Friday, April 08, 2016


Last week we said goodbye to our wonderful, awesome dog.  We've known for the last couple of months that she is palliative.  She had an aggresive oral tumor that was diagnosed in Feburary.  For the last couple of months we did lots of great things with her, took some beautiful family photos, fed her lots of delicious meat, took her to off leash parks and lots of walks.  We gave all the people who love her a chance to say goodbye and then we said our final goodbyes to her. 

Emma was such a great dog, of course she had tons and tons of adventures.  Running across deerfoot, running home from Strathmore, get the foxtails stuck in her throat or the wicker stuck in the roof of her mouth.  All of her escapes, whether from the second story of our house, from Tammy and Pat's yard or trying to dig her way out of Oma and Opa's house.   One of my favourite Emma stories is when she jumped off the dock after a ball and went right under the water, head and everything.  She got to the surface and couldn't care less about the ball or stick.  Swan straight to shore, nothing was going to stop her.   She loved Kelowna.  Maybe not Opa, but all the swimming!  It was always a good vacation for her too. 

I miss having her around.  Whether it be sitting by the front door, or walking to get the kids.  It might be sitting in the front seat or laying on our bedroom floor sleeping at night.  I just miss having her around. 

She was our first born, taught us how to parent, taught us how to put others first, how to not give up on things and follow through.  She taught us how to be consistent and on the same page.  How when you put the work in the rewards are tremendous and life long. 

My constant companion will be missed. 

Till Next Time