Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I have done 3 sprint triathalons in my life.  It was on my life list as something to complete, I always loved swimming and biking and I did the running becuase that was part of it, but I never loved the running.  Honestly I barely did the running, I did mostly walking and a bit of running.  But over the years I've started running and running more.  I've gone through 3 pairs of running shoes with the running. 

I usually run once a week with Tammy, sometimes twice, but usually just once.  Usually about 4-5 km each time.  But there have been times in the last while when I think to myself "By god I am a runner".  A couple of weeks ago I woke up on a Saturday and it was starting to snow.  A couple of years ago i would have thought "oh good it's snowing I don't have to run', but when I woke up that morning I thought "oh crap I better get running, so I can get my run in'.  And then on Saturday I ran a run I had signed up for and I went and ran 8 km.  That is the longest I have ever run!  Plus it was snowing and -15 degrees, and although I complained about it all day, the run was really fun.  I dressed properly and had great company. 

Who would have guessed.... I'm a runner. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nathan's Bad Dream

This morning Nathan wakes around 6:30, crying.  I go in and he says he has a bad dream.

Mom: Oh that's too bad, what was your bad dream about?
Nathan: I was locked out
Mom: Oh, locked out of where?
Nathan: The dance floor
Mom: Yeah that is hard to be locked off the dance floor. 

Till Next Time