Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well Lucas and I had a great Hallowe'en, he did sleep in a little later then Monday, so we both woke up in good moods. I invited Mom over for some bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was delicious and fun to have a good breakfast at the beginning of the day. I think breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day. Although dinner is up there as well, espeically if dinner is something great like lamb and if it has wine to go with it. Anyway, after a great breakfast Lucas and I carved the pumkin. It has been a couple of years since I've carved a pumpkin and I forgot how gooey they are inside. I think Lucas may be like his dad in this regard, becuase he didn't like getting his hands too gooey, he prefered to use the spoon.

After using a very sharp knife around a child we headed off to have lunch with Auntie Karen at Applebee's. Applebee's was closed for lunch today so we went to Boston Pizza and lunch took forever. But Lucas was in a good mood and the company was great, so it wasn't so bad. Afterwards we headed to Walmart to get candy and it was a zoo. Oblviously everyone has the same idea, don't buy candy till the last day.

This evening we dolled Lucas up in his pumpkin costume and dressed Emma up as a ghost (which she hated). I took him up the street and everyone loved him. Lucas on the other hand was a little stunned at the evening. Flashing pumpkins, people dressed up, knocking on strangers doors. I'm sure it was all a little overwhelming for a toddler. One of the cool things was the fire truck rode up the street and was handing out candy to the kids. Lucas didn't care too much about the candy, but was loving the lights on the fire truck.

Once we got home he was numi, numi numi and he wanted his loot, but we only gave him a few treats. All in all a successful Hallowe'en.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, October 30, 2006

Any Guesses

Here is the start of Darryl's latest project.

Any guesses?

Till Tommorrow


Time Change


There was a time change this weekend, and although we gained an hour Lucas has not realized he can sleep in. So this morning we were up at 5:30, and although we waited an hour hoping he would go back to sleep, there was no avail.


Heading to bed.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Variety Show

I just loaded a bunch of pictures into my computer so I thought I'd share some and tell their stories.

Lucas has taken to watch Emma eat. Emma of course is not very fond of this, but as long as Lucas doesn't interupt her or I don't lower my voice with Lucas she continues to tolerate it. We'v been very lucky with Emma that she is not overly protective over her food.

This picture is Lucas and I talking on our 'fake" cell phones. It always amazed me the power of observation. I never showed him how to play with a phone, but from watching Darryl and I do it, he knows.

These are two amazing pictures of our animals. Torin is perhaps the most photogenic cat I've ever met. Emma on the other hand hates having her picture taken. So when we get good ones I'm always pleased.

Till Monday.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Lucas has come to recognized and say the name of the first person who lives outside this house. His Pop. Although it usually sounds like pap. He saw some picture of him today on my computer and was pointing pap, pap, pap. So we played the little video and he smiled while watching Pop smile back at him. On Monday we went to Grandma and Pop's house and he was saying pap, pap, pap. The whole time. I'm sure Pap has an advantage on most others, he has lots of fans in his house, which Lucas is crazy about. I'll have to take a good picture of the two of them and post it in here. But someone loves their Pap. Which is great, becuase Pop loves Lucas so much as well. I think they will always have a special relationship. A boy and his grandpa.

I also wanted to blog about the woman who gave birth to conjoined twins yesterday. What a difficult time this woman and her family are going through. She will have to make some hard descions about her babies, but now having a child I do know the love a mother has for a child is like no other and I wish her well in the descions she has to make.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rock Hard

One of the good habits I've started in the last year is to donate more money to charity. I have chose a few charities to give money to and say yes every time they phone or send a letter. This comes with many advantages. One is that many charities send stickers. Lucas is at an age where he is starting to love stickers. The more colorful the better. But even if they have my name attached to them that is great. The best stickers we have gotten is from one charity I donate to Stars Air Ambulance. I work with alot of the people with Stars, and am amazed at their commitment, so it's something I donate to. This year they gave stickers with helicopters on it. Lucas loves them as they are better then the flower stickers the Heart and Stoke Foundation gives.

Today I got a request in the mail for the Firefighters Burn Unit at the Foothills Hospital. This is another charity I fell strongly about because as a child I spent time in a burn unit. I'm sure I benefited greatly from the care and the medicine provided on that unit.

Later this evening the door bell rang, which made Emma bark, and I'm sure the person at the door say "oh crap". Lucas and I answered the door and there was a kid who proceeded to tell us about the Treehouse Foundation, which gives toys, books etc. to underprivileged kids in the city. They were selling cookies, which is one of my weakness. So for 12 dollars I bought a book of cookies, thinking more of the cause rather then the price. I am now cuddled up with my cup of tea and had two of these cookies and they are ROCK HARD, I feel kind of annoyed. 12 dollars for cookies and they are not even good. Oh well, think of the toys for kids.

