Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Share the Land- Guess Who

Lucas did very well with his needles yesterday. Of course he cried and did not like it, but hee hasn't had any sort of reaction after and has been a pretty happy guy. He took a nice long sleep this morning and has gone down well for this nap as well. Hopefully he is good for Darryl tommorrow morning. At the immunization place he weighed 17 pounds 6 ounces and was 261/2 inches long. That puts him in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

I bought this new toy for Lucas yesterday as it is suppose to be good for teething, and although he already has two there are still many more to come. The only problem with it is Emma thinks it's her toy. I was getting Lucas dressed this morning and I hear a sweak from the toy. Emma is chewing on it on the landing. I may have to get another one and they each have their own. I'm sure it's not good for them to share this toy.

It has been very cold here today. I should clarify, a little cold but lots of snow. I was going to head out to the mall for a little walking, but changed my mind. I'll have to take Emma to a park after Lucas goes down for bed.

Tommorrow I'm going to lunch with all my co-workers. I am totally looking forward to it. I miss them and looking forward to being updated on the "going's on"

So Darryl's got another person hooked on podcasts. I guess the key is finding one you like. Anyone who knows me well knows what a fan I am of the Barenaked Ladies. Well they have come out with a podcast. Yeah! I had such a great time listening to Ed last night. I also burned a copy of it for Tammy, so I hope to put a smile on her face with the funiness.

Last night my sister called while my parents were over and wanted to read us her letter of intent for the pharmacy program. It was excellent and she did a great job with it. While listening to my mom talk to her I realized I am very different from my family in the aspect of doing things perfectly. For example with this blog. I am by no means a writer. I am sure there are spelling and grammer mistakes all through out. At the same time that doesn't stop me from writing it. I don't care about being a perfectionist. Just an interesting observation. It makes me wonder why I am so different that way.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, February 27, 2006

Home- Dixie Chicks

Well a quick post for today as I'm sure everyone has tons to read from yesterday. Lucas slept well last night. Woke up once and slept in till 7:30. Slowly we are moving back into our regular time. He went down okay for his nap this morning. Talked to himself for a while, then eventually went to sleep.

This afternoon we are going for the 6 month immunizations. I'll have to find the tylenol. Poor little guy, hates being stuck with that needle. I'm going to try it on my own today. Last time was okay, so I think I'll be okay by myself this time.

Enjoying just being at home with my regular TV and regular schedule. Had morning tea with Tammy. Nice to be home again.

Kristine, if you can take a vacation before the baby comes. IT's alot more work to go with a child. I don't feel as relaxed as I normally do after vacation. Even though Lucas was great.

Olivier, I'll be sure to let you know what Lucas's first french word is. My guess would be "tombe" Becuase I say that every time something falls.

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas- Sheryl Crow

k, so on with the big long update from last week. Friday evening we hung around the pool. Which was fun. Lucas liked the pool alot. He would kick his legs lots. Altough I think his favortie part was watching all the other kids play. It's amazing how they know other children. He was very entralled with them. And some of them were enthralled with him. He looks so cute and chubby in this pic.

On Saturday we went to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay before heading off to the airport. The flight home was also good. Lucas slept for most of it on our laps and was in a good mood when someone loudly crinkled a bag and woke him up. That is one thing about parenting is I have become much more aware of other kids around.

A couple of negative things about the trip. It has totally screwed up Lucas's sleep. He was up atleast once a night the whole vacation. So I fear we are going to have to let him cry it out again. Another negative is that we didn't have the CBC, so I missed out on some of the Olympics. But I hear we did well. Although shocked about men's hockey.

Lucas enjoyed watched Auntie Lexie blow bubbles with her gum. And he learned how to make his mouth into an "o" shape from Grandma. He also loved playing with Grandma and Pop's gambling cards and key chains.

All in all it was great to be away, even if the vacation experience will not be the same for years and years to come, since children are in the picture. It was lots of work. Grandma and Pop were nice enough to babysit though, so we had a few evenings to ourselves. Plus I got to hang out with my very fun sister, who I miss so much.

Till Tommorrow, and back to regular blogging.


PS I'm going to add some pics to the previous post.

Viva Las Vegas- Elvis Presley

Well we are back from our week long vacation from Las Vegas and Emma couldn't be happier. Poor girl stayed in a kennel for the week and now has a big sore on her face. I'm sure from trying to escape. They said she was a great dog and a real sweetheart, but she seems much happier to be home with us. She's been sleeping lots today. Next time I'll try harder to find someone she knows to take her.

