Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Week Eve

I've been told a number of times that I am quite mature for my age. I had been very fortuante to have had lots of great experiences in my short life. In many ways I do think I am older then expected in other ways I am more like a teenager then I was when I was a teenager. Two examples I am thinking of are:

1. When I was a teenager I condemned alcohol. I didn't drink till I was 19 (which is the legal age in Ontario, but come on....) I never stole my parents alcohol (I'm more likely to do that now)

2. I love the Barenaked Ladies. I am like a teenager about them. In one week from today my best friend and I are heading to Edmonton to see the Barenaked Ladies with my sister Alexis, the day after we are headed back to Calgary to see them again. I think my sister did this when she was a teenager. =0. Today while we drove home we played BNL very loudly and sang, celebrating as Alexis would call, the One Week Eve. Here is a video to tide me over for the week. I just couldn't decide, would I rather drink wine with Steve or play guitar with Ed??? (Just don't make me play scrabble)

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Link

On the side bar I added a new link called " Stuff on My Cat" It is a hilarous website where people submit pictures of stuff on their cat. I know Alexis and Haley will be sure to enjoy it.


At Least It's Not a Picture of Poop

So Lucas is definitly back to his normal self. He even had a hard poop today. Yeah!!!! He woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but after eating constantly through the whole morning, he started to feel better. Later our neighboors called and invited us to the dog park which we enjoyed and then we invited them to the library, which was another fun outing (and free). We then came home and ate lunch. While eating lunch Lucas realized that he could stick his fingers in the holes in his nose. My god, he thinks, there are holes in my nose. Of course I think this is hilarous, so I laugh rather then telling him not to put his fingers in his nose, which causes him to do it again, and again and again. So I thought I'd take this picture.

The other funny thing he did today was realize that he can conciously blink his eyes. He can close them tightly and open them whenever he wants. Oh the great, great things about having kids.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Well after a sick weekend for both Lucas and I it totally reminded me of what it is like in the first bit of pregnancy. Sleepy and constant nausea. Not alot of throwing up, but the feeling like it may happen at any moment. Darryl and I have been talking a lot about when we will have the next baby. But don't worry I promise I'm not pregnant now. With Lucas there was very little planning. I had no idea how long it would take to get pregnant so we just decided start trying one day, although it wasn't that we really decided to start trying moreso then we just decided to stop not trying. 9 (or closer to 10) months later, there was Lucas.

With this next baby I have counted 9 months on my fingers about a thousand times. So if I get pregnant in this month, the new baby will be born in this month. Do I want to be pregnant in the summer again? Do I want to enjoy wine one summer before I have to become the designated driver again for a year and a half? How will it affect my maternity leave affect my job? Will I want to go back when there are two kids? What is the ideal spacing between Lucas and a sibling? Am I really able to handle two when Lucas is this age? When will they both be in school? Does that matter? Can I really plan this? Will it happen as quick? Then counting the months on my fingers again? I feel like a crazy person. I was never so anal with planning Lucas, boom it just happened.

Speaking of my crazy planning. I was just wondering how many people a Chinese Gender Predictor worked for? I would love as many opionins as possible! Was it correct for you? I've also heard to look at the woman age when she concived rather then when the baby was born. Does that make a difference for you?

Let me know. I'd love to see if I can add this to my list of crazy planning =)

Till Tommorrow


Friday, January 26, 2007


So Lucas is slowly recovering from his stomach flu and still has very wet poopy diapers but has not thrown up in a couple of days. He also has not eaten a whole lot in the past couple of days, which worries me a bit since he's always been such a good eater. So today I made white macaroni and cheese for lunch. I set him in his high chair and gave him a bowl of it. He kind of looks over it and is skeptical. So I start to eat it and moan mmmmmmmmm, every time I take a bite. Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm as I eat my macaroni and cheese. Well Lucas becomes intrigued enough to start. He mmmmmmmm's as well. All through lunch we are eating and moaning, mmmmmmmm it's the best macaroni and cheese in the world. But atleast we are eataing it.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baked Goods

I'm not really a baker, but my mother did teach me some good baking techniques and good recipies. So on the weekend Lucas and I decided to make some cookies. It was a bit of an experience. There ended up with quite a bit of baking powder all over. Lucas saw me take the tablespoon and put in in the container so he decided he would try it too. As he pulled the spoon out of the small hole baking powder went flying all over him and I. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

As Lucas gets older we are able to do some more fun things together. I have been reading some lists about ideas of things to do with your toddler rather then sitting in front of the TV. Two things I have to add to the list are baking and coloring.

