Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Music Tuesday

My friend Sidsel posted an article on facebook this summer about how reserach shows you stop listening to new music when you turn 33 and early if you are a parent. 

Today's new music Tuesday is proof they are wrong.

Here are two new pop people.

And an alternative acoustic cover


Monday, September 28, 2015


Coming up next month there is an election here in Canada where we vote for a federal party.  In Canada there are 3 main parties, Conservatives, Liberal and National Demographics.  At the moment it looks like they are in a pretty close 3 way tie.  Which from a lets get stuff done standpoint I don't think is the most helpful. 

I listen to enough news to feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is going on, but the things I really don't like about politics is all the negativity around it.  I don't want to hear about all the bad things about the other parties I want to hear about the good things with your party. 

I live in Alberta the home of conservatives and they have done some good things over the last couple of years.  I like that they reinstated the child benefit tax cheques.  At this point in my life that is more important then affordable childcare at 15$ a day per child.  I put that money towards the kids RESP and the governement contributes 20% more when I do that as well.   The liberal would like to pro rate that amount based on how much you make.  And there is part of me that really agrees with that and part of me that likes that it is equal, no matter how much you make. 

I also like that the conservative are being strict with terriorsts and working to get them out of our country.  I would like it if they worked towards bringing in more refugees from other countries, but I do also think that the screening is necessary. 

I also like when politicians are open and accessible.  I'm looking at you Naheed Nenshi, you are awesome at this.  And the conservatives don't seem to be like that at all.  Liberals seem much more accessible.   And really I like people with awesome hair.  I'm looking at you Justin Trudeau. 

I also think living in Alberta my biggest concern is the economy and the liberals seem to be focused on that, which I also like...  I've done some research with a couple of different online tools.  This one is different and this one I do like better and this one is long but good as well.

Really I'm not totally decided yet.  And there is still a couple of weeks to research and learn. 

Do you have a strong feeling?  Reason?


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Day

Fall has such lovely colors.  Especially from "Nannie's Tree".  Which turns shades of red, yellow and orange.  Here are some fun shots from today. 
 We thought it would be cool to do a slow motion video of the us throwing leaves.  I thought we'd just do it once.  But the kids kept going... I kept waiting for Darryl to stop.  And when I finally gave in and decided I would throw them again, Lucas attacks Darryl with the leaves and Darryl stops the camera....

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Gratitude on a Friday.

I have so much in my life to be grateful for and while sometimes this month I feel like I've been struggling to maintain my usually joyful self, in the busy-ness of back to work, after some yoga last night and a fantastic morning I spent some time sitting in the sunshine going over the hundreds of things I have to be grateful for.

It was parent teacher interviews this morning and both teachers had really good things to say about the boys.  Nathan's teacher talked about what a fun and happy kid he was.  How he's not allowed to sit on the carpet with his best friend cause they talk to much.  But he shows so much love to all the kids in his class.  He is kind and generous.

Lucas's teacher said a lot of the same things.  He always volunteers for things and how there was a new girl in his class and Lucas did a great job of making her feel welcome and included.  She really appricated that and so did the girl.

I'm so grateful for the amazing children I have.  I know part of it is my contribution and part of it is Darryl and part of it is the community that have helped to raise them.  But I also think a bit of it is luck.

Yesterday I got to go to yoga with my best friend.  And that sentence has so much to be grateful for.  While I did miss my mom there, I was still so happy and glowing, especially after a busy week.   A week where my balance was off again and trying to find it has been my challenge this month.  I don't think I'm quite there yet, but certainly trying... and enjoying the beautiful weather, sounds of my good children and looking forward to seeing my awesome husband on this Friday.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Favourite Snack Foods

Today I ate a ton of junk food, pizza for dinner, food court of lunch.  Pop and not water. french fries not fruit.  I really should have brought an apple.  They are in season now and the perfect travel food.  When I went to yoga my practice was not as good as normal.  Which I'm sure has to do with the food I ate and also the fact I haven't done yoga for days now.   But I committed to eating better when I came home.  So my bedtime snack was yougourt with dried goji berries and a handful of almonds. 

