Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fast as I Can Great Big Sea

Well Lucas has been a great boy today! We had a party with a bunch of other moms and their babies, which was lots of fun, but has made the day go by in a hurry!

Lucas slept the whole night through. I'm sure it was just a fluke, but it was great to have a full nights sleep. Not even Emma woke me up.

I missed the clue today for Regis and Kelly, if anyone knows what it is please post it in comments.

Lots of raspberries and happiness to everyone.

Till Tommorrow (which will also be a short blog cause we are having more people over)


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Jodie V said...

Hi Jenn.... (D & Lucas, too ;)
how I admire your spirit...the way you write so adoringly about your son...the way you reflect on the changes in life that have brought your family to 3. Its awesome. It was amazing to see you with Lucas in London in December...what a great visit..Mmmmmmm...Mongolian Grill!!! and wow, Lucas was just taking in all the sights and sounds...the smell of lemon sauce, and dill..and "Hawaii 5-0" (my fave mix of ingreds there..hahahaha) and of course your beloved lamb combination dish ;)
ah, how I miss you. i hope once I finish school and become a medic (and make lots of $) I can fly out there for more regular visits...Lucas might be 5 by then, but hey..who's counting?!
Take care.
Luv yas all

Jode :)