Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Beautiful Day

Darryl's mom has come to visit from Ontario and she couldn't have come at a better time. The weather out here is perfect and we all enjoyed getting a sun tan today.

After watching a little boy yesterday afternoon and blowing and chasing bubbles outside we decided to go to the zoo today. Lucas was in good spirits after his nap, so we packed up and headed out. Nothing new at the zoo, although the elephant habitat is coming along great and the gorilla were outside so you could see them really well. We did enjoy a wonderful picnic outside in the Dorthy Harvie Gardens. Don't worry Lori, Kenzie and Brian we are taking very good care of Lynda, we even fed her wine tonight.

Not much else to report. Lucas is doing wonderful. My addiction to books continued today with another Usborne books order. We bought a 3 shelf bookcase for Lucas, but in hindsight I'm thinking we should have bought a bigger one. Oh well, guess we can always add to it.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Lucas has been waking in the evenings after going down for bed. Usually about an hour or two fter and I'm sure part of the problem is that it is light for so long out.

Darryl and I take turns soothing him back to sleep with trying not to pick up up. Expect to pick him up and watch him sleep is such a beautiful thing. It's usually still a little bit light in the room so you can watch his chest rising and falling with each breath he takes. Or his eyes fluttering while he's dreaming. In the beginning we always put him to sleep in our arms and we would time it out for the right moment to put him down and creep out of his room. Now that he does it on his own most of the time it is a treat to watch him sleep. It makes me feel so peaceful, like all is right with the world.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, May 29, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Well although it rained for the whole weekend, it will be stopping today. It's actually sunny out right now, but suppose to rain later today, but then that should be it for the week, which is good becuase we have company coming.

On Saturday morning I got up and headed out garage saleing. I do love a good deal, so garage sales are totally for me. Before I had a house, and a child I was not really into the garage sale, but now I love it. Plus I'm getting a little better at bartering. I got an Elmo for 1 dollar, when it had a 4 dollar price tag on it. Next weekend I'm going to see if I can wheel and deal for a wagon. We also got one of the trikes you can push or take the handle off once the kid knows how to use the tires. That will be an outdoor toy. It was only 5 dollar, where they are 50ish in the stores. Plus we got some more great books for 50 cents. Yeah for good deals!!

On Friday evening we took Lucas out for Thai food. I was having a real craving for coconut rice. He was really good and people loved him. He also quite enjoyed the coconut rice and beef and brocolli. We went to the Thai-Sa-On. It's downtown Calgary and has great thai food for anyone who is looking.

Yesterday we had swimming lessons which Luke loved. Usually he is quite somber and doesn't know what to make of the water but this time he was all into it. Kicking his legs, drinking the water and splashing. He is really loving the water. Here is a picture that Dad took.

Till Tommorrow (and Grammy is here)


Friday, May 26, 2006

A Major Crisis Averted

Well yesterday there was no post because of the craziness in the house. What was suppose to be a fun and eventful day turned out to be a day of hunting around the neighboorhood looking for keys. After Lucas's morning nap we went out for a walk before his doctors appointment. Somewhere during our walk we managed to lose the keys. So I was locked out of the house and the car. Luckily Tammy has a key to our house, so we were able to get inside for lunch and afternoon nap. But I had to cancel the doctors appotiment and also got a call that the mother and daugther pedicure I had booked for mom and I that evening was canceled. Once Lucas got up from his nap we went searching for the keys and someone had found them and put them on the picnic table at the park. Whew!! A major crisis averted.

Today we went to the Farmers Market, which was fun. Although I wonder when the Millarville Market will open, becuase that is a great place as well. I'm all for buying local things and supporting my community, even if it's not as good of a deal as you may find at the Walmart. I'm frugal, but considerate.

Lucas is doing good. He is not wanting to go down for naps the last couple of times. I'm hoping this is a quick phase that will pass. Dad was over today and trying to help him crawl, but the kid is too stubborn for it. =) If you lift his tummy to help him, he just raises his arms and legs like he's "super grover". But is smiling lots at strangers and enjoying our outings, especially when his Pop rides in the back seat with him. He did get into the cats water again today, so he is getting more proficent at pulling himself across the floor. If anyone has any tips on how to stop him from playing in their water that would be appriciated.

Anyhoo, I think that's all for now. Tigger continues to do well.

