Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

My favorite Picture of Late

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Tammy

This weekend was my best friends birthday. Her and her family were out camping so we went out and joined them for the day. I think Emma's loves the camping the most. She gets to spend all day out in the wild. She loves chasing squirells.

The boys did a little canoeing, Tammy and I did a little socializing. I'm sure I've mentioned it before in the blog, but I feel so so lucky to have their family as our friends. Even our husbands get along so well. When Tammy and I took our kids to Kelowna for a week, our husbands went golfing together. Tammy and I have a ton in common. First off we work together, so have similar personalities in that we both want to take care of people. We love shopping, the same music, saving money and generally the same TV shows. Our love for Barenaked Ladies becomes ten fold when we are with each other. It so nice to have someone to talk to about anything. Someone who gets what it's like to be a mother and a wife. Someone who I can drink wine with and will always let me have the last piece of chocolate.

happy birthday Tammy, I can't wait to live the next 10 years with you as my best friend.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Reading.....

A couple of weeks ago Tammy gave me this book. I don't read a ton of books in the winter but in the summertime when vacation comes my way, I love reading. Especially when someone introduces to me to such a great author.

It was the best book I've read in such a long time. Probably since the Time Traveller's Wife. Ever since then I have been a reading-aholic. The Sister's Keeper is about a family who discovers their two year old daughter has a rare form of leukemia. They have another daughter who is the perfect genetic match for the daughter who has leukemia. The book is about the trials and tribulations of what happens when the daughter says she doesn't want to be a donater anymore. It is so well written and will make you be so greatful for health. Oh and you'll cry ALOT.

So after I was done that I decided to go out and buy more of Jodi Picoult's books. The one I finished last night is this one.

Also a phenomenal book. Not quite as good as my sister's keeper, but also excellent. It is about an Amish family, who finds a dead baby in their barn. There is a trial (as there often are in her books), about who killed the baby, an 18 year old Amish girl is the defendant. It is a very interesting look into a group of peopl (the Amish) who I know very little about it. Another great book.

What have your been your favorite books been this summer? Has anyone read these books?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Second Worse Thing To Yell On An Airplane

Lucas, Auntie Karen and I flew to Kelowna this week for three days. The weather was perfect as was the company. Flying to Kelowna is the way to go, especially if it's just one person (Auntie Karen works for WestJet, so flies for a super reduced rate). It is a 45 min flight so that also adds to the happiness of flying. As we are flying over the mountains and making our descent into the Kelowna airport the sun is hitting the clouds just so, that the clouds are a bright orange color. Auntie Karen mentions to Lucas it looks like a fire. Lucas was so thrilled by the description that the whole way down he was yelling on the airplane:

"Look Aunt Karen, Fire, Fire"

Auntie Karen would agree, or try to explain what it was but again he'd yell: "Look Aunt Karen, Fire Fire"

Maybe a good thing, maybe not, we were sitting in the very last row of the airplane. It was great because it only has two seats, and then a little play area and Lucas could stand at the window. But I'm sure many people were craning their heads to the back of the plane to see if there was really a fire.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Angel

I was carrying Lucas into the house after he fell asleep from a fun filled morning at the beach Opa says to me:

You are carrying the angel

I thought it was so sweet. Especially because little sleeping kids totally look like angels, but to hear a man who doesn't really show him emotions say something so nice was such a compliment.

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More Kelowna

Well the weather here is perfect this time. We are enjoying lots of sunshine. We spent the day at the beach yesterday and were wiped by the time we were done. Lucas is having tons of fun with his Auntie Karen, who should have had her own kids because she is a kid at heart.

He has also started singing twinkle twinkle little star, although he doesn't get all the words.

More pictures and videos once we get home.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.


Friday, July 20, 2007


Over the last week we have spent time in Kelowna. I love to be in Kelowna. My Oma and Opa live there and we are so fortunate to go every year. For those of you who don't know Kelowna is a beach spot in British Columbia. This year we picked a week that rained almost the whole time. We only had one day of sunshine. We did totally live up the one day, though.

It was great to see Oma and Opa again. I'm lucky that I have grandparents who I love that are still around. They take such a good care of us while we are there. It was interesting becuase I saw myself in them. My parents don't do a whole lot of entertaining and don't really encourage alot of people in the house. They love there family and love to spend time with us, but unlike me they don't have big parties or love it when people come and visit them. Oma and Opa on the other hand love to have us come and stay with us. I am so like that. I love to have people come and stay.

All in all it was kind of a disapointing trip, but only becuase of the weather and not the company. Luckily I am heading back there today.

Here is a picture of Lucas blowing bubbles and eating ice cream.

