Friday, June 30, 2006

As Per Your Request

Here Fishy Fishy

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Today we headed over to the Southland Leisure Centre and went swimming in the pool. It's great because they have a big "fun" pool. It makes waves, you can jump in from the sides, basketball hoop and waterslides. Then they also have a shallow baby pool that is as warm as bath water. Lucas and I had lots of fun in both of them. We åre fortunate that he hasn't gone through a "don't like the water" stage. Even today when a wave hit him in the face he gasped and was ready for more.

This picture is our backyard, not the Southland Leisure Center =)

It was really funny to see him copy other little kids today. One kid would splash so would Lucas, another kid would stick his tongue out to catch the water fall, so would Lucas. One kid was playing with a boat, next thing Lucas wanted to play with it as well. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

So I am at a bit of a dilemma on what to do with Lucas's naps. I feel that he still needs his morning nap as I can barely keep him up for 2 hours, once he wakes up. But then once he wakes from his morning nap he's ready to go for atleast 4 hours. Which ends up making his afternoon nap really late. Do I try skipping the morning nap? Shortening it? Maybe I'll do some research to see.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.

Till Tuesday!


Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well Lucas and I are off next week for Kelowna. I think it will be good to get away, to gain a little perspeciative. I have been in a bad mood lately, as it seems that all roads in my life are currently bumpy. Maybe getting away will help with smooth some of the roads. Or maybe I just won't care about circumstances as much. I know this all seems very vague, but that is kind of the point of a blog right....... to complain without pointing fingers.=) Hopefully while in Kelowna I will continue to blog (I may be there for weeks). Oma and Opa have a computer so it should continue there. But if not you know why....

One of the blogs I read was discussing Britney Spears today. Everyone has a take on her. Here is mine: She is a new mother, and damn being a new mother is hard. I don't blame her for tripping with child, or chaning chlid in a Victoria Secret (although I do think driving with child on lap is inexcusable in today's day and age). I do think the big boobs and the lack of style or caring what she looks like in public is also normal. Like I said being a new mom is hard and especially (in Britney's case) when you are married to such a loser. One of the hardest parts about being a mom is getting the judgement from other moms. Other mothers can be the worst critic. So there's my take, Good Luck Britney, you are in the public eye and now not only have thousands of 15 year old girls watching but millons of mothers.

Onto Lucas.... things are going really well with him. He is growing more independant every day. While standing he will lift he hands to practice his balance. It's like he's saying "Look Mom, No Hands". He is also really enjoying putting things in and out of other things. For example he took all of Emma's food from her dish this morning and put it in her water bowl. Piece by piece. He has also started to do some signs for us and is quite fond of more. While feeding him he'll sign more more. He sleep has been a little bit difficult as it has been so hot here this week, one other good things about Kelowna. Airconditioning and the beach.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Babies and Old People

People say (now which people I don't know but...) people say that when you are born and when you die your lives become very similar. Here is a video of Lucas using a "walker". When he is 85 he may need a walker again to help him get around.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Heat

Well it has and continues to be a hot week here in Calgary so since I forgot to walk Emma yesterday we all trekked over to the off leash so Emma (and although I didn't know at the time) Lucas could go swimming in the Bow River. Emma loves swimming and we got this amazing ball that floats really well. Lucas also quite loves the water, so once we got down to the waters edge he was chasing Emma right in the water. Now the Bow River is cold, but he didn't care, he sat right down at the edge of the water and played in the sand. Got excited when Emma brought the ball back and then played in the sand again.

When I was pregnant Emma and I would go down to the river all the time. I would imagine bringing my baby there, but this is way better then I thought it would be.

Both Emma and Lucas were disapointed when we left.

On a couple other notes. Congradualtions to Mo and Allison who are having a baby. I hope everything went well with your ultrasound today. Welcome to the club. As my sister in law said last night. Membership to this club is very expensive.

