Friday, March 31, 2006

Farmers Market

Somedays I wonder if I could afford it would I stay home...... This week has been excellent and if all weeks could be like this it would be so good. To all my work friends reading this don't worry I am coming back, but I'm glad it will be just part time. I will have the best of both worlds.

Today we headed up to the Calgary Farmers Market. It is much nicer the I expected it to be. They had some great food and I walked out with alot of .....pies. I also got some food for Lucas and some fresher produce. The baby food that they have there is so good. I enjoy it myself. Dad and I also had hotdogs for luch from the "chien chaud". Mine had bruschetta, tomatos basil and asiago cheese. It was quite good. I also got these little cookies from the baby food place that are deliciuos. Lucas only ate part of his so I enjoyed the rest.

After sleeping the night through Lucas quite enjoyed his bath. By the end of it I was soaking. He was loving the splashs. Afterwards I wrap him up like my little burrito although all of the hooded twoels we have are more so for little babies, now that he's growing up we may need to use regular towels. =)

Linda, thanks for all the nice comments. I feel much more confident now as a mother then I did in the beginning. I guess it just takes a little getting use to. It will be great to see you and you will be so amazed at Lucas. Plus I'm glad your enjoying the blog. It means alot to me that you and Lori can stay updated. But I think it also means alot to Darryl that his family is staying up to date.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pinch Me- Barenaked Ladies

Well today has been a great day. The wesather outside is beautiful and my child is happy. What more could a person ask for. Today Tammy, the boys, the dogs and I went to the offleash to run around and then out for a picnic at a park here is McKenzie Towne. It was great to take advantage of the fresh air and the nice weather.

Yesterday Darryl called in the afternoon and was invited to a hockey game last night. Which meant the Lucas duties were all mine. It's amazing how the hour of help Darryl gives me everyday makes such a difference becuae I felt poopedwithout him. Not that it is that bad, but just I need to think ahead alot more. How am I going to make dinner, when should I get the bottle ready. Calgary won the hockey game so that is good.

Lucas is still loving the standing. I put him up against our green couch and he is quite happy to stand there for a while. I also bought this leap frog standing activity centre, which he also loves. He is also ba ba baing alot but still no ma ma ma.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Favorite Websites

Well on Wednesdays' I don't have much to report. Although Lucas was belly laughing at Darryl yesterday when Darryl would imitate him. So since I don't have too much more to say I thought I'd list some new websites I've been frequenting.

This woman writes my favorite blog. Last week she posted a audio clip of her duaghter mispronouncing the word lotion. It's sounds like shoshun. I laughed over and over again at that clip. She is a really great writer, so if you enjoy blogs you'll probably enjoy this one.


This is another blog site that offers a daily money tip. The have had lots of interesting stuff. Today is about American taxes but often they have home improvements etc. If you like to read about money this is a good site for you.


So Darryl ordered tech TV last week when he was home with Lucas (I guess Regis and Kelly was probably driving him crazy) Although I'm not a big fan of the station I do enjoy the show " Call For Help". I got this new and cool website from them. Warning: this website often aimed about real computer people, but there are some other lists. For example the best bealtes song, or the best movies of all time. You can go on this website and vote for your favs.

Here are some of my other favorties that I have posted on the blog before.

Where I go for almost all of my baby information.
A great website that suggests music similar to music you like.
Play the "hollywood" stock market for free!
Let's you know what happened this day in history.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proud Mary CCR

Well our little man is growing up. I always knew he was but there have been some big "events" lately that confirm this truth.

First off on the weekend we lowered Lucas's matteress. I'm sure anyday I will walk in there and he will be sitting in bed. Although he hasn't yet I thought it best to lower it before he could test the waters. Now he is sleeping on the floor (or atleast close to it) But he has a much better view of the animals when he wakes up and he quite enjoys that. You can see in this picture he looks huge, but also that he loves to stand up against the furniture. He can't quite pull himself up onto it yet, but soon....

Then today I bought him his "big" car seat. We will be installing it in the CRV shortly...... He will have this car seat till he's 40 pounds. Wowers. That car seat will see many spills and many toys. Hopefully many trips to Kelowna and maybe another child. With all this in mind I did buy the safest (and therefore expensive) one. I did lots of research and got lots of opionions as I am an information junkie. It is the Britax roundabout. They are the same manufacturs that make the seats for BMW's.

I also had to buy the next shoe size today. I put them on him and thought, you will learn to walk in these shoes. We bought them with Auntie Lexie in mind. They have horses on them. Here's a picture.

