Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Did It My Way

Well it's been a very interesting last 24 hours with Lucas. The last couple nights he has been getting up every 2 hours, he is not necessairly hungry, cause when he sees my face he just gives me a big smile. Generally he would have a little snack but once tha was done he'd fall back asleep and be up in two hours again. Well I was feeling quite sleep deprived, so last night Darryl and I decided to use the Ferber method to let him cry it out. We would go in and be sure he was okay, dry and wasn't hurt. Say some reassuring things to him and then leave and let him cry for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes was up we would go back in make sure he was okay and leave and let him cry for 10. Well it was so heart wrenching. Just to let him cry. At the same time sometimes he cries when in my arms as well. Anyway in the 10 minute block he stopped crying. Then he slept for 6 hours. It was so nice to get a good chunk of sleep. After that he woke I feed him and he went back down for another 3 hours. But after I feed him I just put him in his crib. No rocking or swaying. And for his naps today I have not been swaying with him either. Reading books, putting on his music and then putting him down.

I said I wasn't ready to let him cry it out, but I think things change quickly when you don't have enough sleep. Some people may think this way mean, and I certainly may have thought so a month ago, but until you are up all the time and are me, then I don't think you can judge.

So hopefully we are teaching him how to put himself back to sleep, without needing to eat or be rocked.

Anyway today I had a dream that I was back at work with Donna and Jenn. I love those ladies. I dreamt that we were all walking down to the store. I do miss their companionship.

Till Tommorrow.


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