Till Tommorrow (or shall I say Monday, the day before Grammy comes =)


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crawling and other craziness

Well Lucas has still not mastered the art of crawling. Part of me is concerned but most of me is quite happy with this. I'm so glad I can still put him in a place and he will basically be there when I come back. We have yet to baby proof becuase there is no need. Now of course some people (including me sometimes) are worried about this, but I try to keep reminding myself that he'll get it, he's just taking his time. There are no 10 years olds that don't know how to crawl. One thing he is mastering is pulling himself across the linolieum floor. On Monday we were encouraging him to move and here's what he got into.

Yes that is the pets bowl of water. He is loving the water by the way. When we put him in his bath at night (oh yeah bath's moved to the evenings as well) his whole body convulses with excitiment. You can kind of see it in the video how he is kicking his legs. Smiling is just not enough to convey the excitiment he feels it must go from the tips of his toes to the top of his head.

One of the other weird things that had been going on with me lately is this feeling of invasion. Although it is nine months later I still can't believe I have this little person in my life. I feel like my life has been taking over and all the things I use to do with ease now take extra planning. Even something as simple as running to the back yard to get compost when Lucas is in the front yard. I can't just leave him there. But it is such a hassle to pick him up, try to juggle him and a bucket, while opening the composter...... This little person who is so dependant on me. I'm not sure if this will stop eventually, but to all the newer moms it hasn't stopped yet.

I'm feeling better today and learning to juggle it all a little better. Hopefully he will walk soon and it will free up my hands.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Deadmonton....I Mean Edmonton

Well where to start.... it's been along weekend and lots has been going on so it may be a long post.

First off Tigger is defintly on th emend. And she is trying to catch up on all the loving she missed out on while she was ill for a couple of days. I took her back to the vet on Friday afternoon so they could give her some fluids as I was worried if we went away she would continue to not get any fluids. While we were there the vet found some ulcers on her tongue and they looked infected. So they gave her some fluid and antibiotics for her to take here at home. It has been much easier to give them to her then I thought. So like I said yeah Tiggy is on the mend.

This weekend we headed up to Edmonton where Lexie is going to school. I thought it would be a good trial for Lucas and driving to Kelowna this summer. Lucas did very well and will still nap in his car seat. He was loving the book reading. He loves to flip through the pages, seeing what new thing will be on the next page. Plus I have a jigsaw puzzle book for him that he quite enjoys looking at the all the peices as well.

Alexis has a very nice place in Edmonton. Although I'm still a bigger fan of Calgary. The apatement reminds me alot of my apartement on Elbow Drive. The same layout, although hers is definitly newer then the one we lived in. Plus she has more storage space. Luke was happy to see her and happy to not be sitting in his car seat and walked along her couch with his cars. Although her cat Toby was a little freaked out over the mini person. He looks like a human but is so small. After that we headed out for lunch and to West Edmonton Mall to show Darryl. West Edmonton Mall is just that- a mall. But it is large and does have lots of cool things attached. Waterslides, hotel , movie theatres, roller coaster, sea lions, flamingo's, penguins and lots of other water animals. Although we did not purchase a thing it was still fun to see and something to cross off our list.

Then we headed back to Lexies so Lucas could nap. But he was having none of that. What is this strange playpen and this strange room. So after 45ish minutes of trying we gave up. No afternoon nap for him. We hung out for a while till my sister's boyfriend showed up then scooted off to Earls. I was thinking it was going to be so busy on a Saturday night at 6pm, but we walked right in and got a booth. Poor Dan (sister's boyfirend) ended up right beside Lucas and spent lots of time picking Lucas's toys up off the ground. Hopefully we didn't scare him away with our gravity obesessed child. Afterwards we headed back to Lexies for a little tea, conversation and cheesecakes. Dan was really nice and I'm glad my sister has found someone to spend time with in Deadmonton.... I mean Edmonton.

The next day Lucas was up at 7am and I'm sure Lexie was cursing the day she invited us. What is this crazy child who wakes up in the night (although ince it was her cats fault) and then wakes again at 7am. We enjoyed some cinnabon for breaky and then headed out for a drive so Luke could have his afternoon nap. We went to the Parliment Buildings and they were so nice. Then we headed down to Whyte Ave for a little ice cream and cute store shopping. After that we headed home. It was so good to see Alexis and it's weird that we live far apart again. Like when I first saw her I saw that her hair was shorter. When we were kids I would have known about that right away. Anyway she is a great sister and so much fun. Thanks for the laughing Lexie!