I also did some reading today (although not on purpose both things just kind of fell onto my lap) that make me a little stressed as a parent. The first is a link between children who never crawl and learning disabilities. Some research says that children who never crawl have trouble with dyslexia and hand eye co-ordination. So today I have really been encouraging him to crawl. I do think it's helping, he seems to be more use to getting up on his hands and knees. Although not moving his hands forward yet. I can just imagine people now saying you're rushing him. It's hard though cause as a parent you want to give your children all the benefits in life.

I also read another article today about how boys have become disadvantaged in many learning enviroments. More girls are attending university, more boys are diagnosed with learning disablities. Honestly all this research has me a little...... stressed and Lucas is only 7 months. Oh well I guess I will just continue to take everyday as it comes and try not to worry about these crazy things already. Just keep doing what I am to try to give him the best start in life.

Today has been great. Took Emma to the offleash, Luke took a good nap this morning, slept through the night last night. I have been trying to feed him different solids, but I'm not sure how well he is taking to the formed food rather then mushy. Yesterday I tried kiwi and bananas and today I tried strawberries. He gagged on all of them but my guess is it the texture and consistency rather then the taste.

Here is a profile shot of the little man. This is the happy look he has on his face everytime we walk upstairs and Emma is standing at the top looking at us panting. He is smiling at her smiling at us. Although it's not really smiling I bet that's what he thinks she doing, becuase he just loves it and rewards her with a smile.

Just below is a picture from yesterday. Isn't that Leila beautiful! Yesterday when they were both sitting on my lap, they both wanted each others soothers. Lucas was grabbing at Leila's shirt and then Leila saw Lucas' and she wanted it. It was adorable, although I have no idea how people with twins manage.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh glorious wine..

Well no post yesterday and a late one today, sorry loyal blog readers. I'll try to get Lucas down for his afternoon nap tommorrow so I can get a consistent blog out. Also no new pictures. What have I been up to you ask? Nothing really....... running the roads as Dad would say.

Saturday night we had some great steak and wine. That is one thing I love about wine is how it complements food. I don't regularily drink wine by itself, because I like it best with food. The flavors mixing together in your mouth. It delicious. For people who don't drink wine, I could also relate it to milk and freshly baked cookies. The milk compliments the sweetness of the cookie, kind of the same thing with wine. Here is a picture of my wine from that night and you can see the baby wipes and shoes in behind. This is what my life has become, wine and baby wipes. Although I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We are defintly on a good spell with Lucas. He has been just excellent, not too much crying, going down to sleep well. Staying up with minimal fussing when we need him too. It has been great. I am amazed at how much he has grown. Here is a picture from the beginning and it's amazing, now looking back, how difficult I found that time. To Kristine, Mo/Allison (who will one day have kids) and anyone else who reads this blog who will one day have children. I'm not saying this to scare you but I found it really difficult. There are great things about it, but it's just such a big unknown and sometimes it's hard to have the energy and the time to make it a known. I guess to Kristine, good luck, and in the hard times remember the first 6 weeks will be over soon. Then your blob will smile at you.....

Today we went to the zoo with Safana and Leila. It was great fun, I'm not sure how much Leila and Lucas notice the animal, but it is always fun for Safana and I too see (although Safana quite enjoyed the gardens as well). The kids were really well behaved, like I said a good spell with Lucas.

Dad has started up his own blog as well, mostly about the experience with his pituitary tumor. You can read about it here.

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shopping- Barenaked Ladies

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I ended up having lunch with Auntie Karen and dinner with mom and dad, with no time in between for blogging. It was great fun though.

Lunch with Auntie Karen was great. We went to the Lazy Loaf and it was so delicious. They have freshly made sandwichs with whatever you'd like on them. I had Montreal Smoked meat with butter. It was great. Lucas was also quite good there. I'm learning better how to travel with him. It's becoming more of a challenge now becuase I need to bring real food with me, breastmilk is just not enough anymore. It's amazing how breast feeding is so convient, but you don't really realize till you stop doing it. Auntie Karen looks great and she is great with Lucas! Sometimes I'm surprised that she never became a mother since she is so good with kids. Sorry that this is not the greatest pic, I should have taken more.

After lunch with Karen we went to IKEA which is always fun. I'm trying hard to get the computer room all organized so that I can bring my craft stuff in here and have the other "den" become more of a playroom. Lucas continues to acquire more toys (my fault I know) and the living room is getting too crowded. Anyhoo, at IKEA I just got some organizational stuff. But the computer room is starting to feel better.

Sleeping has been going well. He has gone down very easy for both naps today and is still fussing in the evening, but knows how to put himself back to sleep. Yeah! I love it when sleeping is going well. Lucas has also started to eat formed food. It is these "snacks" called mum-mums. I break them into tiny pieces and they kind of melt in his mouth. Sometimes he'll chomp them with his teeth and he hasn't quite mastered putting them in his mouth yet.