For those of you who pray, please add my Opa to you prayers. He needs to have open heart surgery. I may be heading to Kelowna for parts of the summer (which I normally do anyway) but Oma will need help with the driving to and from the hospital.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, June 26, 2006

Best Friends

Since Lucas was about 6 months old he has had a liking towards Emma. It makes me such a happy parent to see that friendship grow and grow. Before we had Emma I had no idea what it was like to have a dog. She was the closest thing that I had to a child and I loved her dearly. It's amazing how the more something is dependant on you and the more they give back the more you love them. Then Lucas came along and I learned about the love for a child. Now that I see the two of them getting along so well, it makes my heart shine. Certainly Emma still has her quirks, but she will gently take food from his hands. And is learning that she gets the most food by his chair.

Here is a little video of the two of them playing
Till Tommorrow


Friday, June 23, 2006

A Quiet Celebration

So I've finally got Lucas to sleep, which is a quiet celebration in itself. He has trouble when his mom puts him down because I am so fun (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). He was almost asleep in the chair with the bottle and I started to move him. I rolled him into bed and tired to get his arm out from under his body (he's a tummy sleeper). Well that woke him into thinking it was Fun Times at Ridgemont High (I've never actually seen that movie but do like the title). We ended up laughing and giggling in the chair for 1/2 hour after, till I finally put him down again. I was eating and tickling his feet, he was falling backwards. It was great fun. See I told you Mommy was so fun.

The actual reason I'm celebrating is that my talk is over. Was it successful, I guess so, but more importantly it's over. It was a free day of listening to people's ideas and it's over. And it was free and I got a 50$ gift certificate. So it paid!!! What a deal. My lecture went off fairly well. Although I don't' know if anyone will use my ideas. Sometimes it's easier to focus on the "challenges" as I like to call them. Although the one thing I think everyone got from the presentation was an easy was to get x-ray films into a digital/computer format. By using a digital camera. It is quite quick and easy, and if you have a good camera, works well. Not that any of you will be needing that, but if you ever do, now you know.......

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well That Doesn't Work.....

This morning Lucas was having trouble going down for his morning nap. Usually he plays a bit then falls asleep. Well this morning after playing a bit he started to cry, so I went up to make sure he still had a soother. Of course he did still have his soother and saw me plain as day. So I put him back on his tummy and he closed his eyes, but wasn't falling asleep. Again I left the room. The made him cry hysterically, so I went back in. I myself was quite tired as Lucas was up at 6:30 this morning. (Although I'd better get use to the earlier hour once I go back to work.) So I thought maybe laying down on the floor beside his bed would help. I wasn't gone, but wasn't intervening anywhere.

Well he thought that was hilarious. He looked down at me and laughed. Then started throwing things from his bed at me. It was like we were having a fun sleep over. He would play peek-a-boo. Roll to one side of the bed so he could see me, then roll to the other side of the bed. I was less then impressed, although you can't help smiling when the little guy is laughing.

So eventually I got up and left, which made him cry again, so back in I went and pick him up and rocked him to sleep.

Luckily this afternoon nap has been better.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I once took a week's vacation and stayed home. I hated it. I swore I would never take a big chunk of vacation time and not go somewhere. I tidied the house, had a masssage, but didn't really feel like I was on vacation. I ended up becoming bored and didn't feel rejunvenated. Of course this was before Lucas was born, even before going on maternity leave I often wondered what I would do with all my time.

Now that Lucas is here that has never even been a consideration. Not once since I've been home with Lucas have I thought, what should I do with all this time. Taking care of him is definitly a full time job. Even now that he is easier and more predicitable I have never thought what should I do with all this time. I do like to try to plan something for each lunch time for us to do.

Today we had my friend Krisitne and her 10 week old baby over. He is so so beautiful and she is doing such a great job. It was good to feel like I could do something nice for her because I remember what it was like to have a newborn. It is important when you are at home to build a network of people to do stuff with during the days. I'm glad to have one more person to add to my network.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hide and Seek

For some time now Lucas has been enjoyed peek-a-boo. He is now using doors to hide behind and then swing them open so that he sees you. The thing that has changed with peek-a-boo is that he now like to be in control. It's not me bobbing my head around the corner it's him. If I hide something under a blanket, he'll find it and hide it again. It is quite a fun game that can keep us entertained for a while. He also quite enjoys having something, like a door or a coat that he can put on his head or hide behind. That he can control when you get to see him. Sometimes he'll be hiding and doesn't pop out right away. You can see his little feet start squirming with anticipation of what he is going to see when he shows his face. It is so much fun and his laugh with excitment is the greatest. These are some great photos of him peeking is head out with beautiful smiles. As you can tell he quite enjoys the curtains and hiding behind them.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, June 19, 2006

What Was I Thinking??

