Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About Winter

Being the eternal optimist I thought I'd try to think of thirteen good things about the cold weather we've been having.

1. Snuggling in bed. In the summer it's too hot to snuggle, but it's so great in the winter.

2. Skiing. Although I haven't been in a couple of years with the young one coming and then being around I do like that part of winter.

3. Skating on Allen Bill Pond. It is so amazing to go skating on a real pond in the mountains.

4. Going for a hike to cut down your own Christmas tree. The first couple of years we lived in Calgary we would get a 5$ permit and go to the mountains to cut down a tree. They were always very Charlie Brownish, but it was fun to have a real tree.

5. It is much easier to pick up poop. This thought ran through my head tonight and caused me to chose winter as my Thursday Thirteen topic. In the winter you grab all the snow around the poop and it is much easier then trying to pick it off grass.

6. Hot Chocolate. There is nothing more comforting then having a nice mug of hot chocolate after coming in from the cold. Ummmmmmm

7. The Christmas Spirit. Generally I am quite a bamhumbug when it comes to Christmas, but I do love how everyone is more giving and generous at this time of year, especially to people who need it.

8. Beautiful blanket of white. Calgary is kind of a brown town (very dry, not alot of rain) When it snows it puts a beautiful white blanket on everything. It makes the world a little queiter and the sound of snow under your feet a little louder.

9. Sweaters and long pants: How nice is it to not have to worry if my bra is showing from under my shirt, or did I shave my legs high enough to wear that skirt. Yeah for clothes that hide all of my unbeautifulness.

10. Fireplaces: They are a primal, even though I now turn it on with the flick of a switch.

11. Mulled Wine and Christmas Cookies: More warm beverages and things that make me want to wear more sweaters. But truely at what other time of year can you get such a variety of cookies. Especially those types that only come out at Christmas time.

12. Putting pajamas on at 8pm: It get's dark here are 5pm, so by 8pm many people are in there comfy clothes, watching new episodes of our favorite TV shows.

13. Darryl's opionion: Long johns (as I'm sure Lori could agree with) and Alexis opionion: Turtles

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Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shakes head back and forth

Anyone who reads the blog on a regular basis, knows how much we love to dance in this house. Lucas has become an excellent spinner, so much so that he can make himself dizzy and fall over. He has also learner the kick, which is a great dance move, espeically if you listen to the Barenaked Ladies. He can't do a high kick yet, it more so a "soccer" kick. A couple of weeks ago he learned the "head bang" move. Which is would always say "yes yes yes" to so he would learn that bobbing his head up and down would indicate yes.

Of course the move that follows yes, yes, yes is the opposite. Shaking the head back and forth to say no. Now many things are no. In alot of ways it's great, often he actually means no, although I'm sure sometimes when he means yes, he's still saying no. I'm sure we are moving into the toddler stage when everything is no... I can see it as he shakes his head back and forth.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lucas and the Plane

Lucas was very well behaved on the plane both to and from Ontario. Both times we were at the airport he was amazed at looking at the planes close up. Both times he was overloaded with the amount of new things to look at. At the Calgary airport they have large "stuffed" bears by the Nationla Geographic store. Lucas was scratching his chest like crazy (which is the sign in sign language for bear) And they have different kinds of birds on the ceiling, which he also quite enjoyed. I thought we may have some difficulties with the new regulations on the plane, but Lucas walked through that metal detector all by himself, and other then showing my laptop they didn't give us any more trouble. Lucas also quite liked the "toy" shop. So we spent quite a bit of time there. Although his favorite part was the little cars that drive people around. =)

One thing that amazes me about flying is how people all want to get on the plane right away? They called for pre-boarding for our flight and I delayed. Lucas was having fun playing with some toys in the airport, so I figured the longer we waited the better. After about 5 minutes I picked him up and headed towards the gate. There was already a long line and they hadn't even called for regular boarding yet, but here were all these people lined up. In my opinion I want to stay off that plane as long as possible. I'm already stuck in that tube for long enough, why do I want to get on it quickly? If anyone has a good explanation I'd love to hear it.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, November 27, 2006

