Monday, August 17, 2015

To Lucas on his 10th Birthday

Dear Lucas,

Happy Birthday my love!  There is a huge part of me that can't believe you are 10 and are almost sad about it.  Double digits.  You are growing so fast and while you are amazing it's days like today when I remember how important it is to really enjoy all of these moments with you.   Don't get me wrong I'm not going to take up Minecraft or start racing RC cars, but I will cherish the moments you sing in the car or want to go shopping. 

This year has been a really good one for you and all of us.  You are at such a good age that there is so much to enjoy.  You are starting to be a little more independent and can stay home for  a bit while I run to Sobeys and you can read on your own, although I know you still love it when we read to you.  Although I don't know if that's something that goes away.  I think everyone loves it when someone else reads to them.   You help with chores and get an allowance for it.  Sometimes you do things we don't approve of, but I can see a good sense of right and wrong and you feel bad for those things and we find a way to rectify it.  You continue to be a kid who 'thinks' a lot.  A lot happens in your head before you do something which can be a really good thing.  I hope as you grow that thinks continues and you use it to make good decisions, but not to worry about things. 

You took ski lessons this year and really enjoyed it, already want to sign up for next year.  Your skiing has really improved and now I really can't keep up with you. =)  But I love to see you enjoying something I love and being active in the winter and in the mountains.  Puts a big smile on my face. 
For most of the year you wore braces but you got them off earlier this spring and your mouth looks great.  You will probably have to wear them again once all your adult teeth come in but for now your smile is a beautiful and straight one.

You have many of the traits that I think first children have.  You like to be in charge, especially when it comes to playing with your brother.  Contrary to that you can take your time to make a decision.  We often laugh cause your answer to things is often 'maybe'.  Till you've had time to think about it then can give a more definite answer.  It's something I've come to learn about you, I have to give you some time to think about a situation before you answer, which is a good thing to do.  Different then me, but a good thing.  

We had some fun vacations this year and you really liked them.  It was a disney kind of year so we did both Land and World.  You love the food and roller coasters.  But you also loved the pool days.  Having a balance between both busy and relaxing.  On the days at the parks you were great at keeping up and again after you had a bit of time to think about it, you loved the coasters too.  Your brother is good at encouraging you to do those scary things.  

Your gift this year was a new bike, which we got for you at the start of the summer.  You have been enjoying riding and doing more off roading with Dad.  And you've gotten better and better at it.  Two years ago you had quite the tumble at the end of the year and so last year you didn't ride very much.  This year though it's been different we have been out riding as a family more too.  Nathan got your hand me down, so it's a great family activity.

As well as your rollercoaster, bike and ski skills all becoming a little more adventerous, so has your eating.  You are so much more willing to try things.  Today we had a birthday picnic of orange julius and you asked to try the hot dog with mustard.  You are also eating a lot more.  I can tell you are growing and probably got the metabolism of your dad.  You are willing to try spicy food and food from all different cultures, but you still don't love vegatables.  But now we can take you pretty much anywhere and you'll fnd something you enjoy.  

It's great to see your personality come out, one way that has happened is your hair.  Which lots of people don't understand, but you are happy to grow and grow it.  I love it, but most importantly you love it.   

It's been so great watching you grow Lucas.  You are a really well behaved and kind kid.  I love to be around you and I love it when other people are around you too.  I feel so lucky to have been blessed with you as my first child.  I always wanted to be mother, but I had no idea, none whatso ever, about all the feelings I would feel. You make me think and hope and love more then I ever knew I could.  Never has my whole chest been filled with pride and love like it is when I watch you accomplish something. You have made the last 10 years of my life so incredibly fun and rewarding.

love mom.


Goofball said...

wow 10 years !!! Congratulations to Lucas :)

(wow I've been following your blog since almost a decade!)

Lori Campbell said...

I just cannot believe Lucas is in double digits already! Where has the time gone? I was so thrilled to see all of you in July but it was especially fun to see the boys in person because they've grown so much. I'm so thankful that due to the power of video messaging we don't feel like strangers when we get a chance for a visit in person. I love that the boys are eager to tell me all about all of the cool stuff that they're in to and they always have funny stories about their shenanigans with their friends. Good times!!