Tuesday, September 01, 2015

First Day of School

First off, welcome to September.  It will be the month of posting many many things.  At the start of the year I tried to make lots of mini goals for myself and Septembers goals was to post a blog post everyday!  So to start off on the right foot here we go!

Today was the boys first day of school and second day back for me.  I LOVE LOVE summer vacation, I'm not one of those 'most wonderful time of the year' parents when it comes to back to school.  I love hanging out with my kids, so always feel a little sad when it's the first day back.  My kids also love summer vacation, so they also are not super excited about back to school, but there are certain things they enjoy.  Meeting their new teachers and seeing all of their friends again.

Nathan is in grade 2.  This year they 'looped' all the kids to have the same teacher and kids in the class as they did last year, but Nathan's teacher resigned, so he has a new teacher, but it's the first day and he thought she was 'super nice'.  Plus he has all of the same kids as last year, including his best friend Matthew =)

Lucas was luckily staying at the same school and didn't have to switch to a middle school (!!!) so I was happy about that.  He also got a very nice teacher who has been teaching grae 5/6 for quite a few years.  So all in all feeling very happy and optimistic about the boys year.

Till Tommorrow.



Lesley said...

Yay! Successful first days all around!!!

I was so happy that you're blog challenging too, I can't believe how long I've let it go for. Sad face...

Goofball said...

I hope they have a great year at school

and I love this month's challenge!! Yeay for blogging

Lori Campbell said...

Mackenzie is back to college on Tuesday the 8th and Paul gets back to teaching at Western on the 10th. Happy "back to school" everyone!