Monday, September 07, 2015

Go Jays Go!

Just hanging out today watching baseball. 

This isn't normal behaviour for me, but it's September and the Blue Jays are playing meaningful baseball.  And fun and exciting baseball too!  

I was born a Blue Jays fan.  Growing up there were many weekend that mom bought 20$ of groceries from A&P and that would get us cheap tickets to the blue jays games.  We'd drive up to Exhibition Stadium watch the game and then head to Organ Grinder or Old Spagetti Factory for dinner.  Then we'd drive back home.  Alexis and I would give our thumbs up to the flag and try and get other drivers to give their thumbs up.  

We would watch the games at home too.  I'll never forget when they won the world series.  Sitting in the living room with my family and my friend Meghan Clarke.  Cheering and jumping so loud!  

Baseball gives me lots of happy memories, makes me think of my parents and smile.  Makes me excited and anxious.  I also like to play baseball.  Like most sports I'm not great at it, but I do find it fun to be out there with me glove.  

I once even played for the Blue Jays

Till Tomorrow

Go Jays Go!


Lori Campbell said...

I didn't know this about you...great stories!!!

Susan said...

Those were fun days

Goofball said...

cute picture!

Lesley said...

Those are great memories Jenn!