Well onto the Vegas trip. It was great to get a change of scenery. Lucas was so good! It's amazing how adaptable kids are. Plus he loved having his Grandma, Pop and Auntie Lexie around all the time.

The flight there was good. Lucas slept for most of it, on his tummy over Darryl and my laps. It was good for him, but our bum was pretty sore after. At the time share we stayed in a place called the "cottage". It was a seperate building all to itself, which I was grateful for incase Lucas cried. But he didn't really.

On Sunday when we got there we headed out to Target in the morning. I quite like Target. I got some great stuff although not the Taggies I was looking for. Then we went to Applebee's for lunch and it was delicious. I highly recommend that place. That night we took Darryl out to the strip for the first time. He said he was surprised at how big the hotels were, but how they could be so far apart. We also watched the Bellagio fountains we are incredible.

On Monday we went to the Paris Buffet for breakfast. It was so so good. Even Dad was impressed with the pariesen food. I had a plate of lamb, veal and scallops. It was great. I would totally recommend that buffet. After that we toured around the Paris and Aladdin Casinos. Then headed home for a little relaxing and so Lucas could nap. That night Mom and Dad went out to gamble.

Tuesday Lucas took a long nap, so for lunch we went to the Aladdin buffet (don't really recommend that) and then went and tour around the casinos at the other end of the strip, Venetian, Treasure Island, the Mirage. At the buffet we let Lucas try gucamole and he did not like it. It was the worst reaction I'd ever seen from him. Defintly a horrible face and then he gagged. The worst part was I didn't really have anything for him to wash it down with execpt ice water and he was not happy with that either. Very cold on his new teeth. We also did more shopping. I bought Lucas these pants from a store called "cheeky". I thought it was quite cute. It was fun to go to the Venetian and the Paris hotels because it took Darryl and I back to last spring when we were able to experience those things first hand.

Wednesday we went to Hoover Dam. Which is cool even though I'm scared of heights. We went on a tour and learned lots. Although I was not very impressed with our tour guide. The granola side of me wanted to know what enviromental impact the dam had. He blew my question off, saying the dam was the greatest. Later after speaking to others on the tour and reading signs I learned that there was minimal impact to the enviroment. Lake Mead which is on one side of the dam, did flood a community, but they moved everyone out before it was a problem. There has also been some impact on certain types of fish, but they are currently breeding these fish and putting them into the lakes. Anyway the granola Jenn was not impressed with our tour guide. I had Lucas on my back the whole time so the back carrier was defintly a good investment.

Thursday we went to the Bellagio for the buffet, which is also a good one. I would recommend the Paris and Bellagio buffets not the Aladdin or Luxor ones. Lucas was being quite loud while we were there. Not crying, but had lots to say and was not doing it quietly. He was also doing this funny thing that everytime I put some applesauce in his mouth he would dab his lip to get off the excess. We had a good laugh over that. Even with the loudness most people were quite happy to see Lucas. Even on the plane on the way home the woman was very receptive to sitting beside a baby. Plus he would give smiles to anyone who smiled at him. That night Darryl, Lex and I all went to a posh restaurant for dinner. While Darryl and I both ordered the 5 course meal (which surprised the waiter) Lexie ordered the cheese pizza. Although Lexie was great pronoucing the Italian words. The food was delicious. That place was called Circo, in the Bellagio.

Friday we headed to Lexie's favorite TGI Fridays, which was good, but not as good as Applebee's. Then out to Red Rock Canyon, where we did a small hike.

K, Lucas is getting fussy, I'll finish this tommorrow

Till Tommorrow


Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday- Beatles

Well happy half birthday to Lucas! Today he's is 6 months old. We went to the doctor and everything looks good. He said his head is as big as many 1 year old's. I told you my kid was smart. There is lots of brain in there. =) His weight was 16 pounds 13 ounces. Although when I weighed him at another facility on his 5 month birthday he was 16 pounds 10 ounces. I guess not all scales are completely accurate. So who really knows where he is.....

K so lets see what he can do... sitting: its going pretty well although I still don't completly trust him. His speech is great. Most kids his age are not saying da da da yet. He has 2 teeth now. He is starting to get up on all fours. He has not moved once he's up there, but he's getting better at lifting higher. He smiles lots and is becoming a mommy's boy. He will hold his arms out for me to pick him up.

I am so glad that this blog has become an update for our family in Ontario. Read it whenever it pleases you. It certianly doesn't bother me if you don't read it everyday. I think this will be a good way to keep track of Lucas's progress and life. Already it's interesting to see how he's progressed from when I first started.

Lucas does have a bit of a cold. Either that or it's the runny nose that often comes with teething.

