Friday, August 29, 2014

summer 2014

As I sit here drinking tea on our last day of summer vacation I am feeling a little melancholy... well maybe a lot meloncholy.  What a wonderful, fantastic, fun summer we have had, yet again.  I love being with my kids so much.  I love the laziness and the summer vacation.  I love getting up when we choose and doing what we want each day.  I love visiting with people we don't normally see and trying new and different things we don't normally do.  I love summer vacation.  I feel grateful that I have a job which allows me most of the summer off to spend and enjoy it with the kids and that I get to be with them rather then at camps etc.  And they love that too.  =)

Here are some of the picture highlights....

Each summer starts out here with the Stampede.  Which we did not go to this year.  I love the Stampede and usually there is a band or two I want to see at the Coke Stage and usually one day I take the kids, but this year they had no interest in going.  I had asked them on a couple of occasions, but they turned it down.  It's interesting as they get older and develop more into their personalities about what they do and do not want to do.  I think it's great, even if it doesn't always jive with my personality, but it's great to see them grow and learn about them.  

Luckily I did get to dress up and go to a Stampede party with my best friend and one of the companies we work for.  It was as usual a great time and we have the picture to prove it.  This of course was taken after a my first and last glass of burbon.

After Stampede we headed out to Kelowna.  This was the first year of fishing we did in Kelowna.  My best friends son got very interested in it, which in turn got my boys very interested in it.  So now I am an angler, although only in BC.  I even have the angler number to prove it.   The boys really enjoyed the fishing.  There is a stocked lake by Oma and Opa's house so we would drive there every other day and catch fish.  By the end of the week all the boys had caught fish.  Although Nathan's first catch was the funniest.  He was so surprised and had no idea what to do when he got the fish on his line.  He handed the rod the my friend's son and had him take it off.  

We also spent lots of time at the beach, playing games with Oma and Opa, playing RC cars, doing yoga and running.  There was also a big forest fire in their city and we spent time watching the airplanes put out the fire.  It was an incredible thing to watch. 

IN our off weeks from Kelowna we filled our time with other things: Science Center, swimming in the mini pool in the backyard, golfing, drumming, baseball games, meeting Darryl for bubble tea, playing with friends, going to Millarville etc.  Again, love summer!!

Over the long weekend Darryl and I went house boating with a bunch of other adults.  It was a good time for Darryl and I to spend a little time together and the kids got to spend time with Grandma and Pop too.   Afterwards Darryl and I took the kids and Emma for our annual Kelowna vacation as well.  Again more beach and fishing and relaxing and running and yoga and playing.

To end off our summer Grammy and Grandad came for a visit.  It was great to have them come and stay and show them lots of our favourite summer activites.   I took Grammy to hot yoga, we took them drumming and to the zoo for the delicious brunch.  

All in all it was a great summer.  Love having two months off with my boys.  

Till Next Time Jenn