Friday, August 29, 2008

Adventures of Emma (Houdini)

me: good morning
how's Emma been?Susan: the last couple of days have been difficult
me: oh no, whys that?
Susan: I sometimes think that she is to smart for her own good
8:15 AM me: what's going on?
Susan: Well its a really long story, Dad told you about how he broke the chair
8:16 AM me: yeah he did. Is she okay? Are you okay?
8:17 AM Susan: Well it really spooked her and she ran off, Dad was really worried, but it was hard for him to look for her because he was wearing roller blades
He called me and I had just gotten home from work, so I went over to help him look for Emma
8:18 AM I also took him some shoes. Then he started one way around the lake and I went the other and then up the side walk
When I got to the top to the walk there was a truck parked in front of you house with a dog in it that looked like Emma
8:20 AM The man asked me if I was Jenn, I said no that I was her mom and was that Emma in his truck, he said yes. He told me that his girlfriend worked to animal control and looked up the tag and they decided to bring Emma back home. When I asked them were they found Emma they said she was way over on the other side of the neighboorhood
What street I asked. They said ____ green (which is my moms street)
8:21 AM They live three doors away from us and Emma had run all the way to our house after she was spooked
me: Wow, she went back to your house?
Susan: Yes I can't believe that she would know how to do that. But let me continue with the story.
8:22 AM Yesterday morning I went to drop her off before work and she refused to get out of the car.
I had no idea what to do and I was late for work so I just took her with me and left her in the car.
8:23 AM We had a call out in Black Diamond and so she came with us. I had the Subaru as I was hoping to take it in to get it detailed, so we ended up taking that so that Emma would not be alone
8:24 AM I don't think she likes the tinted windows as about halfway out she jumped into the front seat onto Ro's lap
So I pulled over and got Ro to sit in the back and Emma in the front.
8:25 AM When we got back to Calgary I decided to go to your house and see if I could get Emma to go into the house via the back door.
8:26 AM I took some struggling, but she did finally go in. This was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I called your Dad and said don't worry about picking her up and I would pick her up after work around 8:00
When I got to your place after work she was waiting for me outside on the front step, tail wagging all excited.
8:27 AM I am thinking how the hell did she get out, I suspect that you are thinking the same.
8:28 AM So I checked the front door which was locked and then went to the back of the house and at first it looked like the back door was closed, so I checked the windows and couldn't figure out what was going on.
8:30 AM When I looked at the back door again I could see that it was open, so I went in heart in my throat thinking D is going to kill me if the computer are gone, but all was still there then I looked and she had scratched at the door as there is some wood on the floor and some insulation, I think that in her scratching she unlocked the door and then got the door handle to turn and out she was. Luckily the cats didn't get out too.
8:31 AM So your dad and I went back last night and took the lock off the door and barricaded it with numerous household items. Not sure what to do with her today as I am working again, leave her in the car, take her back to your place or leave her hear
what do you think
8:32 AM me: my god.......
Susan: If she had some Ativan it would be easier :D
Susan: I feel like with all this typing I just wrote your next blog
me: I think it will be =)
8:38 AM me: Lori and I were reading it and kept saying... Type faster... what is going to happen.
8:39 AM Susan: okay,
8:40 AM me: I say just leave her in our house. Try to use the front door and say " Emma you are staying here, have a good day" be sure that the basement door is closed. And when you drive away be sure she sees the car leaving.
Susan: okay
me: If she seems agitated tell her to lay down and stay.
8:41 AM Tell her again, she is staying here.

As mom said that dog is too smart for her own good. I'll let you know what happens....

Till Tomorrow.... Jenn

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I met with a friend of mine from high school that I have continued to e-mail and visit over the years. She recently got engaged and I was looking forward to meeting her soon to be husband. We had a quick dinner as I brought the baby around and he was quite fussy. But at one point I gave her Nathan to hold onto while I packed up his stuff. The both gooed and gaa-ed over him. Once he got fussy again I took him back and her fiance leaned over and kissed her head. You could see the way he looked at her he loved her and was so excited to one day have babies with her.

