Saturday, January 17, 2015

Middle School

This week there was an open house at the school Lucas will be going to for middle school.  Both Lucas and I were excited about going to see what was there.  Actually I think Lucas was melancholie, excited about what was coming but also nervous about getting up early and going to a new school.

Lucas is a thinker and a worrier.  There is a lot that goes on in that childs head, especially when it comes to new experiences where he feels like he has little control or is out of his safe zone.  Sometimes I'm very happy for this trait as it makes him very trustworthy.  He doesn't just jump into things without thinking but sometimes I wish his mind was more at ease and he knew that he could conquer anything that came his way.

The school was big.  Two floors and even within those two floors many stairs to get to half floors.  He gets a locker and has 7 periods and will see at least 5 teachers and change classrooms.  It will be quite the change for him compared with elementary school.  It's also a change for Darryl and I as there was no middle school or junior high in Ontario.  There is part of me that is nervous that he is grouped with the big kids, but I guess we were always grouped with the big kids.  =)

But the school has many cool activities which will allow Lucas to try new things and also expand his horizons.  There is shop and home ec and band and art.  During our information session we also found out that the school will be starting later then what he thought, so he was pretty excited about getting to sleep in a bit more.

When the tour and info session was all done I think we were both feeling a bit overwhelmed.  On the way home a slow song came on that really reminded me of the time I found out I was pregnant with Lucas.  It's amazing how music can bring back those memories.  It was December 2004 and Darryl had gone to Phoenix for work.  I was all dressed up cause I was heading out to a Christmas party.  I was a couple of days late, so I thought just in case I'll do this test.  Of course it was positive.  And I remember sitting down on the steps in our house at Mackenzie Towne and Emma came over and put her head in my knees.  Sarah McLachlan was playing and I remember saying to Emma "Our lives are never going to be the same".  It's amazing that I can remember that just like it was yesterday and now my kid is going to a school with lockers and he gets to pick options and eat in a cafeteria.

Time flies when you are having fun...

A couple of days have passed since then and I think it is sinking in for both of us.  Lucas is still thinking lots about it, but starting to feel more comfortable with the idea (at least I hope).  I think it will be a transition for the next while and especially next September, but hopefully seeing it a couple times first will have helped.

Till Next Time!


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

I am a big believer in making new years resolutions.  I don't know that I've done it my entire life, but I love the idea of trying to improve yourself and making goals.  My favourite one was the year I gave up coke for the entire year.  But I find making them on the blog makes me more accountable for them.

Last year I did not do well on my resolutions.  Mostly because they were not specific enough, they were too general.  The other thing I learned this year was that I do well with smaller goals and doing 'monthly' challenges.  Helps me to establish a habit as well.  So this year rather then setting three goals for the year I am planning on setting a goal each month.  I'm not sure what I'm doing for each of the months but here is the ideas for the next couple of months:

Jan: Practice piano for 15 minutes each day
Feb: Only check social media once per day
Mar: Meditate every day
April: Eat at Home Challenge
May: Ab challenge
June: Yoga challenge
July: Take picture with big camera everyday
September: Blog everyday

I am feeling pretty optimistic about it!  Anyone else have any resolutions for 2015?