The trip home was good as well. Lucas slept for half of it and play for the other half. That night we headed to a neighboor house for a birthday BBQ and yesterday we caught up on the weekend chores.

Till Tommorrow and another funny video


Friday, May 19, 2006

Sick Tigger

Well our little cat Tigger is quite sick. She has become very lethargic and is losing weight. She also hasn't had anything to eat or drink in the last two days. Ohh I hope she's going to be okay. It's so hard when one of your animals are sick. They can't tell you where it hurts or what's wrong. We did take her to the vet yesterday where they did a genreal blood screen but everything came back normal. I just wish she could tell me how sick she is so I knew what to do. Do we keeping paying to have them investigate or do we play the waiting game.

Anyway I'm going to try to coax her to eat or drink something.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and Go Oilers!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bhhhhhhhhh Bhhhhhhhh

Just have to share how much Lucas is in love with his cars and what a good furniture walker he is with the right motivation. Also notice the My Little Pony.


Till Tommorrow


Monthy Newsletter-Month Nine

Dear Lucas,

Well today is your nine month birthday. It is amazing that you have been in the world now longer then you grew inside of me. For me it feel like way longer that you have been in the world then I was pregnant. You have now grown into a very fun stage in life. It is fun for me and so fun for you. You smile and laugh alot and you make me smile and laugh alot. Sometimes it's the craziest things you laugh at, like the word "two" or "jumping". But once you laugh I love to do it over and over again till you are all laughed out.

You eat pretty much everything now. Really you are like your father and seem to like most foods. The only hings you have spit back out at me are cucumber, avacado and broccoli. Although we have only tried each of those things once, so maybe the next time. Today at Wendy's I gave you some Frosty and you thought that was delicious. I'm glad that we can share most anything I eat. It makes planning to take you out somewhere a little less tedious. Although I usually try to have some applesauce with me where ever I go.

Your sleep has been also going so well. We of curse had a blip at the start of the month, but things seemed to have ironed themselves out. Knock on wood. I'm glad and it feels like we have some means of a schedule. We do something fun every lumch hour and you get to sleep in between. You have become a really fun kid to hang out with. It will be great when you can talk to me.

This month also consisted of your first big cold, which led to the nickname snotty nose bogger face, although we don' really call you thatt anymore. Also the end of nursing. I'm sure I will say this in every newsletter, but I can't believe how fast you are growing up. I love all my time with you, and I'm thinking that you are loving all your time with me. Especially when I wear necklaces that you can chew on.

The other thing that I have totally noticed this month is how you understand what I am saying. Now when I ask you to find something in your toy box you often do. It started with your blocks. I'd say find the birdie, and you'd turn the block around till you found the picture of the birdie. I am definitly trying to talk directly to you and more clearly now so that you will continue to pick up things quickly. I am amazed at your intelligence. I'm just waiting for anyday now when you sign something to me.

Well my smart and adorable little man. Remember that mommy loves you and this has been the most amazing 9 months of my life.

Love Mommy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An Adventure

Today Lucas and I went on a wild adventure. Well not really that wild, but gave Lucas lots of new things to see and do. I am defintly a person who likes an adventure. Although sometimes I enjoy doing things the easy way, sometimes it's fun to making things a bit challenging.

Anyway onto the day. So today Lucas and I were meeting some other mommies and babies down at Prince's Island Park (an island in Calgary, which I know sounds like an oxymoron, but it's true, there is really an island in Calgary). Anyway to get down town I thought it may be fun to take the train. All kids like to take the train. Plus it may be cool for Lucas to be moving and standing at the same time. So we headed on the train downtown. I think he was a little shocked that no one payed attention to him. Usually people pay attention to him. He would stare at people trying to get their attention, but they just ignored him and continue to listen to their ipods or read the paper. People don't tend to be very friendly on the train.

Then we walked around down town which is another different culture. Lots of people running and sun tanning. Anyway it was fun even though the kiddie pool was not open. Fun to show Luke new things. I mean we have swings here in the town, but it's good for him to be exposed to a concrete jungle. We did stop and get a hot dog from a street vendor. The nice thing is now Lucas and I can share a lunch. One hotdog for two people.

The problem is now it's 3:17 and he has yet to nap. It may be an interesting evening.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Well yesterday was very interesting for me. It was my first mothers day as a mother and not only a daughter. It meant more to me then any mothers day ever has. This will sound so corny, but Lucas is the best gift I could have ever recieved. Even last night I was fretting about going back to work even though I know I still get to be with him most of the time.

