Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mumford and Sons

I love going to concerts.  I really really love going to concerts. 

There is no other time I have that feeling of excitement and antipation in my chest right before the band comes out.  When you know they are coming, the lights dim, everyone starts to scream and get excited.   There is no other feeling like it in the world. 

I also love being part of something big like a concert.  When everyone is singing along and you can hear them all. You can still hear the lead singer, but in the background you can also hear 15000 people singing along.  It's great to be part of that big collective. 

Last night Darryl and I went to Mumford and Sons.  It was a fantastic concert.  They are great musicians, playing multiple instruments and singing in harmony.  They sing loud songs and quiet songs, songs with trumpets and violins, songs that build and songs that have lots of "ahhh ahhh" that are easy to sing along to.  =)
Till Next Time


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book 5: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

My friend Tammy gave me this book a couple of weeks ago and I was through it really quick.  Granted it shorter, but it's also a really easy and enjoyable read.  The story is about Charlie a 15 year old teenager and all of the "adventures/harships" he goes through being a teenager.  The book is written in letters that Charlie is writing to his anonymous friend, which again makes it kind of enjoyable.  It is amazing all the things this book covers; suicide, depression, death, rape, drugs, smoking and homosexuality.  I recommend it, it was quite a good book!


Mothers Day

This weekend we celebrated a lovely mothers day.  Nathan made me a card which said my favorite thing to do was "cleaning" and my favorite food was tea.  Lucas gave me coupons for 5 hours of no playing video games and 15 hugs.  =)  They are great sweet and wonderful gifts.  For me that's what mothers day is about, special homeade things. 

I wrote a nice post on facebook about how I have so many wonderful moms around me.  First off is my mom.  She was been a great influence.  I know I have gained my confidence and my thinking "I can do anything" from her.   I also have influential moms around me like Tammy and Lesley.  Lesley is like a second mom to both of my kids.  She is a fantastic mother.  Always doing what is best for her kids.  Tammy too, she really loves being with her kids.  Also because both of those ladies have kids that are a couple of years older then mine I'm able to learn alot about them too. 

There's also my mother in law Lynda and Darryl's sister Lori.  Lynda is a great mom as she raised Darryl who is a great dad.  Lori is also a good one to learn from as she has a teenage girl, which I think it most difficult time of life.

So lots of great mothers around me.  I've very fortunate to have so many good role models.