That is love.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Port Stanley

Today we headed off to Port Stanley, a beach town here in Ontario. It wasn't expectionally hot, but warm and the water was surprisingly warm as well.

So we hopped in the car

And headed off to the beach. When we got there we headed out into the water.

Chased some seagulls.

Buried Lucas in the sand. All the proper things you do at the beach.

Plus as a bonus on the way home we stopped for a peak at Jumbo(aka Bruno as Lucas was calling him) the elephant.

Till Tomorrow and another fun filled day with humidity.


Somethings Never Change

Well we've been in Ontario for less the 24 hours and I almost was ran over by assuming that a car would stop for a pedestrian in a parking lot.

Also Lucas yelled, what's all that smoke on the plane. Last time he thought the sun was a fire and yelled fire on the airplane. Not sure which is worse to yell on an airplane.... smoke or fire??

Till Tomorrow..... Jenn

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Kind of Day We've Had

Lucas and I were putting moisturizing cream on our legs today, when he took a scoopful with his hand. I grabbed most of it and put it back in the container. He cried and cried, " I need more". I walked away and he rub it on the carpet. (so if the carpet smells like lemons you'll know why). I was mad and put him in a time out, which made him cry more. During his three minutes he was crying so hard he was having trouble catching his breath and sounding like he might throw up. So I brought him a cup of water when I went to talk about him what he'd done wrong. I gave him a sip and we talked about why he was there and he apologized. Then I gave him another sip and started to take the water back down stairs. He said wait, can we leave the water here. Why I said. For my time out he said.

That's the kind of day we've had..

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Snuggles and Smells

Nathan must be going through a growth spurt because he is sleeping lots. At 17 pounds and 29 inches. He is already a big guy.

Last night was one of those times where I thought I have to blog this, because I want to remember it forever. I know the memory will fade so I better write it down. It was about 10pm and Nathan and I were watching the Olympics. He laid his head down on my shoulder and spent about 10 minutes just watching the people, they his eyes started to droop and eventually he let himself fall asleep. He was so nice and warm and all snuggled into my chest. He felt so peaceful and safe in my arms. And he smelled so sweet, just like babies do. I closed my eyes and tried to take it all in. Pretty soon he won't be able to fall asleep in my arms. And not too much longer after that he's not going to want to snuggle with me.

But last night it was like heaven on earth.

Till Tomorrow...... Jenn

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For the last year or so I have raved about Tuesday it was my day off with Lucas where I didn't have to work and I loved our days together. Now that I am on maternity leave I am raving about Wednesday's, the day Lucas goes to his day home. On Wednesday Nathan and I get some special time together. For example when he woke up from a short nap today I was able to take him into our bed and nurse him to sleep again, so he got a full two hour nap. It's also quiet. I'm sure the quietness drove me crazy when I was on maternity leave. But I don't have my little buddy here to talk and talk, so I enjoy the peace of Wednesdays. Its also the day I use to get stuff done. Appotiments, needles, shopping. Allmuch easier to do without a thee year old.

I really debated about keeping Lucas in his day home while on maternity leave. I felt guilty about sending him away when I was home. But I do love the days with my baby.
Plus I think its nice for Nathan to have his mommy to himself for a day.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Animal Cruelty

We had a neighboor adventure here this evening. Our crazy neighboor had his sister and her dogs move in o the weekend. The last two days the dogs have been in the backyard for 10-12 hours. They are two black boxers. Nice dogs, although they bark at every person who walks by. On the weekend, they got under the fence into our yard so we were able to put a peice of wood up so they couldn't get through. Monday they did the same thing on the other side and Darryl went and put up a peice of wood on the other side. Now tonight they found away to get under the chain link fence at the back. So I put them back in the yard, and they did it again. So I called the city for them to come and get the dogs. Someone was walking by who works for the humane society and the question came up of how much is too much? Yesterday the dogs didn't have enough water.... today they had more. It been +30here for the last two days. These black dogs have been out for 10 to 12 hours with no stimulation. Just in a big yard. It just hard to know is this bad, yes of course. But is it bad enough?? If they take these dogs away from the neighboor and they go to the humane society and then are not adopted and euthanized. Which is worse.... The dogs aren't being hurt, neglected maybe....