The kids looking at the grapes.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monthly Newsletter- Month Twenty Three

Dear Lucas,

Happy monthly birthday baby! We spent this monthly birthday in Kelowna, which was expected because we have spent most of the time this last month galavanting around. We are trying to get in as many free flights for you before you turn two. =) You do love to fly, you love the airport and the takeoff. You love to look out the window for wind socks and press the buttons to turn the lights on and off. Most of the time you are a great traveller. There are always some hard parts (like tonight when you didn't want to go to sleep), but generally you are lots of fun to take around.

One of the cool parts for me when we go away is that you usually sleep in the same room as us. Most of the time you are still sleeping in a playpen, but it is so comforting as a mother to hear you breath while I am sailing off to sleep.

I can't think of any major milestones this month. It amazes me how much you know and how much you continue to learn. One example is barns. You have a play barn and we have probably read about barns in books, but no one had pointed out a real live barn until we were in Ontario driving to the beach and Aunt Lori pointed out a barn to you. Ever since then you have been quite good at pointing out barns. Even though it has been a couple of weeks since you've seen a barn, you knew exactly what a barn was today.

You have had so much family around lately. We've been to Ontario, Kelowna and Lexie has been down here. Its funny because sometimes you'll put them in a new situation where they don't really belong. For example when we were back to go to Kelowna I was telling you you'd see, Oma and Opa and you added in Auntie Lexie. Even though we had not mentioned that she was going. Also last weekend I said we were going to Grandma and Pop's for dinner and you said, with Grammie and Grandad. Who live in Ontario and cannot just pop over for dinner. I've always firmly believed that it takes lots of people to raise a child, not just the parents and this past month you have had a bit of everyone.

One of my favorite things you are doing lately is holding hands. You are quite obiedent to hold my hand and often come and grab it if you want to show me something or if we should walk a certain way. I totally treasure when it happens becuase I know that in not too long you will not be holding my hand. When we were in Ontario you did a sweet thing, by grabbing Grammie's hand and taking her to get some food. You are doing a good job at showing people you love them.

Another very cute thing you have been working on is making faces for certain emotions. The surprise face was the first one and the one you have perfected the most. You are also getting good at the happy face and the thinking face. And although you can make a mad face, you have not perfected how to do it on cue.

This week has definitly made me question my parenting skills. We went away with one of my best friends who has two kids that are a little bit older then you. She is a great parent and I often emulate her parenting skills, but sometimes I just felt inadequate. I do hope I am doing a good job of being your mommy. I hope I set fair boundaries and the right ones. I'm sure you'll let me know as we grow up.

I love you baby, looking forward to your second birthday!

love mommy

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We are in Kelowna now. It's my favorite place to be in the world, besides my home. I like to think of it as my summer home. Usually I spend a couple of weeks here in the summer enjoying the beaches, heat (and air conditioning) and wine.

There will be not a whole lot of post this week, but I'll make up for it next week.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Freakin' New Great Toy

Some samples from my new Nikon d40!

O Canada


Happy Stampeding

He's real thinking face (the fake one is coming in the newsletter)

Emma in motion

The disappearing thumb

Friday, July 13, 2007

David Copperfield Strikes Again

Emma is an amazing escape artist. She has escaped from the her dog pen, dog pen with a roof, dog pen with a closed door, dog pen with a locked door, other people's dog pens. It's like she is super bendy and super clever all wrapped up in the same dog. The great thing is that after all these escapes she's usually waiting in the back yard or the front step for us. The problem is she loves us so much. She doesn't want to be away from us. We have remedied this and most of the time she is fine when we leave her. Most of the time being the key word.

Today she escaped from a locked house.

How is this possible you ask? Is she really David Copperfield (or that other crazy guy who once locked himslef in ice, whose name is not coming to me)?

No, there is always an explanation, even if it is amazing. Today she went through the screen is a window that was slightly open. She slithered her way through.

Luckily our neighbor found her and not the pound. Although like I said she always comes home. She is super loyal. Unlike Torin who will go to anyone with a hand.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watch Out All Single People

This morning Lucas spent the morning with Grandma and Pop. All morning before Grandma got here Lucas was saying Love Grandma, love Pop. So when Grandma got here Lucas was ready to Rock and Roll. I went off to do some work and the three of them played for an hour in the hot tub, went to the park and watered plants. They were also having fun looking at pictures so Pop took out the pictures of their wedding and my wedding. When I got back Lucas was saying Mommy married. He has spent the rest of the day matching up people who are married. Torin married, Lucas says. Who is Torin married too, I ask. Tigger, Lucas responds. Grandma married to Pop. Lucas is matching everyone up.

On a side note, it is so hot here! I'm sure I'm being a baby about it. But it's hot, and only getting hotter.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Lori

Lucas, Darryl and Jenn

Happiness and Stampeding

Allie wrote a great post today on napping beside your kids and I though it was great. It was so timely because I did lots of sleeping beside Lucas last week when we were on Ontario. It does feel so peacefully. Like time has stopped and there is no one else in the world but this beautiful sleeping baby.