Lucas loves to color, we do this every day now. Generally he scribbles three lines and then proclaims it a car. He also likes organzing the crayons or taking them in and out of the package.

Lucas was feeling a bit better today. Still a fever but no throwing up....that being said he didn't really eat anything.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today I have had 2 showers, changed my shirt 4 times and done 3 loads of laundry. Our little guy has the stomach flu. Atleast when an adult is going to throw up we can usually make it to the toliet or garbage or something. But a baby can't tell you, so it ends up going all over whatever is in front of them. It's much easier for me to wash my clothes then wash the couch, so lots of throw up on my clothes.

I'll be sure to go to bed early tonight, as I'm thinking I'll have to get up and wash the sheets tonight.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best Friends

Today has been a really great day and it's only 2:30. The sun is shining Lucas is sleeping, I'm watching Y and R and blogging away. Lucas and I have had a great day. It's one of those days I love staying home and wish I could do it all the time. I feel like we are the best of friends. We walked to the park and played on the slide and then walked aroudn the perimeter. Then we came home and had some friends over. Lucas showed the right amount of jeaously. Just enough to say that's my mom and no one else's or that's my toys, but I will still share with you. Then we headed out for lunch with Darryl. The whole day has been great becuase he's been listening. Like we were in the Disney store, which could have turned into a nightmare of screaming, but it didn't. He played with certain toys, but when I told him to put them back he did. When I said we were done playing with Thomas the train at Chapters, he came and grabbed my hand as we walked to the next store. I'm not sure what the trick is, but whatever we did went great. At the end of our shopping trip we stopped for ice cream, as my Mom mentioned how much he enjoys it, we sat on some stairs and shared the ice cream. Like I said it has been a great day with my best friend.

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Monday, January 22, 2007


Somedays other people's blog are so much more thought provoking then mine. Here's a great one to read today... Plus great comments.

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An ipod Party

On Oprah today they are having an ipod party so I thought I'd make a list of the top 10 songs on my ipod. I'll tag a bunch of people and I hope you all answer becuase I love to find new music. If you don't have a blog please put your top 10 in the comments list. Last week fellow blogger Jenna introduced me to a song by Jem called Flying High. It's great and I'm hoping to get lots more music from other bloggers. Here is my top 10 songs that you may have not heard before:

1. Boston and St. John's: Great Big Sea. Even if you don't like celtic/martime music you'll love this song. If you do like dancing, you love this band

2. I Don't Feel Like Dancing: Scissor Sisters. A great disco song

3. Gone: Jack Johnson. I great song about material things. There is also a version with the Black Eyed Peas.

4. Where Does the Good Go: Tegan and Sara. Such a good song. I so recommend it

5. Laid: Matt Nathanson: A great beat. Not a song to listen around your teenager.

6. The Blowers Daughter: Damian Rice A singer who I have recently started listening to,

7. For You I Will: Teddy Geiger Another great singer

8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Suddenly it's a beautiful song in lots of commercials.

9. Both Hands: Ani Difranco Great beat and guitar part

10. No Man's Woman: Sinead O"Connor

Here's some new music for everyone. I am tagging Mo, Lesley, Allie, Jen, Jenna, Kristine, Haley. Your it. I'd love to hear you ipod playlist!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Still Have So Much To Learn....

On Friday night I was working and a family doctor came in to talk to one of the ladies I was working with. I asked her about our predicament with our family doctor (he's taken a personal leave of absence for 6 months and Lucas's 18 month appt is in a month). She said that it is mostly a developmental check up and asked if I had any concerns with him that way. I said no, he was right on track developmently. She asked if he said any words. I told her how much he loved cars and that was his first word. I also said how he is trying to say Lightning McQueen, from the movie Cars, she asked if that was a spin on Steve McQueen. I said I had no idea, as I don't even know who Steve McQueen is, other then a line from a Sheryl Crow song. When she started to describe some of Steve McQueen racing and movie highlights, I realized of course Lighting McQueen is a spin off from Steve McQueen.

