Tuesday, September 15, 2015

35 going on 36....

Today is my birthday!  I love birthdays.  A day to celebrate just me!  Well me and thousands of other people who's birthday is today, but still a day just for me.

Now today has not been the best day... but for me that gives me a reason to celebrate all week.

In the meantime I love to reminisces.  So here are my favourite parts of being 35!

1.  Harry Potter World with my kids and Darryl.  It was AMAZING.  And sharing it with my boys and Darryl was my favourite memory of being 35.  Plus we got in for a great deal which I love.

2.  Disneyland with my parents and boys and Darryl.

3. Colorado with my best friend and the best band ever in the coolest venue

4. Watching my sister in law be so happy again.  And all of us get to celebrate in that day with her.

5. Disneyworld ( I know, a lot of disney in my 35th year)

6. Yoga and what a great part of my life it's become.  =) It keeps me grounded and healthy and aware. 

7. Skiing, lots of winter enjoyment.  Even though I'm quickly becoming the slowest skiier I still love being in the mountains.  Brings me lots of joy.   And being there with my boys, my sister, Darryl and even my dad. 

8. Work and work trips.  I really feel like this year I'm able and recognized for taking more work related trips.  I think I've always worked pretty hard, but it was nice this year that it was recognized with trips to Ottawa and Austin.

9. Beaches.  Kelowna and California, Ontario.  Beaches are one of my favourites.

10. Blue Jays.  Maybe cause I'm in the moment of it now.  But what I really appreciate about it (other then the excitement of sport) is how it's brought my dad and I together.  Gives us something in common again.

Wow what an awesome list!  35 was such a a great year.  Hoping for just as much love and happiness in my 36th year.

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...

It sure was a great year. I hope year 36 is just as great.

Goofball said...

happy birthday young lady!!