Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Since This Seems To Be Working, I'll Try My Luck Again

So a week ago I complained about the cabinets in the new house not being ready and a day or two later, boom there they were. Yesterday I wrote about Lucas screaming and crying when we left him at Lesley, and boom this morning, he walks into the kitchen and turns and waves. Bye mom, bye dad. I was so happy, no crying from either of us. YEAH!!!

So I'm going to try my luck for a 3rd time, as my life seems like one big ball of stress. So now that the new house is ready the old house is not selling. We have not even had a showing in two weeks. We've dropped the price of the house over a week ago and there has not been one person through. We've actually started the process for plan B, which is having two mortgages. Which is making me throw up in my mouth every time I think about it. I calculated out what our payments would be and it is astronomical. It would make my life so so so so so so so so so, did I mention so, much easier if this house would sell as well. The problem is the market is so flooded with houses. Everyone seems to have the same plan Darryl and I do and their new houses are also ready. So god's of the blog world, here my call. Could I at least have some showings this weekend?? Possibly even an offer? It would really help my blood pressure.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tell Me This Happens To You

I am feeling so confused on what to do with Lucas. I always want to do what's best for him. I think I have the ideal set up. I work 3 days a week, so I have 4 days a week home with Lucas. I think it's great for Lucas to learn from someone else and socialize with other kids his age. I'm not saying this is the best for everyone, but I thought it would be best for our family.

Lucas and I spent a great 6 weeks together over the summer. We travelled all over and spent time enjoying Calgary as well. I really did love my summer, but was happy to go back to work. I do really like my job. Lucas has not been taking well to being seperated from his mommy. He cried when I left him last week and he cried again today when I left him. Even when Darryl drops him off he screams and cries. He is always having a good time when I come and pick him up, so I know he does like it there, it just when I drop him off. His crying has also been happening when I put him down.

It's so hard when your kid cries and all you do is walk away. You know it's the best thing for your kid, but it squeezes your heart till your chest aches. It makes you question if you are doing your job as mother. Is it becuase I work, he's worried I won't come back or do I not work enough and he's too use to being with me. Does this happen to other mothers? Lucas is two, I didn't think it was suppose to last this long. Do I look for a job where I work evenings so that I don't have to go through this? Is this harder on me then on him? If I spend sometime there playing with him one day and bring him home will that make it better, or is that a step backwards? Please tell me your other two year olds go through this.....

Any other thoughts?


Monday, August 27, 2007

Can You Feel The Love

After a sleepover weekend bonanza, where I was a single mother to 3 children, the children are all going though withdraw.

Lucas is swinging on the swings this evening and says " I love Eddy" * Eddy is his code name, in honor of the real Ed*

Eddy's parents called and said Eddy wants to sleep over again.

Although I'm happy to have peace and quiet again, it does make me feel like a good mother when all my 3 "kids" had a good weekend.

Till Tomorrow


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mish Mash Fridays

I don't have any one topic to write about today but do have a couple of things to post about.

First up, thanks for the opinions on the previous post. To explain it a little further, I was invited to the wedding, but was not paying 600$ to fly to Ontario for it. The situation happened to another couple who was attending the wedding. He is a childhood friend of the grooms, (I'll call him Joe) but the Joe's wife is not very well liked by some of the grooms friends and family. So the Darryl invited Joe, but Joe's wife was offended by it, so Joe is not going. I would not and did not have a problem with Darryl going to the wedding, nor would I if he was invited to a wedding in the same city as I was with a co-worker. Interesting to see everyone's opinions.

I bought a pack of grapes with red ones and green ones, thinking I've always preferred the green ones. But this time I like the red ones better.

Don't worry Darryl, no cookies in bed tonight.

My overweight and usually lazy cat has been playing with a twist tie and milk tab for 1/2 hour now.

I love to read about money. Although I don't always manage it well, I like to learn about it. Here's a recent blog I stumbled upon, just in case you like learning about basic money things as well.

Went to see the cabinets in the new house. After all the waiting, they look AWESOME. We have 9 foot ceilings in the house and went with 8 foot cabinets rather then the typical 7. Looks very posh.

Lucas is definitely a little boy, he laughs like crazy every time he farts and wants to play in the dirt from the moment he wakes up until I put him in the tub because he is so dirty. But he has no co-ordination when it comes to hitting a ball.

Isn't this camera awesome??

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Do You Think?

If your husband was invited to a wedding in the same city as you, with some of his guy friends from his childhood, would you be o-kay with him going? Or would you be upset that he was going to a wedding without you?

