same excitement sweeps over the city. People are putting flags on their cars. Everyone is wearing their jersey's on game day. The "sea of red" in the dome. It's so fun. I hope they go a long way in these playoffs becuase I love this excitement.

So if there are some nights I don't post you may know what I'm doing.

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Funny Drive

Yesterday as I was driving to work I was behind a car with a bunch of bumper stickers. One was for a website "" and there was another that said "Having trouble with your marriage" and then a website below it. I was thinking if I had a pen I would cross out the website and put... "Having trouble with your Marriage.... Well don't Complain to me".

So funny

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eat off the Floor

My best friend is a neat freak. She has two things on her counters and her house is a mess. I on the other hand am clean, but not over the top. Do I leave dirty dishes in the sink some nights? Yes. Do I forget to wash my bathrooms some weeks? Yes Do I only wash my sheets once a month? Yes. I vacuum/sweep every other day (although I do have two cats and a dog) I was the floors generally every week (although maybe less in the winter). So a couple of weeks ago when I was watching my best friends son he didn't want to eat the ice cream sandwich I had dropped on the floor, so I gave it to Lucas. Then I dropped the second one on the floor and he was still hestitant to eat it (as it had germs), but he did. So I'm wondering where the "world" stands on this. So tell me, do you or your kids eat stuff off your floor?


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monthly Newsletter- Month Forty Four

Dear Lucas,

This weekend you turned forty four months old. Things are really good with all of us. You are a good listener and well behaved. You have become easier to reason with. We are able to explain things to you and and you understand a lot better. In turn you are rewarded with fun stuff, whether it be sleeping mommy's bed or a new toy or playing outside. Daddy went away for a week this month and we had a great time together especially sleeping in bed together.

You continue to be great with your little brother. As Nathan grows older he is able to play with you more and so you are getting better at playing with him. You love to come up and listen to Nathan's books. Hugging and kissing Nathan before bed. Although you still yell at him if he is doing something you don't like. Although I think that is kind of a poor reflection on my parenting skills. I don't yell a lot but when I do get upset I do yell. And I can see that now reflected in you and Nathan.

You are loving giving hugs and kisses . When anyone leaves you want to give them a hug and a kiss. Whether it's Grandma or Auntie Lexie or Shaun or Nathan, hugs and kisses are where it's at for you.

This month you also started back at Lesley's 3 days a week. The transistion has been pretty easy for you. You really enjoy your friends at Lesley's. And you enjoy the different things that Lesley does with you compared with me.
This is your bones shirt. Hands down your favorite shirt. You love that it glows in the dark. It is the shirt we have to take off you and wash right away so that you can put it back on in a couple of hours.

You are funny, you love music. If there is not music on the house, you'll ask for it. You love most all the music I play. Today in the car we were listening to the Barenaked Ladies song "Long While" and I was explaining what the song was about. At the end you said, "This is my favorite Barenaked Ladies song". It made me so happy. In so many ways you are like Darryl. You are reserved and observant like he is. But you love music like I do and I hope we always have that in common.

We have spent lots of time outside this month as well. At the beginning of the month there was still lots of snow but Daddy would go out with you and play on the tobagganing hill he made. Later this month the snow has all melted and we have the nice weather to enjoy. I much prefer the nice weather. You have been amaing with your bike this month. We bought you a big boy bike (with training wheels) at the end of last year and you have done such a great job with riding it. One weekend even biked all the way to the store! We did stop at lots of benchs and every park, but it was so fun. I love it when we are buddies.

You are willing to say sorry for anything but it's not always heartfelt. I'll correct you for something you've done wrong and the first thing out of your mouth is sorry. I do like that you apologize when you do something wrong, now we just have to get you to think a little more about why you are apologizing.

This month someone in the blogging community lost their child. I don't really know this women only some of the words she writes. But it leaves me in tears many nights when I'm feeding Nathan or snuggling with you in bed and sharing our favorite things. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose either of you. This woman and her husband wrote this beautiful remembrances of their daughter and talked about how lucky they were to have had her in their lives. I can't imagine going on if one of you were to pass away, nevertheless getting to the point of being grateful for your life. Instead I am trying to enjoy all of my moments with you, even the bad ones, because I'd rather have all the bad ones then none at all.

with all my love


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Dad Will Be So Proud

Today I made my famous sausage soup for dinner. It's always better with bread. I was at the Superstore and bought whole grain fresh bread and I ate three pieces of it.

Aren't you proud Dad =)

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of Nathan's newest tricks is sticking out his tongue. Although not sure if he has put the words together with the action but we are trying to teach him. Today in the car I was trying to get Nathan to stick his tongue out, but he wasn't putting it together. So Lucas starting sticking out his tongue at him and Nathan started to do it back. It was hilarious. I laughed and they did it more and I laughed more.

Life is good.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Weekend in Review

Having 3 days off with Darryl was great fun. Friday we woke up early and were at the zoo 10 minutes after it opened and gone 2 hours later. It a fun time and a beautiful day, but by 11:30 it was very busy. It was nice because it's usually just me and the boys, but Darryl got to enjoy it as well.

On Saturday we spent lots of time outside enjoying the nice warm weather and playing with Auntie Lexie.

Sunday was an Easter egg hunt and turkey dinner. For dessert we had a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to a baby who was amazed at people singing for him.

Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Capture: Week 7

This weeks theme was fun. We did have lots of fun this week with all the snow melting and not playing by Daddy's rules. Here are some highlights:

Elton John fun

Swimming fun

First birthday fun

Making funny faces at the camera fun.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


So yesterday when my baby turned one I was pretty emotional about it. We are not sure if we are having more kids or not, so this may be it. Plus the only person to call and wish Nathan a happy birthday was Oma. Then today I went to work and someone made me feel like crap. Basically I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Then I open Google reader and I see how many people have posted about a fellow blog friends who baby passed away last night. And everything seems so bad and so sad, but all my feeling sorry for myself pretty stupid. What a sad way to gain some perspective.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Twelve

Dear Nathan,

Happy Birthday Baby! Last night I was laying in bed remembering what I had been doing a year ago, which was being in labour. It's amazing how much a year can change things. It's been kind of an emotional day for me. I don't remember being this emtional on Lucas's first birthday, but maybe it's becuase I'm not sure if you are the last and this is the last first birthday we will celebrate as parents. Today we went for your yearly appoitment. Everything is looking good. You haven't gained alot of weight, but kind of evening out to average. We did groceries, like we do on every Tuesday and got you an Angel Food Cake for dessert. You loved it and we all sang you Happy Birthday. You looked at each one of us, myself, Lucas and Daddy in the eye with a big smile on your face. You knew something special was happening and you knew it was for you.

This month you have been working on lots of new skills. You can clap your hands and sign for milk (although usually any sort of drink will do). One of your favorite things to do is to practice going up and down the stairs. It means I spend a lot of time spotting you. But you are getting quite good at it.

One of the challenging aspects of your age is that you haven't started walking yet, but you so want to be outside. The ground is still snowy/wet, so it's been hard because we all want to be outside when it's warm, but I can only walk down low with you for so long.

You are also starting to get more vocal in your wants and needs. You'll point at something if you want it. If we go in a direction you have been pointing at your whole body shakes. you cry and fuss if we are doing something you don't want to. And if I've taken you away from something you are having fun with you arch your whole back to try and get me to put you down. Although you can say very little words you are communicating.

You are definitly an explorer. You know how to open cupboards (so we've had to move anything dangerous out of lower cupboards). You have played in Emma's water bowl and the toliet bowl, so we have to be diligent about putting toliet lids down and putting Emma's water up. I've started calling you trouble. Although maybe I should stop as I don't want it to be a self fufilling prophecy.

Well sweetheart it has been an amazing year with you. Alot of people have said "wow the year went by fast". And although it did I have trouble remembering what life was like without you. You have added so much joy to all of our lives.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Last week Darryl was gone to Ontario, it was a work and pleasure trip. Spent some time working and then spent the weekend with his friends and family. So I spent the week with the kids. When Darryl was planning the trip I was thinking it was too bad it wasn't a week I was still on maternity leave then I wouldn't have to worry about getting the kids to the day home in the morning. But as the week progressed I was grateful to have those 2 days of going to work. The saying you don't know what you've got until it's gone rang very true last week. One of the greatest things about Darryl is that he is around. He works regular hours, he does work some overtime but usually in the evenings once the boys have gone to bed. So he is there, consistently to help. I didn't realize how much I appreciate that until it's gone. The first day he was back I was out shopping and leaving Darryl with the kids. He is such a good dad.

One of the things when either Darryl or I go away there are a relaxation on the things the other one feels strongly about. When I went on the cruise last month Darryl and the kids watched TV during dinner. I don't allow this, even when Darryl was gone last week I had conversation with the 3 year old and turned the TV off. So in return, last week when Darryl was gone Lucas slept in bed with me. Darryl doesn't allow anyone sleeping in the bed with us, but I kind of like it. I think it's good to have a special thing to make it fun when there is one parent missing.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, April 03, 2009

You Capture: Week 6

Here is my pictures for this weeks challenge. The theme this week was a challenge for me, as we spent most of the week tobbaganning in our backyeard I did go searching for some signs of spring. There were a few, although you'll see the snow in most of them.)

A tulip coming up

In a few months I'll have to take another picture of this flower, rather then just the flower label. =)

Had fun experimenting with the macro lens for these pictures as well. This picture gives me hope. Even though it is suppose to snow tomorrow, there are buds on the tree.

Till Tomorrow


Funny Tidbits from the Week

Darryl is away this week and so single motherhood has left me little time to blog. But the kids are watching Calliou and I wanted to document a couple of things.

We got Lucas some water squirters to play with in the tub. I would draw on the walls with the tub crayons and he would hit the bullseyes. For some reason he thought I was saying Bull Signs. So he asked me why there weren't any bull's in the signs. So now in the bathroom are circles with pictures of bulls in the them (although I'm no artist so they look more like insects).

Yesterday Lucas felt sick after lunch and fell asleep on the couch. 3 hours later he woke feeling great. So with all that sleep he was up at 10pm when Mom and Dad left. So I asked if he'd like to come and say goodbye. He looked outside and says " Mom I can't sleep becuase it's too foggy".

Such a funny kid.

Blogging will be more frequent next week, when I exlaim my love for my partner in crime, who I miss dearly.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Marriage Advice

At the wedding we went to this week we tried to find something meaningful to put in the card. We looked back at our marriage (of 8 years) and tired to come up with what makes our marriage work. We both have our roles that make the marriage work and the house tick. We both know that I can get mad and irrational about stuff and sometimes rather then talking it out I just need a night to sleep on it. So don't go to bed mad, is not good advice from us. I really like the idea that you always put the other person first, but I don't really do this. I try to and I often think of it. But sometimes, I am selfish.

What we gave as advice was to not keep score. I really try not to do this. I try not to do this in most aspects of life. As long as I don't feel taken advantage of, I don't mind doing extras for people. But I try to do things because I know it will make Darryl happy, not because he had done something for me.

What about you? What is your marriage advice?