Friday, September 30, 2011

Nathan knows Spanish

Things have been kind of tough around here lately as Lucas is having a hard time adjusting to grade one.  But the good thing is Nathan is just the same and makes us laugh.  Here is our converstation at the dinner table tonight.

Nathan: I know Spanish
Me: Oh yeah, what words do you know in Spanish?
Nathan: Sasanfra
Me: Oh yeah, what does that mean?
Nathan (while looking around at the table): Chair
Me: Really, what about plate do you know that word
Nathan: Yep..... tresipa
Me: Treispa, nice.  What about eat?
Nathan: Yep I know that one too.  (thinking)  Hesires
Me: Wow, you are really good.  Lucas will be speaking french and you can be speaking Spanish
Nathan: Yep, I know. 

All the talk of different languages, Nathan is making up his own (he just calls it Spanish)

Till the monthly round up


Saturday, September 03, 2011

August Round Up

The second month of summer has been super fun.  It started with our trip to Vancouver with Lori and Mackenzie, which was fun and enjoyable to go on vacation with them.  We got home on a Sunday and Monday Darryl and I were back to work, Nathan to Lesley's and Lucas did a week of YMCA camp.    He really enjoyed the camp, although as posted in the previous post it did take him a little bit to get use to it.   But he loved the swimming (one way he is certainly my kid)  On Saturday was his birthday party.  This year Lucas asked for a reptile party. So we invited a couple of his friends over and had the reptile guy come and teach the kids about reptiles. It was...... interesting. There was a 9 foot boa in my living room!  But I was okay with that.... really I was. =)
Playing Elephant Soccer before the reptile guy.

All the kids watching and intrigued. 

Petting one of the snakes

The 9 foot boa!
  After the kid birthday party we had an adult birthday party.  Where as usual Auntie Karen brough the most creative gifts and one gift that her and Lucas had to open in the bathroom.  It's always some sort of trick gift.  This year it was a whoopie cushion.  Which the boys laughed about for hours and hours. 

She also brought a pirate board

And Auntie Lexie made the snake cake
Then things quieted down for a bit.  My students all graduated and became bonfided x-ray technologists.  Which was very exciting.   Then after that Tammy and I did our triathalon.  This year we did it in Strathmore, in a pool.  So my swim time was excellent.  I also got slicks for my bike (which are skinny tires) so I thought my bike time would be great but the wind got me (and my lack of practice).  All in all I was happy to finish, and happy to have someone to train with me. 

How was your August?