Went shopping this morning with Tammy. She is such a great person to shop with. She got some amazing deals (bras for 2 dollars). I had to get some birthday presents. One birthday is for a little girl who is turning three and they have the cutest clothes for girls! In some ways I really want a girl next in other ways I think my poor wallet and poor girl cause I would want her in cute dresses even in the middle of winter!

Well this is getting to be a long blog and I should be off to tidy the house. . The cats had bad aim the other day when going pee and some got on the floor. It stinks! Tammy introduced me to the new "swiffer wets". (although frugal me bought the no name kind=)

Till Tommorrow


Friday, March 24, 2006

Some Pics From This Morning

Here are some cute pictures from this morning. I'm not sure who will be smiling bigger Tammy or Darryl. I love how in the one picture you can tell Matt is still looking at the TV. =)

More Later


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beautiful Day-U2

The weather is so nice here today it has been a pleasure. I took the dogs to the offleash (Emma and Tails) and boy did they get muddy. The only down fall to the weather is that as the snow melts it creates lots of mud. Also there was a dead duck lying in the middle of the pathway so all the dogs were crazy about that. But the walk was great for all of us to get some fresh air. It's amazing how the sunshine improves my (and most peoples) mood.

Yesterday after writing the blog I had a great time with Lucas. He is
saying ba ba ba ba lots. He had defintly mastered dadadadada. So now it's a new sylable. So we are singing ba ba black sheeping lots. Also we were playing this game after dinner where I would throw a wet washcloth on his face and he would gasp and pull it off in a fit of giggles. We must of played it for a good 15 minutes. He loved it.

After that I took him upstairs for his massage. Sometimes I'm not sure what to do about the massage. Maybe I should start bedtime a little later becuase during the massage he just wants to play. Rolls over, eats his shoe etc. He doesn't seem to be as into it as he was when he was younger. I still think it's good for him, plus he does love to be naked. =). The other thing I noted about the massage is how he's helping to get dressed and undressed. He'll pull/push his arms in the proper direction. And he will switch hands with his toy when you're done with one arm.

Sorry about the picture in the sideways direction.......

Had Timmy's for lunch today with my dad, who continues to get better. He is crazy about his grandson, who makes him laugh lots.

Should go clean those dogs.

Till Tommorrow



Well I don't have too much to update on Lucas as we have not spent that much time together in the last 24 hours. Yesterday I was happy to bring my dad home from the hospital. It's nice to have him closer. Plus I 'm sure he enjoys sleeping in his own bed. I also think Mom will be better to sleep with Dad close by rather then driving to the Foothills everyday.

OK I'm pathetic. I have two half drank coke sitting on my desk, I'm sure which one is today. I think I just had a sip of yesterdays, but can't say for sure. =)

Lucas did sleep through the night again. Woke up a little but was able to put himself back to sleep. Yeah I love progress. We were outside for a while today as the temperature is going upto 6 degrees and it's so sunny. Good Ole Calgary!. Lucas loves to feel the grass. It's all dead out there, but he loves to run his fingers through it. It's one of those cliches, but kids do teach you to appricate the little things. As I run my fingers through the dead grass curious about what the big deal is, I realize it does feel all funny between your fingers.

I've got a new favorite song. Where does the good go by Tegan and Sara. I'm crazy about it. I currently have it on repeat and have heard it 5 times. I highly recommend it.

To any of my Rockyview Friends who are reading today: Holla! I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures. Feel free to post comments. I love the interaction.

To Lori, it means alot when you post at how much you enjoy the blog. Thanks for that! I love it when people put comments.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Laughing and Crying

Laughing and crying are so close to each other in emtions. Sometimes I'm not sure if Lucas is laughing or crying. Sometimes he starts off laughing and that turns to crying or vice versa. Today he was crying in his crib when he went down for his afternoon nap I picked him up to soothe him and he starts laughing. Or a couple nights ago at dinner I was shaking his hand to make him laugh and one time when I did it he just started to cry. Amazing how close those emtions are!

Today we had a bunch of moms over for un Usborne Book party. It's so cute to see a bunch of little bodies all playing together. They don't really "play" more so look at books beside each other and chew on the same toys. But it is still very cute. Plus I think everyone got some great books.

Dad comes home from the hospital today. Yipee!! It will be nice to not have to drive up to the Foothills to see him. Mom will be happy to. It will be way less driving. Now she can take care of her husband in her own house.

Oh also Lucas was crying and put himself back to sleep last night. Yeah! It's nice to feel as though we are making progress. Even if it's two steps forward and one step back.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, March 20, 2006

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Well life is starting to feel a little more normal. I don't think we'll be going to the hospital today and Lucas will be having both is naps in his bed today, so hopefully he can get some good rest. He still has that diaper rash so once he wakes up we will be having some serious naked bum time. Hopefully some fresh air will do it good.