Lucas is loving the walking. Walking, walking everywhere. Yesterday we went to costco to pick up a bike trailer for him and he wanted to walk. Of course he's not walking on his own yet. Nor is he crawling on his own. I am breaking my back holding his hands helping him to walk. But he loves it, so I'm willing to sacrafice.

The weather here is like summer all week. Today's it's suppose to go up to 27 degrees! Now before we go out I lather Lucas up with lots of sunscreen. It's the best smell in the world baby and sunscreen all mixed in together. Compare with the worst smell in the world, smoke and alcohol all mixed in together.

Also took this video last week of Darryl being a great dad.

Till Tommorrow


Friday, May 12, 2006


Well a couple of weeks ago when Lucas was have his screaming fits when going to bed or half and hour after walking up from sleeping, someone suggested we give him a toy or "lovey" to sleep with. After some debate on which would be a good toy, not to large as to suffocate him and not too small as to choke on it, Darryl and I decided on bunny. Bunny was a toy that Darryl had when he was a kid so it has sentimental value Now Lucas loves to go to sleep with bunny. It has soft ears for sucking on and floppy legs and arms for playing with. The other day I asked Darryl if bunny was male or female. Darryl replied, well his suit is blue and green so obviously he's male. Lucas and bunny are a match made in heaven. Bunny helps Lucas to sleep well. Hopefully we never lose bunny.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, May 11, 2006

They Didn't Tell Me About This in Pre-Natal Class

Well last week marked the end of an era. I stopped nursing Lucas. He is now feed by bottle and real food alone. My doctor suggested I go till 9 months, so I started the weaning at just over 8 months, but it went so fast that we are done early. So for the first time in a year and a half I have my body back. Of course not the same body I had orginally, but atleast I'm not sharing it or growing anyone in it.

Breast feeding has been a really awarding experience for me. If you have never done it you are probably cringing through most of this blog, as I would cringe any time someone would mention it to me. I use to think my goodness, first a woman has to go through labor, then I have to breast feed. How is that fair! After labor I should get a free trip to Mexico. In the beginning it is so hard. You poor breast, prior to this there only job was to look nice in clothing, now they are working 24/7. In the beginning you are feeding that baby so much. Here is a pic of Lucas' cute after eating lips. I had a special chair and a "nursing station" all set up. With the phone and remote control all ready to spend the majority of my day feeding the baby. In the beginning it was hard. Is he latched properly? Is he getting enough? If you've never done it before you have no idea.

The good thing is it gets better. It gets easier. Even though I went through a horrible bout of thrush and then mastitis. In the end it all turn out well. Lucas grew and he got the best start he could have. In prenatal class there is a definite push to breast feed. They tell you about how good it is for you baby and you. How it will decrease babies chance of illness, getting cancer, ear infections. Plus so many things I cannot remember. For mom's it helped to make me skinny again, decrease risk of female cancer etc. Again too many benefits to remember. Plus it's cheap. Now that I am buying formula every week I'm realizing how expensive it is.

The one thing they didn't tell me about in prenatal class was what would happen after breast feeding was all done. My breast are sagging! They are limp and old. Thank god they make good bras. So breast feeding moms, enjoy your big full breast while you can. When you finish nursing they will change. The 24/7 job will make them old and tired.

It was a joy to have the closeness and the bond with Lucas. I will miss that and find myself cuddling beside him while he watches Sesame Street and eats.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Year Ago

Last year at this time Darryl and I had just left Paris to go visit a friend of mine in Lyon. Paris was much better the second time then the first. I had a much better idea of what to expect and it was so much fun to show Darryl around.

When we first arrived in Paris it felt a little like the Amazing Race. I knew which stop we needed for our hotel and had a brief idea of the metro(subway) system but not how to get from the airport to that stop. There are also two different "sets" of subways in Paris and we had to use one system to get to the other. Anyway after some confusion we made it to the platform we needed. The other thing I needed to do and fast was get my brain around french again. I can speak french, but don't do so on a regular basis, so to suddenly be immersed in french took a bit of getting use to. The other thing about Paris is that most Pariesen's ( from my experience) do not like to talk to tourists and especially do not like to talk to them in english. Anyway we ended up making it to our hotel and were exhausted. But to try to get use to the time change we decided to try to stay up as long as we could.