What's your favourite healthy snacks?

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


My boys and I are frenchies. We all went or go to French immersion so I love it when we put our French accent on things.

Tonight Lucas was looking up cars. Called it a Buick La Sabre.  Instead of le saber.  

Alexis and I once took a road trip to Las Vegas. When we went through Boise Idaho, I pronounced it the French way. Like Framboise. She laughed hysterically and corrected me. It's Boy-z. 

Nathan loves to roll his Rs.  When he pronounces work it sounds so funny. It's a mix between a French and Boston accent. Woak. 

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Part Fish

After waking very early one morning this summer to get Nathan signed up for swimming lessons we have started them again this year.  I love to take the opportunity when the kids are swimming to swim laps myself.  Swimming is one of my favourite activites, so I'm feeling so happy about being in the water again.  There's something about being in the water that makes my heart so happy.  It' like I was born to be in the water.  I feel so light and so graceful gliding through the water.  I can get into a rythm of breathing and over the last couple of years I've become good at turning my head to both sides when breathing.  

I feel the same happiness and content anytime I'm in the water.  I love the beach and swimming in the water there.  I'm sure the sunshine and the vitamin D help, but something about having water all around me that makes me happy. Maybe living by the water is something I should plan for in my retirement. 


Monday, September 21, 2015

My wise tea

Darryl thought I'd never go back to boxed tea, but I love my Yogi Tea.  Here's what it told me today..


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yes Day

Around these parts we do something called 'yes day'.  It comes from a book

And in this awesome book the parents say 'yes' to whatever the kid requests.  This of course is within reason.  But if you want ice cream for breakfast - yes  You want to stay up late -yes.

We started this tradition with our family on our birthdays.  Whomever birthday it is gets to have their yes day that day.  Now my birthday was on a very busy Tuesday so we had it yesterday instead.

Did Nathan get me a bowl of cereal- yes
Did I go to yoga - yes
Did Darryl make me brunch when I got home -yes
Did I get to spend all afternoon shopping -yes
Did Darryl make me afternoon tea - yes
Did I get to have delicious steak and wine from the keg -yes
Did I get both boys to give me a foot massage - yes
Did I get to watch whatever show I wanted and no cartoons - yes

A super great day!

Do you do anything special for birthdays?


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reason 307 and 308 I love my husband

I have a really great husband and I know it.  Here are two example of why...

1. On his birthday my grandparents phone to wish him Happy Birthday.  Darryl doesn't love to talk on the phone, but he called them back.  And it's not even his grandparents.  Plus he did it while I was at work.  When I got home from work he told me all about their conversation. 

2. After our first week of craziness of September, back to work, more then I normally work, so Darryl really had to step up with the kids and the cooking and cleaning.  So after me being gone lots during the week, when we woke up on Saturday morning he still asked "What yoga class are you going to?" Love how he is so supportive he is.  I do lots and lots of yoga.  And work and stay busy.  I'm glad he is so supportive of all of that.

Till Tomorrow


Fashion Friday

This week is a little more varied in my fashion choices.  Some casual, some work and a couple of days I wore scrubs, but I think take a picture of that.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My wise one

For the last year and a half I have been going to Soul Hot Yoga and one of the classes I attend regularity is Thursday night yin with Jaime. She is wise beyond her years and one of the reasons I love going is Jamie has great life lessons. She tells stories and makes us think about life differently.  I love the room and the heat and I love holding the poses for a long time.  But mostly I love the life lessons.   

Tonights lessons were about mindfullness and being present in the moment.  Also about having experienes without judging.  Not to think about our experiences as good or bad, as success or failures, but just as experiences.  Experiences that shape us and help to make us who we are. 

So profound.