The Highlight of My Trip

During the last week I was in Ontario and it was a fairly difficult trip with both Lucas and I getting sick. The major highlight of my trip was spending time with my very cool neice. Before this vacation I didn't realize what an important role I played in her life. For a vacation that wasn't really for me being with her was such a treat. It made all the difficult nights with Lucas worth it. It was so nice to see her genuine excitement to spend time with me. There was no stress in her eyes of the work I would cause her, just pure joy. To see Mackenzie look at her mom with anticipation that she was able to show me what a great guitar player she was. Have her request that she gets one on one time with me. I thought she might be at an age where I was too old for her, but it's nice to still be the cool Aunt Jenn. An Aunt Jenn that she can be honest with and Aunt Jenn who she'd rather go shopping with then get a present online. We had lots of good laughs and had fun being creative with our 70's fashion show (even though Godzilla Lucas tried to crash it). I love her so much and was happy to have some quality time with her, even though I don't have the quanity of time I'd like to.

Thanks Kenzie, you made it worth it!

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Difference Between Ontario and Alberta

Yesterday Lucas and I arrived safe and sound in Ontario. Lucas did a great job on the plane, although I don't know how we would have done if there wasn't a spare seat beside us.

We got off the plane a grabbed our luggage and left the airport. As we are walking across the street in front of the airport. There is someone directing the cars and the pedestrian. As a pedestrian you have to wait until this dude can tell you to go, even though there is a crosswalk right there.

As we crossed the street I whispered into Lucas's ear that was one of the differences between Ontario and Alberta, and that he had a lot to learn about this new place.

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Video of the Weekend: Dixie Chicks and Gwen

I think Dixie Chicks are becoming one of the themes here. Enjoy the video.

I just added this video for Alexis. enjoy!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Montly Newsletter; Month 15

Dear Lucas,

Today you turn 15 months old. Many may say 15 months, but I think it's a big deal. Plus I love wrting you these letters on your birthdays. It has been a really fun month and your intelligence and skills are continuing to amaze me.

This month you have also come to really enjoy TV. Most morning we watch the Backyardigans and Thomas the Tank. You happily drink from your cup (another accomplisment this month, you have totally given up bottles, only sippy cups now.) in the morning while watching TV.

Your level of communication keeps going up as well. These words have been added to your vocabulary: Lila (although mostly sounds like wa-wa), Pop, eight, roar (when we ask you to make a tiger noise) and cake. I am very glad we did the sign language as well. Especially more and all done. They have come in handy. Everything else is a luxury.

One of the ways I know I am doing a good job with you is that you love the Barenaked Ladies. You often point to the ipod and play the Best of BLAM playlist. We dance like crazy people round and round to their music. If I put on something else you don't really dance. You have been trying to master jump, as Mommy likes to jump to their music, but generally it just looks like deep knee bends. You are a great spinner though. Sometimes you like it when we dance together, but other times you like to get on the floor and dance by yourself.

This morning you did the sweetest thing, that gave both your daddy and I arm fuzzies. Daddy went in a got you out of bed and when you saw me you put your arms out. I tried to grab you but you didn't want to leave your daddy either, you just pulled us both in and we had one of ou nce family hugs. The greatest part was you initiated it.

Mommy loves you so much Lucas, there is not a person in the world I would rather spend my time with.

love mommy.

My Job

Generally I try not to blog about work. I have been cautioned by the stories I read from dooce (who is speaking in my city today, but I didn't know so unfortunaly I am not going). But I had a question about it in one of the comments so I thought I'd talk about what I do and how mcuh I love it.