Our hotel in Paris was excellent. If anyone needs a good hotel in Paris we stayed at Hotel Monge. Certainly one of the best we stayed in. The only problem with it was the little shower. The shower was small, which normally would be fine, but it didn't have a shelf in it. As a women who was 7 months pregnant I could not bend down to the floor to pick up the shampoo every time, so I had to open the shower door and scoop everything from the toliet seat.

Breakfast was included in the price and so we had a wonderful traditional french breakfast every morning. In european culture we noticed that bread is very very popular. They defintly have it with most meals, and no margarine or butter on it. But it is white, very white bread all the time.

THe first day we headed to Notre Dame and climbed to the top. We also went to a a church St. Sulpice. Both were incredible even though we were quite tired.

The second day we headed to the Louvre which is the large and amazing museum in Europe. Saw the Mona Lisa. Then to the Eiffel Tower, which is larger then life. The up the Champs D'Ellyess, which is a famous street in Paris, where I asked for a "can of Coca". At the end of the Champs is the to the Arc de Triophe, which Napolean had commissioned but the first time he saw it was when he was wheeled under it to his funeral.

The last day we went to D'Orsay and were allowed to the front of the line, I'm not sure if it was because I was quite pregnant or they thought we may have the Musem Pass. Anyway doesn't matter at least we were at the front of the line. Then we took the afternoon off to relax and enjoyed some excellent treats and watch children play in the park. Amazing how children play the same games, whether they are in english, french or japanese.

That night Darryl and I had the best dinner of our lives. I can't find the name of the restaurant now but will and try to post it later. We stared with escargot then had rack of lamb and the best scallop potatoes. Dessert was also amazing and it came with great red wine. One thing about France is you can only get french wines there. But the food is so so so amazing. If you like food you should really go to France. Even the sandwichs are great. It is a wonderful way of life over there. I can't wait to go back.

Till Tommorrow and more of Lucas


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Testing Testing 123

What about this?

K so here is a cute video of Lucas. Hopefully I have this figured out to do more.


Explain This

Well last night was Darryl went to volleyball so it was up to me to put Lucas to bed. Now for the last couple of weeks Darryl has put Lucas to bed with no problems. He may wake up an hour after crying, but to actually first go to sleep Darryl is an expert at it. I on the other hand am not an expert. So last night I wait till fairly late as Lucas slept till 4:30 with his afternoon nap. So at about 7;30 we start his bedtime ritual. Lotion him up put on his PJ's, read some books, feed him the bottle, then put him down. While giving him the bottle he did not fall compeltly asleep. Eyes rolled to the back of his head, but not completly out. So I switch over to the soother and that seems to wake him up more. Eventally I try to put him down, which he is okay with. Not falling asleep though and he starts talking to himself. Okay I think this is going no where. So I leave. Well then the wailing starts. 5 minutes after I go in get him calmed, he looks like he's almost asleep then wakes again. Wants to play with my watch and starts to have a conversation with me. Again I leave the room, again the wailing. The thing that gets me about the wailing is that I put him down quite awake for every nap. He is fine to watch me go, talks to himself a little then falls asleep. Anyway last night I ended picking him up and he eventually fell asleep in my arms, which was kind of sweet and made me like being a mom and kind of frustrating at the same time. Slept through the night and everything was good. The problem was in was 8:45ish by the time he was awake. Anyway really I shouldn't complain he is a great baby when it comes to sleep and I could be much worse off. I just wish someone (possibly Lucas) could explain why he goes down so easily for Darryl and so easily for naps but doesn't want me to leave at bedtime...... it's an unsolved mystery. =)

Till Tommorrow


Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Update

Well Darry land I had a great date night on Friday. We went up to the Calgary Tower, where the views of the city are amazing. They have a revolving restaurant up there which had some good food as well. It is nice to be married and it's so good that married life continues to get better. Calgary is a great city to live in. I'm glad Darryl enjoys it so much. Darryl was great with Lucas this weekend as well. So helpful and teaching him lots of new things.

Lucas is getting better at walking with help. Today we were walking all around the main floor. He is quite enjoying it and hs feet are getting the hang of it. Yesterday he had a fever of 101 though which worried me. But after some tylenol he was a-okay again. But you could tell he was sick. Very tired, even today he's been sleeping lots. This morning when he awoke he had sprouted a new tooth. So i guess that's what the fever was about. We also tried black beans for lunch today, which he quite enjoyed. So lots of new things going on. Here is a more recent family pic. Our little man is getting so big. I was sorting through his clothes today and looking at the little sleepers we use to put him in. Ahh so little.......