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dog Days of Summer: The Rest of Ontario

We had a really fun time in Ontario!  It's great becuase the kids are at such a great age.  They are really such fun people to hang out with.  They are old enough to walk distances and can do most things for themselves.  But they still want to be with us and we have so much fun together. 

Ontario was a great example of that.  We got to take them to our old houses and go and do all the fun stuff we use to do when we were kids.
 Darryl's house growing up!

 A beach day!  The boys created this sand couch.

 Our favourite chinese food restaurant!  8 of us ate there for 65$.  The prices have not gone up from when we were a kid.

 My childhood house.

 The boys after we spent the day at East Park.  East Park is a place with waterslides and golf, batting cages and climbing walls.  When I was a kid we lived pretty close so would go quite often in the summer.

 A collage of photos from Port Stanley.  My grandparents live in that cottage when I was a kid.  We use to spend lots of time in there in the summer.  We are also enjoying Mackie's fries and there's a pictures of the macs we would go to. 

 Had an awesome time at the Blue Jays game.  They won! And it was an exciting game.

Had a really fun time at the aquarium in Toronto too.  I had never been before but it was a really cool place.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

35 going on 36....

Today is my birthday!  I love birthdays.  A day to celebrate just me!  Well me and thousands of other people who's birthday is today, but still a day just for me.

Now today has not been the best day... but for me that gives me a reason to celebrate all week.

In the meantime I love to reminisces.  So here are my favourite parts of being 35!

1.  Harry Potter World with my kids and Darryl.  It was AMAZING.  And sharing it with my boys and Darryl was my favourite memory of being 35.  Plus we got in for a great deal which I love.

2.  Disneyland with my parents and boys and Darryl.

3. Colorado with my best friend and the best band ever in the coolest venue

4. Watching my sister in law be so happy again.  And all of us get to celebrate in that day with her.

5. Disneyworld ( I know, a lot of disney in my 35th year)

6. Yoga and what a great part of my life it's become.  =) It keeps me grounded and healthy and aware. 

7. Skiing, lots of winter enjoyment.  Even though I'm quickly becoming the slowest skiier I still love being in the mountains.  Brings me lots of joy.   And being there with my boys, my sister, Darryl and even my dad. 

8. Work and work trips.  I really feel like this year I'm able and recognized for taking more work related trips.  I think I've always worked pretty hard, but it was nice this year that it was recognized with trips to Ottawa and Austin.

9. Beaches.  Kelowna and California, Ontario.  Beaches are one of my favourites.

10. Blue Jays.  Maybe cause I'm in the moment of it now.  But what I really appreciate about it (other then the excitement of sport) is how it's brought my dad and I together.  Gives us something in common again.

Wow what an awesome list!  35 was such a a great year.  Hoping for just as much love and happiness in my 36th year.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, September 14, 2015

New Music Tuesday

Here was one of my favourites over the summer!

Budapest George Ezra


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lucas's 10 Year Old Questions

This is an ongoing question series I like to ask the boys and to fill the space. =)

My favorite food is: Steak
My favorite sport is: Baseball
When I grow up I'm going to be: Unsure
My favorite color is: blue
My favorite song is: Radioactive Imagine Dragons
My favorite season is: Spring
If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go: Disneyworld
When I was little I use to: construction vehicles

My favorite school subject is:  Gym
My best friend is: Elliot, Shaun 

My favorite snack is:  Candy
My favorite TV show: Jessie
I'm really good at: Drawing
My favorite thing about summer is: The beach
My favorite thing about winter is: Sledding
I love the book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, And Then in Happened Series
A food I don't like is:  A lot of foods, Really hate

If I had one wish it would be: My house would never burn down
My favorite thing to do with Nathan is: Play video games and biking
My favorite thing to do with Dad is: Mountain biking

My favorite thing to do with Mom is:Watching baseball
Best teacher: Mme. Natalie, all teachers have been good.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Such a beautiful day outside. Enjoyed it while reading a Jojo Moyes book. I last read her book You Before Me, which I highly recommend. So took another one out from the library.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Fashion Friday