The last new charity thing I have heard of recently that I wanted to mention was World Vison. I'm sure you've all seen the half and hour shows with Alex Trebek and the poor children, but I thought there new idea is a great one. You can buy sheep or chickens or medical supplies or lots of other things for families in Africa. You can do this for Christmas or at anytime of the year.

Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How To Charm Me

As an instructor we have a saying called CASE, I guess that's not really a saying, nor is it a philoshopy necessairly, just something we use. Basically it mean Copy And Steal Everything. If another instructor has a great idea use it. I use this philosphy in teaching alot and have found lots of good resources for free. If you are an instrutor and would like a free copy of a jeapordy or crossword puzzles let me know and I would be glad to share.

I have decided to use this as well with my blog. Many of the good ideas I get come from other blogs, especially Dooce. With the addition of "Labels" in Blogger I've started to use some of the same labels Dooce uses, one of those labels I've CASEd is How to Charm Me.

Today I traveled in a car fo 6 hours with a co-worker who I don't really know. She is a wonderful lady and very interesting to talk to. One of the things that happens when introducing yourself to a new peson (especially over 6 hours) is I told her different things that charm or annoy me. Here are some types of people that charm me:

1. People who take feedback well. I give feedback all day long. I like it when people are receptive to it.

2. People who are not materialistic, especially when it comes to Christmas. It's about who you are rather then what you have or what your title is.

3. People who are not gossipy. This co-workers philosphy is I won't say anything about another person I wouldn't say directly to them. A great philoshpy I think I will adopt.

4. People who travel the world. Traveling expands your character and your outlook on life. It helps you to appriciate what you have.

Till Tommorrow


Monday, October 23, 2006


Notice Emma in the back looking out the window when I say "Do you see". She's looking for what's outside.


Till Tommorrow


Blast From the Past Part Two

It's amazing how having a cold can make a person turn into a baby. I know I am whiny and sleepy when I have a cold and the same goes for Lucas. All weekend he hasn't been feeling very well, he can't quite tell us what's wrong, but we figure everything. His nose has been running like a tap and he has thrown up a couple of times. He is very lethargic and doesn't have much of an appetite. We did put him to bed quite early last night becuase he has been feeling so ill. So a couple of hours after he went down he woke up again crying. I went in and replaced his sucky and that helped for about 30 seconds. So I went back in (I hadn't even reached my bed yet) and picked him up and snuggled him. It didn't take too long and he feel asleep in my arms. It really reminded me of when he was a little baby and he use to fall asleep in our arms all the time. There is such a peacefullness about watching a baby sleep. Eyes closed, breathing in and breathing out. It's the only sound you hear and it is such a calming noise. I took a few extra minutes to enjoy this peaceful time with my baby boy, who like to play with cars and throw things around.

Till Tommorrow


Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Name and Laser Tag

As many of you have noticed I have finally changed the name of the blog. Lucas has been older then the "First Year" for a couple of months now. I chose this name for a couple of reasons. First of, love the Barenaked Ladies and this is the name of one of my favorite songs of theirs. I also have this saying lasered in the back of my ipod. I figure my computer is like my nutshell, and here I am telling you about my life. My life in a nutshell. I would eventaully like to have my own website called My Life in A Nutshell, but I'm having trouble justifying paying for something that is usally free. Someday......

The other thing I wanted to blog about today was a new great toy. Well as most great toys start out it's not really meant as a toy. But the cats have gone crazy with it in the past. So when Darryl bought a laser light this week, the orginal intent was for the cats. The added bonus is that Lucas quite enjoys chasing the laser as well. He is amazed that he can never catch it, and that he has never seen anything like it before.

Till Monday


Friday, October 20, 2006

Blast From the Past

Lucas has always been a fairly good sleeper for the last 6 months. We used the CIO method with him and now he rarely gives us any hassle. He goes down and knows how to put himself to sleep. He may chat for a while, but is usually very good to put himself to sleep. This wasn't always the case and he use to cry alot when we left him. But like I said in the last couple of months rarely a peep.