Till Tommorrow


Friday, May 05, 2006

Yearly Newsletter- Year 5

Dear Darryl,

Well I write a monthly newsletter to Lucas so I figured I write a yearly one to you as well.

Well here we are done another year. This year has by far been the best, for so many reasons. That is the other great thing about our marriage is that each year keeps getting better. I'm sure it's that we continue to grow more, but grow together rather then apart.

It was just about a year ago that I was quite pregnant and we were heading off to Europe. I can't say how much it means to me that you have acquited the travel bug. It is so important to me to go on vacations and see new places. I'm happy that you have embraced that. The other thing about that trip was that it proved we could work together in any situation. As long as we had each other it didn't matter that we didn't speak the language, or were carrying a quater of our body weight on our shoulders. We would be fine and have fun.

I also can't believe that we created a person this year. Seeing you with Lucas makes me love you so much more. It like this whole new facet of love I didn't know exsited before Lucas came along. My heart shines when you are protective over him, or when you teach him new things. We will be forever bonded because of that amazing little boy who has come into our lives. One of the things that makes me happy we had a boy is that I'm glad there is another boy in the world who has such a great role model. I hope Lucas is just like you (maybe with a little bit of me thrown in).

Well I'll wrap this up. But thanks for an amazing 5 years, as you said this morning and I totally agree, the best 5 years of my life. Hurry home so we can celebrate!

Love you


Happy Anniversary

Well today is Darryl and my 5 year weddng anniversary. I would defintly say hands down that my wedding day was the best day of my life. It was fun to spend time with the people I love and it was one rockin' party. Here are some of my favorite memories from our wedding day:

1. Feeling ike the most beautiful girl in the world. Orginally when I got engaged I wanted to be frugal with everything. My plan was to rent a dress. Well i could find a good one so I ended up buying one. But that dress made me feel like a princess. Every woman should get a dress that makes them feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, even if only for a day. Here is a picture of me in the dress today!

2. It's the End of the World As We Know It: After having pictures taken we were headed off to the ceremony, but we were going to be early. My dad was driving myself and the other bridesmaids. We took a detour and headed to Wendy's for a drink. While driving around the song It's the End of the World as We Know It by Great Big Sea came on. We were all car dancing and attempting to sing along. We couldn't put the windows down or it would mess our hair, but we laughed and sang. It was true it was the end of the world as I knew it.

3. Ceremony: It was great to have both my parents walk me down the aisle. I remember they were a little teary eyed as we got to the end, but I was so excited for the day. Even saying my vows to Darryl I didn't tear up (although Im not one to cry at long distance commercials). I was happy to pledge my love to Darryl in front of all our family and friends.

4. Speechs: Darryl's mom gave such a great speech at our wedding making me feel so welcome to thier family. My dad also gave a great speech. So did Jodie. It's so nice to hear people tell you, infront of all kinds of other people how much they love you.

5. Dancing: Like I said it was a great party and we had a blast dancing all night long. Uncle Arnie did a great impression of Tom Jones. Dad and Kyle shook up the dance floor. All in all it was so much fun. Not until I heard the last song did I cry. It was such a fantastic day I was so sad it was over.

Anyway, there are some highlights from the wedding. I hope everyone enjoyed (or enjoys) their wedding as much.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not a Perfectionist

Today I am feeling like a very lucky woman. Although maybe like Oprah I don't believe in luck. Maybe it's a matter of being ready when opportunites have come my way. Anyway, it's a good day. Lucas has been wonderful. He slept in till 7:30 (half and hour more sleep for me) has gone down well for his naps and we had a fun time at sign language class today.

I have also been chatting with my co-workers and feeling like I will still be valued once I go back to work. I guess it is a normal and irrational fear, but when I left for my maternity leave I was worried the person who replaced me would be so great they wouldn't want me back. Luckily no one replaced me. I will just go back to help in the new semester, but what I have accomplished and the attitude I had in the past still stays with me and the people I work with.

I am by no means a perfectionist, anyone who reads this blog is well aware of that, with all the grammatical and spelling mistakes I make. But I do try to be my best at everything I do. (my best does not include spell checker) But with the blog I strive to take lots of pics of Lucas to add. Soon I will add video to the site. I try to think of funny stories to tell.

