Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Proud Mom

We are on March Break this week, so I took the boys to do groceries with me so they could pick out some healthy snacks and some treats. I usually do groceries when they are at school, but thought this would be a good opportunity for me to learn about what they like and spend some time together.  I have taken the boys grocery shopping a lot throughout their lives and they both enjoy it, not as much as video games, but as much as you can enjoy a chore.

Nathan still has the habit of hanging onto the cart, which is something we have to break, cause on a Sunday at superstore, it's important to be narrow through the ailse and the people.  But Lucas likes to 'help' by going and picking things out that are on the list.  It's super helpful!  If I forgot naan bread, he will go back to the bakery and get it.  Then he asked what else he could get.  I was just working on the ailses and Lucas asked if we needed milk.  I said yes and so he went over to the dairy section to pick it out.  When he came back he was carrying two cartons instead of the jug.  I asked why 2 cartons as we usually get the jug.  He replied, becuase it was cheaper.  The cartons were on sale.  I doubt this as milk is almost never on sale. But he said it was and he double checked that it was the same amount, so the cartons were 2L and the jug was 4L.  The cartons were on sale for 1.99 and the jug was 4.59.  We walked over he was correct, the cartons of milk were on sale.

I was so proud.  I love to get a good deal, I love it when things are on sale!  Nathan figured out it saved us .61 cents.

Lucas is often so much like Darryl, but it's always nice to see when he's like me too.  Although as I sit here and listen to the boys playing downstairs and him telling everyone what to do, maybe he's more like me then I thought....

Till Tomorrow


Friday, March 18, 2016

When do you push and when is it personality and when is that a reason?

Last night was parent teacher interviews.  I was working for Nathan's but wanted to talk to Lucas's teacher about her marking scheme so I scheduled that one for when I was done.   We had a good time in his classroom and I got to remember how fun grade 5 is.   When we had our chat with his teacher she asked us about giving him feedback and that she's worried he takes it too personally.  We chatted about if he's ever tried out for sports team or other ways he might get feedback. 

Lucas is a super awesome kid.  Of course I'm his mother so of course I believe that, but even his teacher says it too.  He has a heart of gold.  Today we were at the park and a kid hurt themselves.  He was the first to ask if the kid was okay.  Or at the same park one kid called his brother fat, Lucas was the first to say, Hey you shouldn't call them that.  When I ask him to do something he always does, he's great academically, he's really good at pretty much sport and is a great friend.   We are really proud of him at school too, as he is showing himself as a leader by helping with getting kindergarten kids on the bus and doing crossing guard. 

So with all these great things does it matter if he's not very participatory, or that it can be difficult to give him feedback without feeling that you are hurting his self esteem?  Is there something we should do to help him with those skills or is it just his personality?  And when you say it's just someone's personality is that making an excuse?    All questions I'm pondering...

I think generally it's his personality... Darryl is also an introvert.  In life you can't have everyone be really participatory or things may never get decided.  Different people make the world go around and make the world interesting.  But at the same time if we can cultivate some of those traits that don't come naturally to him that is a good idea.  At the same time I don't want to put him in situations that he really doesn't like.  I don't want to make him into someone that he isn't. 

Ahh parenting, always keeping things interesting.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter... so far

I really should try to post more.   Looking at old posts is one of my favourite things to do, plus I love that I can keep a record of my life.   This week Auntie Karen's best friend, her daughter died.  She was 17.  It's so sad.  So so sad.   So I love reading about my life, but it's also a great legacy to leave, someday when I leave. 

Winter has been pretty darn good to us, the weather has been remarkable for a winter.  When there was snow we were lucky enough to go to Hawaii and had a great trip there.  I have never been there so I wasn't really sure what to expect, and really didn't have a lot of expectations going into it.  We were going with a big group, so I didn't feel the same need to research and investigate like I do other times I go on vacation with a smaller group.  

It was a good vacation, fun to see a new place.  Fun to hike and snorkel and boogie board.  Hanalei Bay ended up being my favourite beach in the whole wide world.  It was great to see my whole family interacting and enjoying each others company.  It was great to see everyone trying something new and different.  Funny how kids bring that out in us.  

I'm feeling so grateful this winter for the wonderful relationship my parents and kids have.  There is a different kind of satisfaction to be the link between the two and the happiness you see the relationship has on both parties.   Dad has really enjoyed skiing with the boys this winter.  We have been a fair bit and it's been lots of fun.  It's great to see his pride when the boys accomplish something.  Nathan is a really good student, both in school and on the ski hill.  He will really listen and do what is asked of him.  He commits.  Unlike his mother... and Lucas is a bit more like me too.  So when Nathan really pays attention to my Dad and his skiing improves it's like my dad is glowing. 

What an awesome life I live.  I'm lucky to have lots of great things in my life.  Although I think lots of it is my own decision making.  I'm not sure I always believe in luck. 

Plan on doing more of this recording of my life.