So I'm starting to freak out. On Friday there is the national conference for the professsional association I belong to. I really wanted to go, but being on maternity leave means you have to pay much more to attend. So one of the organizers sent out a inviation for speakers. I thought if I spoke at the conference I would be albe to attend for free. At the time the attending for free part of that sentence was what was sticking in my mind. Now it's a couple of days before and the I am speaking at the conference part of the sentence is sticking in my mind.

To many people public speaking is there greastest fear. People would rather die then speak in public. I once heard Jerry Seinfeld say, most people would rather be the person in the coffin then the person giving the eulogy. I wouldn't say public speaking is my greatest fear I do lecture in front of 24 students every day, but this is different. These people are my peers, they will know if I screw up. My teachers from when I was a student will be there. Eeekkkk. What was I thinking???

I just have to keep thinking free free.......

My presentation is only 10 minutes long and it is about online computer courses, which I think I know fairly well. Hopefully better then my audience. K, now I'm making myself try to feel better.

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Monthly Newsletter- Month Ten

Dear Lucas,

Yesterday you 10 months old. You are becoming more beautiful and fun each day. That being said you have also developed an attitude this month.

This is the month we had to baby proof the house. Not that you have become a proficent crawler. You still enjoy dragging yourslef across the floor like you are in the army. But you have found trouble. Mostly in the form of animal bowls, heating vents and electrical sockets. Disiplinarain has been added to my role as a mother. I can say no quite strongly, and if often make you cry. But just wait till your dad starts to say no. If he does it in th emean voice. I'm sure that will make you cry. Your favorite by far is the water dish. I made the mistake of letting you play in it once and now you are always looking for it on the floor. For the last coule of weeks I"ve been putting it on the counter and the animals are looking dehydrated. Of course I put it down for them while you are sleeping. But I have to put it back up once you are moving on the floor.

The other part of your attitude that has developed is your arching back. When you are upset or don't want to go somewhere you arch your back with protest. I tried to put you in the stroller yesterday and you arched your back. Or in the highchair and you arched your back. I ofcourse usually win this battles but you do like to let your preferences be known.

Along with the bad attitude you have also learned some fun things. You love to slide backwards off the bed. We could spend hours playing this fun game. It started with sliding off the edge of the pool and has You have also learned where yours, mine and Dad's belly button's are and love to find them. You love to find anything these days. You will play the game with yourself. Hide the lid under and blanket and then find it again. Then hide it again and find it again. Or lift daddy's shirt to find his belly button then hide it again. Then lift his shirt. Off all the belly buttons though I think you like yours the best. It's like you can't believe everytime you look down there it is. Plus it never leaves. Every bathtime there it is.

This was also the month that your Grammie can to visit you again. You are a lucky boy to have so many wonderful grandparents. Grammie's visit was lots of fun and you loved having a new playmate. It is so important to me that your Dad's family is part of your life. I hope you will spend lot sof quality time with them. Once you get older you will love going to Ontario, swimming in lakes, going to Toronto. There is lots of fun stuff you will enjoy there. Your dad also loved having his mom around.

Physically you are better at dragging yourself around. You have learned to go from a lying to sitting position and you are up on your hands and knees a bit more. You love walking with us and we spend lots of our day doing that. Whether it's running after Emma, or just walking outside watching the world go by. You love to be upright. You have also started signing. You can do more and fan and bottle (bu only a couple of times) You have also learned how to clap your hands and dance (although not at the same time=)

I bought you a sandbox this month as well. So along with playing in the water you love playing in the sand. I'm sure you will grow to love it more and more as time goes on. But already when we walk out outside you point to your big turtle to play in it. It has become my goal to always make you happy. HOnestly Lucas most of the time you are. You are such a happy baby. People love you and your beautiful smile. Although with most stangers you act coy. But at home we have fun and play and you are a happy guy. You sleep well, eat well.