This afternoon was not the case. Can babies get overtired? If so maybe that was my problem. Lucas woke about an hour earlier then normal this morning, so I tired to put him down for his nap a half an hour earlier. He was chatting and chatting in bed, so I thought I'd go in and make sure he had his soothers. Well once he saw me then he wanted out of bed. We did go downstairs and played for a while, then he got fussy again, so back upstairs we went. Again with the bedtime routine and then back to bed. Cry and cry and cry. Which was probably only 5 mintues, but when it never happens it is not fun. I ended going back in and rubbing his back for a bit, which combined with all the crying made him tired enough, to stop crying and fall asleep.

I really love my time in the afternoon time alone. It's one of my favorite things about staying home, is my break in the middle of the day. Anyway, speaking of that I'm going to make some phone calls and have a cup of tea.

Till Monday


Thursday, October 19, 2006

In The Grass


My whole pregnancy I was hoping for a girl. I am a girl I know about girls, I had a sister. All signs pointed to me having a boy, so I was ready for that, but I thought I would feel more comfortable having a girl. I played Barbies and dress up as a girl, not cars and GI Joes. Now that it is a year later I know all about cars, tractors and construction equipment. I know the difference between a bobcat and a front end loader. A dump truck and tractor. Although it's not Barbies, I have learned alot.

Now I am glad I had a boy. I mean now that I have a child I know it really doesn't matter, you love them with your whole body. But in the past year I've had lots of opportunity to watch Oprah and learn about how hard it is to raise girls. I've read blogs about mothers not wanting to praise their girls about being beautiful, so they don't think beauty is everything. Although I am sure there are some self esteem issues with boys, it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal as self esteem with girls.

Here is an example of how society is trying to repair girls self esteem.

To those of you who have girls is it or was it hard to raise them? Does dressing them in beautiful clothes make it all worth it. If there are more children in my future they may be girls, and I'm not sure if it will be easy to do it right.

Till Tommorrow and more walking walking from Lucas.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


When I was a teenager I did not really get "obsessed" with anything. There was no band imparticular, no pair of jeans, no famous person. I did not have pictures of the Backstreet Boys or Kirk Cameron hanging on my wall. I did not walk around with the latest leg warmers on. When I was in highschool, grunge was in and although I listened to alot of gruge music the style was more to look homeless then cool. So I was never really obsessed with any sort of clothing.

I guess this is one of the things I am making up for now that I am older (this and drinking). I am crazy about the Barenaked Ladies. They just put out a brand new album. Barenaked Ladies are Me and I listen to it all the time. Just today I listened to it 3 times. 3 TIMES!! I feel like I am obsessed. Just when I start to get disgusted with myself I start humming the tune for "Sound of Your Voice" or "Bank Job" in my head. Then I put it on and Lucas and I dance around. Speaking of that, one of the great things about this album is that it has lots of rock, which Lucas loves to dance to, so it's an album we both enjoy. For your listening pleasure I thought I would let you know my favorite songs from the album, so you could download them and see what you think.

1. Maybe Your Right: A song about the War in Iraq. Starts of quiet and builds. At the end it's loud with horns and there are three different parts all being sung at the same time. Steven Page at his best.

2. Bank Job: This song has risen in my favorites. It's started lower but is making a big rise. It's a song about A bank robbery gone wrong when the back is filled with nuns. A great course that is so easy to get stuck in your head, plus funny lines, that make you smile i.e. They looked like zebras, that had us confused. =)

3. Sound of Your Voice: A tribute to Queen, so if you like Queen defintly get this song. It is a great song.

4. Wind it Up: Hands down Lucas's favorite song from this album. It has awesome guitar which makes you bob your head or get up and dance.

5. Why Say Anything Nice: Such a great first line for a song (although it doesn't beat Dave Matthews line: You cannot quit me so quickly) Why'd you put your dance shoes on if you didn't come to dance. Again an upbeat fun shake your money maker kind of song.

6. A tie: Peterbourgh and the Kawartha and Take It Back. Two slower songs. Peterbough and the Kawarthas is done by Kevin, who plays the bass. He has a great voice and it's a good song. Take it Back has beautiful piano.

Anyway, if you have never heard BNL, I highly recommend giving them a try. Great, fun, witty music. I think I'll play one of the these songs now.

Till Tommorrow


Darryl's Story

Darryl said...

About the boo-boo.

The Date: Saturday, October 18th, 2006
The Time: Approx 3:00 PM MDT
The Place: The "Whale Park"

Lucas, Emma and I went for a walk to the park. When we arrived I turned the stroller toward where I would be throwing the ball so Lucas could see Emma run. Started throwing the ball for Emma, Lucas was watching Emma run and pointing at her. He pointed out some birds in sky and the kids on the play equipment. Then after about 4 or 5 throws for Emma Lucas started to fuss. He didn't want to watch Emma and the birds, he wanted to walk around. So I heeled Emma beside me and took Lucas out of his stroller and stood him on the pathway. Within seconds he was toddling around.