I'm so happy that Lucas has started to hold two things in two hands and bash them together. I'm sure in a week it will annoy me, but for the moment I'm happy happy! It's one of those skills that if you weren't watching for you would never notice, but me being the information junkie I am, knew that he was a little behind in developing that skill, so after hanging out with his dad all day he can now bang two objects together. What a good teacher Darryl is!

He has also moved up to lots of his 12 monthish clothes. If it's 6-9 months he's still okay but not if it's just 6 months. The problem is the 12 month clothes look like he's swimming in them, so we are kind of in a transition. You can see in this picture it looks like the jeans ate his feet!

A couple of new great discoveries I wanted to share.

First off is this new drink. You can buy it at most grocery stores and it's by Bolthouse Farms. I started with the Berry Boost when I was pregnant. It's so healthy and so delicious. This week I tried the Vanilla Chai and it is also great. I like it warm better then cold.

The second thing is
It's on the history channel website and it tells you what significant happened on this day in history. It's very cool and informative.

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Sigh of Relief

Well no post yesterday as we were hanging out at the hospital for most of the afternoon and evening. The good news is that Dad's surgery was yesterday and it went well. We were able to see him at about 5pm yesterday and stayed till 8ish. His nose is looking very swollen and he was still bleeding from it. We did not get a chance to talk directly to the surgeon but heard that the surgery went well and they got all of the tumor. It was great that we were all there for him. Mom could rub his feet, Lexie could hold his hand and I kept dabbing his mouth with water. It's funny how when you haven't had anything by mouth how water just tastes so good.

It was good to be with them all again. I have a great family with a wicked sense of humor. At one point Lexie made Dad laugh and blood came projetiling out of his nose. It was gross but only made us laugh more. I think we were also feeling quite giddy becuase of the lack of food.

After the hospital we headed to Auntie Karen's for a great meal. I was so hungry that I ate like a pig. But it was good and she had wine and fresh bread. Ummmmmm.....

My great husband took care of Luke all day. It so good that I can depend on Darryl. Not all husbands would step up the way Darryl does. Yeah Darryl!!

Lucas did sleep through the night on Friday, but not last night. I hadn't seen him all day so I was very full and uncomfortable so I was happy to feed him. I think he may be a little under the weather today. Pooping lots so he has a diaper rash. But he's napping now so hopefully that will help.

Till Tommorrow


Friday, March 17, 2006

Monthly Newsletter- Month Seven

Dear Lucas,

I've started reading another blog found at This mother writes a letter to her child every month and I thought it would a great thing to do. I hope that one day you will enjoy reading these letters. I will save them all.

So here you are month seven. I find myself falling in love with you more and more each day. I'm sure it will continue as you continue to do more new things. One of the reasons I've been crazy about you lately is your laughing. It took so long to get you to laugh and even in the first couple of months it took alot of work to get laughs out of you. Lately it has become easier and easier. All I need to do is nuzzle your neck or ohh and ahh and you will break out in a fit of giggles. You laugh is really the best sound in the whole world. You love to laugh at me tickling your feet or laughing just when I laugh.

You have also become more and more intrigued with the animals. You will laugh at Emma when she gets excited and you love to sit in your high chair and watch them play. You also give Emma big smiles as we walk up the stairs and she is waiting for us at the top. Emma has started kissing you more, but that's about it. She still won't let you grab her. Although Torin will. The other day you had him with both hands and he wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't get away, but he couldn't really turn his head to bite you.

When you are good you are so good. But when it comes to sleep things have not been going as smoothly as I would like. I'm not sure if it's a new aversion to your crib or what, but you cry everytime it's time to go down for a nap.

Physcially you are moving around more. It's amazing how you and probably most children gravitate towards the things they can't have. Or atleast things that are not toys. You're not crawling yet but moving around on your tummy and rolling to get to something if you need it. Your eating is also going well, you are eating more and more. Most times now I have to go back for seconds becuase I didn't put enough in your bowl the first time. You love most fruits but especially pears and peaches. The other day I have Wendy's and I was giving you the straw to chew on. Low and behold a few moments later there you were sucking coke up the straw. You had a funny look on your face, like"Oh man that was so sweet, but so good". It amazing how fast you are learning. Currently in the morning I put you in your bassinett while I take a shower. But I'm sure that will be short lived. You are starting to grab onto things (and put them in your mouth) but also use your legs to try and stand up. Once you can figure out how to sit up from a lying position I'm sure that the bassinett will be in the basement.

I am so proud to be you mom. I love you my pumpkin bumpkin.

Love Mommy

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A short update.

