Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dog Days of Summer: Lori and Paul's Wedding

Also this summer we had the great pleasure of attending Lori and Paul's wedding.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you might be familiar with Lori, she's my sister in law and she often comments here with smart, witty things. 

Lori has been through some challenging things in her life, which makes her one of the strongest people I know.  I admire her and her positive attitude and how she grows through all the different stages of her life.   2 years ago she reconnected with her grade 8 sweet heart and they clicked (again).  After a couple of years of dating and living together he proposed and this summer they got married.  Darryl and I were fortunante enough to be part of the wedding and it gave us a great reason to go back to Ontario this summer. 

The wedding day was lovely.  Lori looked AMAZING, as all brides should.  Mackenzie looked amazing too, even after losing and recovering her makeup.  =)  I was happy to run around and help Lori with anything that needed to be done. 

Once we were all ready we headed down for the ceremony.  Which was beautiful  I loved how personal and real it was.  It really felt like Lori and Paul were getting married and not two general people. 

Then there were pictures and speeches and snack and then my favourite part- music and dancing.  My boys and I (including Darryl) had such a great time.  Loved the live band and danced to that and then the DJ did a great job too.  My little boys loved dancing with all of Darryl's family and I was proud that my boys didn't mind being the center of attention.  Normally they are like there dad and don't want to be the focus.  But this time they didn't seem to mind.  More interested in having a good time.
It was great to see all of Darryl's family and catch up with them as well.  Living so far away we don't get to see them a couple of times a year like they get to see each other, so that was another highlight for me.

It was also great to see how Paul and Mackenzie have a relationship too.  I knew how much Paul loved Lori, but I didn't realize how much he loved Mackenzie too.  And how much she loved him back.

Generally it was a night to remember.  A warm, fuzzy, happy night.

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Lori Campbell said...

It meant the absolute world to us to have all of you with us for our big day! For the next visit...we hope to head in your direction.

Goofball said...

congratulations to Lori! She looked awesome

Weddings are such fun, especially the music & dancing!

Lesley said...

I loved all of the pictures! Everyone looks so beautiful and happy.

Living that far from family gives us an appreciation for time we spend together.

Congratulations Lori, Paul and Mackenzie!