First and foremost I am an x-ray technologist. I spend most of my time working for the college in the city here visiting the students at all the different hospitals and clinic we work at. I watch them work to make sure they are on track and give them feedback on how they are doing. I really enjoying working at all the different sites. For example I would have alot of trouble working at the childrens hospital, but it is fun to spend a day there and hug little babies. Also working in trauma. Don't know if i could do it all the time, but it's fun to do for a day. One of the other big advantages is I know everyone. It's a fairly small field (about 1000 people in the city) so it's nice to have contacts everywhere.

I love being a teacher. I love watching the students blossom from not knowing anything about x-ray to being part of the community. I love passing on my knowledge and tricks and tips to them. I love learning from them. I love to help change and make an impact on their lives. It is a great job.

I do get to work on the floor without watching students once every couple of weeks which is nice as well. Usually this is with a geriatric population which is also fun. I often ask anyone I x-ray over 90 years old what's the secret to living so long. I get lots of funny answers, one day I'll post them all.

One of the great things about my job is that when I went back to work 3 months ago, I was able to go back part time. I have the best of both worlds, some working, but I still get to raise Lucas and spend more days a week with him then working. My job is also very flexible, which is perfect for a mom with young kids. Plus I get lots of vacation!

Till Monday (although stay tuned for the video of the weekend)


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today I got to spend some time holding and loving a sick baby. She was so small, but so beautiful. Since my baby has turned into a toddler I've forgotten how babies smell, and feel in your arms. Oh baby.....


Thirteen of My Favorite TV Shows

As it is Thursday night and I Am Watching Grey's Anatomy so here's the list

1. Grey's Anatomy: I think it's become a cult. The music is number one on the radio, it's on Oprah tommorrow. Like I said a cult I am happy to be a part of. Never watched an episode with out laughing or crying.

2. The Office: I am also watching Office. Such a funny show. Sometimes a little over the top. But generally quite a funny show. Plus you have to love Jim and Pam.

3. Friends: I love this show. I still love to watch the reruns. Today was the episode where Phoebe sings along with the bag pipes - a classic

4. Young and the Restless: I have been watching this show since I was a kid. It's like a book that never stops.

5. Gilmore Girls. Love the fast talking. Love the great relationship between Lorelei and Rory. Plus is she really going to end up with Christopher or will she go back to Luke?

6. Alias: I love JJ Abrams shows. Combine this with Jennifer Garner doing cool stunts, what could be better

7. The New Adventures of the Old Christine: This is a show I got into over the summer. I find Julia Louis Drefus to be so funny.

8. Lost: Another JJ Abrams show, although I do feel like it's not as good this year. But am still watching it. The first two seasons were great.

9. Felicity: The last JJ Abrams on this list. But another goodie. Besides as a curly haired girl who couldn't love another curly haired girl.

10. Party of Five: As a teenager this was one of the first shows I really got into. HOw could you not have sympathy for 5 kids raising themselves.

11. Hockey Night in Canada: I definitly jumped on the hockey bandwagon a couple of years ago. Now most Saturday nights hockey is on in our house.

12. Sex in The City: I loved this show. My sister had the DVD's and I watched all season straight for about two months after Lucas was born. It reminds me of him and that hard time in my life.

13. Cosby Show: This show reminds me of my family. We would often watch it together and certain things my dad did reminded me of Bill Cosby. Plus wouldn't it be perfect if all problems could be solved in a half and hour.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pampered Chef, Snuggly and Daddy's Man

So this evening I went out to a Pampered Chef party. Home parties were not something I knew about until I moved to suburbia. I must say, Pampered Chef parties are one of my favorites. They really do sell so many wonderful things for the kitchen. If you ever go to one I defitnly recommend the microcooker, (amazing and cheap), the silicone spatulas and a piece of stoneware. Most of their stuff is great and I have lots of it, but those are three of my favorite things.

Usually I don't like to leave Lucas in the evenings after I have worked all day, but he was totally into his daddy tonight. Stacking all his cars on him, wanting him to play, showing him how the cars move. It was great.

