Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dog Days of Summer: Colorado

As I said in my last post I do really love summer and this year as most years I do some really fun things. 

My best friend and I had a superfun girls weekend.   We went to Colorado to see the Avett Brothers in Red Rocks for 3 nights.  

While it took us a while to get out of Calgary, I recommend never flying on the weekend of the end of Stampede.  The line was longer then expected.  Once we got to Colorado we had a great time.  People there were SO nice.  People often think of Candians as nice, but these people were lovely.  We stayed at a nice hotel, went to yoga, drove a Kia "soul"

And the three nights at Red Rocks was such an incredible experience!  It's so beautiful there with it being a natural ampitheatre the rocks are beautiful and create great sounds.  The Avett Brothers played 78 songs over the three nights, no repeats.  The first night they did all of the album Emotionalism.   They had very good openers and we learner about tailgating which was lots of fun.   The first night there was a ligthening storm so we also had a beautiful natural backdrop.

When it was over I cried.  I was so sad it was all over.  So happy that it happened and so grateful that I had my best friend to share it with.  

Till Tomorrow.



Lesley said...

Amazing! I would love to see a concert there!

Looks like a fabulous getaway

Goofball said...

wow what a great setting for concerts. holy!

Lori Campbell said...

I'll admit, my musical knowledge doesn't come anywhere close to yours but I'm still green with envy over this trip. At least I get to live vicariously through you and Tammy!