I thought the answer was black and white, but I'd be interested to see what you say...


Single Mommyhood

This afternoon I took Darryl to the airport so he could attend one of his good friends weddings. I hope that he has a great weekend away and spends some quality time with his family and friends.

With Darryl gone that means that Lucas and I have the whole weekend together. Although it's more work for me when Darryl is not around, I think it will be fun as well. Don't tell Darryl, but tonight we ate cookies in bed. I think because things are "different" it almost seems like a vacation for Lucas and I as well. Hopefully he continues to be in a good mood and doesn't drive me crazy or the vacation will be over very soon. =)

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just finished booking a trip for Darryl and I!!! I'm so excited. It's been 2 years since I've taken a flight somewhere and been able to do what I want to do for 4 whole hours. I'll get a swanky magazine and read the whole thing cover to cover. Not having to worry about entertaining him or is he kicking the seat. I love my kid like crazy, but I'm so excited to get away with my husband. Have romantic dinners, going to shows and musems. Besides, maybe spending the weekend with Grandma and Pop will help with Lucas's mommy attachment.

Till Tomorrow


Edited to Add: We are headed to New York City later this fall =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why 11?

While at Hertitage Park the other day, Lucas, Darryl and I were sitting on some steps looking at the Glenmore Resevoir when we asked Lucas to count the sail boats. He counted all the way to 11, even though there were almost 20. Ever since when you ask him to count something, he does this:

Till Tomorrow


Monday, August 20, 2007

The Finale of the Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Darryl, Lucas and I headed off to Heritage Park on Saturday, and although the Ferris Wheel was down for maintenance, Lucas had a great time on the train, boat and merry-go-round. Plus we spent lots of time with the farm animals as well. A fun time was had by all.

On Sunday we had Grandma, Pop and some of Lucas's friends over for for dinner and cake. Lucas threw his first "tantrum". He had lots of new toys and was having trouble sharing. Mommy told Lucas he had to share, and Lucas got quite upset. He cried and cried with big alligator tears. But he felt much better when we had the cake to share. Didn't I do a great job!?!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monthly Newsletter- Month Twenty Four

Dear Lucas,

Today you turn 24 months 2 years old and I am amazed. Amazed that time has gone by so quickly, amazed at how big you are, amazed at what an amazing little boy you have become. You are a really excellent communicator. You can say lots and lots of words, and will try to say most anything. One thing that is starting to develop more and more is your use of pronons. You are starting to use I, rather then reffering to yourself in the third person all the time, which is great. Instead of Lucas is stuck, you'll say I'm stuck.

One of the other really cute things you are doing is adding inflection to your voice. At the end of a question you know to raise your tone. You do it to a bit of an extreme though. "Want a" -will all be in a normal voice and "Cookie" will be in a high pitched voice. Plus you talk to all the animals with the same high pitched voice. Super cute. It will be one of the things I miss when you learn to do it properly.

This month has also been more challenging because you are exerting your independance. Atleast 5 times a day I'll be doing something for you and you'll say "Lucas do it". I know to not do up the clip on your seat belt no matter what you have in your hand because "Lucas, do it" Or not to stir your oatmeal in the morning, because Lucas do it. I'm glad to see you grow up and want to try things by yourself though.

Speaking of mornings, they have become the bain of your existance. You don't mind the initial getting out of bed, but we better not rush you, you do not want to get dressed, you do not want to eat, you do not want to be out of my arms. Nothing really makes you happy. Which makes it quite hard on me and Lesley.

You still love music and I hope that never changes. . When we are driving in the car and there's no music on, you'll ask for it. Sometimes you even asks for specfic songs, lately your favorite has been Free Falling by Tom Petty. Although last one was Tinagalyo by Sharon Lois and Bram. You also love to dance and move to the music. I have to thank Lesley as well for encouarging this in you.

We went to Kelowna again this month, this time with Daddy and Emma. You and Daddy had so much fun together. He is so good at teaching you things. I'm sure there will be a day (like for all children) when you don't want to learn from your daddy, but for the moment you love to learn from him. You missed him quite a bit when we got home and you had to go to work. But you loved playing with him in the beach, making roads, sifting sand and walking in the water. Just so you always know you are so lucky to have him as your dad.

Today we were at the doctor's office for you check up, and as expected things went really well, at the end of the appointment Dr. Faul said to me. You are doing a really great job as a mom. Lucas I hope that you feel the same way too. I want so many things for you, but for me I always want to be your really great mom.

love mommy

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Start of The Birthday Weekend Extravaganza.....