To finsh up the game, Yes the picture of me is in Jamaicia. We were fortunate enough to get upgraded to a honeymoon suite, that had it's own pool. It was divine. Yesterday pic of George and Olivier is at Lake Louise. Amazing the difference when it's snowing.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm So Excited- Twisted Sister

One of the greastest things about Lucas, and all babies I'm sure is how they show their excitment in their whole body. He doesn't just scream, but kicks his arms and legs and smiles so wide. You can tell that he is really happy about something. It's so good.

We went to our neighboor's house today for lunch and it was excellent. Some people have such a knack for new foods. Her salad had apples and cheese in it. Again it was great! There were a couple other babies there as well which was fun, although Lucas spit up alot. I may have fed him too soon. Once he saw Milan's bottle, he wanted his as well. Emma and thier dog also had a great time playing. Which is good for me as it is -25 outside and I really don't want to take her for a walk.

Lucas has sucessfully put himself to sleep. Yah! I love it when that happens. He was up a bunch of times last night. He was cutting another tooth and it was really bothering him. At about midnight I gave him some tylenol and it seemed to work till morning. He also ate lots of pears this morning. Plus at the lunch I was at someone makes gormet baby food, so we are going to start to order that. I love to support other mothers and it's nice to know where the food I feed Lucas is coming from. I'll know it's fresh.

I'm so glad the Olympics are on. I love the Olympics! Espeically with the cold today. I hibernated and watched sports. We got a bunch of medals today and it's always so inspiring to see the athletes compete.

Well today is the last day of the game, atleast for a while. I have been more places but don't have those pictures on my computer. Maybe someday if I get a scanner or get the scanner we have working, or use a scanner at work we'll play again. Anyway here's the last picture: Where in the World Are George and Olivier?

Hint: Usually the water is very blue from the glacier, but in June it can still be frozen.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Too Little Too Late

We'll it's a very late post today. It's almost 8pm here. During Lucas's afternoon nap I napped as well. Even though I slept great last night, because we weren't able to use the monitor. It seemed to go on the fritz making a loud buzzing noise every 5ish seconds or so. We couldn't sleep with that noise so we locked the cats in the computer room with their food and litter box and then opened our door and Luke's door. It was great. I heard him at about 11ish, but he went back to sleep and then not again until morning. Of course this won't continue becuase I don't like locking the cats up and the monitor seems to be fixed, but I did enjoy just barely hearing Lucas. =)

Work today was good. I'm starting to get to now the students better. It's interesting to see all the different personalities.

Lucas is getting his other bottom tooth. I'm lucky that so far (knock on wood) he hasn't been unbearable to deal with. A little fussy, but nothing that a little loving (and sometimes Tylenol) won't fix. Lucas was also good with Darryl and Darryl changed a poopy bum!

Onto the game, the picture two days ago was Mom and Dad on Vancouver Island. I've never been there, but will definitly go one of these days. Here's today picture

Where in the World is Jenn?

The hint for this one is: A place where we were upgraded to a honeymoon sweet- 'mon.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Love You-Barenaked Ladies

Well happy Valentine's Day everyone. Things have been good here, Tammy and I had lunch together which was great, it's so good to have such good friends. Plus the dogs enjoyed wearing themselves out. Lucas is upstairs chatting to himself in bed, but I'm hoping he'll fall asleep soon.

So eleven years ago today Darryl and I started dating. In some ways its seems like it ca't be that long and in other ways we have been through so much together, it doesn't seem long enough. In honor of 11 years I thought I would list 11 things I love about Darryl. So here we go

11. His cooking skills. Darryl makes lots of good food. His McDonalds cooking skills have come in handy.
10. Has a good job. I'm glad that Darryl is around. I would hate it if he had to be away alot. Plus he is good at that job.
9. His cleanliness. He is great at doing a through cleaning of things, it's a good balance for me. a fast cleaner, but not always through.
8. He likes to travel. Travel is very important to me and I think has become important to Darryl as we've done it more.
7. His humor. Darryl loves a corny joke, after his own father that way. But more so I love his humor when it's just him and I. It's nice to be best friends like that.
6. His parenting skills. I'm lucky to have an equal partner in raising Lucas. He knows that I need my time away and doesn't get upset when I need a girls night out.
5. He takes my crap. It's great to love someone who understand you, and if he doesn't always understand me, he's willing to compromise to make me happy. Plus he let me get all these animals and he loves them too.
4. He is handy. I know if something around the house needs fixing it will get done. Or if something needs to be built.
3. He is well liked. My parents love Darryl, and really so do most people who get to know him. The other day my parents joked they would keep Darryl over me. I'm glad that he gets along with most people.
2. His intelligence. Darryl knows so much about many things. He is an expert in certain things, but also has a general knowledge about most things. Pat likes to call him the wizard. =)
1. He loves me. I am lucky to have a really good marriage, because as much as I love Darryl I know he loves me too.

