Thursday, September 10, 2015


I have a super awesome job that I really love.  I'm an instructor at the college here in the x-ray program.  I feel lucky to have it, I find it challenging and it uses my brain and makes me think and problem solve.  I get to socalize with lots of different people, which is really up my alley and I get to make a differnce in my x-ray community.  I get to see students grow and change and learn new things. 

Plus I'm lucky that I get to continue to work with patients on a weekly basis as I pick up shifts at the local hospital or clinic. 

But this week work is busy.  Very busy.  I can't think about making dinner or talking or doing all the extra emailing and work stuff that comes up.  Only the teaching gets done this week. 

But in the environment we are in in Alberta I'm so grateful for my super awesome and super busy job.  There are so many people I know of who are loosing their jobs, or getting their hours cut or wages, that there is no way I'm complaining.  I'm so grateful to have my super awesome job that I love. 

Till Tomorrow


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Lesley said...

You are one of the few people I know that really loves their careers. It's refreshing!

Aaron and I both really love our jobs too, some days more than other days but overall I don't think we would find anything else as rewarding.

Except owning and operating a drive-in movie theatre. That's my "dream job" ha ha.