One of my concerns with having a boy was that I didn't know anything about boy stuff. But I am having a great time learning about all boy stuff along with Lucas. I know the the difference bewtween a front end loader and a back hoe. I know about different types of cars and now I know about Steve McQueen. But I'm sure I still have so much to learn.

Till TOmmorrow


Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Night TV: Don't Read if you haven't seen the Office, Earl or Grey's Anatomy

Last night I enjoyed watching my typical Thursday night TV show. First off was My Name is Earl. It was great becuase it reminder me a little bit of my own life. It was about a guy who had died that was on Earl's List. To cross him off the list Earl had to give him a funeral, expect this guy didn't know anyone. Earl went to his apartment and turned on his computer. Which had funny phrases like his friends were behind the fish (which was the screen saver). And they though the computer was talking to them. Then they had a funeral with all of the dead guy's online friends. People gave funny speechs and used terms like LOL and BRB. Very funny show.

After that was The Office, probably my favorite TV show. On that show they managed to make Andy the new guy who got the old annoying guy fired, more annoying then Dwight, the old annoying guy. The funniest part of the whole show was when Jim and Pam played a prank on the Andy, the new annoying guy. They threw his cell phone up into the ceiling and then Andy was going crazy trying to find it. It was hilarious! I highly recommend this show, it's so funny. Plus I was so glad Dwight was back at the end.

Last but not least was Grey's Anatomy. Again, another great show. I cried my eyes out. George's dad died and it was so so sad. I'm even tearing up thinking about it now. They did such a great job. Poor George is now part of the dead dad's club. It made me think about all the people I love and how the day my father dies, may just kill me too.

It was just a great night to be a couch potato.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Emma's Territory

I am not a very good mother. I mean I try to have rules for my kids and dogs, but I don't have very many. I am quite leanant on Emma and her wearing a leash. Espeically on our street. Everyday we walk back and forth to the end of the street where the park is. She always stick with me, although usually a few paces ahead. She rarely runs away and if a rabbit runs and Emma feels the need to chase her, Emma will always come back. Usually I'll find her sitting on the front porch after I've been wandering streets. She generally stays away from cars as she is quite scared of them after her adventure trying to cross Deerfoot Trail (a highway here in Calgary) so I quite trust Emma to walk off leash as we head up to the park for our daily romp.

It seems though becuase Emma gets to roam free on the street she now thinks it's her territory, so when she sees other dogs on the street it makes her unhappy. Most of the time she just runs by them, but today one wanted to stop and play. Of course it was a puppy and I had to oogle over it, but the puppy wanted to play with Emma. Of course Emma would have none of that so she growled and nipped at the dog. I guess it's like a younger sibling who is bothering you and you want them to stop. Just in dog language it comes in the form of a growl and nip. Emma is around dogs fairly often, we take her to dog parks once a week. She use to go to doggy day care a couple times a week and we never heard of any problems with it. She also has her best doggy friends. Maybe she is getting grouchy in her old age.

I guess I am going to have to start to enforce a new leash rule. I am just not a strict mom....

Edit To Add: The puppy was just fine. Didn't even yelp and still wanted to play with Emma
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monthly Newsletter- Month Seventeen

Dear Lucas,

Today, the 17th, you turn 17 months old. The next time I'll be able to make some kind correlation like that will be on the 17th when you turn 17 years old. I wonder what you'll be like when you are 17, I wonder what I'll be like when you are 17. I'll be in my forties..... weird. Anyway, happy 17th month birthday, today the 17th.

This month has been quite incredible. You have learned to do so so much. I just can't believe it. You say so many words now I don't think I could list them all (mostly because I can't remember them all) Alot of your words are in a language that only your daddy and I can understand, but I say they still count. You are definitely in a stage where you are starting to repeat everything I say. Yesterday you said ight-in. Which is your way of saying Lightning McQueen. One thing that makes me so proud is how you are already using your manners. Dank-du. Which is your way of saying thank you. You are not 100% sure what context to use it in. You mostly say it when you give me something, I'm sure because that's when I say when you give me something, so next month we are going to have to work on saying it when I give you something.