How did I get so lucky as to become your mom......

Love you

Mommy ( a word you learned to say this month)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


He's done it. He can now say mum. I smile everytime he does it.

I wonder how long the smiling will last for.....

.........possibly forever.

He is now in bed chatting to himself. Sitting I'm sure. I'm going to check on him. But you can't fault a kid who says mum.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanks Dad

Well Mom and Dad were nice enough to come over and fix my computer so yeah I have it back again! They also enjoyed some of the rhubarb cake. Here are two videos for you. This one is of Lucas and his great dance moves. There is only one at the beginning. It's like once he realized the camera was on he got camera shy.

This one is of Luke and his toothy smiley. But Darryl's reaction is what's funniest. If you miss it the first time watch it again (and posssibly again and again becuase it keeps getting better.)

Today has been great. I went to my neighboors to get my hair cut and colored. While Lucas napped. I took the baby monitor over and he slept through most of it, which was great! Although in the beginning. We could hear this crazy noise. It sounded like Luke was an alien. It ended up that it was Emma in the house, upset that I went to her friend Jackson house without her. My hair looks great. It's lighter for summer.

We then headed to our other neighboors house to drop off some rhubarb cake (to make up for the cup of flour) and ended up staying for an hour. Lucas loves all there new toys and their son loves Emma. So it all worked out.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The end of a baking era

Well my father's day shopping is all done. Not only for my father but also for Lucas's. It's a little hard to buy for my dad. Like most adults he basically has everything he needs and if there is something he wants he can go out a purchase it. Plus I was looking for something from Lucas. For women you can always go with an old standby of a spa gift certificate.

While I was out I also picked up some things for me. I have been shopping alot lately. It's like last year at this time I had to buy maternity clothes so I need two years worth of normal shopping put into one. =)

Well this morning I made my rhubarb cake. It is quite a good recipie for those of you grow rhubarb in your back yards. But as I was making it I ran out of flour. ( I ran next door to my baker neighboor and she had lots.) Anyway I have had the same 22 pound bag of flour for more the 5 years. Basically since I've lived in Calgary. Now I can just imagine some of you cringing at this, but I've served most of you things from this flour and you haven't died. That flour had been with me longer then most of our furniture, our house, our child and I think I had it before Darryl moved out here. Think of all the things I have made with that flour pie on our first Thanksgiving in this house, hundreds of Christmas cookies...... now I'm having trouble thinking of anything else. Maybe that's why it has lasted almost 7 years.

Anyway things continue to be good with Lucas. He started dancing today. It was a mix between Elvis shaking his hips and what I imagine it would be like if he was electrocuted. Very cute and made me laugh histerically. My computer is still on the fritz, so no pics or video yet.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, June 12, 2006

Right now someone is talking on the phone at the same frequency that our baby monitor is at so I can't here Lucas and it's kind of freaking me out. I'm going up to check on him all the time. So if this blog doesn't make sense that's why. Also my computer is on the fritz so even though I have some great pictures and a funny video this computer is not a mac and therefore I have no idea how to retrieve the pictures and video from the card and put it into blogger. With a mac it just opens up the proper program and asks if you want to load them into it.

So the weekend was good. Friday night we watched Rumor Has It. Which is a pretty good movie. Not the greastest I've seen lately but pretty good. Just as good as most movies I"ve seen lately. My favorite movie in the last yearish or so was Spanglish. Man that was a good movie.

Saturday Lucas was up at 6:15. I forgot to put his penis down in his diaper so he was soaking wet and it really was all my fault. Over lunch Darryl, Lucas and I took Luke's new bike trailer and went for a ride around the neighboorhood. We tried to take Emma, but that was quite unsuccessful. It was fun to get out between the bouts of rain we have been having. Lucas enjoyed it ( I think, as he has yet to speak). That afternoon I headed off to a baby shower. The little baby, Micah, was so cute. His parents are doing such a great job with him. It is so hard in the first six weeks, but they have made it through with great success and a happy growing boy. After that we headed off to Tammy and Pat's for a birthday party. That was also fun, but I was getting tired. That night Edmonton went on to beat Carolina in the 3rd game of the Stanley Cup. Hopefully they can do it again tonight.

