Friday, January 13, 2006

Laughing-The Guess Who

Another early post. Lucas and I are meeting Auntie Karen for lunch so I dont' know when we'll be able to post this afternoon. Sleeping went well lasat night. Woke at 1:30 and that was it. This morning took a nap for na hour and 20 minutes. Now he is bouncing and bouning.

Free Cheese??

So yesterday I was shopping at an undisclosed grocery store and I saw this block of Havarti cheese sitting with the chocolate bars. I gave it to the cashier and told her it wasn't mine but I found it in the chocolate bars and since it's cheese it'll go bad. She gave it to the lady who was bagging the groceries to put away. Anyway I get home and am putting the groceries away and there's the havarti! Checked the bill and she didn't charge me for it. Yeah Free Cheese. Although I had never had havarti so I didn't even know if it was good. I gave some to Emma she liked so I figured it had to be okay. It's actually quite good.

Lucas is getting to the point where he is getting really attached to me. Mom and Dad were over for dinner last night and I can see how is becoming attached. I am his security blanket. =) Which to me is one of the greatest things about being the mom.

Laughs are coming more freely now. "Pop" got lots last night.

He is also enjoying cereal lots. He mmmmm's while eating it.

Kristine: sounds like you are going to be a great mom!!
If you saw Mo's picture from the comments I'm defintly jealous!

Till tommorrow


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