Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Wrap Up

We are coming up to the end of the summer and it's always a good time to look back and see how things went.  It certainly wasn't as eventful as last summer, but still filled with lots of good things. 

The summer started with some changes.  As I blogged about I took a new job, which meant I worked more over the summer then I was use to.  But the kids finished up their sports, Nathan did great with soccer and really enjoyed it.  He scored lots, ran lots and had fun with his team mates.  Lucas also did great in baseball.  He was a great fielder and made lots of good plays.  He got walked alot, and by the end of the season had a couple of hits.  One was a funny bunt where the ball was over his head but he lifted the bat and hit the ball and got on base. 

In July we started with a couple of weeks to chill at home.  Enjoy tea on the couch, rather then a travel mug, play with friends and breathe a sigh of relaxation.  Then we headed to Kelowna with Tammy, Matt and Shaun.  As usually it was a great time.  Lots of laughs and swimming and fishing and beach time.  Tammy and I have great road trips where we talk and talk.  Its nice cause our boys are really the same way too.  They can all talk and talk.  Oma was struggling a bit with her leg, but I think she was happy to see us. 

Lucas and Nathan also had a great time at their respective camps.  Lucas went to COP camp and did a lot of cool things.  It's definitly something we will do again.  I was proud of him as he really embraced it.  He also didn't know anyone, but made friends quickly and by the end of the week he was sad it was over.  Nathan did his camp here in the community with his friend Matthew, so also really enjoyed himself. 

Myself and the boys then headed to Panorama for a couple of days then off to Kelowna.  Both were a great time and I loved the mountain air and being away from home.   In Panorama Darryl and Lucas biked, while Nathan and I swam.  We went out for nice dinners and made food in our room.  Kelowna was also lovely, lots of swimming, visiting with Oma and Opa and we did some bike riding there too. 

Lynda and Brian then came to visit and it was great to see them.  Darryl always loves when his mom comes and I love it too.  They take really good care of us.  We watched lots of Olympics, went to Banff and had a fun baseball game for Lucas's birthday party. 

The last few weeks are ending like the summer started.  Soaking up the lack of schedule.  Lots of reading, watching baseball and relaxing.  Sleeping in and going to late night movies.   We also made a weekend trip to Fernie for more hiking, biking and swimming.  We also ate EXCELLENT food there!

Lucas had a great birthday and continues to be an awesome kid.  He takes time to make a decision, but always does what I ask him.  He doesn't love a lot of vegetables, but is willing to try and likes spicy food.   He has lots of good friends.  Bought a BMX bike with his birthday money.  Has been doing lots of mountain biking with his dad.  He likes to make jokes and knows when to do it.  He is loving, but not in your face.  He doesn't like it when he can't fall asleep or when people swear, but tolerates both.  Like Darryl he's good at pretty much anything he tries and really does like to try new things. 

Till Next Time