Thursday, January 19, 2006

100 Years- Five for Fighting

Party Party! Well it's been a very social couple of days. It's been great to have so many adults to talk to. And Lucas is entralled with watching other children. So it has been a fun couple of days. Although now that I've tried to put Lucas down for his nap it seems it may have been over stimulating. (He's crying, it's amazing how a minute and 43 seconds can feel like 10).

Lucas did have a great two hour nap this morning and was very refreshed when he awoke. It was great to see Mamie again and her little daughter is so cute. It's amazing to see someone pregnant. Not that long ago that was me. This is a picture of me as pregnant as Mamie is. We were hiking in Italy at the time. =)

So Darryl and I had a long conversation yesterday about our "5 year Plan". It's interesting becuase 5 years ago, I had many changes I wanted. New job, children, house etc. This time I want life to stay pretty much the same. Maybe another one or two children, but the house is great, my job is great. There's not much I want to change. I don't really plan on taking any "major" trips while the kids are little. Just chillin'

Till Tommorrow


Darryl said...

Just ran across this in my lunchtime R&D (Web Surfing).

Parenting Hacks
* Parent Hacks is...
...everything they left out of the instruction manual. oh yeah. there is no instruction manual.

Just thought I'd post this publicly as I'm sure there are others out there that may find it interesting. :)

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog! I've read every single day since you started up in December and I look forward to each new posting.

Even though we're thousands of kilometres apart, it makes it feel like I'm not missing a minute of my new nephew Lucas's life.

Thank you so much!