Monday, September 28, 2015


Coming up next month there is an election here in Canada where we vote for a federal party.  In Canada there are 3 main parties, Conservatives, Liberal and National Demographics.  At the moment it looks like they are in a pretty close 3 way tie.  Which from a lets get stuff done standpoint I don't think is the most helpful. 

I listen to enough news to feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is going on, but the things I really don't like about politics is all the negativity around it.  I don't want to hear about all the bad things about the other parties I want to hear about the good things with your party. 

I live in Alberta the home of conservatives and they have done some good things over the last couple of years.  I like that they reinstated the child benefit tax cheques.  At this point in my life that is more important then affordable childcare at 15$ a day per child.  I put that money towards the kids RESP and the governement contributes 20% more when I do that as well.   The liberal would like to pro rate that amount based on how much you make.  And there is part of me that really agrees with that and part of me that likes that it is equal, no matter how much you make. 

I also like that the conservative are being strict with terriorsts and working to get them out of our country.  I would like it if they worked towards bringing in more refugees from other countries, but I do also think that the screening is necessary. 

I also like when politicians are open and accessible.  I'm looking at you Naheed Nenshi, you are awesome at this.  And the conservatives don't seem to be like that at all.  Liberals seem much more accessible.   And really I like people with awesome hair.  I'm looking at you Justin Trudeau. 

I also think living in Alberta my biggest concern is the economy and the liberals seem to be focused on that, which I also like...  I've done some research with a couple of different online tools.  This one is different and this one I do like better and this one is long but good as well.

Really I'm not totally decided yet.  And there is still a couple of weeks to research and learn. 

Do you have a strong feeling?  Reason?


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