Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Mania!

So my fun sister is here and we went shopping this after noon (but don't worry I only spent 10.61) which means that my normal posting time was spent shopping instead. Lucas is now laying on the floor looking at his Christmas present from Lori.

A couple of things I've noticed about him in the last couple days. First he is getting so much better at sitting up. He still needs support but can do it quite well. Also h e has been chatting lots lately. Right now he yeaking away to his toys.

Sleeping has not gone well in the last 24 hours. So he is a bit cranky.

Watchewd the 40 year old virgin yesterday. It was pretty funny. Darryl was laughing at it so hard he was crying in parts. For those of you who don't know me I can be a bit of a prude, so the sexual type of humor is not my number one favorite, but I'd rather laugh then cry anyday!

Sorry about all the spelling errors, i'm typing with one hand and holding a baby with the other.

A friend of mine has started a blog as well, it's spreading through Darryls work. She is 23 weeks pregnant, so if you are interested in readung it the url is

till tommorrow


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Darryl said...

Late in blogging today huh? Sheesh, I sit at work at 2-ish clicking refresh, refresh, refresh looking for an entry but nothing ...

Just joking ... Love ya babe!