Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leadership club

Lucas came home the other day with a letter from the principal, congratulating Lucas and his parents that Lucas was selected for Leadership Club.   There are 1 or 2 students chosen from each class by their teachers.  The criteria is: a student who takes initiative, is a natural leader, creative and artistic, make announcements, has a fair to above average reading level and a student who wants to makes a difference. 

Lucas was very proud of himself, and Darryl and I were so proud of him.  I remember nights sitting in his room after he had been upset or crying.  Or days when he was having anxiety attacks at school.  We taught him many breathing technques and questioned taking him to a counsellor to see if they could help him work through it.  Thinking and wondering if we were doing the right thing for him.  I could have so quickly made the decision to change him back to english school to make it all better for him.  That's a hard thing about parenting is you as the parent make these decisions for your kids, thinking and hoping it's the right one.  And sometimes it's really hard for the kid and you know it's you who is inflicting this pain on them.  But you stick with it because you think it is the right decision.  Lucas has been really good with school for quite some time now, but I never knew how choosing french immersion and the challenges he had in grade one would effect him in the long term.  Would he always suffer from anxiety? All those times I've taken him on adventures and they have made him nervous would he never want to go on adventures as he grew up?  What kind of effect did the decisions I made for him effect him in the long run?

But seeing that letter in his backpack, made me feel better.  He's a quiet kid, but starting to show leadership qualities.  He is starting to participate more and tell his own stories.  Those hard times have made him stronger, not weaker.   We are doing okay at guiding his path. 

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Under where??

A funny story from this summer I thought I should document so it's in this space forever. 

The last week of the summer we hang out and get ready for school.  We have also had Lucas's friend Elliot over so they can get in some serious playtime before school starts again and they only see each other on the weekends.  That week I need to do a big grocery shop so that we have everything for lunches as we have long since ran out of that stuff.  So I took all three boys to the store, which wasn't bad till the last part when I had to make them walk because of all the groceries I was buying.  So they are hanging of the cart, doing crazy things and generally being 5 and 8 year old boys, who are driving their mom crazy. 

So we get to the till and I try to make a race of getting the stuff on the converyor belt so that we can get the heck out of there.  At one point Lucas grabbed a bag of apples that must have been upside down and apples went EVERYWHERE!  In the surrounding ailes and under other peoples carts.  The lovely 50ish year old lady behind us is trying to help the giggling boys running around trying to gather the apples.  She says "there's one under there"  and point under a display.  "Under where?" I say.  Which makes the boys laugh so hard.  Nathan is doubled over he's laughing so hard.  The lady asks what is so funny.  I say " I said the words under where, which if you are a 8 year old boy you think is hilarious.  She smiled and said, " of course.  It's been a while since I've been around 8 year old boys".

Hope that's a smile for today.


Monday, September 16, 2013

September... always starts with a bang. Oh and chapter 18 of the Emma story

As usual September starts with a bang.  I think part of it is that summer is so relaxed and then in one day lunches and waking up early and going to school and making dinners and swimming lessons and karate and OSCE and working and traffic.  Makes for a busy two weeks.  Then we start to get into the groove again and we treasure the weekends and we drink more tea and we read more and we get back into the routine.  I love the summer and not having a routine, but I'm okay to get back into it too. 

First both boys have started in the same school now.  Nathan is still half days but it's nice that Lucas is there to help him with some parts.  Lucas is really liking his teacher, but they made 5 split class of grades 3/4.  He was disappointed his best friend Henry wasn't in his class, but that quickly turned around when he saw he had another friend in the class.  So things have been smooth sailing for him ever since. 

Nathan on the other hand is still adjusting.... it's all been quite new for him.  He goes to the neighboors house now and not Lesley and kindergarten is something new for him too.  He seems to be enjoying each aspect, just not changing between the different parts.  Slowly though he is making friends and feeling more comfortable with it.  But there are still tears.  I was talking to Alexis about it the other day and while the tears break my heart and when he whispers in my ear "i don't want to go, I just want to stay with you", I'm still trying to appreciate the stage that he wants to be with me and that I am his favorite person to be with.  I'm sure as he continues to get more use to it, the tears will be replaced with excitiment. 

Lastly Emma.... she does continue to do well and is glad to be back to hanging out with Auntie Karen again.  Emma thrives on routine, so she is very happy it's September.  Although one night the first week of school Darryl and I sleeping and are awoken by a horrendous smell.  And a smell has to be bad to wake you out of a slumber.   Darryl then realizes that he left Emma outside when we went to bed and let her out to pee.  Of course Emma has been sprayed by a skunk.  Darryl in his sleepy stupor lets her in the house and makes her sleep on her bed at the front door.  But the smell is just atrocious!  Neither of us can sleep it is so bad.  So I go on facebook and message Lori and as it is 4am here, not sure if she'll be up or be in the midst of getting out the door we also google what to do.  Luckily the answer was there and we took her to the garage with peroxide, baking soda and soap to make a paste to scrub her down.  Once she was scrubed and the dog bed was thrown out the smell aired out fairly quickly and we were able to fall back asleep.  Of course now Emma has a new name "black dog with brown ear", as the peroxide bleached  some of her hair and now she is a dog of many colors. 

Till Next time


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Summertime 2013

Even though my job is really crazy sometimes and often keeps me thinking and working at times when I should not be, it has some great perks.  And one of those is the vacation time.  Which means I have the majority of the summer off to hang out with my boys.  I love the days of summer, staying up and sleeping in.  Not having a plan or structure.  And while I'm happy to have structure for 10 months of the year, I do love having the two months of very little structure.

This summer has been filled with many of the same things other summers are filled with:

Stampede parade and Stampede Parties,

Kelowna both with Darryl and Auntie Karen

and then again with our best friends,

And Lucas's birthday celebration

And gardening

And Calgary Folk Fest to see Alabama Shakes.

We also found some new traditions like Okotoks Dawgs baseball games and family baseball games

And road trips by the Coulee Dam and to Sand Point 

 And going to the fun restaurants and eating poutine.

All in all it was a lovely, relaxing summer.