This morning I took Lucas to do what every person wants to do on their birthday and he had his yearly check up. Everything went really well the doctor had no concerns, the only area that he is not excelling in is height, which I kind of already knew. But he is a smart, well socialized, eats well kid.

So after that we headed to get groceries (not becuae it's one of Lucas's favorite things, but becuase that's what we do every Friday morning) and we took a back road to get from the doctor's to the grocery store. We had been looking for a larger bobcat(skid steer) toy for Lucas for about a month now, so when I saw the Bobcat of Calgary Dealership, I did a u-turn in the street and drove into the parking lot. I was hoping they would sell Bobcat toys, as well as Bobcats. So Lucas and I walk in and they have a case of all Bobcat collector toys. YEAH!! So the receptionist who is helping us asks how old Lucas is as he can name off most of the contrusction equipment in the case. I tell her that today is his second birthday. Oh, how exciting and she calls over the manager/owner. Today is his second birthday, she tells him. Well, he says, I think we have a birthday fund for that. He looks at Lucas you can pick any toy out of here for your brithday (and the "toys" are not cheap). Lucas picks a bobcat and they guy gets one from the back and gives it to us for free. I tried to pay for it, as that was the whole point in going in there, but he insisted it was covered. He asked us to hang on for a minute he had one more thing for Lucas. So we wandered in the store for a bit and looked at brocheres and pictures, then he comes back with a another guy, Chris and Chris asks Lucas if he wants to go for a ride in a bobcat. Lucas whines "No", I say well maybe lets go back to the yard and look at the bobcat. So for the next 20 mintues we were wandering in the back of the bobcat dealership with Chris and Lucas is naming all the diggers and backhoes, and forklifts. On the way out Chris says, "Are you sure you don't want to go for a ride Lucas?" Again Lucas whines, No. But I interject and say sure, we'd love to go for a ride. So I get in the bobcat and put Lucas on my lap and he tells me to pull the big seatbelt-bar down in front of us and gives me a quick lesson on how to drive the bobcat. So Lucas and Mommy made the bobcat, "working" as Lucas would say.

It was so great!! Of course, no camera, so no pictures. But what an exciting morning. Lucas is currently napping with his bobcat as well.

Till Tomorrow and the Monthly Newsletter.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Lucas with Grandma and Pop

Lucas with Oma and Opa

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Bad Thing About Staying at Home

So this morning after breakfast I opened the door to let the animals and children play outside. Quickly all the animals headed to the same place in the yard and there lay this.

it was moving around, but not running away like a mouse normally would. So I wasn't sure was it really a mouse, just delerious, or was it someone's pet hamster. I am a city girl, not use to mice, more use to hamsters. I quickly got all the animals back inside and prayed that the little animal would run out of my yard. Lucas and I then headed to the zoo to see large, not in my yard animals.

When we got home the little mouse was dead in the yard. What to do, I don't know. I've never had to get rid of an animal before, so I did what any grown woman would do and called my mommy. I did what she said and when Lucas went down for a nap and pick up it's little rigamortis body and dumped it in a field near our house. While carrying him I told him to rest in peace and please ask his friend not to die in my lawn.

Till Tomorrow


Monday, August 13, 2007


So I have been spending lots of time in bed lately. It has been raining here for the past week and something about the rain makes me want to stay in bed. The grey clouds and lack of sun are not good for my cheery attitude. Lucas had been sleeping in, so I was enjoying lazy mornings too. I was treasuring the last few days of our summer vacation and maybe subconsciously Lucas was too. Even in the evenings rather then being on the couch I would head up to bed. It may also be this problem that is wearing on me. All the sudden house cleaning, trying to find a place to spend an hour. It may also be that I had to go back to work today after having 6 weeks off. Which I know I shouldn't complain about, but it was still not fun.

Retiring to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine.


Friday, August 10, 2007

More Bathroom Sessions: Warning Swearing


As your kid grows your parenting changes and adapts. When Lucas was a newborn parenting was breastfeeding, snuggling and keeping the baby safe. Now that Lucas is getting to be two we are finding new ways of parenting. Last night felt like we were giving ultamatiums for stuff, one more bite of food or no banana bread, help clean up or you are going right to bed. The good news is it usually seems to work. Is this how most parents parent toddlers? My theory is that he needs to learn what's acceptable and if he doesn't want to do what's acceptable there are consequences for it. A couple of times we have threatened a time out, but when we say, if you do this again you'll have to stand in the corner. He says okay. So I'm eventually going to have to make the corner a "bad" place. The good news is after all the "threats" last night he did a great job of listening this morning, so it does make me feel like we're doing something right. =)

Enjoy your weekend.