Anyhoo, my other Valentine is crying. Maybe he's hungry rather then tired.

Happy Valentine's Day

Till Tommorrow


Monday, February 13, 2006

Love you Madly- Cake

Lucas and I just got back from a Valentines Day Party. It was lots of fun, but it's funny how my mommy equitte is different then my usual etiquette. Lucas woke up at 6am, so everything has been a little earlier for him today. Usually he goes down for a nap at about 2-2;30ish, so today we are at the party and he gets fussy at about 1pmish. We have only been at this party for about an hour, and I know how much work goes into a party. But here's my boy, who needs to go down for a nap. Anyway at about 1;20ish we're heading out the door. In some ways I feel bad. I never leave a party after an hour. It's not like I just show up eat and leave! But today I did. Being a mom changes everything.......

Lucas did sleep through the night again, so we are on a roll. He did take a longer nap this morning, so I'm not sure what this nap is going to be like. We also tried pears this morning, which he quite enjoyed. I heard a little trick the other day about healping your kids if they don't like a certain food, is to put a little cinnamon in it. I did it with Lucas's wheat ceral, which is not his favorite and he seemed to take it better.

Emma is at doggy day care this afternoon. I'm sad to not have her around. Which seems crazy, but we are really the best of friends. Of course when we got there it was too men to take her into the back. She did not like that, but atleast they were younger. Once she got in with the dogs she was great. Hopefully she will have a good time.

Onto the game. Yesterday's was an angiogram of the neck. In that projection we are looking at a profile view of someone's neck. Their common carotid artery is coming up the side and dividing into the anterior and middle cerebrals. Pretty cool eh?

Here's today's picture :

Where is in the World Are Susan and George? (aka Grandma and Pop)

The hint is: This is a place that both my parents and Darryl's parents have visited, but I have never been.

Good Luck

Till Tommorrow


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews

Sleep is an interesting thing. I just woke up from a nap, but I'm not sure it was long enough. It almost makes me more tired then I was before I went down. For family day today we went looking for a back carrier. I thought Dad wanted to go skating, but they changed their minds, besides it was such a nice day outside that we didn't want to spend too much time inside. We did buy a back carrier, but I'm not sure about it. I thought Lucas would be higher but he's a the level of my head so when he looks straight ahead he's looking into my hair. It is quite comfortable though and had lots of features. It's the MEC one.

Here the link for it


I'm going to check out a couple more before I take the tags off this one. Which they said was fine in the store. It is a great store. We also bought another pack for Vegas. That is one thing about me, I'm not crazy about shoes, but I love bags. Bags and sheets. I was in Linens and Things yesterday looking for a new duvet cover and I had to restrain myself from buying sheets.

Lucas slept through the night again. Yeah. This will be the third night in a row. I am fairly fond of the system we've developed. He sleeps until 5amish then I feed him and he goes down for another couple hours. I works well. Then he's having two naps a day, which is normal for his age, rather then the 3. Although some days if they are short naps he'll have three.

Onto the game. The picture from yesterday is the Umbria region, but the villages are called Cinque Terre. The five villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. We stayed in Monterosso and had a great time. We met this couple there who would be able to play the Where in the World Game a much longer time. They had been to over 100 different countries. This is also where I put my foot in the mediterrainan. And our first stop in Italy, so it freaked us out when they wanted to record our passport numbers. If anyone reading this goes to Italy, please keep in mind that it is law for them to record who is staying at your hotel. It is beautiful here and I would recommend going. You can hike between the towns and when Darryl and I were done this hike the Italians cheered for me. I was 7 months pregnant. Lots of people told me it would be good for the baby to get all that blood pumping through him.

So I'm starting to get desperate with pictures. So today's picture is not of a place but of a thing. The name of today's game is: What in the World? (instead of where in the world). The hint is I could do this in my job. Good Luck

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saved- Jann Arden

So yesterday we left here and went to take Emma for her shots. The vet was a female, so she liked her at first, but did not like getting up on the table. Lucas was quite good throughout the whole thing although I'm sure he found it a little interesting. The neatest thing was was while we were waiting I had Lucas on the floor in his car seat carrier. This other fairly large dog came up to sniff Lucas and Emma started growling. The dog didn't step back so Emma barked and got between Lucas and the other dog. I thought it was so cool. Not the fact there there was almost a dog fight but that Emma felt protective over Lucas. She doesn't really show any emtion to him what so ever, until yesterday.