Another busy week at work, but that meant lots of fancy work clothes. 
 Here is my weekend outfit.  When I was a teenager I was pretty 'grunge'  I liked to buy all my clothes with holes and old that you could spit through them.  I remember my dad once saying I looked homeless.  Of course it was the trend and as a teenager you really want to fit in.  When I was a teen I had a pair of patch jeans I just loved.  I bought this pair from old navy this summer and quite like them too.  And ccan you spot the photo bomb?
 It got warm later this week.  So here is a maxi dress with red shoes, cardigan and belt.

 Really hot today so it's a chambray skirt and a black tank.
 A cute navy shirt with birds and navy pants and brown flats.
THis is so hard to see...  But skinny black pants with an orange blouse and scarf.  Auntie Karen loved this one. 

Till TOmorrow


Thursday, September 10, 2015


I have a super awesome job that I really love.  I'm an instructor at the college here in the x-ray program.  I feel lucky to have it, I find it challenging and it uses my brain and makes me think and problem solve.  I get to socalize with lots of different people, which is really up my alley and I get to make a differnce in my x-ray community.  I get to see students grow and change and learn new things. 

Plus I'm lucky that I get to continue to work with patients on a weekly basis as I pick up shifts at the local hospital or clinic. 

But this week work is busy.  Very busy.  I can't think about making dinner or talking or doing all the extra emailing and work stuff that comes up.  Only the teaching gets done this week. 

But in the environment we are in in Alberta I'm so grateful for my super awesome and super busy job.  There are so many people I know of who are loosing their jobs, or getting their hours cut or wages, that there is no way I'm complaining.  I'm so grateful to have my super awesome job that I love. 

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dog Days of Summer: Lori and Paul's Wedding

Also this summer we had the great pleasure of attending Lori and Paul's wedding.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you might be familiar with Lori, she's my sister in law and she often comments here with smart, witty things. 

Lori has been through some challenging things in her life, which makes her one of the strongest people I know.  I admire her and her positive attitude and how she grows through all the different stages of her life.   2 years ago she reconnected with her grade 8 sweet heart and they clicked (again).  After a couple of years of dating and living together he proposed and this summer they got married.  Darryl and I were fortunante enough to be part of the wedding and it gave us a great reason to go back to Ontario this summer. 

The wedding day was lovely.  Lori looked AMAZING, as all brides should.  Mackenzie looked amazing too, even after losing and recovering her makeup.  =)  I was happy to run around and help Lori with anything that needed to be done. 

Once we were all ready we headed down for the ceremony.  Which was beautiful  I loved how personal and real it was.  It really felt like Lori and Paul were getting married and not two general people. 

Then there were pictures and speeches and snack and then my favourite part- music and dancing.  My boys and I (including Darryl) had such a great time.  Loved the live band and danced to that and then the DJ did a great job too.  My little boys loved dancing with all of Darryl's family and I was proud that my boys didn't mind being the center of attention.  Normally they are like there dad and don't want to be the focus.  But this time they didn't seem to mind.  More interested in having a good time.
It was great to see all of Darryl's family and catch up with them as well.  Living so far away we don't get to see them a couple of times a year like they get to see each other, so that was another highlight for me.

It was also great to see how Paul and Mackenzie have a relationship too.  I knew how much Paul loved Lori, but I didn't realize how much he loved Mackenzie too.  And how much she loved him back.

Generally it was a night to remember.  A warm, fuzzy, happy night.

Till Tomorrow



Tuesday, September 08, 2015

New Music Tuesday

Here has been my favourite new song this weekend.

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


Monday, September 07, 2015

Go Jays Go!

Just hanging out today watching baseball. 

This isn't normal behaviour for me, but it's September and the Blue Jays are playing meaningful baseball.  And fun and exciting baseball too!  