Physically you are getting much better at climbing the stairs. Faster with climbing up and getting better at going down. You still feel more comfortable turning around and going backwards on your hands and knees down the stairs, but sometimes we'll hold hands and you'll hold the wall and we'll go down the stairs that way. You also LOVE to be outside. Alhtough your word for outside is more like an "sssss" noise, so it took me a while to distinguish. Yesterday we played outside for an hour after your nap and you loved it. You cried when we had to come in to make dinner. We pushed about your tricycle and lawnmower for quite a while. At the beginning of the month you hated wearing mittens, but now you are realizing that your hands will stay warmer if you have them on.

We are back on track after coming back from Florida. We had a really good time with the change of scenery, plus you learned so much from your Grandma and your Auntie Lexie. Your fascination with your Pop continues, but Grandma has so much fun playing with you and Auntie Lexie enjoyed entertaining you in the back seat of the car. It was fun traveling with you. I brought your squeaky shoes with us and everyone loved them. People would hear you walking around and smile at your cuteness. You did so great on the trip. The couple of days we went to the theme parks you would sleep in your stroller, which I as the schedule Nazi was very impressed with.

Your separation anxiety seems to be getting a bit better. You don't panic every time I leave your sight. And you haven't been crying when I leave you at the day home. I'm so happy about this. I don't like to make you cry, although I'm glad you feel so strongly about me. Right now you and Dad are upstairs and he is reading you books. He is making funny seal noises which is making you laugh. I love my family

You have also become quite good at sharing this month. Although if I try to take something from you that you really want the sharing trick doesn't work. You like to pretend to feed your toys, or give them something to drink. And you do this cute little thing with your tongue that makes it sound like they are drinking. You also like to play with us now as well and will bring my a dump truck or a car to push around. You have also got quite into coloring and same thing, you need to make sure Mommy is coloring with you. Sometimes we'll switch crayons. We have quite a few of you car pictures pinned up on the wall. It's funny because they are just scribbles that look nothing like a car but every time you see it up on the wall, you point and say car. You also like the magna doodle you got for Christmas.

Last week it was very cold so I decided to buy us a new movie. It is a kids movie, so it was for you but also kind of for me, becuase I need some new things to watch. While we were in Florida, with all the Disney influence you became quite fond of Nemo, so the movie I chose was Finding Nemo, besides who doesn't love Dorie. I did not realize how scary that movie is. THe mom dies, Nemo get's kidnapped, Marlin get's attacked by a shark and some crazy glowy thing with sharp teeth, Nemo may be killed by a little girl, and he almost get's stuck in a drain, Marlin get's swallowed by a whale. Very scary, through the whole thing I was saying "Oh No", which you have now started to say but it is way cuter, you kind of purse your lips and your voice is much cuter then mine. Now you love to do the sign for fish and say Oh no, when Nemo get's kidnapped. Plus I know it's just a movie, but I was way more emtional watching it now then when I watched it last time pre- Lucas. If a boat ever came and took you from me, I too would swim the whole ocean looking for you.

I love you pumpkin.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thinking Meme

I was tagged by my friend Allie from Life at the Whittinghams. With this meme that will make me reflect....

1. If you had to choose one vice in exclusion of all others, what would it be?

This is kind of hard one. I have three "vices" that I am quite fond of. Chocolate, Coke and Red Wine. I think I could give any of them up at any point if I wanted to, but I do enjoy them all. I guess I would have the hardest time giving up chocolate.

2. If you could change one specific thing about the world, what would it be?

Ahh such a deep question....It's hard to pinpoint one thing that would bring peace in the world. I thought Allie's answer about accepting cultural diversity was the best.

3. Name the cartoon character you identify with the most.

I can't say I was ever a big cartoon watcher so I'm going to go with that singing frog, becuase I also love to sing.

4. If you could live one day of your life over again, which one would it be?

Hard to choose... my wedding was such a great day. I spent it with people I loved and got to have so much fun. It went by so fast that I was amazed when it was over. It would be fun to live it over again. Plus I still fit in my wedding dress. The other day I would love to live over again would be a sunny day spent in Mexico. It was a time before Lucas and I don't think I appricated it enough. I didn't appricate the food and the time with Darryl, the time reading and doing nothing.

5. If you could go back in history and spend a day with one person, who would it be?

Again hard to choose... I don't remember every meeting my biological father and he has died a long time ago. It would be interesting to spend a day with him. Do I look like him? Are we similar? That being said I heard he was not the nicest man, so would I be wasting my day on him. It would also be interesting to spend a day with Leonardo DaVinci. Spend the day in Europe in a time that is totally different then how we live now.