Well today there was some crying before going down as well. I still haven't figured out the problem. Anyway I guess I'll keep going with the flow and hope something works. I do look forward to when he can tell me what's wrong, rather then just crying about it. Hopefully he will sleep for a good hour and a half. I think I'll go upstairs and nap as well.

For those of you who are wondering, my dad is doing well. Lucas and I went and spent the morning with him. It's weird becuase he doesn't seem really sick, but here we are visiting him in the hospital. Hopefully they will do surgery tommorrow and we'll be able to find out the next steps. I'm keeping positive about it and think he is do, but it is a game of wait and see.

Anyhoo, headed off for some relaxing.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Somedays you just want to give up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I hope I figure it out soon. The crying just becomes too much to handle. I don't know what I did to damage his sleep associations so much, but somedays you just want to give up.

Till Tommorrow (and I'm sure a better day)


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby- Allison Krause

Ahhhh, my floors are clean again. Darryl had just moped them last week, but with the dogs running in an out they got dirty fast, but ahhhh they are clean again. Someday when we get hard wood we are getting a darker color. (for anyone who has not seen our lino it's white)

Well Matt and Shaun are back home and their adventure is over. I think they enjoyed themselves and it was good for Darryl and I to see how well we worked together. Plus it reinfores what a good dad Darryl is and will continue to be once Lucas gets older. Darryl is a great teacher and will enjoy sharing his knowledge with his children.

Well Luke was up once in the night last night. But I'm not going to fret about it. I'm sure there will come a point when he sleeps through. Today he was lying on the floor on his tummy and kept pushing himself backwards. So he is starting to get a little more mobile. Nothing that I am panicked about yet. Also when after I had fed him lunch I started ohhh and ahhing at him, he was laughing and laughing. It was the best!

Anyway I"m headed off for some tea and relaxation.

Till Tommorroww


Monday, March 13, 2006

Let It Rain- Amanda

When it rains it pours...... last week I was just saying to Darryl that things were going so smoothly. Lucas was becoming easier to look after and that life was on the straight and narrow. Well things continue to escalate now.

Don't get me wrong, the boys and the dog have been great. Lucas also continues to be good. Although he hasn't slept through the night in a couple of nights. Last night we also had a case of Shaun waking up crying in the middle of the night. It was crazy becuasae it woke me out of a sleep, but when I went in to give him a hug, Matthew (who is beside him) is sound asleep. I picked up him and brought him into our bed for 10 minutes till he was feeling better.

The dog is also getting calmer, either that or more exhausted playing with Emma.

Why things are getting worse is my Dad. Although maybe it's for the better. Yesterday he went to ER at the Rockyview becuase his vision is getting worse. After many hours and tests they figured out he has a pituitary adenoma (or in layman's terrms a tumor on his pituitary gland). Which is a freaky thing to hear, but it actually is an okay diagnosis. It is one of the most common types of brain tumors, although Dad's is quite large. 1 in 10000 people get pituitary adenomas. They are going to do surgery to remove it probably next week. He'll be in the hospital till then, which kind of concerns me that they want to keep that close of eye on him, but lets all keep our fingers crossed that everything will be a-okay.

Anyway so that continues with my craziness for today, plus I didn't feel 100%, but anyway...... Tommorrow we pick up Pat from the airport and then we'll go see Dad at the hospital, so the blog will probably be late tommorrow.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

Yesterday we went to this birthday party for a little girl on our street. She is a sweet little girl and always happy to see Emma when we walk by. Darryl plays volleyball with her dad as well. This birthday party was so busy. So so busy. There were probably 20-30 kids there. It's a good thing they have lots of play space for all the kids. The party(and having Matthew and Shaun here) make me realize that we will need to expand the play space once Lucas can play more independantly. He'll need his own space for toys etc. Maybe I'll move my craft room into the computer room and turn that whole space into a play room. Maybe a couch and a little tv in there. Anyway I'm veering. The whole point to the story was so many kids. I'll never have a party that big.

Also at the party Shaun was having dinner. I wasn't really watching him eat, next thing you know Darryl is giving him a piece of cheese, but he isn't really chewing it and can't really talk. I get a napkin and try to convince him to spit it into the napkin. Next thing you know his whole dinner seems to be partially digested in his mouth, once we get part of it out, he starts to gag on the rest. Well my hand seemed to catch most of his throwing up. Which was good, but gross. After throwing up most of his chipmunk cheek dinner he was able to talk again and feeling much better. The digested hotdog does not smell that good.

After the party Darryl and I (and Luke, Matt and Shaun) all came home. We called Tammy and Pat and the kids seemed so excited to talk to them. Matthew seemed very pleased to tell his mom and dad all about the stool he is building with Darryl. Shaun seemed happy just to hear there voices. Then we watched a bit of Madagascar and then up to bed. As soon as the boys went down so did Darryl and I. We have been able to work together as a team really well. I'm proud of us, maybe we could have 3 kids.