I picked up the ball for Emma again and threw it, as I turned to look at Lucas I saw him start to fall forward. As usual he put out his hands to catch himself ... but he didn't get his hands raised high enough. he landed on his hands for the most part but then, because his hands were too close to his feet and as a baby, his head being too big for his body, he teetered forward onto his nose and forehead. I quickly scooped him up and looked at him. There was a stone in his mouth and red mark on his forehead that started to gush blood down to the tip of his nose. I proceeded to try and wipe the blood from his face, which just smudged it. Lucas, wailing now, tried to rub his face and push my hand away. This of course smudging the blood even more, as more was produced from the gash on his forehead.

I went in panic mode. First I look in the stroller, are there any paper towels or tissues? ... nope, but there are diapers, diapers are absorbent! so I open a diaper (not to worry it was a clean one) and tried to wipe his face with it. Just smudged it more. at this point I just grabbed the stroller and started running home with Lucas in my arm, Emma running beside us, I'm sure a little dejected that were leaving already.

We get home and first thing I thought was get him a suckie and then clean his face and the wound. A clean damp cloth and a little wiping and patting and we didn't look like casualties of war anymore (yes 'we' because I was covered in Lucas' blood too). I then just bounced Lucas and said "you're okay" as he (and I) calmed down.

He must have landed on a small but sharp little stone to cause the gash. It was suprisingly deep for how he fell. It wasn't like a "I was running and tripped, falling face first" kind of a fall. It was more like he just took a step, lost his balance and over he went.

Anyway, the moral of the story (for me anyways). When you stand Lucas on the ground at the park, set him in the grass, not on the walkway. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monthly Newsletter- Month Fourteen

Dear Lucas,

Today you turn fourteen months old and I am amazed at what a little boy you have become in the last month. I defintly feel like you have gone from baby into toddler. Part of that is becuase of your new found skill: walking. But another part of it is your new little personality. Or maybe's it's the new clothes I've been dressing you in. Something has occured recently that make me feel like you have really grown up. Although this makes me excited, it also makes me a little sad. There are some great things about sweet little people. But I know one day you will have a brother or sister and we'll go through having a little one all over again.

You are quite enjoying the walking. Especially since I bought you the squeaky shoes. They have a little squeaker in the heel so everytime you take a step it squeaks. I was debating on buying you these shoes as they were 22 dollars, but once I put them on your feet and you starting laughing at every step, I had to get them. You are quite enjoying your new found freedom. Today at the mall I took you out of the car stroller and you were loving walking around. We would hold hands and walk around. Squeak, squeak, squeak. Of course the walking has caused an increase in bumps and bruises.

Along with the bumps and bruises comes more crying. Your crying has become more intense this last month. Where when I try to pick you up and move you away from something you like you take a temper tantrum. You haven't started kicking your legs, but I'm sure that will come. But you scream, turn red and shake. Yesterday Daddy took a spoon away from you and it took you a while to stop crying. It's interesting how crying and communication changes from when you were a baby and it was all about needs to now when it's more about wants.

On the flip side you laugh all the time. You'll see a car and laugh. I'll sneeze, you laugh. Tigger will walk buy you'll laugh. Emma will bark, you'll laugh. Like I said you laugh so much now. Which of course causes me to laugh, then you laugh again. It's great fun.

I think we are continuing to adjust well to me working. You haven't cried when we have taken you to Lesley's, and you seem happy to get there. Plus Emma is getting to know Lesley's house.

I am totally enjoying this time in your life. It has some challenges, but a millon greater things then the hard parts. I love you so much.

Love Mommy

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Weekend of Taste Bud Delight

Mom called on Saturday morning to take me to Costco. I bought 6 things and it cost me about 60 dollars. That is how much I spent on all my groceries at Superstore the day before. I mean the stuff will last a longer time and Darryl really loved his dried mangos, but so expensive. One of the things we did pick up was Lamb Chops. We cooked them in the evening and they were amazing! So so delicious.

Sunday we cooked up some ribs and they were delicious and then had some Bernard Callebaut chocolate. It was a great weekend for the taste buds.

We also had a tumble with Lucas, but I'll encourage Darryl to tell the story in the comments as he does a much better job. But here is a picture of his boo-boo's.

