Sunday, April 08, 2012

To Nathan On His 4th Birthday

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn 4 years old.  At the moment you are playing MineCraft with your brother while your dad is out getting you timbits for breakfast.  We explained to you this morning that your birthday is kind of like a book we have called "yes day", where you get to pick whatever you'd like to do and we will most likely say yes.  At first you asked for pizza for breakfast (because that's what the boys in the book asked for), but when I suggested timbits you were all over it.

This year has been a pretty fun one for all of us.  3 was a really good age.  You became old enough that you didn't need naps anymore and that gave us more time to do stuff.  Your attention span is longer now too, so again that gives us more options on stuff to do.  You are happy to go to the movie theatre now and will enjoy it.  Or we can take you to a hockey game.

You also have good friends now.  Your best friends are often the older brothers of Lucas's friends, or Cameron who is your best friend at Lesley's house.   But you are able to play with kids more, especially Lucas.  You guys get along really well.  You do have times that you fight, but it's usually over pretty quick and you are back to playing with him.

 You also really love to laugh and love to make us laugh.  You love it when people laugh when you are trying to be funny.  Although not so much when you are not trying to be funny. 

All of your skills continue to get better.   You are better drawer.  You are able to identify almost all your letters down, although K and V often trip you up.  Your speech also getting better, you've improved on your Dama and it mostly comes out Grandma.   Who is also one of your favorite people.  You love it when she comes over or if you ever get to spend a special day with her. 

love you Nathan, I hope you had a great birthday.  And I love to snuggle with your, just as much as you love to snuggle with me. 

love Mom

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

March RoundUp

March was a super fun month for us.  The boys are getting to that great stage where we can do all kinds of fun things together.   Really it's that Nathan is getting old enough that hockey games and movies can hold his attention and he doesn't need to nap. 

The boys were lucky enough to go to a couple of Hitmen hockey games.  We were given some tickets for Christmas as well as the boys were given some while standing in line for the show.  It was Nathan's first time going to the Saddledome and he loved it.  Darryl, Lucas and Elliot also went to a Roughnecks games, which is the lacrosse team here in the city.   So lots of weekends spent on the train and at the Saddledome. 

The last week of March we also had March break, so that provided us with lots of opportunities to do fun stuff, we went skiing and Lucas and I went to the pool at SAIT, where we spent an hour jumping off the diving board. 
We also went to the zoo and spent an hour in line waiting for the penguins, which were super cool, even though our toes were like ice.  I forgot how much I love the zoo.  I think my favorite (besides the gorillas) is sitting in the butterfly room.  It's warm and green and reminds me of summer.  
We also had the end of gymnastics which was lots of fun.  Lucas enjoyed taking a class with his best buddy Elliot.  Nathan also had a really good time with his gymnastics. 

This weekend we celebrated Earth Hour (which Nathan keeps calling Space day).  We lit candles and read books and then we laid in bed and told stories.  The boys laughed and laughed.  Nathan worked to make Nathan laugh and it worked, Lucas laughed till no sound was coming out. 

One of the other highlights of the month was Tammy and I went to see Steven Page.  We saw him at the Gateway, which is the bar at SAIT and it was so good.  So much better then I expected.   He sang all the best Steve Barenaked Ladies songs and some of his new ones.  His voice was great, just as great as I remember.  And although I'll always be sad that him and Ed don't make music together it was great to see him again and be in such a small venue.  It was definitely a highlight of the month.

Till Next Month (and many more concerts)