Sunday was a little bit less eventful. We did go to Spruce Meadows, but got rained on, so we didn't stay for long. As for Lucas he is getting more and more mobile. He is now using objects other then his mother to help him stand. With that new skill came a lack of morning nap. He would much rather sit up and play then nap. He is chatting alot more as well. And giving us toothy grins. There is a great video of it that I will post later.

Well I hope everyone is having a great Monday.

Till Tommorrow


Friday, June 09, 2006

The Inchworm

Well Lucas has become quite proficient at moving himself around the house like he is an inch worm. He can now get under stuff and over lots of dirt. I am defintly going to become a sweep-a-holic. He has manuevered himslef under the table and under Emma's side living room table as well. He is enjoying his new found freedom, and only a couple of times have I have to tell him "NO" in my very stern voice, which usually makes him cry. We'll defintly be going out to buy those plugs for the outlets becuase that and the radiator vents have become his favorite things. He has also had a sampling of dog food, but I don't think he really likes that either. But he does enjoy playing in it and taking all the pieces out. It's a good thing that Emma is not protective over her food. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, espeically with the baby around.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Walnut Bed

I have a very talented husband. Darryl is quite a smart man. Any pracical question and he can either give you and answer or rationalize one. He is also very smart around the house. It is a case where if he is to ever die (as I'm sure we'll never get divorced) I will need to learn how to use a drill, hang pictures, fix sinks, where to turn off the water in the house, how to replace a breaker and so so many more things.

Darryl's latest project is all done. He has made a new beautiful bed. It is walnut and the graining in it is amazing. I am so happy to not be sleeping on the floor any more. Although emma may be the happiest. Now she has a bed to sleep under again. The cushions in the headboard are great for leaning against to watch TV and the footboard means the blankets are never sliding off the bottom.

Thanks Darryl I know it took lots of work. But it is beautiful.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When I'm 89......

Today is one of those days that my feet are freezing and my face is so hot. I wish my body could regulate it self better so I would be warm and fuzzy all over.

I went to the hospital this morning, no there is nothing wrong with anyone I went in to pick up shifts to start working again. Wow working again...... In many ways I am ready to, but in other ways I am scared to death. It was good to see everyone there again, that place and those people were my full time job for 5 years. I am glad that I am welcomed back with open arms and still well respected in my community. I also brought a check for a donation I made to a friend of mine there. He shaved his head for breast cancer, as his wife has it and hers is terminal. It seems so unfair. It's funny becuase the money seems so insignifcant when what you really want to give him is the moon, or better yet a cure.

Anyway onto happier thoughts. I took this quiz today to see how long I would live. Here are the results. 89!! Holy Cow that's great. And I don't even eat brown bread. If anyone does it feel free to post your results, I'd love to know.

Lucas has perfected a new trick. Sliding off the bed on his tummy. It is his new favorite thing to do. Even if I put him up on the bed on his bum, he'll roll onto his tummy to slide off. Now I am always there to catch him, but on the guest bed he could probably do it himslef. He is also quite enjoying the slide at the park, so I'm wondering if there is a connection. Luke sleep is also becoming a little more tumultuous and I'm wondering if he is going to move into full fledged crawling rather then inch worming around. His balance is also getting better, he'll often just hold onto one hand rather then two while walking around.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Well it is a spooky day today. Not that I am supersitituos, but if I had no life I may have stayed in bed. The day is not done yet and it hasn't turned 6pm but I thinking we are safe. Lucas is playing in the living room by himself and Lynda got on her plane a-okay. (at least I hope becuase she has not called here to let me know otherwise.

Last night my heart broke for the Edmonton Oilers. The Carolina Hurricanes got a fluke goal and won the game. It was such a fluke that it broke your heart. Plus there star goalie is out, so now they are definitly the under dog. Ahhh, totally breaking your heart.