Lucas has also become much more snuggly recently. Which is nice, but also means he's much more into TV. He'll point at the TV and uh, uh at it. We usually watch a show or two in the morning (Thomas and Backyardigans), but that's it. Sometimes in the evening we'll watch his favorite Baby Einstien movie, which is about guess what....... cars. Often when we are watching the movie, he'll sit on my lap and snuggle in. I think he is also realizing that if he lays his head down on me it doesn't mean he has to sleep. Really it is wonderful.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great 5 Days

I have totally enjoyed the last 5 days at home. The house is quite clean, laundry is done. We also had lots of time to visit with Grandparents and friends. Tonight was the first dinner we had with just the three of us all weekend. It's so nice to be able to spend time with the people you love and time to get things done.

In the process of moving I did organize lots of pictures, which reminded me that Darryl and I have been together for such a long time. Someday I'll have to scan in all those pictures. I also organzied the front hall closest, although that didn't go over as well, becuase I have trouble getting rid of shoes. Plus living in such a varied seasonal area you need a coat for everything.

The best part about all the days off is spending time with Lucas. I am addicited to my kid. It will be hard to go back to work tommorrow, for both of us. We have these fun little games we play. Hide and seek behind the bed, chase each other around and flip him upside down. Ahh this is such a great time in my life. I love the time off, and I love my boy.

I will be changing the template again soon, but hopefully Darryl will be able to customize it a bit.....

Till Tommorrow (when I'm back to the grind)


Monday, November 13, 2006


It is amazing how the older Lucas gets the more obvious his increasing knowledge becomes. I'm sure that he was learning at an enormous rate when he was smaller but it is much more obvious to me. Here are some examples:

The other day I told him to put a wrapper in the garbage. He picked up the wrapper, walked into the kitchen, opened the cupboard with garbage in it and put the wrapper in the garbage. He has seen us use the garbage enough that he knows where it is.

While watching his favorite movie he has learned the hand actions for the wheels spinning round and round from the song "The Wheels on the Bus". Now everytime he sees a school bus he does the same action.

In counting books, I touch the page everytime I count something, pointing out the 5 butterfly's on the page. Today my hands were full so I couldn't point out the objects, so Lucas starts pointing at the page. I know he is not able to count yet, but I was amazed that he knew the action for counting.

Yesterday Darryl read him a book tht is similar to the "I Spy" books. There are objects on one page and you find them in the picture on the other page. It is very elementary, but I usually name the items on one page and then point them out in the picture. Darryl had him find the objects in the picture, rather then Darryl finding them and he would find all 6 of the items. It was great!

It is amazing to see the brain developing....

Till Tommorrow


Geekdom Continues

So what does everyone think of the new template. If everyone hates it I can go back to the old one. I am just so proud of myself for figuring out how to change it. Which really just means copying and pasting, but still, copying and pasting the right stuff. =)

I'll post more this evening. Now I should go wake my baby.

Till Later.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Video of the Weekend

An important video.

Till Monday


Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

I love jumping on bandwagons and I see lots of people are jumping on this bandwagon so here we go.....

Thirteen Things about Jenn

Thirteen of My Favorite Blogs

1. Just a great writer and witty.
2. My friend Lesley Blog
3. A great blog where a new mom writes every day. Great reading for other moms
4. A Stay At Home Dad's funny stories about his kids
5. The guy who got me started with blogging, a friend from Darryl's work
6. Another friend Kristine's blog about her and her baby
7. A Calgary Blog which carries funny news stories as well.
8. A great picture of a dog everyday.
9. Has an amazing adoption story on it.
10. A mom from New Zealand, interesting to get a differnet point of view, but makes the world seem very small.
11. Well of course the barenaked ladies had to be on here. Of course they are not as good as most for blogging, but I still love 'em
12. More moms, I love moms
13. and More mom's

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Performing For Pop

Tonight Pop came over for dinner and Lucas decided to put on a fun show for him. We played a game where we almost let him get away and the pull him back, he would laugh and laugh. We'd do that a couple of times and then let him get away while he runs to Pop, Pop does the same thing and then he come back to me. Laughing and panting the whole time.