We also had one of Darryl's favorite dinners last night. If you live somewhere that there is a Safeway, they make their own Tomato Tuscan Soup. It's delicious and we often have it with sourdough bread and red wine. It's simple, but great. Tonight we are having steak......

I can't believe the weather here. Although it is suppose to snow this week, but it's been 10+ degrees. It's great and we all have been enjoying the outdoors. Walked with Lucas to Walmart today, we almost ran out of wipes with all the crazy diapers we've been having.

Onto the game. I think this will be the last week of the game as I am almost out of pictures. Maybe my dad knows a good photoshop program and I can start to fake pictures........ Yeah for Mo, Lori and Lynda! This is a pic of me in Kelowna. We are so lucky that Oma and Opa live there, it is so fun to go there in the summers. I'm looking forward to it again this summer.

Here is another harder Europe picture. The hint is we were walking from one small town to another, there are 5 small towns you can hike to and from. Good Luck

Where in the World is Darryl?

Till Tommorrow


Friday, February 10, 2006

What A Good Boy- Barenaked Ladies

Well another big poop blowout today. Darryl is defintly changing all the diapers this weekend. Today he let out a poop and I waited as per my lesson from yesterday. Well a couple grunts later I see he's getting green all over his sock. Anyway it was all down his leg, in his pants. Although not up the back. It was bad enough I needed to change my shirt as well. Man oh man... atleast I had to deal with poop in my job before mommyhood. I feel bad for the people who get baby poop as there first experience.

Had a great time playing outside today. Lucas, Emma, the cats and I all love to be outside and we have been treated so well this winter. Although there was a big grass fire a couple hours or so from here. So the grass is dry everywhere and I'm sure I tracked a bunch of it in the house with me, but I guess that's what brooms are for. Emma has to go for her shots this afternoon, so she'll be quite upset with me for the rest of the day.

Last night was good, I made a great pork roast and we had Oma's applesauce with it. It was delicious. I also bought a cute hat for Lucas.

Lori, you were bang on yesterday. We were in Venice on a famous bridge called the Rialto Bridge. There were people everywhere on this bridge, but it's one of the few across the lare canal. Venice is such a beautiful place and I recommend anyone go there. Again, so beautiful and no cars. Great gelato, although quite toursity. Here's the picture for today. And the hint is Emma can come on to this place with us (although certain people can make her scared)

Where in the world is Jenn

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, February 09, 2006

PS I Love You- Bette Midler

Well I wrote some info about the Grammy's in my last post but I seemed to have deleted it, plus I thought of a funny poop story, that I wanted to share with you, so here is the second post of the day.

The Grammy's last night were great. They focused more on the performances rather then the "life time achievment" people. They acknowledged them, but didn't let them talk for 15 minutes about everyone they had ever met. My favorite perfomance was JAy-Z, LInkin Park and Paul McCartney. What a wonderful colaboration of difference music styles. I was glad Kelly Clarkson won a couple of awards, she seems so genuine. Like I could be up there giving the same speech. And Mariah Carey, had something to cover her up. So it was all good. =)

I was also very impressed with Madonna and Sheryl Crow's bodies. Wow, those women look amazing and they are both over 40. I think they are such good role models. Especially compared to Lindsay Lohan or the Olsen twins, both who have have eating disorders.

The other funny story is a poop one, so if you have a week stomach or don't want to hear about poop, stop reading here.

So today I hear and smell Lucas doing his buisness in his pants. So as a good mother I promptly take him up stairs to change it. So there I am changing his diaper I'm through about 2 wipes, and he's all clean. Bam! He poops again. RIght on the new one. I just started to lift his legs to slide the new one underneath and poops all on his leg and the outside of the new diaper, which is not as absorbent as the inside. So I get that all cleaned up, again another couple of wipes. Reach down to get another diaper and I hear a little fart. Look under his legs and he's gone poop again. Now the thing about poop at this age is it's not in lumps. It's not like I can pick up the lump. It's like dijon mustard....all runny. Luckily the pad we change him on is easy to clean. Because I wiped it quite a bit today. So the moral of the story is don't be so prompt in chaning diapers, there are probably a couple more pushes to go.

Till Tommorrow


One - U2

Well Just got in from Yoga and Lucas is sleeping in his car seat. So this may be a short post, depending on how long that goes for. He is defintly like me and enjoys sleeping in the car. It is so windy here today I can't believe it. I was lucky we did not get blown away on our walk. Yoga was better today, not that it's ever bad, but I'm getting better at coping with Lucas there.