Lucas is doing well. He has no idea that his Grammie has left and he won't be able to hug her again for many months. He will see her on the computer again on Sunday. I think his teeth are still bothering him, which I figure they will do for the next two years.

Anyhoo I think that is all for today. I will post some more pics tommorrow.

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Did I mention Lucas still loves his cars....

Well it's Sunday night and I thought I would blog about the weekend. We seem to be quite busy with Lynda here so I thought I'd take this opportunity to get it done. I have some video uploading that I'd like to post so I thought it would be a good opportunity.

The weekend has been quite fun. We had a birthday party for Auntie Karen with Banh Pho Soup and watermelon. We also let off a sparkler for the first time for Lukey. Mom, Dad and Lexie were over as well. The day before I showed Alexis the possessed Elmo I got at the last garage sale and I think it has scared her for life.

On Friday we went to the mountains which is always beautiful. We are so lucky in Calgary to live so close to such beauty. I can't imagine living anywhere else and I think it's something Edmontonians miss out on. (although Go Oilers Go) Mom and Dad also got there hottub installed so we went over for a swim. They kept the temperature colder so Luke could go in. Theonly problem was I forgot a regular diaper for him, so he had to wear a normal one. Holy Cow, can those things ever hold a lot of water. I'm sure they had to top up the tub when he got out. His diaper probably weighed 50 pounds.

Saturday morning I went garage sale-ing again. Mom got her high chair(although it was very dirty) and I got a wagon and some other nick-nacks for Lucas. Books are really the best thing to buy at yard sales. Great books for 50 cents each. Again amazing deals. I love the great deals. I got a sand box for Luke as well. The lady was asking 15$, but sold it to me for 5. It's a little small and I'm sure he will grow out of it in a couple years, but good for now. Soon yard sale-ing season will be over and I'll have to pay full price for things again. =(

Darryl is quite enjoying having his mother around. She loves to putter around the house like he does. They got all the weeds cut down beside the house, my gardens weeded, plants planted and I was able to run around with carrying Luke in and out of stores. All in all it was a very productive day for all of us. It also good to spend the evenings chatting with her. That is one of the advantages of living far apart. I see my parents all the time, so we talk about surface stuff, we can't always be deep. But when someone is around for a whole week you have time to learn more about who they are and experiences in their life. Plus I'm someone who likes to ask the probing questions to learn more about people I don't know as well. I know it will be hard for her to leave Lucas, but eventually the week or two a year he gets to spend with Grammie and Grandad will be so special to him.

K, this is getting long, plus there is still a video to watch. Just a couple more things...

-put Lucas to bed in my arms tonight, still loving that, he looks so peaceful

- loving this new song by Teddy Geiger called For You I Will. If you get a chance listen to it. Lori I'm sending some CD's home with you mom for you and the family. It's on that.

Enjoy the video

Till Tommorrow


Friday, June 02, 2006

Me Day

So yesterday I got to spend a big part of the day as a free woman. Although I love my son it is nice to do things that don't always involove him.

I had given my mom a pedicure for Mother's Day, so we decided to go together and have them done. It was lots of fun and nice to have someone to talk while feet were soaking. Plus it was nice to spend some one on one time with my mom with no kids or husbands around. My feet needed a good treatment and a good toe nail polish. One of the neat things they did at the Eveline Charles Salon we went to was that they give you a little bottle of your nail poslish, so you can do touch ups at home. I also had the parafin wax treatment with was wonderful and wierd all at the same time. It feels like your feet are in mud, but warm, nice smelling mud.

Next Tammy and I headed off to the symphony. It was great and totally reminded me of being a teenager. My friend Susie use to have season tickets and sometimes she took me. I quite enjoyed it and it helped to open my mind to different kinds of music. In highschool I took lots of music courses and was an alto. At the concert last night they had a corus for one of the numbers. It was a dress rehershal last night so there weren't as many people so Tammy and I were able to move around. At one point we were very close to being on stage with the musicians. At another time we were in the spot with the best acoustics. It was a lot of fun, plus there was free wine.

Till Tommorrow