What do you think?? I'll keep my eye on it over the next couple of days and hopefully the owners are around more...

Till Tomorrow......... Jenn

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monthly Newsletter: Month Thirty Six

Dear Lucas,

Tomorrow will be your third birthday and I'm sure I say this every birthday, but I can't belive it. When I say that I mostly me that I can't believe that it has only been three years. I have trouble remembering adulthood before you came along. It seems like such a part of me to think of what is best for you before considering what I want. But three years ago you had just come into the world. Now we are going to Kelowna and you are insisting on sleeping in your own room.

The biggest change I noticed this month is you gaining your independence. A couple of weeks ago you wanted me to come with you anytime you were playing with a friend at their house. Now you are starting to feel quite comfortable with the kids on the block. It is really interesting to watch you be friends with people. Generally I am so proud of you. You are good at sharing (unless it is your favorite bobcat). And you are cautious of doing things that you don't think are okay with us. You are also good at listening to our instructions as well. That being said we have had some growing pains with it. One day I couldn't find out and was panicking. You had just gone into the new neighboors house, but hadn't told me. So one moment you were in the yard and the next you weren't. I was pretty sure I knew where you were, and when I found you I had to explain you have to tell mommy where you are going. So far we haven't had another incident like that.

We are going through a challenging time with you right now. You are really testing the limits, which I think comes in turn with becoming more independent. The other day we had 5 mintues of you crying on the stairs because I wouldn't go get the bobcat that was upstairs for you. You just didn't want to do it. Eventually we compromised and did it together. Another example is asking you to come in at the end of the day. No, you'll say. I'll ask again and say please, no you'll say again. Then the threats start. This is what most evenings feel like to me. You better do "x" or you won't get "y". I feel like I could become a lawyer, everything is bargining with you.

Along with being independent you seem to be growing up in other ways as well. One of the things you've said to me the last couple of days is that's not fair. I asked you what that meant and you had no idea.

Although we are going through this hard time of you testing your limits and boundaries generally like is really fun. You are getting more intelligent and more emotional. Those emotional things go both ways. When you tell me you love me I think you have a better concept of what it means. One of your other favorite things to say is "Mommy I have something to tell you.". I find you often say it when you want my attention or someones attention, but aren't really sure how to get it.

Earlier this month we met with a friend of mine from work. I was so proud of you. You would hold her hand when you were going somewhere and you would play soccer with us. You didn't complain when we talked about work and were generally really well behaved. She couldn't get over what a good kid you were. I was beaming with pride. Generally Lucas I am so proud of you. Sometimes you make me frustrated, but at the end of the day. I am always glad you are my kid.

love mommy

Singing along with music

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Party

Today we had about 12 kids and their mothers (and one dad) over. I think the kids enjoyed themselves. There was a mix of playing in the bouncer we rented and playing in the dirt (both things were equally loved, much to the mothers dismay).

Here are some of the picture highlights.

The bouncer

Lucas in the bouncer.

Me tending to both my boys.
Grandma and Pop took care of Nathan
Lucas snugling with his favorite guest.

Blowing out the candles.

Monthly newsletter to follow


Friday, August 15, 2008

The Follow Up Show

Thanks for all of the inquires about Opa. He is doing better. Out of the hospital and on some medication back home. Turns out it was an inflammation of the cartilage between his sternum and ribs. Supposedly this is a common thing after bypass surgery or any time you have your chest cracked open. Although not so common that it didn't take 3 days to diagnose.

After being superwoman and feeding Nathan in the car while Darryl drove and we both had our seatbelts on left a nasty bruise on my ribs, so it's not something I would recommend.