Lucas and I headed over to the Calgary Stampede today. Part of me loves the Stampede and part of me does not understand why I spend my time and money to see a glimpse of Barney =) All that being said I did go on the free day. Although the parking was crazy and I parked at the top of a huge hill which was great on the way there but not so great on the way back to the car. We did get to see Barney and the Superdogs, which Lucas kind of liked and was kind of scared of... His favorite part was probably the trick bikes they have. He sat through that show the longest, not the whole show, but almost. Most of our time was spent in the barns. His favorite was the chicks. They were so soft. I don't have too many pictures as going to the Stampede by myself with Lucas who sometimes wants his stroller and sometimes doesn't. Anyway hands full. No matter what it's great to introduce Lucas to lots of new things, even if it's only for a minute.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I do love the summertime. I like having a tan and dying my hair blond. I do not like bathsuits but i do love swimming. I love going to Kelowna and drinking wine and going to the beach. I love being outside. In the winter Lucas and I have all different activities and we watch movies. In the summer I open the back door and don't close it until Lucas goes to bed. The cats are happy to wander in and out. Emma loves sleeping outside. I don't love summer TV but generally that's okay because I'm outside, or on this computer. I had last week off and have the next 5 weeks off as well. Yeah summer!! Today I was reading last July's entries and I loved summer last year too.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

9 and 10

I don't know why I am so crazy about Lucas having a relationship with Darryl's family but it is very important to me. It's one of the main reasons I started this blog and one of the reasons we videoconference with the family once a week, is my need for Lucas to have a relationship with Darryl's family.

Going to Ontario this week was a great opportunity for Lucas to get to know his family and he totally did. Even today driving home in the car Lucas wants to go to the pool. Uncle Ian too, Lori too. Sweet that even though he hasn't seen them in a day he still wants to include them. It was great because Lori would come in and hang out with Lucas while he was tubbing and Kenzie was always showering him with kiss and hugs. Ian taught him all about John Deere and that "Nothing Runs Like a Deer". They recognized that they only had a week to spend with him. I think they enjoyed having a two year old around again.

The other interesting thing about going back to Ontario is the feeling that you are in the Twilight Zone. Things are familiar, but not really. I saw movie stores or gardening stores, that I remember going to, but don't necessarily remember when or why. Also everything seems a little bit smaller, even the roads seemed more narrow. We went back to the beach were I spent lots of summers as a kid. It seemed all grown up now. There's a bar on the beach and a big fence where the "public" can't walk. I guess the important things stayed the same. My favorite restaurant and family. Driving around roads seem familiar but not like I know them. A weird feeling.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oh My God



London Trip: Short and Long

I thought I'd post and short and long version of this post. I know it's summer and everyone is busy and not reading blogs, so if you want the quick and dirty version of the post here it is:

Top 10 Things about our Trip to Ontario

1. Mongolian Grill: great stirfry food, still my favorite restaurant, even if I only get to go once every year.
2. Staying with Lori and Ian: great hosts, funny and kind people, so interested in getting to know Lucas
3. Introducing Lori, Ian and Kenzie to all different types of food. Sushi, shrimp, lamb, asparagus, spinach salad, curry
4. Beaches: loved being in the sand and water, one
5. Storybook Gardens: fun to take Lucas to a place I went as a kid, his Oh My God's were hilarious too
6. Doing fun stuff with Kenzie; painting our toe nails, shopping, learning the language of a teenager
7. Seeing Darryl with his family: he is not shy like he normally is around people we don't see that often. He was totally himself.
8. Food: we had tons of good food. From Lynda's roastbeef dinner, to Lori's breakfasts, to Chinese food and sushi
9. Seeing Lucas have lots of fun with his Ontario family. Playing with all there new toys, learning about John Deere's
10. Nostalgias: It's amazing to go back to a place where you've grown up and remember all the things you did there.

More on all these points later.

K, It's now later, here's the longer post about Ontario with pictures included.

#1 Mongolian Grill: This is a restuarant where you chose what you would like in your stirfry: meats, veggies, sauces, oils and spices. They cook it for you, and it's all you can eat. You can experiment with different tastes (Lori made herself a curry dish) or try different foods (Kenzie had shrimp and tofu). If you don't like what you made you don't have to eat it. They have something similar here but it's not all you can eat, nor do they have the selection (like lamb)

#2 I must admit that I was going into this trip a little cautious. I didn't really expect going back to our home town to be an amazing vacation. All of my old friends have since moved away and the only one who is still in town was going to be on vacation that week. We stayed with Darryl's sister and her family and had a blast. It was great to get to know them a little bit better. One of the advantages of living far away is that when you do spend time together it's both quality and quantity at the same time. If we still lived in Ontario we may not have learned as much about Darryl's family as we did in the week we stayed there. I learned about how important family is to them. They were more interested in playing with Lucas, then worrying about other things. Lori would come in every evening when we were bathing Lucas to play with him. And I didn't know how kind Ian was. We were walking through the cemetery where Darryl's dad is buried and Ian was picking up any garbage he found. Lori would look through her purse to find pennies for Lucas to throw in the fountain and they were both so complimentary to Darryl and I as parents. On one of our last evenings we said around talking about pets and marriage and anything else that came to mind. Darryl and Ian had us all in stitches.