Lucas also learned how to say Lila today, which is the name of the dog at his day home. So for most of the evening he said "Wai,wa". Sometimes it would come out with an "L" but most of the night he would say "wai,wa"

He was also big on rubbing noses tonight. Eskimo kisses for everyone, which would also make him laugh as well. We also had a video conference with Grammie and he even tried to rub noses with Grammie

Lots of performing for Pop tonight.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I do love my days off when I feel like I get alot accomplished. I also love my work days when I feel like I get a lot accomplished. Many days I feel like I'm running around but never getting anything done, but I've had a couple of days in the last week, both at home and at work where I felt like I've gotten lots of things done. It is such a good feeling.

Lucas has been having lots of great accomplishments as well. He is becoming a good kicker and thrower, which can be somewhat of a problem, because he needs to learn what is appropriate to kick and throw. He is also learning more and more words. He can say bib, red car, and will try to imitate many things I say, they usually don't come out right, but it's so good to see him trying. He is also communicating, numi numi means he wants something to eat or drink. Owie, if he hurts himself, and he is quite good at pouting out his bottom lip. Yeah, it is fun to have a toddler.

Last night I was putting our visitors to bed (they are 8 and 3) The eight year old asked me, so are you and Darryl like our grandparents, I said no were more like an Aunt and Uncle. He says, so that means Lucas is our cousin. Yeah I said, Lucas is your cousin. Lucas has quite enjoyed having the 3 year old to emulate. He has learned alot in the last week from our visitors. It has been a good experience for him.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, November 06, 2006

Dixie Chicks

Last night I went to a great concert of the Dixie Chicks. That Natalie Maines can really sing. I went with a bunch of other "chicks" and it was fun to have a girls night out. They did lots of great songs and I love to sing along. I have been to some great concerts and this was up there. They did lots of there orignal songs but sped them up or slowed them down. Plus she did an amazing version of "Not Ready To Make Nice". Tears were running down my cheeks. You could see the emotion and the feelings right on her face. It gave me goosebumps. I also loved Landslide, Earl's Gotta Die and lots of other fun upbeat songs.

I find that the Dixie Chicks have two main messages, one of course being about how they don't like Bush and his polotics and how they are all for free speech. The next is about being good mom's who love there kids. They have two songs that really reflect that. They played one last night Lullaby, which also made me tear up. I just wanted to go home and hug my kid. We also have another one of there songs on Lucas's sleeping songs Godspeed. If you are a parent get these songs, they are great.

Anyway I'm off to bed, a great concert equals a late night.

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Funny Video of the Weekend

Found this video on You Tube yesterday. It's not Lucas, but enjoy it.


Friday, November 03, 2006

34 Give A Tour: My 10 Favorite Things To Do In Calgary

A while ago I posted about a book I had gotten: No One Cares What You Had For Lunch 100 Ideas for Your Blog. Today my post is number 34 from the blog, Give a Tour.

So today I'll suggest My 10 Favorite Things To Do In Calgary:

1. Go To The Mountains: I know this isn't directly in Calgary, but quite close and a really fun thing to do. It's great that you can get into the wilderness so quickly. Plus there is Banff and Canmore, if you like to go shopping.

2. See the Skyline: Two great places to see the Skyline of the city are Scottsman Hill above the Stampede grounds or on the Commons at SAIT. Both provide an excellent view of our amazing skyline

3. Banff Hot Springs: Is there anything better then sitting in the Hot Springs, when it is snowing all around you. You get out the hot springs feeling rested and happy, it is a spa experience in itself.

4. Go To the Zoo: Calgary has quite a good zoo and for 15$ or a 40$ yearly pass, it is great to see Lions and Tigers and Bears. The Africa exhibt that was recently renovated was amazing. It is also a really great place for kids, with cool playgrounds and a reasonalbly priced cafeteria with lots of healthy choices.