Lucas spent the afternoon with his Grandma and Pop so that I could buy his present for his birthday, but I also got some one on one time with Nathan, which is always fun. Here is a little video of him, we are getting good laughs now.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture HIghlights from Our Kelowna Vacation

Our trip to Kelowna was awesome. I do love it there. Everyday we would head to the beach. Usually Nathan would have his morning nap while Lucas played and then we would head off. Emma was loving the water and by the end of the trip so was Lucas. We found a great spot by the end of the week, where everyone was happy and there was lots of shade for Nathan. Opa had to go into the hospital while we were there, and although it was unfortunate, I was glad we were there to help them out.

Lucas enjoying the water with his dad.

The door at Misson Hill Winery
Stepping over the cracks at the winery

Grandma and Pop joined us at the end of the week. Here's Pop with his grandsons.
Enjoying breakfast with G&P

The boys were great on the ride down and the ride back. Lucas loved the tunnels through the mountains.

Lucas loved playing underneath Oma and Opa's apricot tree.

Lucas colored himself with cherry juice. It was his war paint.

Helping Oma pick beans for dinner

Hanging with Dad in the water
Playing at the waterpark downtown
This picture was taken while sitting in the hot tub.

It was a great vacation

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Online Shopping

The poster came today that I had ordered from Etsy and it is beautiful. Here's the link to her store I love Etsy and it's ability to buy things to go on your wall that don't come from Pier One. Not that I don't like Pier One, but it's nice to have more options and find things that feel more like my style, rather then the trend of the season.

I also have been dying for some new sandals. One of my favorite Walmart pairs is getting so thin I was worried my toes were going to go through the soles. So I did some online shopping, which I don't normally do for shoes and found Zappos. I went to the sale section (which I would usually do in a store) and found some fantastic deals.

Teva's (super comfortable) been wearing them since they came. 19.95

Kangaroos, super cute, makes my feet look small, $28.17

And these, which I'm a little more "meh" on. But they are made out of recycled material. Gotta love that. And they are comfortable Teva's as well. 19.95 as well.

I love good deals and getting packages in the mail. Although the waiting kills me....

Till Tomorrow....... Jenn

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday we were driving home from Kelowna and I was in the back seat between Nathan and Lucas. Nathan was screaming, but we were along a highway and there wasn't alot of safe places to stop. So I decided to try leaning forward and I fed him in the car. While we both had our seat belts on! Plus we didn't cause any accidents.

I am superwoman.

Till Tomorrow


Friday, August 08, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Four

Dear Nathan,

Yesterday you turned 4 months old. We celebrated here on vacation by doing some of mommy's favorite things. Swimming and going out to dinner. I am not quite sure what your favorite things are yet. Although you are fond of your new jumperoo. You don't have the jumping action down yet, but you enjoy sitting in it and looking at all the new toys. Your dad had you giggling in it yesterday too. You did dip your feet in the water, but was a little shocked that water could be so cold and let me know with a wail.

Speaking of laughing that has started this month. You don't do it often and last night with daddy was the first time you've done it without the physical intervention of tickling. But when they do happen your laughs are the sweetest thing.

As you are slowly getting more control of our arms and hands one of my favorite breastfeeding rituals has started with you. That is swimming arm. I remember Lucas doing it when he would eat as well. And I love swimming arm. It's like you are petting me while you eat. Saying thanks mommy, I love you.

I'm sure part of it is me and part of it is you, but it has been a much easier go this time around. I am not so concerned with your schedule like I was with Lucas. I think with Lucas I learned a lot as well. Now I expect you to get sleepy about 2 hours after you have been up. I know that babies can't really stay up much longer. While being on vacation we've worked out a pretty good system where I feed you in bed. Early in the morning and then we always get to sleep in and no 5 am wakings.