The night was not our most restful, Tails did not like being locked in a pen. Lucas woke up twice crying. Although the first time he put himself back to sleep after 2 mintues. The second time I fed him. But that was 11;30, then he slept through till 7;30 this morning, when everyone woke up. With Tails being in Emma's pen we did learn that really did not have a good time at in the kennel while we were on vacation. She was acting like a mental patient and storing all her food underneath her blankets. After Tails was done whimpering we started to hear him eat and low and behold there is all this food under the blankets.

So far today has gone well. Darryl and Matt are down stairs again. Shaun and Luke are napping and I'm drinking a coke to keep me alert.

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crazy- Aerosmith

Well what won't kill you will make you stronger =).

So Tammy and Pat have gone away for the weekend and Darryl and I volunteered to baby sit. Having 3 children is hard. I have no idea how people did it when they had 13 children. I guess they all take care of each other. Either that or they don't have two dogs. I can't say it's been bad, the hardest is Lucas. He did not take good naps today and was up twice in the night. We are headed to a birthday party in an hour, so I'm not sure how he'll do there. I guess we'll wait and see. I don't think his sleeping will get any better while all the excitement is here. So I'll wait till Tuesday, although maybe Monday. Maybe it's like a normal weekend..... okay now I"m babbling. Hopefully Lucas won't wake up tonight and I can get some good sleep.

Anyhoo I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post, but Tammy or Pat if you are reading this while you're away, your kids are fine and being very good. At this moment Darryl is teaching Matthew how to use a table saw. Hopefully he'll have all his fingers when you come back.

Till Tommorrow


Friday, March 10, 2006

These Eyes- Guess Who

Well today has been lovely. The weather outside is nice. We had a play date with some great friends of ours. Lucas has gone done well for his naps and he slept through the night. Yeah I love a full night's sleep. Here is a picture of him making me dinner and playing with the sausage and sputula.

One of the best things about building a house, was the community of friends we ended up with. Most people around us are young families, so we have built in friends. Plus it will be so good for Luke to grow up with friends close by. Tommorrow we have a birthday party for another girl on the street. I have become good friends with some of my neighboors and at some point there is someone on maternity leave at the same time you are. It started off that we all put in grass together and fences. Now we are all raising children. It was fun to build a house and go through the whole process but the biggest advantage has been the people we have met. Lucas was very well behaved at the play date (all the kids were). Although he was showing Kim and Lorraine what a loud mouth he has.

Made some banana bread today with chocolate chips. It was delicious. If you'd like the recipie just post in comments and I will copy it from the Martha Stewart website. Or if you'd rather you can look there. The only thing I would change is how long to bake it for. I would do longer then what she says. But it is delicious. I think it's the sour cream. After I was done baking it I called Darryl's mom becuase I know she has a secret to keep the banana bread fresh. I got her answering machine so left a message. When she called back Lucas was in his bumbo on the counter. He picked up the phone and then put it back down again. The first time he's ever hung up on someone! She did phone back, thank goodness. Another lesson learned for me.

This morning while playing with Lucas in bed this morning, I was thinking about how much I love the way he smells. Babies smell so great. A bit sweet, a bit clean, a bit like innocence. He just smells so good. You can see Lucas has his daddy's eyelashes.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Long While- Barenaked Ladies

So I learned my lesson today in not letting Lucas have a proper afternoon nap. He was cranky all evening. Although maybe he'll sleep through the night again.

After a good nap this morning we headed out to meet our friends Safana and Leila (who is two weeks older then Lucas). We met at a Tim Hortons, although it was so so busy. We had a good chat and it was interesting to see how different the children are. First off Luke is quite a bit bigger then Leila, which is to be expected. Next Lucas was so busy and intense. Smiling at all the strangers, playing with so many toys, throwing stuff on the ground. Whereas Leila was happy to just be chillin'. I'm not sure if it's a personality thing, a parents thing (Safana tends to be more Zen then I am), or a girl/boy thing. But it was quite interesting.

The other funny thing about our lunch was how many old people stopped to chat. Older people like to hang out a Tim Hortons and old people like babies. Even old men stopped to tell us about their grand children. It was nice. I'm wondering if Luke and I should volunteer at the old folks home here in McKenzie Towne......

So Lucas has become very squirmy on the change table. This has become a real problem when it's time to change a poopy bum. Today it (the poop) ended up geting on all of his clothes and all over his legs (and my hands). It was not a pretty sight and I had to use alot of baby wipes to get it clean. I'm not sure how to get him to hold still. If any experienced mothers out there have any advice be sure to let me know.