One other exciting thing we did this weekend was buy wood for Darryl's next project. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but we'll take pictures of it once a week to see how it progress. Feel free to guess away when you think you know. (Except for Mom and Dad, becuase they already know)

Till Tommorrow


Friday, October 13, 2006

Second Hand Stuff

One of the things I have embraced with having Lucas is buying things second hand. Kids grow so quickly that it is crazy to spend alot of money on them. We have a great second hand store close to us called Huckleberry Kids. The other great thing about second hand stores is they have cheap toys. Now I know Lucas has so many toys, but when cars are a couple of dollars it seems worth it. Today we headed over to the second hand store and got a cute touque (like a winter hat for the non Canadians), and a trendy little pair of shorts for next summer. We also bought these squeaky shoes so that every time he takes a step his shoes squeak. I did take a great video of this but am having trouble with my imovie, so if anyone is an imovie expert, please help. We also picked up some books. All of these things for 22$. Amazing.

Yeah for the second hand stuff!

Till Monday


PS Ha ha for all the snow in Ontario...... and you think living in Calgary is bad =)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Birthday Present

This year some of my friends gave me a gift certificate to Chapters as a birthday present. With the money I went out and bought this book: No One Care What You Had for Lunch, 100 Ideas for Your Blog. Although part of my blogging I do for others and it is fun to see who is reading, I also do it because I enjoy it. I hope to continually upgrade the site as I learn of new and cool things and I hope that my writing gets better as I go.

One of the things to help the writing get better is this book. I'd like to try to use each 100 ideas from this book, maybe once a week or so, especially on days where I have to work and don't see Lucas all that much. So here is today's:

#3 Give Us Something: Presents You'll Remember Forever

My mother is a great present giver. Although our family is not into giving lots of gifts at Christmas (we'd much rather go on vacation), of the gifts I have gotten these are some I really remember.

My housecoat. She gave me a terry cloth house coat that I use every time I get out of the shower. Which is at least everyday. I love it so much that I miss it when I go on vacation. The big housecoat is so comfy to wrap up in and it gets you dry so fast. When I first opened the box I was a little surprised and thought I would never use a housecoat, but I love it as a big towel. It is actually getting a hole in it, so I may have to replace it in the next couple of years, but that is definitely one of the best presents I received.

Some of the other gifts I remember are gag gifts. A Costco/Sam's Club bottle of Yum, Yum pickles (because they are my favorite kind of pickle), a Costco box of Oh Henry's Bar(because I once ate two on a walk home from church). I also remember sentimental ones, like the framed picture my niece gave me before we moved to Calgary, or the beautiful gray sweater Darryl bought me one Christmas.

It is interesting what gifts you remember......

Till Tomorrow


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tidying Up

I don't really have to much to post today about Lucas, although I do realize I need to post more pictures of him on the blog. Lots of video's lately but not as many pictures.

I thought I should tidy up some odds and ends here. First off is the being in pictures. I was on the show Call for Help, although I never saw myself on TV, but I did get an answer, although not a good one (how many more times could I say although). The suggestions they gave was Blurb. The problem with it is that the blog part of the publishing is still in beta. Although the price is great and they do ship to Canada, so when it becomes available it will be great. Through my own searching I also found this website. The problem is that is doesn't print pictures in the blog, which is a big part of it for me.

Next is I found this really cool "tracker" for your website. It's Google Analytics. It is a tag you put into your template and it provides lots of information on who looks at your website. Hello to the people who are reading in New York, Washington and California. I know most of my readers come from Calgary and the most popular day for veiwing is Tuesday. It's so cool and I highly recommend it. I am enjoying spying on my readers.

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Walking Walking......

Lucas and I went to the library this morning where the trouble with walking began. We must have done circles and circles around the library. I'd have a book, look up and he was 5 feet away from me. He'd be pulling more books off the shelves. I'd go put those books away and he'd get up and walk again. I must say it is nice to not have to carry him everywhere, but my running skills are going to have to improve. A couple of times He'd use a chair to push himself around, luckily most people thought it was funny as he walk by them "brrrrrrring". It's hard to shhsh a baby in a library. Besides I'm the softy, who doesn't really care if he makes noise.

Well my boy is a full fledged walker, and I've become a full fledged runner.