6. What is one thing that you lost, sold or threw away that you wish you had back?

I had this pair of jeans when I was a teenager that had big patches on them that were so comfortable. I loved those jeans!

7. What is your one most important contribution to this world?

Another questions where I am going to give two answers. I hope my most important contribution to the world is my children. I hope that my children are giving and care about others. I hope they help to change the world in both small and large ways. I also feel that I have contrubiting to the world by training some really great x-ray technologists. It's nice to see your hard work pay off and your students go out into the world and be so great with patients!

8. What is your one hidden talent that nearly no one knows about?

I can drive for long periods of time.

9. What is your most cherished possession?

Another question where I am going to give two answers: First off is anything that has recorded the fortuante live I have lived. Pictures, scrapbooks and this blog. It's amazing to think that one day I will have great great grandchildren who will be able to see what my life was. Second would be my wedding ring. I have the most beautiful ring. I am so proud to be happily married.

10. What one person influenced your life the most when growing up?

I know this is the obvious answer, but I'm going to give the obvious. My parents. I see so much of who I am is similar to who they are. They taught me how to love and how to relax. That experiences are more important then material things or a clean house. That who you are is not based on what you have but who you spend time with. They taught me to care about others and the enviroment.

11. What word describes you better than any other?

I don't know, so I ask those of you who know me, what word describes me best??

I am tagging Lesley, Kristine and Darryl

Till Tommorrow


Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend and Such

Somedays I have nothing to blog about and other days, like today I have tons to blog about. So I have created lots of drafts and will post the meme I was tagged with and a good website I found so I'll post them on a day when I have nothing to post.

Lucas, Darryl and I had a great weekend. It wasn't to busy but also had some great highlights. It's fun to just hang out with Lucas, watch him with all his fun-ness. Plus it's fun for Darryl and I to have some down time to clean the house. On Saturday night we headed over to my parents house for dinner. My mom made a great turkey dinner as usual and our friends were there as well, lots of kids= lots of fun. Lucas and his "cousins" were very well behaved, although loud.

Lucas has also started doing lots of fun things, but I should save those for his monthly newsletter.

Right now I'm watching the Golden Globes, it is a great show. Although I wonder how famous people do it. Brad and Angelina look so happy and in love. I hope Jennifer Aniston is not watching, it kind of burns me, I can only imagine how she feels. Also Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz (who is wearing and ugly dress) that must be uncomfortable for them! Although Heidi Klum and Seal look so happy, as do Will and Jada Smith. I do love award shows! If you watched it I'd love to hear what you thought!

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lightening and Sally

While in Florida we got some great "collector" cars, Lightening McQueen and Sally from the Pixar movie Cars from Disney World. They are Matchbox style cars and he LOVES them. Here are some of my "arty" pictures of him playing with them.

Till Tomorrow


Sneaking Around

It has been very cold in Calgary here. So Lucas and I have spent lots of time inside. We have been having lots of fun playing with cars and learning new words. Lucas seems to be getting over his separation anxiety. I have been able to take a shower without him crying outside the door. And have been able to spend some time in the evenings without him sitting on my lap. Have also become a sneaky... All the books say to say goodbye to your kid when you leave them with someone else so they know you're gone but that you'll always come back. That has not been working for us, Lucas cries when I am about to leave and although it's only for a couple of seconds till something else distracts him, it is so hard for me to walk out the door. So lately if I leave him somewhere I try to sneak out. It doesn't seem to have done any damage because of the non crying when I go on a different floor, or in the shower. He has also resorted to saying da-da-da, much more often now.

So it seems we are on the down swing of a difficult stage. Yeah!!

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Darryl has started to blog. Check out his site. Stop by and say hello.


