Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Got My TIght Pants On: Birthday Weekend

Last weekend the whole famdamily packed up and went to Panorama for my Dad's birthday.  There are a couple of things my dad really loves, family, skiing and vacations so it was a great way to celebrate. Mom got a huge condo where we all fit in (although just barely) - and it even had a pool table.  Which the boys all loved. 
 Lucas quickly becoming a pool shark!  Which is in contrast to the real shark in the room.  For Dad's birthday he got a cover for his ski helmet that is a shark.  That also matches his Christmas present from last year with his shark neck protector. 

There were many ski runs at Panorama and many pool games and many dinners and many dips in the hot springs.  Many kids singing the Will Ferrell/Jimmy Fallon tight pants song.  Changing the words to tight boots and bright pants and poop pants (as you know how things with boys go....)

 The boys played and played and played with eachother.  We often discuss how well we all get along and the boys really love playing.

The best part in with all the laughs and the good times, was seeing my Dad and my Mom so happy.  So very happy.  Standing with my Dad at the top of Panorama looking out in the sunshine all those happy endorphins was a moment to always remember.  Watching him teach my son how to ski, seeing how happy he was that we were all getting better.   And snow shoeing with my mom and seeing a beautiful sundog in the sky.  Seeing rainbows all around as the beautiful snowflakes flew through the sky.  It was such a wonderful weekend to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014!

Well as I said yesterday I like to make new years resolutions.  I like to take stock of where I am in life and look at what I can do better.  I think life is always about growing and improving and I think the new year is a good time to review that. 

Last year I had set three resoultions, which I think is a good number.  The first one I rocked!  Read 15 books in total this year and have new books already ready for this year.  I also rediscovered the love the the library again, which has been a good and frugal thing.   As for traveling to 5 new places, I also completed this one.  We went to San Diego, coast of California and Disneyland (unexpectedly), Prince George, Sandpoint (as well as the road to Sandpoint from Kelowna), and Millet Alberta.   Lastly I was going to work on appreciating what I have and not worrying about what I don't have.  I also think I got better at that as well.  I'm sure some of it is circumstance, but hopefully my heart has moved to a better place too. 

This year I have been thinking a lot of my resolutions because I don't have any that really stick out in my mind as measurable things to do over the year, but I think I will still list a few and take stock next year of how I did. 

1. Personally and creatively I would like to take more pictures with my big camera.  I need to get it back out of the cupboard and take it with me more.  I need to capture more moments with my two growing boys.  It was one thing I realized making the video last month was that my favourite pictures are with the big camera and I don't use it often enough. 

2. The other part of that is blogging those big pictures more.  My blogging has certainly decreased  over the last couple of years as the boys are not changing as much and our routine is pretty set, but maybe I need to try to blog once a week rather then once a month.  I know many people don't read this space anymore, but I love this space.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a nostalgic person, so a blog is a perfect place for me to reminisce. 

3. Spend less money on clothes and more money on vacations.   This year we already have quite a few vacations planned so I'm excited to make memories on those vacations.  Clothes I need to do more shopping in my closet.  A week or so ago my mom and sister invited me out shopping and I declined.  I was kind of feeling sorry for myself so I went on pinterest to browse and found outfits that I liked.  I then went shopping in my own closet!  Such a good idea.  I have more then enough clothes in there and sometimes it's just needing some new ideas and it feels like I have new clothes. 

4. Health-wise, things have gone pretty well for 2013.  I took up running and golfing.  I eat breakfast consistently and can control my snacking. But one thing I would like to do more is a good rule that Michelle has for her kids and I want to implement with myself and my kids is a healthy snack first.  So I can have the chips or the chocolate, but eat an orange or yougourt or healthy snack first.   

5. Run a 10K race.  I did 8K this year and that was a really good experience, so this year I would like to run a 10K.  I would also like to do a sprint triathlon again, but with Lucas.  If he is ready this year then I think it would be a fun thing to do together. 

6. Parenting, I'd like to have more patience with my children.  Especially with Lucas.  He is a different person then I am and I find it challenging to deal with.  Not that I don't have challenges with Nathan too, but I would like to try and have more patience with both of them.

What about you guys, any resolutions for 2014?

Till later this week....