Last night was one of those evenings when you know you've married the right person. Even after 11 years of being together, Darryl and I still found lots to talk about till we were both tired enough to go to sleep. We talked about renovations I've thought of doing to the house, this blog, Darryl's dad, Lucas, work and many other things. It's good that there is still lots of talk about.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well yesterday was a very sad day. Today, when I was testing students I did not feel bad for them.

First off Dana Reeves died. I did not know her or follow her story very closely, but I felt horrible for there poor son. Not only was your father a parapalegic, but he died a couple of years ago. Then your mother is diagnosed with lung cancer and dies. It's too much for a young kid to go through. Last night I was watching access hollywood. billy Bush, who I know is not the foremost news man, says he got to know the child a bit. He said, I'm sure his parents when his parents named him Will they didn't realize how much of it he would actually need. So sad....

Then a good friend of mine e-mailed to say her father was going to die. Man it is too sad. It's amazing how much people love their parents. I know it's life and human nature, but it can be so difficult. Especially when your family lives far away. That is an interesting thing about the world we live in. I live in a city I love, but it is so far away from Darryl's whole family. When his dad was sick it was difficult to be so far away. To my friend, I am putting my arms around you for a big hug. You will get through this, and you know that. But keep in mind how much I love you.

The silver lining about the sadness is that it makes you appricate what you have. Mom and Dad I love you both. I know there will be many more fun times together. But you are such good parents (and now grandparents)

Onto today, Darryl had a good morning with Lucas. Although he was up once in the night. I am torn on what to do about it. So for the time being I am still getting up once. Do I leave it up to Lucas to decide when he wants to sleep through, or do I lay down the law. Oh parenting, I did not know what I was in for.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We're Here For a Good Time Not a Long Time- Trooper

Well it has been an excellent day. I've just put Lucas down for his afternoon nap, although he's not sleeping yet just having a conversation with himself. Before I put him down I was using my hands to bang on the floor. He thought this was hilarious, which of course made me laugh. I would do it again and he would giggle again. It was a fun game, although I still don't understand his humor. I guess I will continue to be my crazy self and some things will make him laugh and others won't.

I added a new and cool thing to this website. It's from google maps. You 'll see the link on the side. When that new window opens place a pin (by using your mouse) on where you live. Then we'll be able to see where all the readers are from.

Last night Lucas almost slept through the night. He woke up at about 11pm and then didn't wake again till 6:30 this morning. Yeah progress. He did have along nap this morning, so this afternoon nap is not looking up.

Went to the offleash today and here's a picture of Luke in his snazzy sunglasses. Emma also quite enjoyed the time out playing. I'm trying to get lots of outdoors stuff in while the weather is good.

Also came across another good website (I know you are all thinking what a geek I have become) On this website you can enter a picture of yourself and it will tell you which celebrity you most look like. For me it said Andie McDowell (which I have heard before).

Till Tommorrow


Monday, March 06, 2006

Well It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp- Mafia 36

Well it's a beautiful day here in Calgary. We have enjoyed spending most of it outdoors. Took Emma to the off leash, which she loves. Had a good walk with Tammy and Shaun. Then we took back one of his toys to ToysRUs. For some crazy reason I bought a broken one. He has been in a better mood since waking up from his morning nap, which was an hour. On the way home I stopped at the 7-11 to get a hotdog, which I know are not good for me, but I do like them. I was dressing the dog at the counter and they have everything to go on it. Olives, saurkraut, onions, tomatos all kinds of things. Well instead of putting ketchup on it I ended up putting hot sauce. It was horrible!

Speaking of things that are horrible (although everyone is going to be very proud of me) I have been eating lots of whole wheat the past couple of days. We got a coupon in the mail for a home delivery organic food service and they were goint to bring 20$ of free food to my door. Well I immediatly signed up (as those who know me well know how cheap I am.) Of course all the "breads" that I ordered are not the white refined flour that I love but whole wheat. Now I'm (begrudgingly) eating whole wheat chocolate banana bread and last night we had whole wheat pizza. Of course the cheap side of me has trouble wasting food (execpt for the little bit of fluid I like to leave in the bottom of a cup=)

So yesterday was a blast we went up to the mountains to go toboganning. Which you can't really do with a 6 month old, but it was fun to pull him around in the sleigh and be outside in the snow. Plus it was great snow man making weather. Darryl also had lots of fun playing with Matthew and Shaun. Tails and Emma also tired each other out. So much so that Emma did not get up with me in the middle of the night when I fed Lucas.

Speaking of feeding Lucas in the night. I did it again last night. Ahhhhh I wish I could go back to pre Las Vegas when he was sleeping. Maybe next weekend I'll let him cry. Just now I put him in bed wide awake and he has managed to put himself to sleep, (although his head is where his feet normally are) so I know he can do it........ oh well. In some ways I guess I should enjoy being needed. I'll try to put a positive spin on it.

