Monday, August 17, 2015

To Lucas on his 10th Birthday

Dear Lucas,

Happy Birthday my love!  There is a huge part of me that can't believe you are 10 and are almost sad about it.  Double digits.  You are growing so fast and while you are amazing it's days like today when I remember how important it is to really enjoy all of these moments with you.   Don't get me wrong I'm not going to take up Minecraft or start racing RC cars, but I will cherish the moments you sing in the car or want to go shopping. 

This year has been a really good one for you and all of us.  You are at such a good age that there is so much to enjoy.  You are starting to be a little more independent and can stay home for  a bit while I run to Sobeys and you can read on your own, although I know you still love it when we read to you.  Although I don't know if that's something that goes away.  I think everyone loves it when someone else reads to them.   You help with chores and get an allowance for it.  Sometimes you do things we don't approve of, but I can see a good sense of right and wrong and you feel bad for those things and we find a way to rectify it.  You continue to be a kid who 'thinks' a lot.  A lot happens in your head before you do something which can be a really good thing.  I hope as you grow that thinks continues and you use it to make good decisions, but not to worry about things. 

You took ski lessons this year and really enjoyed it, already want to sign up for next year.  Your skiing has really improved and now I really can't keep up with you. =)  But I love to see you enjoying something I love and being active in the winter and in the mountains.  Puts a big smile on my face. 
For most of the year you wore braces but you got them off earlier this spring and your mouth looks great.  You will probably have to wear them again once all your adult teeth come in but for now your smile is a beautiful and straight one.

You have many of the traits that I think first children have.  You like to be in charge, especially when it comes to playing with your brother.  Contrary to that you can take your time to make a decision.  We often laugh cause your answer to things is often 'maybe'.  Till you've had time to think about it then can give a more definite answer.  It's something I've come to learn about you, I have to give you some time to think about a situation before you answer, which is a good thing to do.  Different then me, but a good thing.  

We had some fun vacations this year and you really liked them.  It was a disney kind of year so we did both Land and World.  You love the food and roller coasters.  But you also loved the pool days.  Having a balance between both busy and relaxing.  On the days at the parks you were great at keeping up and again after you had a bit of time to think about it, you loved the coasters too.  Your brother is good at encouraging you to do those scary things.  

Your gift this year was a new bike, which we got for you at the start of the summer.  You have been enjoying riding and doing more off roading with Dad.  And you've gotten better and better at it.  Two years ago you had quite the tumble at the end of the year and so last year you didn't ride very much.  This year though it's been different we have been out riding as a family more too.  Nathan got your hand me down, so it's a great family activity.

As well as your rollercoaster, bike and ski skills all becoming a little more adventerous, so has your eating.  You are so much more willing to try things.  Today we had a birthday picnic of orange julius and you asked to try the hot dog with mustard.  You are also eating a lot more.  I can tell you are growing and probably got the metabolism of your dad.  You are willing to try spicy food and food from all different cultures, but you still don't love vegatables.  But now we can take you pretty much anywhere and you'll fnd something you enjoy.  

It's great to see your personality come out, one way that has happened is your hair.  Which lots of people don't understand, but you are happy to grow and grow it.  I love it, but most importantly you love it.   

It's been so great watching you grow Lucas.  You are a really well behaved and kind kid.  I love to be around you and I love it when other people are around you too.  I feel so lucky to have been blessed with you as my first child.  I always wanted to be mother, but I had no idea, none whatso ever, about all the feelings I would feel. You make me think and hope and love more then I ever knew I could.  Never has my whole chest been filled with pride and love like it is when I watch you accomplish something. You have made the last 10 years of my life so incredibly fun and rewarding.

love mom.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We had a lovely Canada Day 2015.  I was so happy as Lucas choose what we are going to do.  Lucas can often be indecisive but at the start of the week we made a "summer bucket list'.  So I think some of the ideas have been on his mind.  He wanted to go to Canmore and do the Legacy Trail.  So off we went for a very Canada filled day.  We had Tim Hortons on the way there. 

Biked till Nathan decided we should turn around. 

And headed home with some ice cream. 

Lastly I hope to be posting a little more often this summer.  My challenge last month was the yoga challenge and I also did June dresses.  This month's challenge is to take more pictures with my big camera.  So I'm hoping to blog more to show off those pictures.  That being said I also have some trips planned so it may not happen as much as I'm hoping for.  But here's hoping!


Monday, May 04, 2015

The weekend

Weekends for us are usually pretty busy.  I usually work, there are birthday parties, playdates, chores to be done, homework, yoga etc.  And really I like to stay busy.  But this weekend there was very little of the busyness.  I got to spend 2 days with the three men in my little circle.   Don't get me wrong I love my friends and the kids love their friends, but it felt almost like we were on vacation.  We tried a new restaurant and Lucas ate different food and enjoyed it. We watched movies and introduced the kids to  Pee Wee Herman.  And as Nathan would say "He's just weird".   We went grocery shopping all together as a family (and spent a ton of money). 