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Over the last weekend there are two big things that I am so greatful for.

The first is my Oma and Opa. I'm so happy that they live in a great summer place. Lucas and I been there 3 times this summer and have been enjoying the beach and the water. Oma makes dinners for us and I get to spend time with my grandparents. It is great to create memories with my grandparents and to see them with Lucas. I'm so proud to see my little boy entertain and laugh with my beloved Oma and Opa. It's great to have free accomadations in such a great location.

The second thing that I am so greatful for is marrying a man who is such a good father. I always knew I wanted children, and although Darryl did too, I don't think he felt as strongly as I did. When we go on vacation it's the three of us spending so much time together. Darryl has lots of fun and plays with Lucas for hours. Building castles and roads, sifting sand. Lucas will also do things for Lucas that he won't always do for anyone else, count with his finger, go in the water. Darryl is such a great father, moreso then I ever expected.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


A funny story from our trip to Kelowna.

My Oma and Opa usually pray before they eat. That and going to church is not a habit that Darryl and I have continued. So it has taken our third trip to Kelowna before Lucas has started to put his hands together and close his eyes before eating while Opa prays. Usually he wants to talk, or watch and see what everyone else is doing. But he has just started to put his hands together while everyone else prays. The other thing we have been encouraging Lucas to do is saying Amen at the end of the prayer.

So last night Lucas is quite hungry and wanting to have dinner. Everyone sits down and Opa starts praying. One sentence into the prayer Lucas says Amen. Like come on lets eat. I start to giggle, but not the out loud giggle because Opa is still praying, but the kind where your body shakes and tears come to my eyes. Until Opa is done and then I can let out my noisy giggles. =).

I still have so much to teach my kid, like why we pray.

More on the trip Thursday,

Till Thursday


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Simponsize Me

If I were a character on the Simpsons Here what I'd look like

And here's Lucas

Till Tomorrow


Thursday, August 02, 2007

The End of An Era

About 3 years ago I was visiting a student in Red Deer and alot of the technologists there had a new superlight shoe that they loved. They were called Holey Soles. They were a shoe that was orginally designed for kayakers becuase they float so well in the river. When I was looking for a pair I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op and looked in their kayaking section for them. I acutally found my first pair of holey soles at a purfied water store. I LOVED them. They were the most comfortable shoes I had ever owned.

Of course over the last year or so everyone has come to know about Crocs, Dawgs or Holey Soles, even Lucas has a pair. I am quite a fan of these shoes, even though everyone says they are ugly, I don't really mind them. Well my beloved first pair of Holey soles, were left out in the sun and got all deformed. I wore them for an hour or so last week and they were rubbing against my feet, hurting the tops of them. I tried on some new holey soles, because they are a Canadian company, I wanted to give my money to a Canadian company, but the new Holey Soles are more narrow and did not fit me as well. Crocs are wider, so I bought myself a new pair. Chocolate Brown, my favorite color. They are very comfy and have a much better grip then my pair of 3 year old ones.

Although I'm said about my lovely navy blue holey, which started my love affair with foam shoes.

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Way He Remembers...

A couple of stories about Lucas I wanted to write down so I'll never forget them.

Lucas is sitting in the tub tonight and farted.

I laughed

Lucas: Like Auntie Karen does
Jenn: Does Auntie Karen fart?
Lucas: No Auntie Karen laughs

My Auntie Karen has one of the most distinct laughs going. I'll have to get a video of it one time. It was great that Lucas remembers Auntie Karen from her laugh.


Last week when we were at Oma and Opa's, Oma wished Lucas "sweet dreams" before he went to bed. As Lucas lay in bed, and I lay beside him he repeated over and over again:

Oma said Sweet Dreams
Oma said Sweet Dreams
Oma said sweet dreams

So I reply, Yes, Isn't Oma a nice lady

Lucas reply's yes, Oma nice lady

Oma said Sweet Dreams
Oma said Sweet Dreams
Oma Nice lady


Lucas has had a mystery cold this week. One that comes on with a fever, lethargic and SO SO whiney. One of the ways to help him from whining is too have someone else crying. Whether it's a baby in a store, Lucas will say "It's okay baby" Or what has happen the past couple of days while we bring all the animals in the car with us for an hour, while someone comes and looks at the house, Torin and Tigger meow and meow in there kennel. Lucas will repeat to them over and over, "It's okay Torin, It's okay Tigger" Maybe he'll be a vet, or some sort of healthcare worker.

Till Tomorrow