Friday, September 04, 2015

Fashion Friday

So I totally posted this from work on Friday night, but I guess it didn't work.  Still counting it!

One of the things I love is fashion.  I love shopping and trying on new clothes and some of my favourite blogs are fashion ones.  So I've been trying to take pictures of my clothes for the week.  This week too was a office week, so lots of fancy clothes.  Here we go:

 Friday, a day to chill at home.  Gap pants, Straight fit yoga pants.  And a gap long sleeve shirt.  Very casual.

 Thursday: Orientation Day for the new students.  Wanted to make a good impression.  Have a banana repbulic dress, black tights and an old navy longer cardigan.  It's hard to tell in the pictures.  But the shoes are my blue suede shoes!  They are from what use to be my favourite shoe store: First.  Sadly they went out of business, but the shoes live on in my wardrobe!
 Tuesday: Clothes from... you guessed it.  Old navy.  This whole outfit is.  The shirt has birds on it which have different colors.  Makes it easy to mix and match with different cardigans.  The only problem with it is that it shrunk on the sides... so I have to wear it with either a shirt underneath or a longer cardigan.  This yellow one worked well.  And I have a cute yellow belt.  This one went with black flats.
 Monday's Outfit.  A gap shirt with 'flutter' sleeves.  It's a couple of years old, but I still wear it often.  The color is good (dark plum) and the sleeve holes aren't too big.  Also paired with gap Slim Resolution Jeans in light pink.  I bought these jeans last spring, but haven't worn them very much because of June dresses, then it got hot over the summer.   These were also paired with black flats, but I took them off by this point of the day.
Tuesday outfit: This one was my favourite.  Although a  bit hard to tell, the shirt is beautiful at the bottom.  This shirt and navy pants again are banana republic and the cardigan is old navy.  Shoes are Cole Haan, designer shoe wearhouse.  

So a couple of goals for the weekend.  Move the mirror downstairs with a little better light.  And maybe find some clothes from somewhere other the Gap cooperation.  This post is not sponsered by Gap, but if they want to send me gift cards.  I'll easily spend them!


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Lesley said...

I really like your yellow cardi! It's so bright and a happy colour, looks great. I also have a lot of clothing from Old Navy, my standard Monday to Friday wardrobe is jeans, tank top and cardigan.