Well after I bragged about his sleeping, he woke up once in the night again. Then he has taken short naps all yesterday and today... so I guess it's better to say nothing and not jinx myslef. Here is a picture of his first tooth. So far he hasn't bite me, which I am grateful for. =)

Yeterday's picture was at a "zoo" per se. It was Sea World in Orlando Florida, from the Christmas we all went down as a family when we lived in Ontario. I think that was the first vacation Darryl had ever taken with us. It was so fun for all of us, because of having Darryl around. At Sea World, you buy little trays of fish and feed it to the sea lions. They will do all these tricks to get the fish. It's amazing....

Okay here's today's episode of "Where in the World Are Jenn and Darryl" This is an easier one as well. Although if there weren't people in the background we could be standing in front of a painting.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We Belong Together- Mariah Carey

Well I'm happy to be home again. Work was good to go to, but it totally makes me appreciate my little man. I almost kept him up so we could keep playing, even though it is time for his afternoon nap. But don't worry I was not selfish and I put him down. It's amazing how in the last week he seems to have settled a lot when it comes to sleeping. Most nights he now sleeps through the night, he's become much easier to put down for naps. Plus he seems to sleep longer for most naps. He is also happier in the day. Of course this is all on average and he can certainly be a hellion if he wants. All my students thought he was beautiful, and really he is such a beautiful kid. I know I'm biased. Darryl said he was quite good for him this morning as well, which I am happy about. Lucas (and probably Darryl) were quite happy to see me when I got home. Darryl said he played a lot by himself this morning. So it's probably my doing that he seems to want to be with me all the time. I guess I don't really mind, I should savor it while it last. There will be a day in the not to distant future when he wants his friends over his mother.

I am very excited because the Grammy's are on tonight. Two of my favorite things melted together. Music and awards shows. Plus there is usually a surprise or two in store for us. I just hope that Mariah Carey wears something that covers her.

Onto the game. Lori I am so impressed with you!!! I will send you all the music you like for your participation in the blog. You are really a great sister in law. It was so good to have you come to Calgary in November and I know it meant SO much to Darryl that you came out. Plus it's fun to talk to you. Yeah for great sister in laws. You were correct and for 1000 bonus points it is St. Mark's Square. Yesterday's picture is Mo in Cancun, but it could have been anywhere hot.

So here's today picture for Where in the World is Darryl?

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens- Louis Armstrong

Well Lucas slept through most of the night again last night. He awoke at 5 but went back down after a feeding till 7. He was quite mad at his morning nap. I don't know why but he just wouldn't give into the sleep. Anyway finally he did, and I was stressed but I didn't think it was approriate to open a bottle of wine at 10am. =) So instead I did some deep yoga breathing. We also went to the offleash today and Emma just loves it there. It gets to the point that she's so tired she just lays down. Although Lucas doesn't seem to like the sun in his eyes. I think I'll have to go out and buy him a new ball cap, or a hat with a wide brim.

So as mothering goes, I'd like to think I'm pretty easy going when it comes to what Lucas can do. I'm not fanatical about germs or what he puts in his mouth (I can just imagine the Grandma's cringing right now=). So when we are at the computer he often plays around with the mouse. He loves in becuase he knows I like the mouse too. Since he has begun playing with it, I have learned so many things my computer can do. Imagine what crazy clicking and dragging can teach you. Of course sometimes I also lose short cuts to stuff, but most of the time I know how to put it back.

Last night I made this good, and easy south west chicken gumbo thing. I'll post the recipie becuase it was pretty good, and if you're like me I"m always looking for a good but easy recipie

4 frozen chicken breast
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans
1 jar of salsa

Cook that in the slow cooker all day on low or 4-5 hours on high.

1/2 hour before serving add a package of cream cheese.

That's it and it's pretty good. I served ours in tortilla shells, but you could also do it over rice. Mom and Dad enjoyed it as well, so you can also take their word for it.

No guesses for yesterday, so I won't post the answer quite yet. I'll give it another day or two.

Here's today's picture Where in the World is Mo? Sorry mo, you can't guess, but let's get Allison involved, so Allison can guess.....

This picture is amazing and could totally be a postcard.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Lullabye, Goodnight My Angel- Billy Joel (which is a great song!)