On His Tummy

Lucas has started to enjoy lying on his belly to take his bath. Although I totally get the need to try to submerse as much of you body as possible in the warm water, but it makes me a little nervous. His head is so much closer to the water now. I'm sure he is totally safe, I think he is too cautious of a kid to do it if he didn't feel safe, but it still makes me a little nervous. He can drive he cars on the bottom of the tub very well when he's on his tummy. And kick his feet and splash water everywhere, but probably not in his eyes. He does quite enjoy "tubbing time". We often sing our little made up song before his bath. "Tubbing Time, tubbing time, it is tubbing time". He loves playing with the foam pieces, splashing in the water. Learning about volume and different sizes of cups the amount of water that fits in one cup doesn't always fit in the other cup. He went through a stage about a couple of months ago where he knew that after tub came bed time, so he would try to resist his tub. Now he has learned that resistance is futile. No matter what he'll have to go to bed so he might as well live up the time he has before that. So tubbing time is usually a fun time in our house.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding anniversary. We had them over for dinner the other night to celebrate and gave them a bottle of port to open after their next 25 years of marriage. When I went into the wine store to buy this bottle of port and told the retailer my story he commented on what a great achievement as many people do not make it to 25 years married. I certainly agree with him. With the divorce rate being so high it is a rarity in today’s day and age. So after dinner I asked them what it takes to make a marriage work for 25 years. Here's what they said works for them.

Their top thing was they were friends. They had many of the same interests, not everything in common but they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and enjoy similar activities. They take golf trips in the summer and ski trips in the winter. They both love to shop for good deals and gamble their money in Las Vegas. They enjoy each other’s company and want that company around for many years to come.

The next thing they mentioned was growing together. I am proud to say that when my sister and I graduated from highschool and started college, my parents started university. At some point they both quit their jobs to pursue their university degrees. They always grew together and supported each other.

Last but not least the big thing they mentioned was communication. They talked about how mom never told Dad to quit a job, she may have hinted at it, but mostly just let him talk till he came to the right decision about it. They talked about how they love to laugh together and how humor often helped them get through things. Marriage is a lot of work (and I'm sure I caused lots of the work), but they chose to work at it and have realistic expectations about marriage and know that there will be ups and downs, you just have to communicate your way through them.

It was a great evening for me, great to hear about fun times at Grey Rocks. Fun times we had as kids going to Ontario place or the base ball games. It's fun to recall all the fun times we've had in life and what those things have taught us. They have been a great example for me on marriage, love and perseverance. They taught my sister and I how to behave as people and how to have fun. They taught us that education is so important but so is going on vacation.

I love you Mom and Dad. Happy Anniversary!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Merry Christmas Jenn!

Here is a picture of one of my Christmas presents from Darryl. I love my new hobby and glad that it's causing new gifts. I've also started to upload pictures to Flickr again so if you'd like to see more click on the pictures at the side.

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, January 06, 2007

What's It Going To Be??

Torte and Some New Websites

RIght now I'm eating some Chocolate Raspberry Torte, my question is this: What is the difference between cake and torte? If anyone knows that would be great. Also it is great torte =)

Darryl has started a new blog about the house. Click here to read and bookmark it if you'd like. Also if anyone is looking for some opionions on Cardel feel free to leave comments and we'll let you know.

The other thing I wanted to share with some of the other mommy/daddy bloggers who read this blog is some of my new favorite blogs. Great blogs are like great books, execept they never end. Here are some great blog/books I've tuned into lately.

1. The Cheaty Monkey. A canadian blogger who tells funny stories about her daughter.

2. Greek Tragedy. This woman is an amazing writer. She just had she twins 10 weeks premature. I've cried and laughed at her last 5 posts. An added bonus, she loves the Barenaked Ladies and has red hair.

3. The Writing Mama's Daily Blog
: Different Mom's write different stories everyday. Always well written.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Till Monday


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Video Of the Weekend: Dude

Till Tommorrow

My Take on The Hanging

I don't usually write about things that happen in the news. Ever since having Lucas I don't like to watch the news, or sad movies or dwell on anything horrible. The other reason I don't really write about the news is because I generally don't know enough about it to give an opinion. When I do publish an opinion I like to be well informed.

This week Saddam Hussein was hanged. I can't say I am well informed about all the horrible things he has done to people, but I know it is horrible. So thank goodness this has happened. Although I'd be interested to learn why hanging was the method of choice. I don't think a man like that could ever be reformed. So good for the world glad we are rid of that bastard. I am surprised that this is not bigger news. I think it is monumentual. One of the worst people in the world is not part of the world. Yeah!! There are so many stupid things that slip through the cracks. I'm so glad this man didn't slip through the cracks.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby Day

At some point Darryl and I would like to have more children. I loved having a sibling and ideally would love to have a big family, but two would fine as well. As Lucas is getting older there has been some discussion on how soon we should wait until we have the next one. There is no final answer on that but I did lots of patients today that made me think of it.