I was born a Blue Jays fan.  Growing up there were many weekend that mom bought 20$ of groceries from A&P and that would get us cheap tickets to the blue jays games.  We'd drive up to Exhibition Stadium watch the game and then head to Organ Grinder or Old Spagetti Factory for dinner.  Then we'd drive back home.  Alexis and I would give our thumbs up to the flag and try and get other drivers to give their thumbs up.  

We would watch the games at home too.  I'll never forget when they won the world series.  Sitting in the living room with my family and my friend Meghan Clarke.  Cheering and jumping so loud!  

Baseball gives me lots of happy memories, makes me think of my parents and smile.  Makes me excited and anxious.  I also like to play baseball.  Like most sports I'm not great at it, but I do find it fun to be out there with me glove.  

I once even played for the Blue Jays

Till Tomorrow

Go Jays Go!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Guess who has two thumbs and did a handstand today?

This girl!

And this boy.

Till tomorrow


Saturday, September 05, 2015

Organic Food

Tonight we had dinner at our friends house and had an interesting conversation about organic food.  If you 'know me', whether it's in person or having been following the blog for a while, you know I love to grow my own garden in the summer.  Each year we have a great bounty of food and this year I was even extra productive and took a couple of bags of lettuce to the food bank as we couldn't eat all the lettuce I grow.  Although I like to grow a variety so there is usually more then enough. 

Our friends were recently on a vacation with their family and the family has an organic farm where they grow and supply food to sell at farmers markets and to local families.  I love the idea of this, I think growing and eating local food is a great idea.  I enjoy going to farmers markets and getting food from people there.  Calgary is lucky becuase we have quite a few good farmers markets too.  I often go to Millarville Market and Calgary Farmers Market.

But in reality only a small portion of the food I eat is from my garden or from a farmers market.  The majority of the food I eat comes from a gigantic Superstore.  Which I love, don't get me wrong.  I do think they also try to get local food when they can as well.  And I like that I have options there too.   The sell organic produce and sometimes I buy it and sometimes I don't.  I usually price match between the two and choose from there.  While I don't mind paying a bit more for organic foods I don't like paying a lot more.  That's one thing I like about growing it myself, it's very affordable.   I also don't mind paying a bit more for 'organic' meat.  I'll check the meat and if it's a dollar or two more for the organic stuff I'll happily pay that. 

I do often find that organic tastes better too, so I don't mind paying a bit extra for that too.  The problem is it's often hard to know if it's going to taste better or not.

Plus I find myself more willing to pay a bit more if I'm going to be eating the skin and if I think they have been sprayed with pesticides, like with strawberries.  

Other then a garden does anyone have any other affordable ways of buying organic foods?  Are there certain food that you are willing to pay more for? 


Friday, September 04, 2015

Fashion Friday

So I totally posted this from work on Friday night, but I guess it didn't work.  Still counting it!

One of the things I love is fashion.  I love shopping and trying on new clothes and some of my favourite blogs are fashion ones.  So I've been trying to take pictures of my clothes for the week.  This week too was a office week, so lots of fancy clothes.  Here we go:

 Friday, a day to chill at home.  Gap pants, Straight fit yoga pants.  And a gap long sleeve shirt.  Very casual.

 Thursday: Orientation Day for the new students.  Wanted to make a good impression.  Have a banana repbulic dress, black tights and an old navy longer cardigan.  It's hard to tell in the pictures.  But the shoes are my blue suede shoes!  They are from what use to be my favourite shoe store: First.  Sadly they went out of business, but the shoes live on in my wardrobe!
 Tuesday: Clothes from... you guessed it.  Old navy.  This whole outfit is.  The shirt has birds on it which have different colors.  Makes it easy to mix and match with different cardigans.  The only problem with it is that it shrunk on the sides... so I have to wear it with either a shirt underneath or a longer cardigan.  This yellow one worked well.  And I have a cute yellow belt.  This one went with black flats.
 Monday's Outfit.  A gap shirt with 'flutter' sleeves.  It's a couple of years old, but I still wear it often.  The color is good (dark plum) and the sleeve holes aren't too big.  Also paired with gap Slim Resolution Jeans in light pink.  I bought these jeans last spring, but haven't worn them very much because of June dresses, then it got hot over the summer.   These were also paired with black flats, but I took them off by this point of the day.
Tuesday outfit: This one was my favourite.  Although a  bit hard to tell, the shirt is beautiful at the bottom.  This shirt and navy pants again are banana republic and the cardigan is old navy.  Shoes are Cole Haan, designer shoe wearhouse.  