We got to revel in each others company with very few other distractions.  And it was great cause I so love my family of four.  And I know these days may be fleeting, so I'm enjoying them so much.  I enjoy that they can do most things for themselves and that they help with groceries and chores.  But they still love to hang out with me and there's not a lot of attitude. 

Sometimes I get distracted by the busyiness of life or being involved in the busyiness of life.  When the most important things are right in front of me.  

What a wonderful world. 


Friday, May 01, 2015


My monthly challenges have been going pretty well, except for last month.  Last month I totally fell off the wagon.  I did jump on the Calgary Flames bandwagon!  Go flames Go!  January practicing piano wasn't great but okay... Feburary was good without checking social media (which I think means it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be), March meditating was also good. 

This month I am doing the ab challenge. 

To Nathan on his 7th Birthday

Dear Nathan,

Happy Birthday Bub Bub! Today is your seventh birthday and I'm starting this before we head off to the Apple store to get you an ipod mini.  You've asked everyone for money, so you can save up and buy it.  You are doing really well at math and adding, so all this money has been fun for you.   You are doing well in school in general, your reading is coming along.  You read to us in English or french every night.   You were lucky this year to get the same teacher Lucas had and she is excellent. 

You continue to be cute and have great facial expressions.  You are always making us smile even if it the way you pronouce things... like Tim Portons. Your shrugs are priceless and the way you tell me something as though it's so obvious puts a smile on my face. 

You have become very sporty this year.  We did a lot of skiing this winter and you start on the easy chair and going slow and by the end of the year you were skiing on the silver chair and would ski faster then me each run.  You progressed so well this year.    We also got a new pool table and you are doing well with that too.  I think that having a big brother pushes you to do more.

We did lots of fun family stuff together while you were 6 and you were a lot of fun to do it with.  You don't need a stroller and you love to do all the same stuff as your brother.  Sometimes you are even more up to doing the adventurous stuff.

You are also a very loving, snuggly kid.  When I read books to you at night you like it when I lay down so you can snuggle in.  You also love to give kisses and get kisses.  The other night you fell asleep on my arm and I love listening to the sounds of your breathing. 

Your kid birthday was lots of fun too.  Nice to see you get along so well with your peers.  Matthew is your closest friends, but you do get along with everyone in your class.  You invited both girls and boys and everyone had a good time.  Treasure hunts and crafts and the hit was the chocolate fountain. 

I'm so enjoying the age you are at. We love spending time together and you also enjoy spending time with others.  You aren't demanding of my time like when you were young, but we have so much fun together.  We smile all the time and laugh.  I can rationalize with you and you listen and learn and laugh. 

Happy birthday to my wonderful boy.

love mom. 

Monday, April 06, 2015

Nathan's 7 year old Questions

We did this once when he was 5

My favorite food is: watermelon
My favorite sport is: soccer
The coolest person on the earth is: The ones that I love.
When I grow up I'm going to be: Zookeeper or Scientist
My favorite color is: green
My favorite song is: Travelling Song - Avett Brothers
My favorite season is: Summer
If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go: New York
When I was little I use to: play with balls.
My favorite school subject is: Math
My best friend is: mom
My favorite snack is:  Watermelon
My favorite movie is: Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm really good at: Loving people
My favorite thing about summer is: Going outside
My favorite thing about winter is: Skiing
I love the book: Harry Potter
A food I don't like is: Onions
If I had one wish it would be: to be with my family forever
My favorite thing to do with Lucas is: Play WiiU
My favorite thing to do with Dad is: Play xbox
My favorite thing to do with Mom is: play a board game

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Middle School

This week there was an open house at the school Lucas will be going to for middle school.  Both Lucas and I were excited about going to see what was there.  Actually I think Lucas was melancholie, excited about what was coming but also nervous about getting up early and going to a new school.

Lucas is a thinker and a worrier.  There is a lot that goes on in that childs head, especially when it comes to new experiences where he feels like he has little control or is out of his safe zone.  Sometimes I'm very happy for this trait as it makes him very trustworthy.  He doesn't just jump into things without thinking but sometimes I wish his mind was more at ease and he knew that he could conquer anything that came his way.