First I was off to the hospital to work with our junior students. We performed about 10 hysterosalpingograms, which is a test where they look at a woman uterus and fallopian tubes with x-ray contrast. 95% of the reason these woman have this test is because they are having difficulty getting pregnant. There were some who have never had children, but others who had no problem getting pregnant the first time but are having lots of trouble now. Working in healthcare can certainly put fears in your head. What if I have trouble getting pregnant again? I am so greatful for Lucas but what if it takes years to have another. It also makes me realize what a gift a child is.

After working with adults doing hystero's, I head over to the Children's hospital to work with the junior students there. Again it was interesting to be around lots of babies, even though so many of them are sick, but so reslient. It did put lots of thoughts in my head about babies and when do I want to subject myself to all the difficulites of having a newborn around..... Lack of sleep, sharing my time between a new baby and Lucas. When will it be good for Lucas.....

Hopefully I won't be staring at the ceiling thinking about this all night. For other mothers out there, do you know when the right time is, or is there never a right time? What age was your older child and how did they adapt?

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Something Unexpected

When I first met Darryl he did not read books. If he did read books they would be for learning but not for pleasure.

One day we were headed back to Ontario and Darryl bought a book to read on the plane (this was a time when there was no TV's in the seat back of West Jet flights). It was the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. That book changed how Darryl felt about reading. Every spare moment of the vacation was spent reading the Hobbit. What would happen to Frodo and would Gollum trick him???

This evening Darryl has read for 3 hours. When he gets a book he likes it takes over all his spare time. I'm sure this will continue for the next week till he finishes this book. The same thing happened with The Hobbit and the rest of the Lord of the Rings series and the Harry Potter series of books. The current book is called Eragon and it seems to be quite popular and as I'm sure Darryl will agree with it's popularity as he seems to be quite enjoying it. Feel free to comment Darryl, are there any books I'm forgetting?

This has been a great side of Darryl that I didn't see when we were younger. It's great to be continually surprised in marriage with things unexpected.

Till Tommorrow


This Made Me Smile

You got to love an e-mail like this.

Hi Jenn, nice to hear from you, sounds like you had fun in Florida.

I believe we are digging your lot today or tomorrow. (Yay!!)

Scott, our construction supervisor for Cranston, will be calling you shortly for updates.

Happy New Year, and look forward to seeing you soon!


Till Tommorrow


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year- 2007

2006 has bee a great year. Last night in bed Darryl and I were discussing some of the highlights and came to the conclusion that for both of us the highlight was watching Lucas grow up. This year Lucas learned how to crawl, which seemed to take forever and he learned how to walk, which quickly became a run. He learned how to really laugh and how to make other people laugh. He learned about playing in the lake and by a pool. He said his first words and grew a personality. It has been the most amazing journey.

It was an eventful year for family members going into the hospital as well. Luckily everything turned out well and Dad came home happier then ever after his brain surgery and the driving instructor Opa was happy to be driving again after his open heart surgery.

Other highlights of the year are always vacations. Although vacations have taken a big turn for me. We did go to Las Vegas, Kelowna, Ontario and Florida this year. Each time I have to adjust my travel for the stage Lucas is in. Plus I am a nazi about his naps and schedule so I have a hard time adjusting for time changes and plane rides that interfer with nap time. Then we actually get to the place and the activites revolve around what works best for Lucas. Whew! Still nice to get away and fun to introduce Lucas to all the world has to hold for him...... but lots more work.

This next year will be an eventful one. Selling this house and moving into the new one will be a huge undertaking. Plus I'd like to go to Ontario and Kelowna in the summer. The vacation I am looking forward to the most will be one where Darryl and I can go away for a weekend just the two of us and Lucas can be spoiled by his Grandma and Pop. I'm just not sure New York City or San Fransisco? What's your vote for?

It will be great to watch Lucas grow over the next year as well and I'm sure that will be the highlight of the next year as well.=) He is at such a sweet age right now I am trying to savor every moment. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years.

Till Tommorrow (and back to the grind)