So a couple of goals for the weekend.  Move the mirror downstairs with a little better light.  And maybe find some clothes from somewhere other the Gap cooperation.  This post is not sponsered by Gap, but if they want to send me gift cards.  I'll easily spend them!


Thursday, September 03, 2015


Another late post tonight... but still making it.  I was out golfing.

One of the things I have learned over the past couple of years is that sometimes there are things you don't think you'd like but being open to different things allows you to have lots of fun and joy into your life. 

I never thought I'd be someone who golfed.  My dad would watch it on TV and I never had any interest in it.  But lots of my friends and family enjoyed it, and I like to be outside and hang out with those people, so I thought I'd try it too. 

I've been golfing now for a couple of years and mostly with my mom, aunt and best friend.  Golf is enjoyable, but mostly because I get to be outside and hang out with wonderful people.  I'm nowhere near a great golfer, but sometimes have some good shots.  Usually one or two that Auntie Karen will say "holy moly mama".   Often I find it frustrating, but like laughing with people, which is what I usually do.  I don't keep score or take it too seriously.  I don't buy the fancy clothes or go to fancy courses.  I just try to go out and enjoy nature and the company. 

Till tomorrow


Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dog Days of Summer: Colorado

As I said in my last post I do really love summer and this year as most years I do some really fun things. 

My best friend and I had a superfun girls weekend.   We went to Colorado to see the Avett Brothers in Red Rocks for 3 nights.  

While it took us a while to get out of Calgary, I recommend never flying on the weekend of the end of Stampede.  The line was longer then expected.  Once we got to Colorado we had a great time.  People there were SO nice.  People often think of Candians as nice, but these people were lovely.  We stayed at a nice hotel, went to yoga, drove a Kia "soul"

And the three nights at Red Rocks was such an incredible experience!  It's so beautiful there with it being a natural ampitheatre the rocks are beautiful and create great sounds.  The Avett Brothers played 78 songs over the three nights, no repeats.  The first night they did all of the album Emotionalism.   They had very good openers and we learner about tailgating which was lots of fun.   The first night there was a ligthening storm so we also had a beautiful natural backdrop.

When it was over I cried.  I was so sad it was all over.  So happy that it happened and so grateful that I had my best friend to share it with.  

Till Tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

First Day of School

First off, welcome to September.  It will be the month of posting many many things.  At the start of the year I tried to make lots of mini goals for myself and Septembers goals was to post a blog post everyday!  So to start off on the right foot here we go!

Today was the boys first day of school and second day back for me.  I LOVE LOVE summer vacation, I'm not one of those 'most wonderful time of the year' parents when it comes to back to school.  I love hanging out with my kids, so always feel a little sad when it's the first day back.  My kids also love summer vacation, so they also are not super excited about back to school, but there are certain things they enjoy.  Meeting their new teachers and seeing all of their friends again.

Nathan is in grade 2.  This year they 'looped' all the kids to have the same teacher and kids in the class as they did last year, but Nathan's teacher resigned, so he has a new teacher, but it's the first day and he thought she was 'super nice'.  Plus he has all of the same kids as last year, including his best friend Matthew =)

Lucas was luckily staying at the same school and didn't have to switch to a middle school (!!!) so I was happy about that.  He also got a very nice teacher who has been teaching grae 5/6 for quite a few years.  So all in all feeling very happy and optimistic about the boys year.

Till Tommorrow.