Till tomorrow


Monday, October 09, 2006

The Upside of Sickness

Something has brought on a wicked stomach flu in me today. I was at the hospital last week, so it may be the Norwalk Virus and Lucas did throw up once last week, so there is something going around in this household. Hopefully Darryl won't get it. It is hard to be sick, contracting stomach to the point of it hurting to throw up anything that I tried to put in my stomach. Which was only ginger ale or water. It does remind me of morning sickness, although no one get exicted that is not the case. With morning sickness it comes and goes, mine was more so evening sickness, but I am certainly not looking forward to that when the day comes again.

The upside of being sick is that I get to see what a great parent Darryl is. Not that I don't see it on a daily basis, but there was so much of it today, because I was praying to the porcelain god. I picked such a good man to have children with. He is totally capable to take care of Lucas and he does such a great job with it. All day Lucas has been looking for his "da" and wants to hang out with him. It makes me happy that if something were to ever happen to me Lucas would be in the best hands. Again kudos to Darryl on what a good dad he is and what a relief it was for me the sick person to just worry about throwing up and sleeping.

Till Tommorrow (and hopefully feeling better)


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Power Of Observation

This evening Darryl took off his watch and set it on the carpet. Lucas (who has never owned a watch) crawls over and picks it up. He knows to put it on his wrist and enjoys playing with it for the next half and hour. He'd put it on his wrist, walk around for a while, take it off, set it down. Pick it back up, put itt back on his wrist. I was so amazed at his intelligence and how much he musst watch us in his short year of life.

Till Tommorrow


Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Well today is the start of a long weekend. I spent most of my Friday working on resci-annie. So if anyone chokes on turkey dinner this weekend I'll be in perfect shape to do abdominal thrusts. I am greatful to have a job where you get trained for these emergency situations, as it makes me feel better prepared for...life.

Well it is the start of a long weekend and 4 days off. Yipee. Tommorrow Darryl and I decide the interiors of the house, the most fun part. There are a couple of other minor things to be done after that but then the waiting game begins. Like most things in life it is hurry up and wait. I know we are defintly doing hardwood floors in the new place, so I am looking forward to that. Although I'm worried the house is going to look like a big brown cave. Brown walls, brown floor, maybe I'll have to find some splashs of color. But it should be really fun tommorrow, I'm defintly looking forward to it.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It has all the good parts of Christmas without the bad (gift giving). I shouldn't say that, there are a couple more good things about Christmas that Thanskgiving doesn't have, but Thanksgiving has all the essentials. Good turkey dinners, getting together with families and friends and taking a moment to appriciate all the wonderful things in life. I really have so much to be thankful for. I live a wonderful life, that I love. And even on days when it seems hard, it is still miles and miles better then many people in this world. I have a wonderful husband who is so kind and loving. I was so lucky to have found him at an early age. I have a child who I love more then anything and who makes me want so many more children to have that extra joy in life. I live in a great house and have a great job. Really there is nothing more I could ask for. Thank you to all who read this and enjoy it. You have all become (or always were) part of my life that I am greatful for.

I hope everyone has delicious turkey.

Till Tuesday!


Thursday, October 05, 2006


This weekend it is fall in Calgary. That may sound crazy, but it's true. Fall here only last for a week or so. It is one of the things I really miss about Ontario. Today Lucas and I were playing in the leaves, leaves smell amazing. It is so distinct like the smell of fresh cut grass or tomatoes. The colors are also so beautiful.

Till Tommorrow


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Toddler

So Lucas has been somewhat walking for the past couple of months. The questions is "when" is he walking? I think this may be it. I'm sad for him to leave his babyhood, although totally enjoying this fun fun age. I should be sure to get a video of him crawling, becuase he'll never go back to that. He is a fun baby who is happy most of the time and he is developing his personality. Although quite scared of loud noises. Also if he is doing something he enjoys and I make him change his activity he gets quite upset.

Hope you enjoyed the video

Till Tommorrow


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photo Booth

If you see these crazy people out in the streets please call 911. =)

Till Tommorrow



Well today's post comes to you from my living room. What does this mean you ask? Well today I picked up my new laptop/MacBook. So Darryl has the wireless installed and now I can surf the internet in the comfort of my living room. This is an amazing feat that I have never known before. Yeah for my MacBook. I'm not quite sure yet what I"m going to do to personalize it, maybe I should give her a name, maybe get some cool stickers or a cover for it, like they have for ipods. If anyone has any great ideas I'd love to hear them. It took a very long time to come in, but now that it is here I'm so happy about it.

One of the great features of the MacBook is that is has an isight camera built in. So today I took this video of Lucas eating his afternoon snack. At first he is amazed that he can see himself on the computer, then I get us singing and he is quickly distracted.

Till Tommorrow