#3 Both Darryl and I grew up in a meat and potatoes kind of family, so together we have ventured into eating "different" types of food. Lori and Kenzie are quite picky eaters so we figured we try to make really good versions of different types of food. The first night we had steak and shrimp with asparagus. Shrimp and asparagus with new and liked by Lori (Kenzie wasn't too big on asparagus). Next was lamb, which Darryl did an excellent job of preparing, so much so that he may have convinced his mother to order meat medium rare instead of medium well. That night we also had mango salad, which is like dessert, but a salad. The other big thing that we did was sushi, which was great because again it was all you can eat so Lori, Ian and Kenzie got to try lots of different things including Miso soup (no) teriakyi steak (yes), California rolls (no), tempura vegetables (yes) and calamari (yes). Darryl and I were both very impressed that they were willing to try so many different types of foods.

#4 We spent two days at the beach, and I do love a beach. Lucas loved it becuase it was like a huge sandbox for him to play in the whole time. He was not to fond of the water, but probably becuase it wasn't the same temperature as his bath. =) It was great becuase we had chips and sandwichs for a picnic lunch out at the beach and the second day we had famous Mackie fries from Port Stanley. Everyone but the kids did get little burn spots. It's amazing how well sunscreen works. That the spots you miss are so obvious.

#5 I was surprised about how small Storybook Gardens was going back as an adult. But Lucas loved the slides. I didn't really realize what a fan he was of the slides until the day at Storybook. This was also the day the "Oh My Gods" were in full swing. Every new slide was so exciting that "Oh My God" kept coming out of this mouth. The other thing that amazed Darryl's sister and mom is that when we first got into the park we could hear a peacock squaking. Lucas told them " peacock". We go to the zoo enough that he knows what a peacock sounds like.

#6 I've always loved Kenzie, and I think we have kind of a special relationship. Even though I'm a mom I do hope I am still "cool Aunt Jenn". One of my favorite parts every time I go to Ontario or she comes out here is getting to spend time with her. Even as she becomes a teenager she is still a really great kid. We really enjoyed our afternoon shopping and I loved our girls night painting our toes. She also taught me the new words for cool are "crazy" and "a freak". One night before we went out to dinner I was also her "victim" and she did a beautiful make up job for me. I'm glad that we can still be part of her life even though we live so far away.

#7 When you are married to someone you know them quite well. Generally they are able to be themselves around you. Darryl is a funny, loud talker when he is with me. But people don't often see that becuase he is more reserved when he is around people who he doesn't know as well. It was cool becuase with his family he wasn't like that at all. He would make corny jokes, do things to annoy his sister, play volleyball and soceer with Kenzie. He loved trying to make Lucas laugh, which in turn would make all of us laugh. It's just great to see that side of him.

Sorry I'll have to save 9 and 10 for later this week, must go fold laundry.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why We Live In The City

Earlier this week Darryl, Lucas and Darryl's family are driving out to the beach. We have to drive through lots of farms to get there. We are all putting in our two cents about what we would like about living on a farm.

Jenn: I would like to be self sustaining, a couple of chickens for eggs, cow for milk and a big vegatable garden.

Lori: would like a tractor that she could drive around and a pig and a cow for Ian.

Darryl: I don't think I could ever live on a farm. Crappy internet"

Gotta love a geek!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today was a very fun day spent at the beach. We totally enjoyed playing in the sand and splashing in the water. We built rivers to the water and big holes to drive dump trucks in. We played frisbee in the water and splashed each other till everyone got wet. We had a picnic and ate lots of chips. A perfect beach day. It is definitly something I miss about Ontario, lots of good beaches.

Lucas only said "Oh My God" about twice today though. Compared to the 10 times he said it yesterday. It's hilairous to hear such adults words coming out of a child's mouth.

Hope you are all enjoying the nice weather.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! (yesterday) I am fortuante to live in the best country in the world (sorry everyone else). We have a year off for maternity leave, free(ish) healthcare. Great mountains and beautiful lakes. I have been fortunate enough to have seen lots of places in this lovely country and lots of other places in the world. And I still love to come home. We are so lucky to have clean water when we open the taps and breath deep clean air when we walk outside.

Happy Canada Day!

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