Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I had some trouble coming up with good resolutions for the year.  There have been some things floating around in my head, but sometimes it's difficult to quantify.  Mostly this year I would like to work on relationships.  Of course I know this is the a huge resolution.  But it is something I want to work on.  Mostly with my kids.  But also with my husband and my family and my friends. 

I had a conversation with a hygienist last time I was at the dentist, which means it was mostly her talking and me listening, but she was talking about how she'd only ever want one child so that she would involved in their lives all the time.  She would be their playmate and adviser, she would be very active in their lives.  I mentioned how having two is great because they entertain each other.  While I still agree with my theory, it did make me think about how often I disengage with them while they play with each other.  It's funny cause when they are little you pray and hope for these days of self sufficiency and then when they get there you have to make the effort to spend the time with them.  So that is something I'm going to try to focus on more this year.  I find it more challenging as many of their interests are not things I enjoy doing, but maybe even being the room or encouraging them to do things I am interested in.   To make this goal a little easier to qualify and see if I accomplish it my plan is to take the family to a non chain restaurant where we get to try new food once a month. 

With Darryl I would like to plan more date nights.   I have a great husband and person to spend my life with.  He's a great dad and partner, but it's easy to get caught in the mundane of everyday life.  I would like to make more effort to do reconnect and do things together. 

We will see as the year goes on if I have more things I would like to work on, but reflecting over Christmas this is what I've been thinking about and would like to focus on.

I have been doing a regular yoga practice for a couple of years now so I want to continue with that.  Maybe work on doing more practicing at home.  Although I do love my studio.

We have a trip to Hawaii planned for this year and I'm heading to Halifax for a work conference, probably going to Kelowna this year too and maybe something else in the summer.  Plus it's Darryl's 40th birthday and our 15 year anniversary, so hopefully something fun for that.

What about the readers, any inspiring resolutions? Goals? Intents?


Sunday, January 03, 2016


As I've said lots of times on the blog I enjoy resolutions.  I like making goals and trying to be a better person.  I liked last year and set different goals for each month.  Some of them I totally rocked and others.... not so much.

Here's a synopsis.

Jan: Practice piano for 15 minutes each day

This went okay... on and off for the month.  On the days where I felt like I had time, things went really well.  But on the busy days this quickly feel off the to do list.
Feb: Only check social media once per day
This one went great.  Only checked it in the evening.   That being said I didn't feel like it made a huge difference.  In conclusion I'm not too addicted to social media.  It's the thing that falls off my to do list when I'm busy. 
Mar: Meditate every day

Did pretty awesome with this one too....although I count going to yoga and sitting in peace at the start and end of class.  And most days I go to yoga, so it wasn't too hard of a resolution to keep. 
April: Eat at Home Challenge
I can't really remember this one... so my guess is it didn't go very well....
May: Ab challenge
This one started off great, but as the month went on it got too hard!
June: Yoga challenge
This month I doubled up and also did June dresses. Totally rocked out on both of them!
July: Take picture with big camera everyday
This one I did not do great on... started with high hopes but didn't follow through in the month.  Partly cause I travelled a lot and didn't bring it with me  =(
September: Blog everyday

Did awesome!  See all those posts in September. 
November: Plank Challenge

My coworkers came up with a great challenge of doing plank for 30 secs a day and then increasing by 5 seconds each day.  Again with this one started out awesome, till it got hard.  Then it was harder to follow through.  That being said I can do a 3 minute low plank.  Although I have been practicing for a long time.

It was a pretty darn good year of getting better physically.  I feel pretty darn strong.  I went on 8 trips last year! 8!  That's pretty lucky and incredible.  3 of them were work related.  And 2 to Ontario for Lori's celebrations and 3 just for fun ones!  My goal is not to top that in 2016, as that would be pretty difficult.

Now to contemplate 2016....