Well getting up 3 times last night was so hard. Lucas had slept through the night for 5 nights in a row. I thought (and was hoping) that was going to be the new normal. Hence I was wrong, you should never get your hopes up. Nor should I ever use the word hence again. =) I'm not sure what was wrong last night but he didn't seem happy. Of course then he sleeps in a little (8am) and then our day is a little out of whack. Becuase he woke up at 8 I put him down at 10ish, but I think that was too late and then he fought sleep tooth and nail. Anyway we made it through and he went down well for his afternoon nap.

Took him into SAIT today, since I had to drop off my contract. My students seemed to be quite happy to see him. So was Donna. It was good to see her too and she didn't seem completly exhausted, which I thought she might with the amount she is teaching. Then we headed off to the chiropractor and she made me all moveable again. It's interesting what different muscles are affected when your activites involve carrying around a child rather then being a teacher.

Watched the Superbowl yesterday, a fairly good game from my amateur opionion. Also enjoyed a good episode of Grey's Anatomy, but it will be to bed early for me tonight.

Onto the game.....

Yes the picture is of Darryl and I at the Eiffel Tower. The real one, not the Las Vegas one.

Yes the anonoymous poster got it right about Darryl and Emma at Allen Bill Pond and when we were there a couple weeks ago, it still wasn't frozen yet. So probably have to skip it this year. But I do love this picture. It's funny to see Emma pulling Darryl. Maybe next Sunday we will go skating as our family thing. I'm not sure if they have anything to put Lucas in at the oval, but we could always take the sleigh downtown....

Anyhoo, here's today's picture

It is kind of a hard picture, so the hint is..... It's in Italy. And there are lots of pigeons there.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ode to My Family- Cranberries

Well Sundays have become my favorite day of the week. A couple of weeks ago we decided that on Sundays we would do something as a family. Saturday we could go our seperate ways and take turns taking care of Lucas, but Sundays was our family day. We could always do things with other people but we defintly had to do something together. For family day today we went to the zoo. It's amazing that all these animals are right here in Calgary. I have an annual pass and Lucas is free so it was fairly cheap for us to go. The animals are quite active in the winter as well, so it was lots of fun.

I just went upstairs to check on Lucas, when I put him down for his afternoon nap hee wasn't super tired (as in he didn't fall right asleep) but he was rubbing his eyes down stairs. Just went up to check on him and he's asleep on his tummy. My other favorite guy Darryl is also asleep, but on his back. Anyway when I went into Lucas's room I don't breather, just to be sure I don't wake him up. It's actually a subconsious thing. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would come and check on my to be sure I was sleeping, I would hold my breath, becuase I thought you didn't breather when you slept. I'm surprised it never freaked my mom out.

Went on our first "date" last night. It was fun. One of the greatest parts of having children is being able to act like a kid, but it was fun to be an adult for a night again.

Here's today picture for "Where in the World are Darryl and Emma" If you don't live in Calgary you may have trouble with this one, but I'm trying to break up the Europe pics.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair- Scott McKenzie

Well Lucas is getting his teeth. I can see one of his little bottom teeth starting to poke through. Plus he has been quite upset the last two days. I have given him tylenol today as well. I'm not a big believer in medicating him whenever he cries, but it's so difficult when he can't talk to me. Plus I can see the tooth, so I'm guessing that's the problem.

He did sleep through the night again last night.... we are on 4 nights in a row. So I asked my parents to come and watch him tonight, so Darryl and I can have our first real date night. They watched him at New Years when we went to Tammy and Pat's, but this time it'll be just us, and we'll be driving in the car. Lucas has also gone down well for naps today.

I went and got my hair done this morning. I had a really good experience. My usual hair dresser is also on maternity leave so I had someone new, and it was a man. For those of you who don't know this, generally I prefer women rather then men. I mean I love Darryl, and there are some good men out there, but if you offered me a room of women or a room of men to walk into, I'd for sure pick the room of women. Anyway I get there and the guy looks like Mr. Clean, execept for an earring in his nose and two in his ear. So my first impression is not the best. Anyway he was so nice. And I got a great hair cut. He let me talk about Lucas, and asked questions, he talked about his neice and nephew. I was amazed. Plus I love it when my assumptions are put into question. It makes me a better person. Anyhoo and, for today I have straight hair.

We have started feeding Lucas squash, and he quite enjoys it. I'm glad becuase he didn't like the green beans or the bananas and I was worried he wasn't going to like food, which is totally irrational becuase what, he going to just drink milk for the rest of his life. Speaking of milk, I have decided that I am going to continue with the slow weaning. As in I'm going to try this way for a couple of months. So two of his feedings will be breast feeding and two of his feedings will be formula. Plus the cereal and regular food he is starting for breakfast and dinner. Hopefully this will work out.