I try to have that same attitude in everything else I do in life. I read like crazy on what is best to do as a mother. I work hard at my job, always trying to help people out and learn new technologies. Although I don't strive for perfection I strive to do my best.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Go Flames Go!

Well today has been another eventful one. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel once I have to go back to work, especially if this seems busy. So this morning we woke up and took Lucas to his doctors appotiement. I love our family doctor. He is very soft spoken but very intelligent. It's also quite obivous how much he loves children. Darryl noticed that he kissed Luke twice on the cheek. Not twice like they do in France, but at two seperate occasions. I think it kind of bothered Darryl, but I didn't even notice. I'm just glad that he cares a lot about the kids he takes care of. Anyway, as I predicted Lucas is fine. His cold has moved into his chest but it will pass and he will live through it. No ear infections either, which was something I was a little worried about.

Tonight the Calgary Flames are in game 7 of their seris. I really hope they win, becuase it will be a big let down for the city if they don't. That is one of the great things about living in a big city is when something good is happening to the city, everyone gets into it. It's impossible not to get caught up in it. This also happens every year for Stampede. The whole city where cowboy boots, has pancakes for breakfast and generally enjoys Stampede. Most companies give there employees time off for the parade. Anyway, go Flames go! I have become a hockey fan, but most of it was getting swept off my feet by the city in the last playoffs.

For lunch today we headed over to my neighboor who also has a boy who is a couple months older then Lucas. It's always so fun for Lucas to play with all kinds of new toys and new kids to entertain him. He was defintlly ready for a nap once I put him down.

Well I"m off for some tea and Young and the Restless!

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well I don't know how we managed it but this week has turned out to be a busy one. I did a post yesterday but blogger seemed to eat it, it wasn't anything substanial so I wasn't overly frustrated. I had a meeting at work yesterday so I know what I'll be teaching in the fall. I was a little surprised at what I'll be doing, but I am flexible and able to do anything!

Lucas is starting to feel better, although I do have an appointment booked with the doctor since it's been more then a week and the cold isn't gone. It's sometimes hard to know when to go to the doctor. I know Lucas is on the mend. I don't think he needs antibiotics, although it will be nice to know if he has ann ear infection. But that what doctors are there for right? To be sure there is nothing wrong. Besides it's not like I go running to the doctor alot, although in someways I still feel a little crazy.

Lucas is also becoming an expert in furniture walking. He uses his favorite "Learning Playground" toy to get to the couch and then can walk the length of the couch to toys that I place all along the couch. Somedays I do wonder if he will skip the crawling stage and go right to walking. He seems to enjoy it a whole lot more. When he's on his stomach he usually just lifts his arms and legs thinking if I have everything off the ground maybe I'll float around. =)

Anyway I should go enjoy my quiet time till the boys wake up.

Till Tommorrow


PS Congradulations to Lori, Ian and Kenzie (who often post comments here) on there new puppy. He is so adorable and I hope everything is going well.

Monday, May 01, 2006

On stomach

Well I have put Lucas down on his stomach for the last two naps and it seems to have worked well. Not very much crying at all. It's amazing how kids go through phases, just when you think you have it figured out, boom it changes again. I remember reading a book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. And it said to track your child sleep and then follow there natural sleep rhythms. That's crap. Lucas' natural rhythms change all the time.

So I headed into work today for a meeting on what I'll be doing next year and I'm fairly surprised, which is not always a good thing, or a bad thing. Really I can't complain becuase I am quite easy to please. Anyway I know this is sounding so very vague, but I am trying to be very selective about what I say as I don't want to lose my job.

Anyway, that's all for today. Broke up with one of the day care ladies today. Was chicken and did it over e-mail.

Till Tommorrow


On stomach

Well I have put Lucas down on his stomach for the last two naps and it seems to have worked well. Not very much crying at all. It's amazing how kids go through phases, just when you think you have it figured out, boom it changes again. I remember reading a book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. And it said to track your child sleep and then follow there natural sleep rhythms. That's crap. Lucas' natural rhythms change all the time.

So I headed into work today for a meeting on what I'll be doing next year and I'm fairly surprised, which is not always a good thing, or a bad thing. Really I can't complain becuase I am quite easy to please. Anyway I know this is sounding so very vague, but I am trying to be very selective about what I say as I don't want to lose my job.

Anyway, that's all for today. Broke up with one of the day care ladies today. Was chicken and did it over e-mail.

Till Tommorrow