The school was big.  Two floors and even within those two floors many stairs to get to half floors.  He gets a locker and has 7 periods and will see at least 5 teachers and change classrooms.  It will be quite the change for him compared with elementary school.  It's also a change for Darryl and I as there was no middle school or junior high in Ontario.  There is part of me that is nervous that he is grouped with the big kids, but I guess we were always grouped with the big kids.  =)

But the school has many cool activities which will allow Lucas to try new things and also expand his horizons.  There is shop and home ec and band and art.  During our information session we also found out that the school will be starting later then what he thought, so he was pretty excited about getting to sleep in a bit more.

When the tour and info session was all done I think we were both feeling a bit overwhelmed.  On the way home a slow song came on that really reminded me of the time I found out I was pregnant with Lucas.  It's amazing how music can bring back those memories.  It was December 2004 and Darryl had gone to Phoenix for work.  I was all dressed up cause I was heading out to a Christmas party.  I was a couple of days late, so I thought just in case I'll do this test.  Of course it was positive.  And I remember sitting down on the steps in our house at Mackenzie Towne and Emma came over and put her head in my knees.  Sarah McLachlan was playing and I remember saying to Emma "Our lives are never going to be the same".  It's amazing that I can remember that just like it was yesterday and now my kid is going to a school with lockers and he gets to pick options and eat in a cafeteria.

Time flies when you are having fun...

A couple of days have passed since then and I think it is sinking in for both of us.  Lucas is still thinking lots about it, but starting to feel more comfortable with the idea (at least I hope).  I think it will be a transition for the next while and especially next September, but hopefully seeing it a couple times first will have helped.

Till Next Time!


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

I am a big believer in making new years resolutions.  I don't know that I've done it my entire life, but I love the idea of trying to improve yourself and making goals.  My favourite one was the year I gave up coke for the entire year.  But I find making them on the blog makes me more accountable for them.

Last year I did not do well on my resolutions.  Mostly because they were not specific enough, they were too general.  The other thing I learned this year was that I do well with smaller goals and doing 'monthly' challenges.  Helps me to establish a habit as well.  So this year rather then setting three goals for the year I am planning on setting a goal each month.  I'm not sure what I'm doing for each of the months but here is the ideas for the next couple of months:

Jan: Practice piano for 15 minutes each day
Feb: Only check social media once per day
Mar: Meditate every day
April: Eat at Home Challenge
May: Ab challenge
June: Yoga challenge
July: Take picture with big camera everyday
September: Blog everyday

I am feeling pretty optimistic about it!  Anyone else have any resolutions for 2015?


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflection on 2014

All in all 2014 has been another great year.  Some really fun vacations and family memories made.  I also had a chance to do some fun things work wise.

My biggest change this year was yoga.  As I said in said in the last post it has been something I have embraced whole heartily this last year.  When I look at how I'm going to spend my free time, yoga it is.  Last year if I had a couple of hours I would head out shopping, now I'm much more likely to head to the yoga studio.  My favorite thing about it is how good it makes me feel both physically and emotionally.  There is such an encouraging, family like atmosphere there.  I see my flexibility improve, but I also see my patience and gratitude improve. 

One of my favorite memories of 2014 was a trip we took for my Dad's 60th birthday at Panorama.  On the last day there we weren't sure what to do, most of the rest of party had left it was just mom, dad and our family.  We decide we would go to skiing in Panorama for the afternoon.  It was not very busy, the sun was shining, the runs were perfect.  We closed the hill that day.  

My resolutions from last year did not go great....  Here is a bit of a summary:

1. Personally and creatively I would like to take more pictures with my big camera. 

I did not do very well with this one.  It will be one I'm moving to 2015...  I explain more in the blog post tomorrow. 

2. The other part of that is blogging those big pictures more. 

See comment on #1....

3. Spend less money on clothes and more money on vacations. 

This did happen... although see comment one..... I've got a good plan for 2015

4.  I want to implement with myself and my kids is a healthy snack first. 

This went well this year.  My snack, especially in the evenings has been much better.  There are still treat for all of us, just not as frequetns.

5. Run a 10K race.

Done, check!

6. Parenting, I'd like to have more patience with my children.  Especially with Lucas.  He is a different person then I am and I find it challenging to deal with.  Not that I don't have challenges with Nathan too, but I would like to try and have more patience with both of them. 

This is getting better.  I'm getting better at recognize that Lucas has his own personality and accepting him for who he is rather then trying to change it.  

Here is the yearly video summarzing the awesomeness that was 2014!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Challenge

It's amazing how in the last year yoga has become such a big part of my life.  In September I did a yoga challenge where I went and did yoga at the studio every day for 30 days.

This month I did a yoga challenge on instagram.  It was a fun experience and caused me to try lots of different poses that I would have normally said I couldn't do, but with this I knew I just had to achieve them for a moment while Lucas got the picture.    Here is a copy of the challenge and the poses I had to do:

Day One:
Day Three

Day 24