In some ways it has been a challenging month for me. Lucas is going into his terrible 3's and testing his boundaries more and your daddy is working a lot. There are times when it all seems quite overwhelming for me, questioning if I am doing the right thing with Lucas and missing your fathers help. In the evenings as I feed you and am putting you to bed. I feel confident in what I am doing with you. When I'm having a bad day, taking care of you makes me feel like a good mommy.

love mommy

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Not that you would be worrying about me, but I thought I'd give a quick update to let you know we are still enjoying our holiday. Although my grandfather has gone into the hospital, so our days have been taken up a little more with drives to the hospital. Hopefully it's not serious but we'll know soon. Although that is a whole other post about being assertive and running into to people who "railroad" you.

That being said we are enjoying the water and swimming and playing in the extreme heat.

More later.

Till Tomorrow...... Jenn

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You can Almost See The Smile on Her Snout

We were debating on bringing Emma on this vacation with us. Emma does not like Opa. She is always on alert whenever he is around. Also with the two car seats, there is not alot of room for her on the 8 hour drive. But when trying to decide if we would take her or not I asked my dad's opinion. He said this dog was put here to please you, so whatever makes you happy is what you should do. So we took her.

And I'm so glad we did. When she is swimming in that lake she couldn't be happier. I don't think Lucas and Nathan really appreciate being on vacation and the change of scenery. But Emma loves swimming in the lake. Something she can't really do at home. I have spent lots this vacation longing for it to be 5 years from now, when the boys really appreciate the beach ( I know the grass is not always greener). Except with Emma, she is so happy with her parents.

Till Tomorrow............ Jenn

Monday, August 04, 2008

Darryl, Very thorough

Today while we were in Kelowna Oma and Opa headed off to church and left Darryl and I to lock up with the boys. Oma instructed me how to lock the deadbolt and to not lock the door handle as they don't have a key for it. So as we were headed out Darryl and I went around and checked the doors and then headed out for the day. Darryl had grabbed the keys, so I was sure to tell him to just lock the deadbolt and not the door.

Later at dinner Opa explained to us, he had trouble getting out onto the deck after church. Why I asked. He said he almost had to get out his screwdriver, Whys that, I asked again. He explained that someone locked it with a foot bolt and he's never done that before, so he couldn't figure out how to get it unlocked. Yes said Oma. I knew we had a problem when Opa dropped me off after church and opened the garage and I couldn't get in because someone had locked the laundry door coming in from the garage. Oma had to use the neighboors key to get in. I was laughing at this time because this is typical Darryl. He is so thorough in everything that he does. When he built the bed, an elephant could probably sleep on it, it is so well built. I'm sure that when he builds programs for work, they are meticulous. When he vacuums all the furniture gets moved so he can vacuum underneath it. So when you ask Darryl to lock up a house, expect every door to be locked, even with locks you've never used.

Till Tomorrow


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunshine is Good For the Soul

We are out enjoying the sunshine and grandparents. The last couple of days we have headed out to the beach and soaked up the sun. Well not really as we have to be careful of Nathan not getting any sun, so our umbrella has come in handy. Lucas is not a big fan of the water. I hope as the years go by he learns to love it. I love it and could spend lots of time in the water. Here our some pictures from the last couple of days. Emma is in her element. We get to the dog beach and she could play all day, catching that frisbee. She is up all day watching where Opa is and then playing hard. She is going to sleep for weeks and weeks

Till Tomorrow


Friday, August 01, 2008

Funny Things from the Road

The trip is a long drive through the mountains. Once we were about 3/4 of the way done. Lucas yawns. He turns to us with a bit of surprise in his voice. " I yawned and the music got louder"

Darryl and I have started asking Lucas and each other about the best and worst thing that happened in a day. Yesterday when we asked Lucas what was your favorite thing today? He says, going through the tunnels, that made me happy.

We were at McDonalds and standing in line behind us were these 15 year olds. Nathan is smiling at them. They say: that kid has bad ass blue eyes. Darryl and I smiled to each other. I get cute is not part of a 15 year old's vocabulary.