Okie Dokie, on with the game. The picture two days ago was Darryl and I at Trevi Fountain, it is so so beautiful there. That night we did a walk around the city saw a bunch of square, Panthenon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Once we got to the Spanish Steps we were going to take the subway home, but it had closed for the night so we had to walk back. Ahhh..... it was very long and I was quite pregnant. That night we also went to a place for dinner where there are no menus. You just ate whatever they brought you.

The picture yesterday was of Alexis at the Bellagio, the same spot where Julia Roberts stood in Oceans 11. I highly recommend seeing the water show at the Bellagio if you ever go to Las Vegas, it is amazing. I think even little Lucas will love it.

Okay here's today's easy picture Where in the World are Jenn and Darryl?

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Talk- Coldplay

Today is one of the days I wish Lucas could talk. I wish he could tell me what's wrong, is it teething, sleepy, hungry. The problem is that any of those options are plausible. Oh well, he's down for a nap now and not crying, so that's nice. I have given him some tylenol, so hopefully that will kick in and if he's still hungry maybe I'll try a bottle later this afternoon. Poor little guy, he's just been whining all day. I'm not sure if I screwed him up with taking him out this morning, rather then letting him nap at home. Or if my supply is low after two night's of sleep through the night. Maybe I'll call health link and see if they have any advice about supply. Hopefully a good nap and the rest of the day will be better.

We are also looking into daycare for Emma when we go away. We are looking into Pet Planet and it seems like a vacation for her. Turn down service with biscuits on the pillow, swim time and pedicures. Sounds like she'll be living the life of luxury.

Last night Tammy and I scrapbooked. It was fun and I feel like I'm getting stuff acomplished, which is nice. I'm not very picky about my scrapbooking, I'm just glad to be getting it done. Lucas has about 10 pages already. I do take alot of pictures of him.

For the game today here's our picture: Where in the World is Alexis? (so even Darryl can play this one)

The hint is it's not in Europe, but a place you can find Paris and Venice......

Anyway I'm going to go enjoy some tea while the little man sleeps.

Till Tommorrow


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fortunate Fool; Jack Johnson

Yeah to Mo and Lori!! It is the Coliseium in Rome. I'm so so happy you are playing!! Good guessing, I'll make today's a little bit harder. I have some hard ones and some easy ones.

Today was pretty good. Last night Lucas slept through the night. Yeah!! Which is great, and hopefully it will be a trend that continues, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Although with him not eating at night and getting a bottle during the day yesterday I'm a little worried about my supply. Oh well we'll have to see what happens. I'm debating if I should use my working on Wednesday mornings as an opportunity to wean him from one of the feedings. I haven't really looked into weaning him yet but if anyone has any advice please let me know.

I also realized today one of the advantages of going to work is I'm more excited to see Lucas when I get home. But 3ish today I was just putting toys infront of him, whereas yesterday I was interacting more, but becuase I had been away from him for part of the day.

We went to the offleash today with my new neighboor, who I like alot. Totally the kind of person I could be friends with, then we went off to yoga. There was a little more baby interaction this time. Although I'm wondering if Lucas is not good at self entertaining. I'm sure part of it (if not all of it) is my fault, but I"m also wondering if it's part of his personality.....

Anyhoo, here's today's picture, Where in the World Are Jenn and Darryl

The hint is: In the same city as the previous picture.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Foolish Games: Jewel

So today has been a big day, but more on that later. Today on the blog we are going to start something new.....

This blog has generally been an update on Lucas and I, which is great for some but probably getting boring for others. So today we are going to start something new. It's a game called Where In The World Are Jenn and Darryl?. I love games and love travel so this game should be a fun one. Darryl and I have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit, so I'll start with pictures of Darryl and I. If anyone would like to add a picture of where they have been so people can guess, let me know. I'll keep adding the daily update of Lucas and I, but I'll try to play this game for a couple of weeks. Plus post your guesses in the comments. I'll post the answer the next day.

So here is today's Where In the World Are Jenn and Darryl:

It's a pretty easy one, but if you'd like a hint it will be at the end of the blog.

So today I went back to work for the first time. It was..... weird. It was totally the case of driving home faster then driving to work. It was good to be back at it again, but no where near as good as the beautiful smiles I got from my man on the way home. I think it went well for Darryl, it will be much quicker for him to figure out spending time with Lucas then it was for me, since Lucas is older and easier going.

It was good to meet this group of students. There were lots of duplicate names, which made it easier to remember, and they seemed to be quite willing to work. I hope I did okay for them...... but I feel tired. Maybe I'll go lay on the couch for a bit.

Till Tommorrow


PS The clue is : Russell Crowe