Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Round Up

Remember October when I blogged everyday... that was a lot. But we are back to pretty much normal with the blogging once or twice a month. Although I think we will do the Eat at Home Challenge in January so there will be blogging over there. Who's up for January? November is one of my least favorite months, even though one of my most favorite people celebrates a birthday then. But the short days and the cold are not my favorite. Here in Calgary we have had snow for pretty much the whole month already. I even was debating on going to Jodie's wedding next week to get out of this cold.... But anyway here is a round up of some of the things we have been upto:

This is from last weekend when we went to Darryl's Christmas party.  I love Darryl's ganster look in the bottom picture.  It was a pretty fun party.  They had dueling pianos for the evenings entertainment which was lots of fun.  

Here's a great picture of me and my favorite dog.  Gosh I love this girl.  We have sorted out most of her mental health issues with a combination of drugs and not leaving her home alone.  Puppies are cute and wonderful, but it's also great to have a dog who is more settled.  Who loves to walk, but if it's too cold is okay to stay inside too. 

Here's one of my favorite people at her birthday dinner.  Nathan LOVES his grandma.  So he picked her to sit beside him and snuggled up to her multiple times in the night.  For dinner we went to a lovely Italian restaurant that was delicious!

This is another one of the fun things we did this month.  Tammy and I were looking for a concert to go to and a new band who we enjoy, who had the free song of the week a couple of weeks ago on itunes was coming to Calgary, Walk off the Earth.  I had heard of them before they were very famous for a remake of the Goyte song, Someone that I Use to Know, where all 5 members play on the same guitar.  Of course the band was at a bar and the show didn't start till 10pm, which is my bed time.  But I cant let sleep get in the way of good music and fun times.  Walk off the Earth put on a really good and high energy show.  If they ever come to a venue near you, go, you'll enjoy it. 

Till Next Month


Thursday, November 08, 2012


One of my favorite bloggers Ali, posted blog today about wild and crazy mornings.  Yesterday when I loaded my pictures in I found a whole bunch that Nathan took the other morning when I was doing my mom run, so I thought they deserved a crazy morning post too, as I'm sure most mom's with kids have crazy mornings, but I think it will be good to look back at this one day and remember how crazy things were.  Okay heres my morning routine:

6:30: My alarm goes off (which I'm not complaing about the 6:30, Darryl has already left the house at that time, so really I'm not complaining), I hit snooze
6:38 My alarm goes off again.  At this point I do a quick browse through both my home and work emails.
6:40 Out of bed, shower
6:50 Out of the shower, put in contacts
6:51 Dress, sometimes in something cool, like today, but most days in black scrubs
6:54 Comb hair, put on eyeliner and mascara, deodorant, brush teeth, moisturizer (becuase it's SO dry here)
7:01 Wake up Lucas, carry him downstairs (yes he's 7...... I know)
7:02 Get him breakfast, two packages of oatmeal and turn on a show for him, start the kettle
7:05 Get Nathan, carry him downstairs (it's not so bad, he's only 4), get him breakfast, usually one package of oatmeal
7:07 Make Lucas's lunch, usually heating something up in the microwave and finding some healthy snacks. Make myself some tea.  Make myself a lunch as well. 
7:12 Bring down clothes for Lucas and Nathan and get them both dressed. (Yes I know... don't worry everyone Darryl is much better)
7:18 Make myself a piece of toast
7:20 Make sure the boys have snowpants, mitts and everything necessary for their day. Make sure I have my lunch, ipad etc.
7:23 Get the boys to go pee and brush their teeth
7:24 Alarm goes off (piano riff), panic ensues and we get boots and coats and mitts on.  The dog also jumps around, get everyone buckled into the car
7:32 Lucas gets on the bus
7:36 Take Emma to Karens

7:50 Drop Nathan off at Lesleys, off to work.  Here are some shots of from Nathan, playing with my iphone.

How's your morning routine?


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My Best Friend... In the 80s

I have mentioned a couple of times that one of my best friends in highschool, Jodie, moved to Alberta last year, for a boy.  Her and that boy got engaged 10 months ago and last weekend was her stagette.  It was an 80's party which included dinner, bowling and karaoke, many of my favorite things.  One of the things that really struck me was the small community and how they have really taken Jodie in as one of their own.  When we went around the table and talked about how we all know Jodie, I was one of the only out of towners and they all knew Jodie from hockey, whther they played on her team or they reffererred with her or their husband plays hockey with her husband, there was a huge group of ladies there and they all were so happy to celebrate with her.  Makes me happy to see her so happy, and so what seems like her element.  

My 80's outfit

Jodie rocking her 80s look

Did I mention it was glow in the dark bowling!

Not sure if this was one of the country songs sung at karoke (there was a lot of them.  Sometimes I can't believe I live in Alberta)

Best friends..... in the 80's