Last night we had a videoconference with Darryl's mom and her husband Brian. It's so great that she is able to see Lucas. We both missed doing it the last couple of weeks. Lucas was feeling quite fussy as both of his naps were done in the car yesterday, which doesn't seem to work as well. Close to the end of the videoconference, I was holding Luke and he was snuggling right into me. It was a "golden" moment. He has become a mommy's boy (which he should as he spends more time with me then anyone else).

Also the Oscars were last night. It was a great show. Jon Stewart did a great job. Both Darryl and I laughed quite a bit at him. (although Darryl laughed more later when he scared Tigger out of her skin). The ladies looked beautiful, (execpt Charlize with the big bow on her shoulder), the acceptance speechs were great and there was a surprise (that Crash won best picture).

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Apples and Bananas (Kids song)

Well last night we had to let Lucas cry it out again. He put himself to sleep after about half and hour. Hopefully tonight will be better. Nap was good this morning so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

He is working on talking. He loves to make lots of noises with his mouth. He is sitting here n his jumperoo thing beside me. He is also laughing more freely. Although I can't figure out his humor at all. Yesterday I was waring these pants made of a parachute type material. I was sitting on the floor and bouncing my legs. He would laugh at the noise those pants made. He is also starting to pay more attention to the TV. I think he recognizes Oprah. He usually smiles when she comes on the TV.

So after 5ish phone calls with Tammy this morning, Pat (her husband) suggested we move in together. =) It's so great to have a best friend. I feel so lucky to have her and her family in my life. Yeah!

I started this new thing. It's a stock exchange for hollywood all completly fake. It's playing the stock market but you buy movies or famous people. I know I have too much time on my hands. But hopefully this will teach me something.....

Till Tommorrow


Friday, March 03, 2006

When I Fall- Barenaked Ladies

Well I commend mothers who have a toddler and baby at home. This morning I watched Shaun and had Lucas here as well. It wasn't too bad, but I had to keep my time management skills up. The worst was when Lucas banged his head on a toy and started crying. That (of course) made Shaun start crying, saying he wanted his mommy. They were defintly feeding off each others sadness.

Then Emma's best buddy Tails came over and they were able to rough and tough outside. Emma can be very dominant when it comes to fighting. She seems all nice and timid, but she can lay them down!

Last night Tammy and I got minimal scrapbooking done. We chatted lots. She is enjoying the BNL podcasts as well. Plus the Barenaked Ladies are doing a cruise Here's the website. It's not till next January, but it sounds great. Maybe Tammy and I will treat ourselves to a mini vacation. I love the Barenaked Ladies!

Lucas slept well last night, woke up once and then was up for day at 6:30. So that was okay. He took a good nap this morning and has been sleeping for an hour now. I do need to get groceries. Oh well, if not we can always order pizza for dinner.

Anyhoo, that's all for today.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Hard Day's Night- Beatles

Well I wonder if Lucas is getting his days and nights mixed up. He is starting to take great and long naps during the day, but he was up for atleast an hour last night. I let him cry it out again. Which just breaks my heart. I'm sure going to Las Vegas got him a little out of whack, so he's having trouble sleeping again. Keep you fingers crossed that tonight will be better.

After a good nap this morning we went out shopping, where he seemed to be happy. Then we stopped off at Darryl's work. Everyone was quite impressed with how much he's grown and he was giving smiles to everyone. 6 months is such a great age.

Last night went over to Tammy's for a long chat. It's so nice to get adult conversation, compared to playing patty cake. Not that I don't get adult conversation from Darryl, but it's different when it's a female. Tonight we are scrapbooking and having martini's.

Found a couple of new and good website today that I thought I'd share. One I got from another blog. It's

For anyone who loves music this is an amazing site. Amazing. They take your favorite music and play things similar. I am quite enjoying it.

The other website I found today is another blog. This is a stay at home mom as well who is an excellent writer.

Enjoy and Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yellow- Coldplay

Well last night with Lucas was crazy. It's the first night in a really long time he hasn't gone down to sleep. He was up till 9pm, and usually he goes down at 7pm. He had two long sleeps in the day, so I'm figuring he wasn't tired. Although there may have been something wrong. Eventually we just read him a couple more books and then put him down again. He did wake up a couple times in the night as well. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Work was good today. It's nice to have a bit of balance from my mommy life. Next week it is half over already. After class we had lunch with all the staff. Which was quite fun. One of my co-workers who was going to leave is staying on part time. I'm so happy about that. The lunch was delicious as well.

Dad was good enough to come and stay with Lucas. It's funny because I was worried on how they would do together (Dad and Lucas). But I come home and Lucas is sound asleep. Sometimes I forget that he's done this before.

Till Tommorrow