5. Have breakfast at the Rockyview Hospital: I know you must all think I'm crazy, but if for some reason you are ever at the Rockyview Hospital in the morning, I highly recommend the breakfast there, it's good and cheap. My usual is a poached egg, piece of toast, peice of ham, sausage and hashbrowns. That comes to 3.15$. Water is free.

6. Take a Tour of the Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Factory: If you love chocolate, you should defintly do this. Espeically since you get a free chocolate in the end. It is amazing to see the detail and the quality that goes into these chocolates. Delicious!

7. Shopping: If you are a tourist and like shopping I would say there are two places to check out, the first would be Chinook. It's a mall, but it has an amazing food court and most stores you could imagine. Secondly would be downtown. On the second and third floors of alot of the buildings downtowns are stores and they are all connected by walkways. Plus for a break you can head to Devionain Gardens.

8. Markets: Calgary also has some good markets. Two I frequent are the Calgary Farmers market in Curry Barracks. Runs all year long on Fridays-Sundays and is fairly "high class". The second would be Millarville, which only runs in the summer and only on Saturday mornings (although the Christmas Market is next weekend) but great food sold from local farmers.

9. Willow Park Winery: This is a great wine store in Willow Park. They have classes (that someday Darryl and I will take) and every kind of wine you can imagine (well I'm sure not every kind of wine but tons and tons). They also have a wide variety of ports, which is nice.

10. Going to the Park: Lucas, Emma and I go to the park almost everyday. Most times it is the park at the end of the street, but there are tons of options here in Calgary. We also frequent, the Southland Off Leash and Fish Creek Park.

I know I have lots of readers in Calgary, so I'd love to hear some of your favorite things to do in Calgary.

Till Monday


Thursday, November 02, 2006

The 1500 Dollar Toy

One of the new great things about my computer is that it has an isight camera in the top of it. This has become very conducive to taking alot of videos. I am sure you have seen quite a bit of them on this blog. I have also been using it for videoconferencing with my sister in Edmonton and my parents who live much closer.

Another advantage has been taking lots of videos of Lucas. It's easy to use and Lucas is always amazed that he can see himself while I"m recording. As you can see from these images he is obsessed with watching videos of himself. Whenever he sees my white beast he wants to watch videos of himself playing cars or saying Pop. He loves it. It will always make him happy. No matter how grouchy, once he sees the white beast he's pointed at it and stops crying so he can watch himself.

In the last couple of days we have had some children visitors. I have a video of Shaun singing "We Will Rock You" while sitting on the toilet. Since Shaun realized he too can watch himself on the computer we have watched the "We Will Rock You" video oh maybe 1000 times. Good thing the video is only 20 seconds long.

Glad my 1500$ purchase is going to good use.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Somthing Sad, Something Glad and Something Gross

Something sad.....I found out yesterday that Bob Barker is retiring. It makes me a little sad, mainly becuase it reminds me of my Grandma and Pop. When I was a kid we spent lots of time with Grandma and Pop becuase they lived on a beach. Grandma would make a big meal at lunch time and we would watch Price is Right while we had a big lunch. It was great fun and always brought back good memories when I saw Price is Right, but now that won't happen again.

Something glad...... We have Tammy's boys staying with us for a couple of days. Tonight I had both Shaun and Lucas in the tub. They were splashing each other, blowing bubbles in the water having a blast. Shaun would pour a cup of water on his head, then Lucas would pour a cup of water on his head. It was so fun and funny to watch them.

Something gross.......I was watching Oprah a couple of weeks ago and Dr. Oz was on talking about how butter is better then margarine because it is a natural fat that your body recognizes. Great, I bought butter this grocery day. So I cut a chunk (probably an inch or so) of it off yesterday to use. Lucas and I came home from running errands and the chunk of butter was gone. Emma had eaten a big chunk of butter off the counter. Yuck! Darryl did find part of it upstairs that was too cold for her to eat, but she quite enjoyed the butter.

Till Tommorrow